Chapter 746: Heaven’s Beyond Corridor

    Chapter 746: Heaven's Beyond Corridor

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    Desolate bugle horns and killings were intertwined together as humans were falling like wheats that were being cut off.

    Mo Wuji noticed that the immortals were starting to retreat but the opponents didn't seem to be chasing after them as they rushed to collect spoils of the war instead.

    The remaining spoils of the war were collected very quickly and all that was left were basically skeletons. The entire battlefield was emptied out and there wasn't even a single bird flying across.

    Mo Wuji retracted his spiritual eye and was getting hesitant. He didn't know if he should approach the immortals camp or leave this battlefield which gave him so much uncertainty.

    After careful considerations for half a day, Mo Wuji finally made his mind up to approach the immortals. After all, he was also a human and immortal himself. The very least he could do would be to find out where this place was.

    Mo Wuji extended his spiritual will from his spirit storage channel. After one hour, Mo Wuji reached the boundaries of the battlefield of the most recent battle.

    This place was still stained with fresh blood and deathly auras.

    Looking at these disposed skeletons on the wasteland, Mo Wuji sighed at how cheap the human lives were.

    Whether it was the losing side or winning side, as long as you perished, your body would remain on this wasteland. To make things worse, the survivors would only bring away your magic treasures and cultivation resources with absolutely no regard for your dead body.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to pick up a broken sword equipment to inspect it, his extended spiritual will trembled.

    Someone's there? Mo Wuji retreated a few metres and his Half Moon Weighted Halberd landed right in his hand.

    Very soon, he realised that there was black robe person lying on side of the ground. Judging from the robe, Mo Wuji guessed that this black robe person should belong to the demon race. The energy surrounding that person was extremely unstable and it was evident that the person could die any time soon.

    Mo Wuji walked over and he saw clearly that the person was a woman. The originally tied up bun was completely let down because of this war. Her clothes were being torn apart and Mo Wuji could tell she was a woman because of her slim waist.

    Presently, her entire body and half her face were covered with blood while the fatal wound was on her chest. Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on it and could clearly sense that there were deathly aura looming around the wound of the woman's chest. If she didn't receive treatment soon, she wouldn't last much longer.

    As if she could sense Mo Wuji's arrival, the woman struggled to lift her head up to look at Mo Wuji. When she saw that Mo Wuji was a human, traces of disappointment flashed across her eyes. In fact, even her hand, which was about to send pills into her mouth, started trembling.

    Mo Wuji was well aware of the pill in her hand and knew that it was an ordinary Drizzle Pill. A pill like this could recover some immortal energy but would be of no help to this woman's injuries. Moreover, this woman didn't even possess a storage ring so Mo Wuji had no idea where her pill came from.

    Mo Wuji took out a Green Bodhi Pill to send it into the woman's mouth.

    The severely wounded woman was immensely shocked when she saw that Mo Wuji didn't kill her and even gave her a pill. However, she swallowed the pill instantly before looking at Mo Wuji in disbelief and shock.

    The wounds visible on her body were healing at an incredible rate and the deathly aura looming around her wounds started to dissipate and then disappeared in a blink of an eye.

    Less than half an incense later, the black robe woman sat up and wiped off the blood stain on her face as she revealed a beautiful pale looking face.

    Mo Wuji was praising in his heart because this woman wouldn't lose in terms of appearance to Ji Yue. In fact, as compared to Ji Yue's pretentious look, this woman was much more pleasing to the eye. It seemed like the demon race did not just have weird and odd looking fellas.

    "This is a Green Bodhi Pill? A Tier 7 immortal pill?" The black robe woman looked surprisingly at Mo Wuji.

    In a place like this, a Green Bodhi Pill would be equivalent to an extra life. And this immortal human race man actually used it to save her, this was simply...

    "That's right, that was indeed a Green Bodhi Pill. However, this pill is not for you to consume it for free. I want..."

    "Kill me then," The woman suddenly shut her eyes as she said this.

    Mo Wuji looked doubtfully at this woman because he was really confused so he asked, "Why would I want to kill you?"

    The woman opened her eyes and traces of ridicule flashed across the corner of her eyes before saying, "I can die or even give up anything I have on me but the only thing I refuse to give away would be my pure body."

    The woman's voice was slightly hoarse yet it was extremely pleasing to the ear.

    Mo Wuji said helplessly, "I believe you have misunderstood me. I only wanted to find out from you where we are and which world was this? And today, I witnessed the fight between humans and demons so what was this about?"

    "You're a foreign person?" The woman finally understood and started sizing Mo Wuji up.

    Mo Wuji didn't choose to conceal anything, "Yes, I am a foreign person but I am considered to be part of the human race. I was about to head there and inquire more but I met you so I decided to rescue you so I can inquire about the specifics."

    The woman let out a long sigh as she looked pitifully at Mo Wuji, "Many thanks for using the Green Bodhi Pill to save me, my name is Lou Si. We are at the Heaven's Beyond Corridor and I don't know if you're considered lucky to end up here..."

    Lou Si didn't continue speaking as she evidently believed that Mo Wuji's luck was sh*tty.

