Chapter 747: Cosmos Wall

    Chapter 747: Cosmos Wall

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    Mo Wuji hurriedly retrieved the two's storage rings and fled with Lou Si.

    Lou Si was extremely fast. Within half a day, she brought Mo Wuji to a bustling city district. There were a few huge words hung outside the city square - Heaven's Beyond Corridor City Square.

    Before she entered the city square, Lou Si took out a black cloth and covered her face. Clearly, she also knew that her appearance was simply disastrous.

    Mo Wuji saw the people streaming in and out of the city square, and to his astonishment, he found that these people were from the demon race, the human race, the devil race, and even some unknown race.

    Before he could ask Lou Si about this, two cultivators, that were originally quarrelling, started to fight. Everyone around them hurried to make way. Soon, the human race cultivator was killed. The other cultivator, a person of the demon race, picked up the human race cultivator's storage ring and fled.

    During the entire process, no one came forward to stop them. No one even seemed to care.

    "Lou Si, didn't you say that I can't come to the Heaven's Beyond Corridor? What's the meaning of your action? And what's with this city square, why are there people from every race?" Mo Wuji asked warily.

    Lou Si did not seem to mind as she walked into the city square. She said in a hushed voice, "I said you can't go to the human race district and the demon race district. This is the Heaven's Beyond Corridor. No matter what race you are, you can come here. Everyone only comes here for one purpose - trade. Did you see those two people fighting just now? It was because they didn't come to a common consensus in their trade."

    "You can kill a person just because you didn't come to common terms?" Mo Wuji started to sweat.

    Lou Si sneered, "This place is governed by the law of the jungle; the strong reign supreme here. However, such incidences rarely occur. Usually, people would flee if they weren't able to win over the other party. Even if a killing actually occurred, it would usually be within the same race."

    "If it's like this, then who would dare to engage in trade here?" Mo Wuji was still very confused.

    Lou Si said calmly, "Prestige is very important here in Heaven's Beyond Corridor. For example, if you were to force a person to buy or sell an item for more than three times, you would no longer be allowed to enter the city square. There's a monitoring array in the city square which shows the people that force others to buy or sell. Before people trade, they would take a look at your prestige level. Usually, everyone would go to a stall or a merchant house to trade. Roadside transactions like what we just saw are the ones that usually go wrong.

    The moment something wrong happens, the survivor or the one left behind should explain the situation to the transaction manager of the city square. If no explanation was given, then the cultivators would no longer be allowed back to the city. This would be the case for that demon race cultivator that simply fled."

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief and said, "I can't enter the human race district or the demon race district, but I can stay here at the very least right?"

    Lou Si said indifferently, "That's impossible; this is a city square. If you stay here for more than three days, you will be invited out. This is unless you have a proper establishment here, i.e. a merchant house or a stall. However, an average person wouldn't even be able to afford a merchant house or a stall. Even if one is able to afford a stall, it would be hard to defend it. Perhaps you might say that you can simply come back every three days. But would you simply continue moving in and out of the city? Then what about your cultivation? If not for cultivation, the Heaven's Beyond Corridor wouldn't be that famous."

    "What's the meaning of your last sentence?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Lou Si explained, "The reason why the Heaven's Beyond Corridor is so famous is because it produces a large number of things called green crystal fragments. These things contain a strong heavenly dao energy. If you use them to cultivate, the effects would be better than even the highest quality of immortal crystals. Thus, if you are able to stay and survive in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor, your cultivation would definitely rise."

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to ask what a green crystal was, he saw a man engaging in a trade with a stall. The thing the man brought out was actually a Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit.

    The Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit was a Tier 8 immortal fruit, and it was an extremely rare fruit at that. If this sort of immortal fruit appeared in the Immortal World, it would definitely be sold in a grand auction. To think that it would appear at some random roadside stall.

    Mo Wuji stopped. He heard that the man wanted to trade for an Immortal Saliva Pill. He had the Immortal Saliva Pill; it was a sort of healing pill and its effect was far worse than the Green Bodhi Pill that he had given Lou Si. It was merely a Tier 5 healing pill. There was no need to talk about one pill, even one entire vase of pills wasn't worth a Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit.

    The Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit was an extremely rare Tier 8 immortal fruit which could be used to concoct the Immortal Channel Nirvana Pill. The Immortal Channel Nirvana Pill could even be considered the best pill to heal spirit channels in the entire Immortal World. How could the Tier 5 Immortal Saliva Pill be even considered alongside a Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit?

    "I can only give you two Clean Solitary Pills. It's not enough for an Immortal Saliva Pill." That stall owner said indifferently.

    Mo Wuji almost spat out. A person actually said that a Tier 8 Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit could only be exchanged for two Tier 4 Clean Solitary Pills? If someone dared to say this to him, his leg would have already flown forward.

    What shocked Mo Wuji, even more, was that the fella with the Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit was actually contemplating, seemingly considering taking the two Clean Solitary Pills.

