Chapter 748: The Newbie In Heavens Beyond Corridor City Square

    Chapter 748: The Newbie In Heaven's Beyond Corridor City Square

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    "Immortal Friend Lou Si, do you know how I can obtain a stall in this city square?" After Mo Wuji understood that Heaven's Beyond Corridor was a cultivation holyland, he felt an even urgent need to establish a foothold here.

    After that battle with Yuan Jie, he was increasingly clear that he was too weak.

    Lou Si looked at Mo Wuji awkwardly, and after some brief hesitation, she said, "It's not impossible, but it's very hard. The first way is to bribe the trade management for the Heaven's Beyond Corridor and get them to help. They are the clearest as to which stalls are about to reach the end of their lease, or which stalls are going to be recalled."

    Mo Wuji asked in astonishment, "So the stall owners only have the rights to run the stall? All the other rights still belong to the management?"

    Lou Si shook her head, "No. If a person purchases a stall, it would directly become that person's private property. However, if the owner doesn't return to the Heaven's Beyond Corridor in three years, his stall will be taken back by the trade management to be sold or rented to others. Actually, people who are intending to leave the Heaven's Beyond Corridor would usually notify the trade management to place their stall out for sale.

    However, I want to remind you that all the people in the management are without conscience. They only care about the benefits. Even though two people might simultaneously present them with great items, they will compare the items and help the one that gave them the item of a higher value. As for the item with the lower value, they definitely wouldn't return it. And if you want to try to get them to help you again, you would have to offer another item; that previous item you gave them would already have been completely forgotten."

    Truly corrupt people, Mo Wuji lamented in his heart. He could only continue asking, "Then what is the second method?"

    "The second method is if you were to know that a stall is going to be put on sale, you can take the initiative to contact the stall owner and purchase the stall directly from him. This method is relatively hard because there basically isn't any spare stalls here. There's also one more possible method. Every time the Cosmos Wall opens, there would always be some stalls that become vacant. When that happens, you have to react quickly and snatch one," Lou Si explained.

    Mo Wuji's interest was peaked and he asked hurriedly, "Why would some stalls become vacant when the Cosmos Wall opens?"

    Lou Si sighed, "Because all the cultivation resources here come from the Cosmos Wall. The moment it appears, even stall owners would go there and fight for treasures. Many of them would die in the Cosmos Wall, or die on the desert wasteland battlefield. After they die, their stalls would immediately be vacant. As long as you are able to rush back to the city square before the trade management occupies the stall, then you would have the opportunity of obtaining that stall."

    "If you do that, then the management would just allow you to take the stall?"

    "You only need to say that the person who died was your friend or your sect mate. Even though everyone knows that you are lying, because you are the first one that occupied the stall, no one would chase you away."

    "..." Mo Wuji was left thoroughly speechless. He was actually in this kind of world.

    "Many thanks for saving me. Unfortunately, I'm unable to help you. I will be returning back to the Heaven's Beyond Corridor now. But I still want to give you a reminder, even if you occupy a stall, without a certain level of power, you won't be able to occupy it for long." Even though Lou Si wanted to help Mo Wuji, her abilities were limited and she really couldn't do a thing.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists, "Immortal Friend Lou Si, you've already helped me plenty. My name is Mo Wuji."

    After a short pause, Mo Wuji continued, "Immortal Friend Lou Si, I see that you do not seem to be from the demon race, and your cultivation technique also doesn't seem to be related to the demon race. If that's the case, why do you stay with them?"

    Lou Si sighed and said, "When I first came here, a human race cultivator tried to rob me; so I killed him. You should know, if you killed a human race cultivator, you can only go to the demon race. Thus, I settled in the demon race district, and during every war when the Cosmos Wall opens, I would be battling and killing human race cultivators. There's no path left for me to retreat now. Actually, I always wanted to leave the Heaven's Beyond Corridor. Unfortunately, leaving this place isn't a simple thing. Immortal Friend Mo, I thank you again for your saving grace. Farewell."

    "Wait, I managed to obtain some storage rings just now. I will give you one." Mo Wuji saw that Lou Si did not seem to have any storage rings while he managed to pocket two just now.

    "There's no need, I was able to hide one. You're already helped me immensely. Also, if you can have a conflict with any stall owner here, but you can never have a conflict with a shop owner." With that, Lou Si left the city square and disappeared.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart; he could see that Lou Si was truly unable to help him. There was no need to talk about him, Lou Si herself was constantly dancing on the border between life and death. Mo Wuji had a favourable impression of Lou Si. Even though he didn't know whether she was telling the truth about the storage ring, there was one thing be did know. Lou Si had left very guiltily because she wasn't able to help him much.

    Actually, Mo Wuji still had a question he wanted to ask Lou Si, that is why didn't anyone stay on the desert wasteland battlefield. Unfortunately, Lou Si seemed to have left in a hurry and he didn't get to ask that question.

