Chapter 744: Seven Underworld Palaces Restrained Soul King

    Chapter 744: Seven Underworld Palace's Restrained Soul King

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    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's boundless Winding River looked like it had descended on the peak of the sturdiest mountain as the Winding River momentarily disappeared into nothingness. The endless halberd radiance started exploding yet that mountain appeared to be completely unharmed.

    An insane amount of immortal energy surged over and Mo Wuji spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Following which, he could sense his own meridians being torn apart and his vitality seemed to have met a black whirlpool absorbing his life force away.

    In just one move and before the move was even completed, Mo Wuji could feel a strong sense of helplessness.

    Mo Wuji was inwardly appalled at the unknown level of cultivation of his opponent. The opponent was so strong that when he executed his mighty Winding River on him, it was just like an egg crashing against a rock.

    Retreat, if he didn't retreat fast enough, he wouldn't be able to save his own life if the insane immortal energy were to sweep him away. However, in the very next moment, Mo Wuji knew he was overthinking because even though the dark skinned man had yet to attack, Mo Wuji was unable to retreat at all.

    A terrifyingly strong domain had trapped him in and he could only await his death. The sense of helplessness caused Mo Wuji was something he hadrarely felt.

    Previously, he believed that having advanced to become an Immortal King, he would even be able to deal with the slightly weaker Immortal Reverents. It was only when he met a true expert like today that Mo Wuji finally realised how frightfully weak he was.

    "Boom!" Yet another explosion of immortal energy could be felt and Mo Wuji's entire body felt at ease. At that instance, he noticed Monk Da Ning's staff tearing the dark skinned man's domain apart.

    "Many thanks monk," Mo Wuji hurried to retreat out of the opponent's domain and he was now certain that this dark skinned fella was a Grand Emperor, a terrifyingly powerful one.

    "Mo Wuji, hurry up and help me as I am not able to deal with this fella alone. Which coffin did this fella appear from? How could he be so strong?" Da Ning's staff had swirled up a hurricane-like immortal energy billows as he seemed to be able to control everything within 10 metres radius of himself. Even so, he was still telling Mo Wuji of how he was unable to beat this insidious feeling dark skinned fella.

    Mo Wuji didn't have the time to talk to Monk Da Ning so he instantly superpositioned his whirlpool domain with Monk Da Ning's domain. As compared to other cultivators' domain, Mo Wuji's domain was one which could casually superposition onto others.

    Indeed, even though the dark skinned man's domain was able to split the space within Monk Da Ning's domain but after Mo Wuji added his domain into the fight, the dark skinned man's domain was instantly restrained.

    "Good brother, your domain seemed pretty impressive, remember to teach me after we finish this black ghost off," Monk Da Ning was fully focused on sweeping up immortal energy to fight against the opponent yet he didn't forget to remind Mo Wuji to teach him afterwards.

    Mo Wuji didn't have time to bother with Monk Da Ning's nonsense because he knew that this black ghost was incredibly powerful. Even though Mo Wuji himself was strong, he was still slightly lacking when compared to the black ghost.

    He grabbed multiple array flags and was continually setting up deathtrap arrays around them. Mo Wuji had a feeling that if he didn't kill this black ghost off today, he will definitely cause endless calamity in the future. His cultivation level might not be strong enough but his Pill Dao and Array Dao could be. He might be unable to display the prowess of his Pill Dao in a battle but he was able to do so with his Array Dao.

    "Who are you? You are merely an Immortal King yet you managed to remain unharm under the lacerations of my Yin Domain?" The horrifying voice of the black ghost was heard and even though Mo Wuji's cultivation level was extremely low, the black ghost didn't pay much attention to Da Ning as his eyes fell on Mo Wuji.

    He only had one pair of eyes and it looked like a pair of deathly pale lanterns shooting out terrifyingly peculiar radiance.

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart because he might have a weak cultivation level but he was in the God Physique Level 6. Wouldn't he be too trashy if his body was torn apart by a mere domain?

    At this moment, the severely wounded man, who Mo Wuji rescued, had finally regained his senses. He took in a few breaths at where he was before joining the fighting force and shouted, "Brother Mo, you saved me once more."

    Presently, Mo Wuji's deathtrap array had taken shape but instead of igniting it straightaway, he continued to carve out array runes outside of the deathtrap array. He wanted to install a garrotte array which would normally go unnoticed by many people.

    'Haha, senior is being too polite. Back in the third level of the Broken World, if it wasn't for your guidance and protection, I would have fallen outside the Golden House or within the dangerous fog. Today, I happened to be present at just the right time so it was only necessary for me to step in to help. However, I am still clueless as to how do I address senior?" Mo Wuji said while laughing.

    This faint looking man was the statue which Mo Wuji saw during his journey within the third level of the Broken World. Mo Wuji erected this statue back up and even found some of his body parts lying around.

    Afterwards when he was at the Golden House, a voice warned Mo Wuji and even rescued him. At that point in time, Mo Wuji was wondering if the statue which he helped was the one who rescued him.

