Chapter 749: Cosmos Wall Opens

    Chapter 749: Cosmos Wall Opens

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    "I'm selling the shop..." This middle-aged man forcefully suppressed his desire to steal as he said dry and heavily.

    In the Heaven's Beyond Corridor City Square, shop owners would also be removed from their rights to own a shop if they were to rob their customers.

    "Then take out the shop's deed and change the spiritual will imprint," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    In the cultivation world, many shop's title deeds were still based on name and identity. However, when it came to the Immortal World, the shop's title deed was based on one's spiritual will imprint. To change the imprint would require the agreement from both parties, otherwise, the buyer's spiritual imprint wouldn't be able to latch itself on the title deed.

    "Ok." The middle-aged man retrieved the shop's title deed and handed it to Mo Wuji, "Send your spiritual will into this jade letter, then pass it to me. I only need to agree to it."

    Mo Wuji didn't find this particular because this was indeed how the exchange of a title deed worked. He accepted the jade letter, then imprinted his spiritual will onto it. After which, he returned the jade letter back to the other party. During this entire process, Mo Wuji also placed his spiritual will constantly on the jade letter.

    He would be able to see whether the other party accepted his spiritual will as the new owner of the title deed.

    The middle-aged man also knew the meaning of Mo Wuji's action. He didn't try any form of trickery as he directly agreed to the transfer of the title deed, allowing Mo Wuji's spiritual will imprint to become the new owner of the deed and the shop

    When Mo Wuji's spiritual will detected this, he retracted it.

    "I will temporarily keep the title deed with me. I will only hand it to you after you pass the things to me." This shop owner seemed as though he didn't really trust Mo Wuji. After the transfer of spiritual will, he actually kept this title deed back.

    Mo Wuji frowned slightly, he could faintly feel that something was amiss. However, against a mere Immortal King with an unstable dao aura, Mo Wuji didn't worry too much about it. He directly took out the jade box containing the Glass Lightning Spear and handed it over,

    "This Grade 9 immortal equipment is already in your hands. Now, hand the title deed to me and I will pass you the remaining two items."

    Back in the Immortal World, the value of the Grade 9 Glass Lightning Spear was countless of folds higher than a vase of the Green Bodhi Pills. However, this wasn't the Immortal World, it was the Heaven's Beyond Corridor. Mo Wuji didn't stay in this place for long, but he already knew that healing pills were the most valuable things here.

    "Hmm!" After this shop owner kept the spear, his face turned cold, "Hand the two remaining things over. Since this is a trade, you have to abide by the trade's rules."

    Mo Wuji knew that this shop owner was going to try something funny. Logically, the spiritual will imprint on the title deed had already been changed; so this shop should already be his. He didn't understand why this shop owner would be so stubborn. Could there be some rules that he didn't know of? Unfortunately, Lou Si was already gone and there was no one else he could ask.

    Mo Wuji didn't want to quarrel with the other party; so he retrieved two jade vases and handed them over, "These are the Green Bodhi Pills and the Billion Year Wood Marrow. Hand the title deed over then."

    The two jade vases were actually empty. Knowing that the other party was trying to play tricks with him, and even though he could easily eliminate the other party, Mo Wuji still didn't want his items to end up this fella's hands.

    This shop owner didn't check the contents of the jade vases. He casually kept the two jade vases and said indifferently, "Since you don't want to hand the things over, then the trade will end here."

    "What did you say?" Mo Wuji's killing intent instantly erupted. Whether it was Earth or this world that he was in, Mo Wuji had never seen such a shameless person.

    "I said that I'm not trading with you," This shop owner said coldly.

    He sneered in his heart, a mere newbie that doesn't know the rules actually wants to come and purchase a store.

    In the Heaven's Beyond Corridor, the title deed will have a huge advantage to the shop owner. Even if both parties agreed to change the spiritual will imprint, it will only come into effect after the third day. Thus, the original shop owner can randomly change the spiritual will imprint back to his own on the second day or the third day.

    This meant that Mo Wuji's spiritual will could be erased tomorrow or the day after, and this shop owner will still remain as the owner.

    The reason why it couldn't be erased on the first day was to give the buyer a little bit of advantage.

    Mo Wuji didn't know about all this. He didn't know that the other party could simply renege on his words even after the items had been handed over.

    Just when Mo Wuji was thinking of retrieving his Half Moon Weighted Halberd to kill this fella and flee to the desert wasteland, an incredibly bleak-sounding bugle resounded.