    Mo Wuji decided that he was going to find himself a shop; he had quite a sizeable fortune of immortal crystals. Even though Lou Si said that it was very difficult to find a shop or a stall, he still decided that he was going to ask around each and every one. What if you actually struck one?

    The first shop that Mo Wuji walked on was one that sold various kinds of materials. The shop was relatively big and there were also many people inside. Even though Mo Wuji guessed that this shop wouldn't be for sale, he still decided to ask the shop owner.

    When he heard Mo Wuji asking to buy the shop, that shop owner's face turned cold instantly and his hand pointed to the exit of the shop. He didn't even bother answering Mo Wuji's question.

    Mo Wuji did not mind as he continued to the second shop. It was exactly as Lou Si had guessed: Mo Wuji had asked 29 shops but not one of them seemed willing to sit down and talk with him. They either directed Mo Wuji to the exit or burst out with profanities.

    Even though Mo Wuji was being extremely careful, his blatant questioning had incurred the watchful eye of the trade management. Before two of the caretakers could come and stop Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji entered the 30th shop.

    Mo Wuji also saw those two caretakers. He decided that this was going to be the last shop he asked. If it failed, then he would have to resort to asking the Heaven's Beyond Corridor's trade management. If that method failed as well, then he could only go to the desert wasteland battlefield. The desert wasteland battlefield was vast and boundless. Though it wasn't amazing, he could simply dig a cave under the desert and stay there.

    There was only one thing that worried him. It was that he hadn't managed to ask Lou Si why no one stayed at the desert wasteland battlefield.

    The moment Mo Wuji entered the shop, he was welcomed by a wide arrangement of magic treasures. Most of them were carved using demonic beast bones. Without exception, these magic treasures were very simply fashioned. Even though they could be Grade 6 immortal equipments, it wasn't because of their smithing quality, but because of their material quality.

    These magic treasures were simple and plain, their combat power was average, and they wouldn't be able to effectively release the user's sacred arts.

    Mo Wuji did not manage to find even a single good magic treasure. Even without asking, Mo Wuji could guess that these magic treasures were second-hand goods.

    The shop wasn't big and there was only a middle-aged man sitting idly at the counter. When he saw Mo Wuji enter, he asked lazily, "What magic treasure do you want?"

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "May I ask if the shop owner is around?"

    "That's me. Could it be that you have some big business deal?" The moment this attendant heard Mo Wuji's words, his spirit lifted and his back instantly went straight.

    "I want to ask if there's any shop in the area for sale?" Mo Wuji asked courteously.

    "You're looking to buy a shop?" This attendant stared at Mo Wuji with huge eyes, sizing him up. After some time, he continued asking, "What can you offer?"

    "Are you selling the shop?" Mo Wuji didn't say what he was going to offer as he could see the greed into this shop owner's eyes.

    Mo Wuji could see through this shop owner's cultivation; it should be at the intermediate Immortal King Stage. Moreover, this fella should have rushed to this stage as his dao aura was not very stable. Mo Wuji suspected that he could deal with this fella even when he was only in the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage.

    "That's right, I am indeed selling this shop. However, I need to first see what you can offer." This shop owner's eyes seemed to glitter.

    Mo Wuji took out two jade vases and a long jade box, "This is a vase of unique grade Green Bodhi Pills; there's a total of six pills. The other vase contains Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow. This jade box contains a Grade 9 immortal equipment, Glass Lightning Spear."

    When he finished speaking, Mo Wuji specially opened the long jade box. Lightning danced around the box and a strong dao aura circulated around the spear within.

    The Glass Lightning Spear was a spoil of war that Mo Wuji obtained from Lightning Sect's Qi Junyi. Qi Junyi was an expert at the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage, so his magic treasure naturally wouldn't be too shabby.

    Seeing Mo Wuji's items, a line of drool seeped out the corner of this middle-aged man's mouth. Mo Wuji's offer wasn't too low, but too high. In Mo Wuji's perspective, the most valuable item here was the Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow. But in this shop owner's eyes, it was the least valuable item here.

    To him, the most valuable item was Mo Wuji's vase of unique grade Green Bodhi Pills, then it was the Grade 9 Glass Lightning Spear.

    In the desert wasteland, each Green Bodhi Pill was enough to save a life. As for the Grade 9 immortal equipment, it was something that he could only dream of. Even though he had all sorts of magic treasures in his shop, they were generally trash.

    This shop owner's hand unconsciously moved towards that case of Green Bodhi Pills.

    Mo Wuji didn't wait for that fella to touch his vase as his hand moved in a flurry and retrieved his jade vase. At the same time, he asked calmly, "So are you going to sell the shop? If you are, that thing is yours. If you're not, then I'm leaving."

    This shop owner woke up from his daze. Right from the start, he had never thought about selling this shop. He simply wanted to see Mo Wuji's items because there wasn't any business now. It would be weird if a person going around asking whether he could buy a shop was not a newbie. Since a newbie like Mo Wuji had suddenly appeared in front of him, how could he not consider robbing him?
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