    "Heaven's Beyond Corridor? Why would it have such a odd name?" Mo Wuji was gaining interest in this place.

    Lou Si looked at the surrounding battlefield before saying, "Why don't we go somewhere else to talk? This isn't a place we should stay for a prolonged period of time. Hold on, let me listen."

    Before Mo Wuji could say anything, Lou Si got onto the ground with one ear sticking onto the ground as if she was listening to something.

    Moments later, two shadows dashed towards Mo Wuji's direction. Very clearly, one of them was running while the other was chasing. The one running was an demon race cultivator while the one chasing was the human race.

    Mo Wuji just managed to differentiate the two people and a black radiance was shot towards him. The one who attacked was the demon race and because he felt that Mo Wuji's cultivation level was average, this radiance was intended to kill Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was enraged and he didn't even bother using his Half Moon Weighted Halberd as he simply threw out a punch without hesitation. It was an ordinary looking punch but because the escaping demon race man's cultivation level was merely half a step into the Immortal King Stage, Mo Wuji's punch destroyed his spirit and soul as he was sent flying.

    Without waiting for him to land back on solid ground, the chasing immortal slashed the demon race man's head apart.

    "Thank you for helping me block this fella off," The first thing the immortal did was to grab the opponent's storage ring before clasping his fist towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded and didn't speak much. The truth was that before this immortal attacked, Mo Wuji had already killed the demon race cultivator with his punch. However, he had no interest in the storage ring of a cultivator who was merely half a step into the Immortal King Stage so he didn't bother disputing with the immortal.

    This immortal shouldn't have spotted Lou Si, who was lying among the bodies of people, otherwise, he would have acted against her.

    "Ai..." This immortal noticed the Half Moon Weighted Halberd in Mo Wuji's hand because after he drew the Half Moon Weighted Halberd before meeting Lou Si, he hadn't stored.

    Mo Wuji saw the greed in the other party's eyes so he hurried to store the Half Moon Weighted Halberd. He had only just arrived here which was why he really didn't wish to kill any immortals of the human race.

    "Your Half Moon Halberd looks decent, could I have a look at it?" The immortal clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji as he asked.

    Mo Wuji had been constantly pursued by people and even an Immortal Emperor couldn't restrain him. This fella was merely in the elementary Immortal King Stage so even if he revealed the slightest of killing intent, Mo Wuji would be able to discern it.

    "Apologies, this is my magic treasure and I don't like to show others," Mo Wuji sneered in his heart.

    In the Immortal World, when two strangers met each other for the first time and one of them requested for the other to hand over his sacred art or magic treasure, it would be considered as the greatest form of provocation.

    Mo Wuji was fine with Monk Da Ning asking him about his sacred art because Mo Wuji knew the type of person Monk Da Ning was. If it was any other stranger, asking for someone to show his personal sacred art would not be any different from challenging a person to a fight.

    "Are you blind?" The Immortal King saw how defiant Mo Wuji was and killing intent started to seep out as he pointed to the medal on his left chest.

    Why would Mo Wuji bother about the nonsense of this fella so he simply took out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd and struck out an arc of halberd radiance with it. Concurrently, he had already locked that Immortal King within his domain.

    The Immortal King became enraged as he saw that Mo Wuji was actually daring enough to attack him. The long sword in his hand drew out a circular sword radiance and he could feel a killing intent surging from beneath him.

    Not good, someone was hiding and attacking him from the ground. The Immortal King instantly wanted to avoid the sneak attack from beneath but was completely trapped because of Mo Wuji's domain.

    When he finally realised how Mo Wuji's cultivation level was higher than him, he shouted in despair because Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd radiance had already cleaved that Immortal King into two.

    Lou Si jumped up as she looked worryingly at Mo Wuji.

    "Many thanks for your help," Mo Wuji clasped his fist but he knew that even if she didn't help, killing off that Immortal King wouldn't require much effort on his part.

    Lou Si sighed and said, "You have basically no where to run now. You killed a member of the demon race and a member of the human race. In the Heaven's Beyond Corridor, you..."

    Mo Wuji furrowed and asked, "You will reveal this?"

    Lou Si shook her head, "This place is extremely odd. The moment you killed someone of the demon race and tried to enter their turf, the protecting array would sound out. This was similar to the human race and their territory.

    And the Heaven's Beyond Corridor only had the demon race and human race because for the remaining tribes like the magic tribe and underworld tribe, they would still attach themselves to either one of these two places.

    "There's no other way to solve this?" Mo Wuji was utterly speechless when he heard Lou Si's words. He had only just found out what this place was but he no longer had anywhere to go.

    "The only solution to this would be to explain to the human race why you killed that immortal. Following which, you need to hand over your storage ring and everything you have to await the decision of the expert," Lou Si explained but even she knew that Mo Wuji would never do such a thing seeing how reluctant Mo Wuji was to even show his magic treasure. Moreover, the person which Mo Wuji just killed had a certain status within the camp.

    "We can talk about this later but you need to follow me first because we can't stay here for much longer," Lou Si didn't wait for Mo Wuji to respond as she chose a direction and left hurriedly.
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