    Hearing that familiar voice today and then seeing this man with an unrecovered fleshly body confirmed his suspicion.

    "Brother Mo, don't call me senior anymore. My name is Gu Yongxiao. We shall catch up later because this man in front of us has an extremely extraordinary background and if we don't finish him off today, we would only be inviting endless calamity upon us," Gu Yongxiao drew out a pair of pencils as he charged wildly towards the dark skinned man.

    "How could this black ghost be so powerful? Who is this fella? What calamity would fall upon us if we don't finish him off?" Monk Da Ning continued questioning Gu Yongxiao even as he was attacking the black ghost.

    Gu Yongxiao replied promptly, "That's right, this man is indeed a black ghost. His name is Yuan Jie, the Restrained Soul King of the Seven Underworld Palace."

    "What? This black ghost is actually one of the seven king of the Seven Underworld Palace?" Monk Da Ning heard about this and instantly increased the level of his attack evidently fighting for his life now.

    Mo Wuji might not know what the Seven Underworld Palace was but he had this feeling that he definitely shouldn't let this Yuan Jie off. He could sense the Yin energy exuding from Yuan Jie's body and subconsciously started adding lightning bolts attack into his deathtrap array.

    "Jie Jie..." Yuan Jie suddenly murmured these under his breath before the energy exuding from him started rampaging forward, "Stop thinking that you can kill me, the Restrained Soul King..."

    This fella wanted to leave and the instance Yuan Jie's energy rose tremendously, Mo Wuji could feel his intent.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he ignited his deathtrap array and simultaneously carved out the garrotte array. Multiple lightning runes were being infused into his garrotte array.

    "Boom!" Yuan Jie moved slightly and managed to break through Mo Wuji's deathtrap array. The overwhelming blade radiance and sword qi were merely an itch to Yuan Jie.

    However, the last wave of lightning bolt at the end made him shocked. Despite the fact that this lightning bolt was unable to injure Yuan Jie severely, it still left scars on his dark skin.

    Yuan Jie was in a hurry to leave because his domain was constantly being ripped apart by the three domains.

    "Aye!" Almost at the same time Yuan Jie stopped, Monk Da Ning's staff struck out a sail of ash grey bloodstain on Yuan Jie's waist.

    Gu Yongxiao didn't miss this opportunity as two black coloured pencils struck directly at Yuan Jie's temples.

    Yuan Jie let out a devastating cry and the iron rope in his hand passed through Monk Da Ning's shoulder. Monk Da Ning also had a whiff of tenacity as he chose not to retreat but to form a hundreds of metres long shovel arc using his staff. The shovel arc combined with Mo Wuji's superpositioned domain instantaneously locked up the space which Yuan Jie was intending to escape through.

    A small chant could be heard from the shovel arc and even though it was not directed at Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji still felt like a heavy hammer had struck against his chest. His heart was astonished because this monk was simply too powerful as well.

    Evidently, Monk Da Ning executed his trump card against this Yuan Jie. After learning about Yuan Jie's origins, he developed an immense killing intent towards him.

    Yuan Jie's iron rope exploded as it transformed into rounds and rounds of small chains to defend against the shovel arc and the buddhist chant was momentarily lowered down. Yuan Jie's body burst forward and a faint shadow dashed out.

    If he didn't know that the deathtrap array installed by Mo Wuji was so powerful, he wouldn't have rush to escape. If he truly wanted to leave, he would take his time. However, he finally felt the true terror installed by Mo Wuji and the second he was struck again by Mo Wuji's lightning bolt together with Monk Da Ning and Gu Yongxiao's combined effort, Yuan Jie's life was sealed right here at this moment.

    "Kakakaka!" Lightning webs exploded towards him and within of the lightning web was Yuan Jie's body with a layer of flesh missing.

    Just as Mo Wuji's second layer of garrote array was completed, it managed to restrain Yuan Jie's body. Mo Wuji was surprised because he hadn't seen many cultivators who would sacrifice their fleshly body to protect their primordial spirit. As for a person like Yuan Jie who had lost his first layer of flesh but still had a second layer beneath it, it was Mo Wuji's first time meeting such a person.

    Today, if he wasn't with Monk Da Ning, Mo Wuji could only choose to run if he were to meet someone as formidable as Yuan Jie.

    Monk Da Ning and Gu Yongxiao didn't waste a second as they started charging frantically at Yuan Jie. In the face of the joint attack of the staff and pencil shadow, Yuan Jie started shouting loudly, "You dare to kill me..."

    "Boom!" It didn't matter whether they dared to kill him or not because Monk Da Ning and Gu Yongxiao's attacks had already charged over and Yuan Jie's second layer of flesh was burnt off.

    At this very moment, Monk Da Ning's staff had already managed to rip Yuan Jie apart and a faint golden flame was spouted out in the air. Following which, Yuan Jie no longer had any vitality within him.
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