Chapter 750: The Pillage

    Chapter 750: The Pillage

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    An hour later, a vast and endless black hole appeared in Mo Wuji's spiritual will. This black hole extended down from the void, and countless of cultivators were frantically charging into that black hold. Mo Wuji would even see one or two strands of immortal herbs occasionally falling out from that black hole and down onto the ground. However, no one bothered picking those herbs up; they were only charging into the black hole in a frenzy.

    So this was the Cosmos Wall. It's unknown why this Cosmos Wall was filled with so many amazing treasures.

    Mo Wuji's figure flashed. Borrowing the power of his Wind Escape Technique, he sped into that whirlpool extending down from the Cosmos Wall.

    The moment he entered the black hole whirlpool, Mo Wuji felt a whirling and repelling force. This was his first attempt, and because he wasn't used to it, he was almost pushed out.

    However, he only needed a short time to get used to the force here.

    Mo Wuji immediately tried to send his spiritual will outwards. However, he soon realised that his spiritual will, whether it was from his sea of consciousness or his spirit storage channel, was completely unable to be sent out.

    Fortunately, his bare vision was still able to see the things within 3 meters of himself. He could see that countless of cultivators were still furiously charging upwards. At this moment, some green crystals and ores brushed across Mo Wuji's body. With a simple extension of his hand, Mo Wuji sent those green crystals and ores into his storage ring.

    Mo Wuji finally understood why there would always be a huge war every time the Cosmos Wall opens. There were truly so many things in here, and each and every one of these things were related to cultivation.

    It would be weird if such a treasure haven didn't incite a huge war.

    Another few strands of immortal herbs brushed past him. This time, Mo Wuji didn't bother picking them up. Instead, he activated his immortal elemental energy as he charged upwards at a greater speed.

    Currently, he was merely at the outer edge of the Cosmos Wall. If there were so many amazing things at the outer edge, then there would naturally be greater things at the inner core of the Cosmos Wall.

    There were clearly many cultivators with the same thoughts as Mo Wuji as everyone could be seen frantically charging to the top. They would only casually grab the treasures that brush across them. In a place like this, there wasn't a single battle. There were more treasures here than one could count; who would want to waste time on a battle?

    After half an incense's time, Mo Wuji realised that the higher he went, the stronger the revolving repulsion force. Not only that, immortal elemental energy would be expended at a faster rate. If this went on, one would be exhausted of immortal elemental energy and be ultimately expelled out of the Cosmos Wall.

    Even though he hadn't truly started picking the treasures in the Cosmos Wall, Mo Wuji finally understood that the stronger ones would be the ones with the greater rewards.

    They were like fishes swimming against the flow of the river. The stronger ones were the ones that could travel further.

    Even though Mo Wuji had the elemental storage channel, he did not dare to deplete his immortal elemental energy. The moment he entered this place, he understood that if he were ever to be ejected out, and if he could come back in a second time, he would only be able to pick up the leftovers of others.

    Mo Wuji subconsciously slowed down, and at the same time, he extended his whirlpool domain.

    To his pleasant surprise, Mo Wuji soon discovered that his whirlpool domain was able to counter the repulsive force of the Cosmos Wall's whirlpool; the pressure that he was feeling dropped significantly.

    With this discovery, Mo Wuji's speed raised once more. In merely half an incense's time, Mo Wuji overtook one cultivator after another. There were fewer and fewer cultivators around him. At this point, anyone that could reach this level was much, much stronger than Mo Wuji. Even they did not seem able to overtake Mo Wuji, and they could only watch as Mo Wuji charged past them.

    When there were no longer any people in his surroundings, Mo Wuji started to collect the green crystals and immortal herbs around him. He was too lazy to even identify the things he was taking. As long as it seemed not bad, he would throw it into his storage ring.

    Unfortunately, his range of vision was extremely small; it was only around 3 meters. If he could see further, his gains would definitely be immeasurable. 3 meters was probably not even a thousandth of the width of the Cosmos Wall.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji directly condensed his spiritual eye.

    Immediately, Mo Wuji rejoiced in elation. With his spiritual eye, he saw countless of green crystals, smithing materials, immortal herbs, and even some magic treasures.

    Of course, there were some cultivators that were still in front of him. Mo Wuji chose to directly increase his speed.

    He had his whirlpool domain, his elemental storage channel, and even large amounts of immortal pills which could replenish immortal elemental energy. Why must he drink the water that others wash their feet with?

    Mo Wuji even noticed a hint of ridicule in a cultivator's eyes when he charged past this cultivator. In his heart, Mo Wuji was thinking that this cultivator was definitely jealous of him.

    Two hours later, there were no longer any cultivators around him. Thus, he started to collect the treasures.

    Mo Wuji started to be picky; he could choose the brighter green crystals, the better immortal herbs, ores and materials, and any complete magic treasure were swept away by him. Anything less would directly be neglected; someone else can take them.

