Chapter 745: Seven World Stone

    Chapter 745: Seven World Stone

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    "This fella is really incredible, to think he had two layers of fleshly body. If I am alone today, I wouldn't be able to finish this man off. Mo Wuji, I shall go and heal myself while you and your old friend catch up," Monk Da Ning kept Yuan Jie's belongings before chuckling away.

    Having said that, he didn't even wait for Mo Wuji's reply as he stepped out into space and onto his own flying ship.

    Mo Wuji knew that this old monk was afraid that he might want Yuan Jie's storage ring so he took the opportunity to leave first. The truth was that Mo Wuji never intended to split a portion of Yuan Jie's items but was still very grateful for Monk Da Ning. If it wasn't for Monk Da Ning's aid, he would still be running for his life. Without mentioning that he might not be able to rescue Gu Yongxiao, he would have added one more powerful enemy to his list.

    "Brother Mo, you've saved me this time. If it wasn't for you, I would have lost my life," Gu Yongxiao clasped his fist towards Mo Wuji appreciatively.

    Mo Wuji replied worryingly, "Brother Gu, your body seemed to have some severe hidden damage. You should hurry up and find a place to heal yourself."

    Gu Yongxiao's body was faint as if it could dissipate anytime now.

    Gu Yongxiao simply nodded, "I will tell you more about me next time. I shall return to the Six Path Ruins' Soul Condensing Immortal Pond to merge my fleshly body and soul now. I must warn you about something. You have just participated in the killing of Yuan Jie and he had an extraordinary background. While your cultivation level was still fairly low, you must not go back to your sect because returning would mean extermination of your own sect."

    "He placed an imprint on me?" Mo Wuji was shocked as his spiritual will started to scan through his entire body. However, after one round of inspection, Mo Wuji didn't seem to find any spiritual will imprint on himself.

    "I don't know," Gu Yongxiao exclaimed, "The Seven Underworld Palace works mysteriously. As long as you managed to kill a member of theirs, they would be able to find you. Even I am not too sure as to what methods they used. I suggest you hide in the fourth level of the Broken World for a while and if possible, you should hide at the Very High Heavens. That friend of yours seemed to know a little about the Seven Underworld Palace so you should probably ask him more afterwards. I still have three pages of the Book of Luo here and I shall pass it to you. We shall meet again because I have to hurry to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond now. I might not survive if I were to delay any longer."

    "This item is too precious so I can't accept," Mo Wuji rejected anxiously before taking out a storage ring for Gu Yongxiao, "Brother Gu, this storage ring contained a few Underworld Heart Flower and some Zhi Nature Pills which I concocted. It should be useful for you to merge your primordial spirit and fleshly body."

    "It is actually a Underworld Heart Flower? I've always been looking for this item but to no avail. You've been of great help to me once more," Gu Yongxiao took over the storage ring excitedly before continuing, "Many thanks, you are a brother who I, Gu Yongxiao, acknowledge. Since we're brothers, we need not be overly courteous with each other and I really need to leave now. Remember what I said and there are a total of thirteen pages in the Book of Luo. Once you've collected all thirteen pages and stepped into the Immortal Emperor Stage, you wouldn't need to fear the Seven Underworld Palace anymore..."

    Looking at the three pages of the Book of Luo in his hand, Mo Wuji was starting to admire Gu Yongxiao's generosity. How could he not know about a treasure like the Book of Luo? He couldn't believe that Gu Yongxiao simply gifted a treasure like this to him. Back then, he managed to save Murong Xiangyu's life and protected the seven pages of the Book of Luo but the truth was that if it wasn't for Mo Wuji's principles, the seven pages would no longer be in any relation to Murong Xiangyu anymore.

    For his saving grace, Murong Xiangyu merely offered two pages of the Book of Luo to him and many years later, she even requested for Mo Wuji to return the two pages of the Book of Luo back to her.

    Out of the thirteen pages of the Book of Luo, he had three and if he included the three that he just received, he had a total of six with him now.

    Mo Wuji kept these three pages cautiously into his storage ring and he decided to refine all six pages of the Book of Luo when he had free time.Collecting all thirteen pages of the Book of Luo might be slightly difficult but Mo Wuji didn't mind because with the six that he had with him in addition to the one with Cen Shuyin, he would have seven pages.

    Even if Murong Xiangyu managed to obtain all the other pages of the Book of Luo, she would still have one less than him.

    Just as Mo Wuji wanted to inquire more about the Seven Underworld Palace from Monk Da Ning, a faint whirlpool was formed up from the surface of the sea not too far away from them.

    Initially, this whirlpool wasn't very obvious but breaths later, this whirlpool had grown into a giant whirlpool and any spiritual will which landed on it would swept right into it.

    "Haha, the pathway had finally appeared. Mo Wuji, I shall take my leave first..." Monk Da Ning shouted and he kept his flying ship before dashing into the whirlpool.

    He didn't even stop to answer a question from Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was speechless because he knew the intention of Monk Da Ning. Monk Da Ning was afraid that Mo Wuji might want a share of the items in Yuan Jie's storage ring and it seemed that the items were pretty decent. Otherwise, he wouldn't have left without trying to learn about Mo Wuji's Winding River and whirlpool domain.

    Mo Wuji was also desperate to enter this passage to leave the Immortal World, he rapidly removed traces of the deathtrap and garotte arrays which he installed earlier on. For some unknown reason, Mo Wuji still felt some fear and trepidation after killing this Yuan Jie which was why he didn't wish to leave any traces behind.