    At the next instant, it seemed like the entire Heaven's Beyond Corridor City Square had gone ballistic. With his spiritual will, Mo Wuji saw countless of cultivators charging out of Heaven's Beyond Corridor City Square in a frenzy. Even the two caretakers that almost blocked Mo Wuji previously were among them.

    "The Cosmos Wall actually opened..." This shop owner muttered to himself. With a casual sweep of his hand, all the magic treasures in the shop were swept into his storage ring. He rushed out like a delighted little kid, completely ignoring Mo Wuji.

    Actually, few shop owners have anything good in their shops. Thus, when the Cosmos Wall opens, no one would actually want to rob the shops. The most valuable thing in a shop was the shop itself.

    The shop itself couldn't be robbed. As long as you return alive, the shop would still be yours.

    Mo Wuji, who originally intended to murder this shop owner right there and then, immediately dispelled that thought when he found out that the Cosmos Wall had opened. He did not hesitate to chase after that shop owner. He was still going to murder this fella, but this was not the right place.

    According to Lou Si's introduction, there wouldn't be a huge war before the struggle for treasures in the Cosmos Wall; everyone would first swarm into the Cosmos Wall. Usually, the huge battles would only occur after the Cosmos Wall closes.

    In less than half an incense's time, this shop owner had already rushed out of Heaven's Beyond Corridor City Square and entered the desert wasteland. At this instant, there were people all throughout the desert wasteland, and every single one of them seemed to be heading in the same direction.

    The moment Mo Wuji left Heaven's Beyond Corridor, he directly teleported next to this shop owner and punched out.

    His first punch was already the Domain Crushing Fist. He wanted to get rid of this shop owner as soon as possible; then take a look at the Cosmos Wall.

    Everyone in the surrounding immediately felt the immortal elemental energy waves due to the punch. They all moved off to the sides before continuing in their rush; no one stopped to find out what that wave was about.

    In reality, when the Cosmos Wall opens, there would be too many people heading towards it. Under normal circumstances, no one would stop and fight on the way to the Cosmos Wall. This was because everyone knew about the feast of treasures that could get when the Cosmos Wall opens. In that feast, everyone stands to benefit because the Cosmos Wall was simply an endless cornucopia of treasures. Since that's the case, why would anyone want to waste their time fighting instead of feasting on the treasures?

    The only time when there were battles was usually due to some deep enmity. Thus, everyone continued on their own ways when they felt Mo Wuji's attack. No one really cared about who Mo Wuji was attacking.

    "You're courting death. This king originally wanted to spare your life. I never thought that you would be the one to court your own death..." When the shop owner felt Mo Wuji's punch incoming, he instantly raged.

    He didn't actually want to spare Mo Wuji's life. Actually, there was simply something more important to him now: to strike it rich in the Cosmos Wall. At this critical moment, an ant actually dared to lay hands on him.

    This shop owner immediately retrieved a saver. He wanted to get rid of Mo Wuji as soon as possible. There was an endless amount of treasures in the Cosmos Wall, the time you arrive was the factor that affected how many treasures you could get.

    "Rippp!" This shop owner's domain hadn't even come out on full display before it was torn apart by Mo Wuji's fist. Similarly, his elemental energy didn't even get to condense fully on his saber before it was blasted by Mo Wuji's unyielding power.

    "Boom!" Immortal elemental energy spilt everywhere. This Immortal King's saber didn't get to draw a half an arc before it was sent flying by Mo Wuji's fist.

    This fella is at least an Immortal Reverent, this shop owner instantly knew that he had underestimated Mo Wuji's ability.

    "Stop. I will hand the things back to you." When he felt Mo Wuji's overwhelming power, how could this Immortal King shop owner still dare to fight with Mo Wuji?

    Mo Wuji acted as though he didn't hear the other party. With his Spatial Imprisonment, he sealed this Immortal King in place. That's when his Domain Crushing Fist landed straight on this shop owner.

    "Bang!" This Immortal King, who never even placed Mo Wuji in his eyes, was punched right in the chest.

    A huge mist of blood burst forth. Mo Wuji opened his palm and grabbed this fella's storage ring. He also casually shot out two lightning bolts. This shop owner's primordial spirit had only just left his head before it was reduced into nothingness by Mo Wuji's lightning bolt. Ever since Mo Wuji made his move, it only took two moves to kill this shop owner. This shop owner didn't even get to fully display a single move.

    When they felt Mo Wuji's power, everyone else made way. No one cared about this trivial matter. At this moment, everyone's eyes were on the Cosmos Wall.
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