    A day soon passed. The higher Mo Wuji soared upwards, the more treasures he picked. At this point, a strange feeling arose in Mo Wuji's heart. He started to feel that he wasn't picking treasures, but rubbish.

    Because the green crystals he picked were either damaged or fragmented. The immortal herbs were high tiered, but they look like they were thrown away. There were even bruises on the herbs. As for the ores and smithing materials, they might all be Grade 7 and above, but they were mostly scrapped pieces of processing. As for the magic treasures, they were rather crudely fashioned. Occasionally, there were treasures that exceeded the level of immortal equipment. However, their dao auras were clearly off the mark.

    Could it be there someone up there was discarding these trash? And they were merely staying below the garbage chute?

    This thought left Mo Wuji speechless. Even though the things he picked up weren't perfect, they definitely weren't trash. Take the green crystals, for example, each of them was better than the highest grade immortal crystal...

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji jolted. He suddenly thought of the immortal crystal dregs back at Half Immortal Domain; they were merely dregs from the processing of immortal crystals. Wasn't this scene similar?

    Could it be that there's a higher world beyond the Immortal World?

    That's not right. There was indeed a world above the Immortal World, and he knew of that world. It was the Very High Heavens. Mo Wuji immediately shook his head. If anyone said that the Very High Heavens were the ones to throw these things away, he would be the first one to reject it. Even though the things here weren't unique or supreme treasures, most of them were of a higher grade than the immortal herbs and materials found in the Broken World. If the Very High Heavens were that rich, they wouldn't have eyed the things in the Broken World.

    Also, as long as he could cultivate, why did he need to care about such things?

    Mo Wuji started to selectively pick the items around him. He primarily wanted green crystals; green crystals were able to raise his cultivation, so they were the most intuitive things that he could use.

    However, as Mo Wuji got higher, he started to wonder: If he could really reach the other end of this Cosmos Wall, what kind of world would it be?

    Just when Mo Wuji thought of this, the power behind the Cosmos Wall's whirlpool force suddenly increased. This force directly shredded Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain. This violent power continued to surge forward and it landed heavily on Mo Wuji's chest.

    Even though Mo Wuji tried to activate his immortal elemental energy, he had no means of defending against this force. He felt like he was like a falling meteorite, descending downwards rapidly.

    Mo Wuji cursed in his heart as he furiously tried to activate his immortal elemental energy in an attempt to counter this force.

    Unfortunately, everything was useless.

    "Boom!" A huge hole was blasted into the ground. All the bones in Mo Wuji's body seemed to be out of place and a piercing sensation spread throughout his entire body.

    He had been forced out of the Cosmos Wall; Mo Wuji's heart was still filled with lingering shock and fear. Even though he was at God Physique Level 6, that fall almost shattered him. If he didn't have a God Physique, he would definitely have been dead.

    As he got through his daze, Mo Wuji finally understood that he wasn't the only one that was expelled out; almost every cultivator here were also expelled out. The entire air was filled with the sand and dust formed from all the impacts.

    The Cosmos Wall's time had come to an end; this was Mo Wuji's first thought. Indeed, just as he thought of this, he saw some treasures fall loosely from the Cosmos Wall and scattered in all directions. All the cultivators that were forced out like Mo Wuji started to furiously fight for those treasures.

    There were some cultivators like Mo Wuji who also suffered relatively heavier injuries because they climbed too high. They were unable to react quickly, and as a result, they were ambushed and their storage rings were stolen.

    A Grand Luo Immortal saw that Mo Wuji seemed to still be in a daze and he directly shot a sword light towards Mo Wuji. Before it could even reach Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji had already sprung out and punched outwards. He easily killed this Grand Luo Immortal and he casually swept away this Grand Luo Immortal's ring.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji finally understood why he was able to climb the highest. It wasn't merely because of his strong whirlpool domain, but it was also because many people didn't dare to climb as high as him. If one climbed too high, they would be forced out with greater pressure. Even an Immortal Emperor would be heavily injured or killed by that force.

    Mo Wuji ruffled his hair. Indeed, the ignorant were fearless. It was due to his ignorance that he climbed that high. In reality, if not for his God Physique, and perhaps if he was even a level lower, his body would be a bloody mess on the ground right now. No wonder why those people looked at him with contempt when he raced upwards. It wasn't jealousy, but disdain.

    Seeing that there were many people still pillaging for treasures, Mo Wuji didn't take part. Because of his spiritual eye and the height he reached, he had already obtained enough treasures.

    He would leave this place first. He had killed that shop owner, and according to the rules that Lou Si told him, he only needed to be the first to return to that shop to be its owner.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji's figure flashed and he sped away.

    However, before he could even get to 50 kilometres, he was blocked by a force. Before Mo Wuji could check what this force was, he heard shrill cries behind him.
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