Chapter 743: Seven Buddha Scripture

    Chapter 743: Seven Buddha Scripture

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    "Mo Wuji, you're not lying to me right? Do you really know where the place is?" After leaving the Unfettered Emperor Palace, Monk Da Ning asked worriedly.

    If it was any other day, Mo Wuji would definitely want to interact more with Da Ning and even asked some questions like why his name is Da Ning and his disciple's name is Yi Ning. However, Mo Wuji really wasn't in any mood to interact as he was simply too worried and anxious. It would still be okay if Cen Shuyin and Lin Gu were to leave through the passage into a lower level cultivation world. If they were to reach a higher level world or even the alien tribe's encampment, it wouldn't be good for them.

    This was why after informing Su Zi'An, Wei Zidao and co. a message to tell them that he would be leaving for a period of time, Mo Wuji left with a troubled mind. As for Monk Da Ning's question, he simply skimped through it with a few half hearted replies.

    Despite having just been established, Ping Fan had a few Immortal Emperors so it shouldn't be a problem for them to gain a foothold in the Immortal World.

    Monk Da Ning noticed that Mo Wuji didn't really wish to speak so he could only shut his mouth. In his heart, he was impressed at Mo Wuji's speed and stamina.

    His guess was that Mo Wuji definitely hadn't reached the Immortal Emperor Stage and the only reason why Lun Cai was fearful of him was because Mo Wuji had an immortal sect backing him.

    As he followed Mo Wuji's insane speed to the Great Desolate Sea Domain, he started to suspect his own guess. Even with Monk Da Ning's cultivation level and speed technique, he still had to put in great effort to follow behind Mo Wuji. Otherwise, he would be easily left behind and logically speaking, Mo Wuji's speed should slow down after a prolonged period of time.

    However, Monk Da Ning found out that no matter how far he had to travel, Mo Wuji's speed hadn't decrease by a single bit. Besides stopping to catch a breath while sitting in the transfer array, Mo Wuji had been constantly moving at his full speed.

    "Mo Wuji, your Wind Escape Technique, no, Wind Escape Sacred Art is incredibly impressive. Could you teach me?" After entering the West Moat Sea, Monk Da Ning could no longer contain his urge to ask.

    Mo Wuji was speechless because only this monk would ask someone to pass down their peak grade sacred art this casually to him.

    Even though he hadn't spend much time conversing with Da Ning on the road, Mo Wuji roughly understood what kind of person this monk was. He replied, "Monk, what is the legacy of your Seven Buddha Great Temple?"

    "Seven Buddha Scripture ah, everyone in the Immortal World knows about it except you. You are truly ill-informed," Monk Da Ning spoke with an extremely surprised tone.

    Mo Wuji nodded with a straight face, "I remember now, it is indeed the Seven Buddha Scripture. This Buddhist Scripture is very impressive and I've even heard that it is the number one Buddhist Technique in the entire Buddhist World."

    Mo Wuji had never heard of the Seven Buddha Scripture but he had heard of the reputable name of the Seven Buddha Great Temple and was aware that it was one of the peak grade immortal school in the Buddhist Domain. The legacy of such an esteemed school would definitely be extraordinarily impressive.

    Da Ning said proudly, "That goes without saying. The Seven Buddha Scripture is also extremely famous throughout the entire Immortal World and not just the Buddhist Domain. Do you know about the three most valuable treasures of the Buddhism?"

    Mo Wuji instantly became interested, "I've heard that the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp is ranked third but I have no idea what the second and first treasures are."

    Monk Da Ning chuckled, "Ranked number one is the One Buddha Lotus Seat while ranked number two is my Seven Buddha Great Temple's Seven Buddha Scripture."

    Initially, Mo Wuji thought that the Seven Buddha Scripture was merely a very good legacy technique but he certainly didn't expect it to be one of the top three treasures of Buddhism. This was no wonder the Seven Buddha Great Temple was such a renowned sect. Mo Wuji had no idea whether or not the Seven Buddha Scripture was a magic treasure but Mo Wuji believed that as a legacy treasure, the Seven Buddha Scripture would definitely be more suitable for the sect than the other two.

    "Then could you pass down the legacy of the Seven Buddha Scripture to me? I don't need the original copy, I just need you to tell me the content of it," Mo Wuji asked seriously.

    Monk Da Ning opened his eyes wide in disbelief, "How can I do that? The Seven Buddha Scripture was used to establish my Seven Buddha Great Temple and this is completely different from your Wind Escape Sacred Art."

    "Oh..." Mo Wuji let out an 'Oh' as he couldn't be bothered with Monk Da Ning anymore.

    Monk Da Ning saw that Mo Wuji had no reaction so he said softly, "Mo Wuji, why don't we exchange in secret. Just don't tell anyone that I told you the content of the Seven Buddha Scripture, possible?"

    Previously, Mo Wuji was really just fooling around with Monk Da Ning because he knew that Monk Da Ning would never pass him the Seven Buddha Scripture and in fact, Mo Wuji never intended to learn the Buddhist Dao. He didn't expect this monk to actually dare to make an exchange with him, how daring could he be?