    Mo Wuji just cleaned this place up when he felt a cold energy locked onto him. The energy seemed to be growing exponentially and Mo Wuji suspected that if he didn't leave right now, he would never be able to do so.

    At a moment like this, why would Mo Wuji still hesitate as he instantly garnered immortal energy to charge right into the whirlpool with all his might.

    Half an incense later, a blurry figure appeared where the fight occurred. The only difference was that the whirlpool at the Great Desolate Sea Domain was no longer around.


    Just as Mo Wuji entered the whirlpool and a mighty energy swept him in and despite being unable to harm Mo Wuji's body, Mo Wuji found that he was completely unable to manipulate this energy.

    At the very same instance, Mo Wuji felt as though he had transcended through countless of space as scenes after scenes appeared and changed within his mind.

    After an unknown period of time, that sweeping energy weakened and Mo Wuji was finally able to stabilise his body before extending his spiritual will outwards.

    A humongous piece of half grey half white flat stone was suspended in mid air with absolutely nothing on it. Mo Wuji landed right on this humongous piece of flat stone.

    A restraining sensation flooded Mo Wuji's mind and when Mo Wuji tried to use his spiritual will, he realised that something seemed to be blocking off his spiritual will. Despite not being able to extend his spiritual will outwards, Mo Wuji's eyes fell right on seven pitched black boundless voids in front of him.

    The boundless voids of these seven pitched black voids was divided into seven different positions on the half grey half white flat stone and they looked extremely clear. One look at any one of the seven voids gave the feeling that entering any of them would be equivalent to entering an endless world. In fact, there were three words beneath his feet which read 'Seven World Stone'.

    Mo Wuji was dumbfounded at the sight of this because he was certain that all seven voids would lead to seven different worlds but the question was: Which one should he enter?

    Mo Wuji thought of Bai Ye and Luo Zizai. If he had their ability to prophesy, he would know which one of these seven voids he should be entering.

    It was truly good to have one more skill and after pondering for half a day, Mo Wuji sighed and shut his eyes as he entered the seemingly closest pathway to him.

    An extreme dizziness could be felt and no matter how formidable Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness was, all he could see was the constant rotation of space in front of him. Every time his spiritual will tried to extend outwards, he would enter a new space in the very next instance and the spiritual will which he tried to extend would disappeared without a trace.

    After who knows how long, Mo Wuji finally landed on solid ground. Even though trembles like these were extremely strong, it was nothing much when compared to Mo Wuji's even more formidable fleshly body.

    A cold wind which contained pressing Yin energy was felt and Mo Wuji instantly expanded his domain and extended his spiritual will and sight.

    This was a desert wasteland in which the boundaries couldn't be spotted at all and on it were closely packed ancient skeletons. Also, there was also a pile of discarded weapons and incomplete magic treasures made of unknown materials...

    When a type of desolate killing energy was felt, Mo Wuji knew that he was currently at an ancient battlefield. Even if the surrounding was vast and there were no signs of living plants in the wasteland, Mo Wuji could still sense the endless killings of a very powerful army.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath and knew that this was definitely not an illusion. This piece of desert wasteland was most certainly a battlefield.

    Moreover, this wasn't an ordinary battlefield but a battlefield which immortals fought on.

    Mo Wuji bent down to pick up a piece of broken magic treasure and found out shockingly that this magic treasure was not made of ore but the bones of a certain type of demonic beast.

    Mo Wuji was after all a Grade 6 Immortal Smithing Master and under Xu Guren's guidance, his smithing standards rose tremendously quick.

    If it wasn't for the many incidents which happened afterwards which made him focused on specialising on Array Dao, he could have been a Grade 7 Immortal Smithing Master already.

    There was no sun in the sky and it looked like a gloomy day as the surrounding looked vast and obscured. Mo Wuji had absolutely no clue as to which direction he should be heading towards now.

    After staying at the same spot for almost two hours, Mo Wuji suddenly heard a faint and indistinct sound of killing.

    Someone was still fighting? Mo Wuji hurried over and one hour later, he could only hear the faint sound of killing but not any fighting scene.

    Could this be an illusion? Mo Wuji immediately condensed his spiritual eye. With the spiritual eye, a majestic scene appeared in front of him.

    In the wilderness far away from him was countless of people fighting against each other. Mo Wuji saw immortals, herds of demonic beasts and cultivators filled with magic energy...

    The scene reminded Mo Wuji of back when he was at the Zhen Mo Continent where cultivators of Zhen Xing, alien troops and demonic beasts clashed with each other.

    As compared to back then, this scene in front of him was much more sensational.

    Mo Wuji confirmed that there were many cultivators with much higher cultivation level than him but was curious as to why wasn't there anyone fighting in mid air? Could this be a restricted space?

    Mo Wuji immediately tried to lift himself off and his expression turned ugly. This was indeed a restricted space which even he couldn't detect. Only when he tried did he find out that it was impossible to fly here. Fortunately, he still had his Wind Escape Sacred Art and teleportation because otherwise, it would really be stressful to even try to survive in a place like this.

    Previously, Mo Wuji was still hoping that Cen Shuyin might choose the same world as he did. However, Mo Wuji only had one wish now and that was for Cen Shuyin not to have chosen to enter the same place he did.
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