    "Wait..." Mo Wuji immediately tried to step forward. He had the Immortal Saliva Pill. That stall owner wasn't willing to trade, but he was. Only an idiot wouldn't want this sort of business where you can make a profit of more than a thousand folds.

    "Hurry and go." Before Mo Wuji could walk over, Lou Si grabbed Mo Wuji and left.

    Even though Mo Wuji didn't really understand the reason behind this action, he didn't say anything. Lou Si had spent more time than him here; so she was naturally more aware of the situation here.

    The moment they reached a remote alley, Lou Si said hushedly, "Were you intending to exchange for his Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit?"

    "Yes, what's wrong?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Lou Si sighed and said, "If you actually called that person out for trade, then you would be dead. Firstly, you would have offended that stall owner. Anyone that can own a stall here definitely isn't a simple person. Secondly, you would reveal the fact that you have the Immortal Saliva Pill. With your capabilities, a whole mountain of people would swarm you and rob you of your things, even if it meant that they wouldn't be able to come to this city square anymore. Previously, the value of that Green Bodhi Pill you gave me was already enough to buy over multiple cities. Even in the entire Heaven's Beyond Corridor, you wouldn't be able to find it. Thus, you must not reveal that you have such items. If you do, then only death would await you."

    "Why?" Mo Wuji was starting to feel that Heaven's Beyond Corridor was rather strange.

    Lou Si explained, "This place isn't lacking green crystals, rare ores, or rare herbs. What it's lacking are smiths and pill refiners. Moreover, there would always be battles every now and then, which makes magic treasures and healing pills extremely rare and precious. Also, any pill refiner or smith would always disappear without a trace."

    "Then where do these peak grade ores and immortal herbs come from?" Mo Wuji asked hurriedly.

    "From the Cosmos Wall," Lou Si said calmly. Before Mo Wuji could even question, she continued, "The Cosmos Wall is in the space in the void above that battlefield you saw previously. After every two to three years, an endless passage would appear above that battlefield. It's unknown what that passage is made of; we only know that the passage brings boundless green crystal fragments, peak grade immortal herbs, smithing materials, and even supreme magic treasures."

    "You're saying these peak grade immortal herbs and materials come from that Cosmos Wall?" Mo Wuji asked in astonishment.

    "That's right." Lou Si nodded. "Every time the Cosmos Wall opens, the inside of that stone wall would be filled with countless of peak grade immortal herbs and green crystal fragments. During that time, regardless of race, all cultivators would charge to the Cosmos Wall and snatch the treasures from within."

    Mo Wuji went silent. After some time, he asked, "Then does anyone know what's at the end of the Cosmos Wall's passage?"

    "No one can pass through the passage. After a certain amount of time, that passage will close. Everyone inside will be swept out and thrown down to the desert wasteland. Because of this, a huge and violent battle would always erupt on that desert wasteland every time the Cosmos Wall closes. Both sides would fight for the rewards from the Cosmos Wall..."

    Mo Wuji interrupted Lou Si again and asked, "Previously, that war I saw was because the Cosmos Wall appeared?"

    "No." Lou Si shook her head. "Sometimes, the Cosmos Wall appears once a year; sometimes, it appears once every two to three years. When the Cosmos Wall doesn't appear, the two sides would fight for resources. The war you saw previously was due to such a reason."

    Seeing that Mo Wuji still seemed rather confused, Lou Si continued explaining, "After the Cosmos Wall opens, regardless who you are, and regardless of what you managed to obtain from the Cosmos Wall, the things you obtain would belong to you if you manage to survive and escape the battlefield. However, you would need to hand over a small portion as a fee for the district that you are living in. Every battle was a mutual snatching of resources. A small portion of the spoils of war would also be given to your district. Actually, immortal herbs and smithing materials might be valuable, but the thing that is most valuable here is the green crystal."

    Mo Wuji finally understood. There were battles that were due to the lack of resources, and the two sides would fight with one another.

    Also, when he heard of the green crystal, Mo Wuji suddenly recalled the crystal that was used to power Da Huang. Wasn't that crystal also green in colour? Could it be the green crystal? As he thought of this, Mo Wuji hurriedly retrieved a storage ring. His spiritual will directly tore through the seal and scanned within the ring.

    The moment a green crystal appeared within his spiritual will, Mo Wuji's heart was filled with mad glee. This was the crystal that he needed. Not only could this thing be used to power Da Huang, it could also be used for his cultivation. With this crystal, he had confidence that he could breeze through the Immortal King Stage.

    The Heaven's Beyond Corridor is truly a good place. This was the first time Mo Wuji felt that this place was not bad.

    [TL thoughts] So there would be two reasons why there are wars. Firstly, there's a mad scramble when the Cosmos Wall opens and everyone would battle one another for the items that they found from within the Cosmos Wall. Secondly, a war could be conducted when either side finds that they were lacking resources. This seems more like an Earth-like war.
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