    The content of a treasure like the Seven Buddha Scripture, even if it wasn't the original copy, must most certainly be incredible impressive. Since it was a mutual exchange, what did he have to lose? Even though the Wind Escape Sacred Art was deduced and modified by his dao revelation channel and had become a unique sacred art, it would not be inferior in any respect to other sacred arts in the Immortal World. Mo Wuji was indeed willing to exchange his Wind Escape Sacred Art for the Seven Buddha Scripture.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he sketched out his Wind Escape Sacred Art on a jade letter for Monk Da Ning. Very soon after Monk Da Ning scanned his spiritual will through the jade letter, he was scratching his ear in joy.

    "It can actually call for the wind. Impressive, truly incredible, incredible..." Da Ning only knew how to say incredible as he totally forgot about passing Mo Wuji the Seven Buddha Scripture.

    Mo Wuji was not worried at all as he simply increased his speed and Monk Da Ning felt the strain very soon after. He hurried to take out a simple and unadorned jade letter for Mo Wuji, "Mo Wuji, this is the Seven Buddha Scripture so take a look as we travel. Don't rush through it and remember to not say that I'm the one who showed you this."

    Mo Wuji didn't look through the Seven Buddha Scripture as he installed a seal over it before throwing it into his storage ring, "Monk, is the Seven Buddha Scripture back at your Seven Buddha Great Temple also a magic treasure? Could you let me have a look at it when I visit the Seven Buddha Great Temple in the future?"

    Monk Da Ning hurried to shake his hand and said, "No, no, no way."

    As he spoke, he had already kept the Wind Escape Sacred Art which was in his hand. He was worried that Mo Wuji might go back on his word and choose not to complete the exchange with him.

    Mo Wuji also knew that this was not possible and before Mo Wuji could question about the distinct features of the Seven Buddha Scripture, Monk Da Ning suddenly whispered, "Mo Wuji, let me tell you something. Actually, the Seven Buddha Scripture had been missing and it is no longer at the Seven Buddha Great Temple."

    "Regardless of whether it was lost or not, I never had the intention to obtain the original copy of your Seven Buddha Scripture," Mo Wuji looked at Monk Da Ning's sneaky action and was no longer able to discern if Monk Da Ning's words were true or false.

    Even though Da Ning gave Mo Wuji a feeling that he was a honest and forthright man, Mo Wuji was sure that this fella was extremely devious man.

    "Monk, previously the Venerable Envoy of the Very High Heavens came to recruit Nine Stars Geniuses and I've heard that your disciple, Yi Ning, was recruited. Didn't he go over with them?" Mo Wuji casually changed the topic of conversation.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's question, Monk Da Ning's expression turned solemn, "If it wasn't for Lun Cai that old fella who caused Yi Ning to miss his chance to enter the Very High Heavens, Yi Ning could very well be an Immortal King now. Mo Wuji, when I go back to teach Lun Cai a lesson, will you come along?"

    "We can go over together but we are here now," Mo Wuji stopped.

    "Here?" Monk Da Ning looked doubtfully at the ordinary looking sea in front of him before looking at Mo Wuji in confusion, "There is nothing here ah, are you sure that we are at the right place?"

    "I am sure, we just need to wait for a while," Mo Wuji replied convincingly. He was guessing that this passage could be open by array flags but the water crystal ball that he had only showed the place and nothing else."

    Monk Da Ning trusted that Mo Wuji was not lying to him so he simply landed back on his own flying ship. He then took out the Wind Escape Sacred Art given by Mo Wuji as he started his flavourful analysis of it.


    Half a month passed quickly but the sea domain which Mo Wuji and Monk Da Ning were in was still peaceful and quiet. The deeply concentrated Monk Da Huang could no longer resist anymore as he kept his jade letter and stared at Mo Wuji, "Mo Wuji, you're not fooling with me right?"

    Mo Wuji was equally as anxious but why would he have the mood to explain to Da Ning which was why he simply answered, "If you think I am fooling with you, you can go back first. Nobody is keeping you here."

    Monk Da Ning laughed awkwardly and just as he was about to speak, trembles could be felt in the space near them.

    Without Monk Da Ning's warning, Mo Wuji could also sense that someone was approaching because it wasn't a tremble in space but intense killing intent.

    "Brother Mo, please help me."

    A familiar voice could be heard and before Mo Wuji could recall whose voice it was, the voice spoke again, "No wait, you're not his match..."

    After saying that, the person changed direction to escape from the side.

    Mo Wuji could finally recognise the voice of the person asking for help. The man asking for help had yet to fully recover his fleshly body while the man behind him was a dark skin, vicious looking man.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd as he slashed towards the dark skin man in his first attack.

    A space splitting Winding River descended from above as it charged towards the dark skin man. Before the Winding River was displayed, the space was still the space and the sea was still the sea.

    After wielding out the Winding River, the space and sea had transformed into a silver coloured Winding River and it seemed to start from the boundless space and strike boundlessly towards its opponent. It was clearly a silver coloured halberd radiance yet it appeared to others like a descending milky way which could sweep everything out of its way.

    After going through Immortal Empress Wen Lan's guidance and tips, Mo Wuji's Winding River had grown even more. Even if he was only still an Immortal king, the Winding River descended with massive amount of boundless and majestic energy within it.

    "Mo Wuji, this is truly an incredible sacred art. Let me help you with this and make sure you teach me this too," Monk Da Ning cried out in joy and excitement after witnessing this silver Winding River descend. He instantly took out his staff as it hacked towards the dark skin man who was exuding insidious energy.
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