Chapter 753: Help Again

    Chapter 753: Help Again

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    Lou Si dashed back into the the Heaven's Beyond City Square with a slightly messy hair and the instance she entered, she heaved a huge sigh of relief as this meant that she could stay for another three days again.

    Presently, Lou Si had a black veil covering her face and her immortal spirituality was unstable. Evidently, she had yet to recover from her injuries.

    However, in the very next second, she revealed an expression of despair as a tall girl with a pale face walked towards her. The tall girl might be recognised as a girl because of her voluptuous chest but she could also be considered a man because of the obvious Adam's apple in her throat.

    "Lou Si, do you want me to attack you here or do you want to leave with me?" The person walked over to Lou Si while speaking in a ridicule tone. His voice sounded horrifyingly peculiar.

    Lou Si could even feel her legs shivering and goosebumps forming all over her body. At this moment, she felt as though she was standing in front of an extremely disgusting wiggly caterpillar.

    Lou Si was well aware of this person's origins and that he was the bisexual Immortal Reverent Ji Qi of the Heaven's Beyond Demon Corridor. To be specific, he was a hermaphrodite[1] who had tortured countless of of male and female cultivators.

    Ever since this person saw Lou Si's features half a month ago, Lou Si had been constantly on the run. In the midst of her escape, she even killed an intermediate Immortal King which left her with nowhere to run anymore.

    Because Lou Si was incredibly helpless, she could only escape into the Heaven's Beyond City Square. However, one could only stay a maximum of three days in the Heaven's Beyond City Square and naturally, there weren't any resthouse here for her to stay in. Once the three days were up, one would have to leave and could only return after 24 hours. Naturally, exceptions could be made but it would have to be explained to and approved by the Heaven's Beyond City Square's management.

    Evidently, Lou Si wasn't an exception so she could only stay for three days, hide outside for one day before coming back to stay for another three days. Lou Si did this despite knowing that this wasn't a permanent solution to her problem because she was at a complete loss. In the Heaven's Beyond Corridor, she could join the demon race nor the human race so she could only hide here in the city square.

    She thought of Mo Wuji and she didn't expect herself to end up in the same predicament Mo Wuji was in two years ago. She wondered how that fella named Mo Wuji was coping now.

    "Kill me then," Lou Si stared coldly at Ji Qi, who was standing in front of her. She would rather die here than to follow this bisexual person, suffer the cruel tortures and then die in a disgusting manner.

    Ji Qi smiled, "I like you so much, how can I attack you just like that? I shall follow you and when you are willing to leave, let's leave together."

    Lou Si's heart sank because how could she not know what Ji Qi was planning.

    One could indeed attack in the Heaven's Beyond City Square but a reason was needed after the attack. Ji Qi had no reason to attack Lou Si so if he were to attack without a reason in here, he would be listed as 'not welcome' by the Heaven's Beyond City Square. Naturally, Ji Qi wouldn't want this to be the case because the Heaven's Beyond City Square was of great importance to him.

    Ji Qi wanted to follow Lou Si because he knew that Lou Si had to leave the city square after three days. The moment she leaves, she would be unable to escape from his clutches.

    Lou Si didn't continue looking at Ji Qi because even though his looks were still acceptable, Lou Si still felt extremely disgusted at the sight of a person like him.

    Currently, she was simply walking dazedly along the Heaven's Beyond City Square while thinking of the possibility that she would kill herself even before the three days were up.

    Ji Qi might be strong but he shouldn't be strong enough to stop her from killing herself right?

    Half a day seemed to fly past and Lou Si finally stopped as she looked at the crowded city square. She started to wonder what was the difference between killing herself now and two days later. Every second was torturous with this sickening caterpillar watching her.

    Ji Qi's horrifyingly sharp voice sounded off calmly, "You can kill yourself and I might not be able to stop it but I can definitely stop you from destroying your body. As long as your body isn't destroyed, I can still bring you back. Hehe, I can refine a puppet with flesh for me to enjoy everyday."

    Lou Si shivered as cold chills went down Lou Si's spine.

    Moments later, while the cold chill was still lingering within her body, she looked around and eventually sat down the entrance of a magic treasure shophouse.

    Out of the many shophouses here, this was the only shop which was not opened for business. After walking for so many days, she was so exhausted both physically and mentally that she almost didn't want to stand up anymore.

    "Creak!" The door of the magic treasure shophouse actually opened up at this moment.

    Lou Si subconsciously lifted her head and she was shocked at the sight of the person opening the door of the shophouse.

    She knew the blue robe youth standing behind her. He was Mo Wuji, the man who killed immortals from both the human race and the demon race and the same man who had nowhere to go two years ago.

    "Lou Si, why are you sitting outside my shophouse? You knew I was here?" Mo Wuji looked shockingly at Lou Si who was lifting her head in disbelief.

    As compared to the first time he saw Lou Si, Lou Si appeared much more sluggish now.

    "Mo Wuji, is this really your shop?" Lou Si finally reacted as she jumped and asked doubtfully.

    How was it possible that Mo Wuji could manage to obtain a shophouse here?

    Mo Wuji was able to survive till today only because he had been through countless of incidents that no one else could ever go through. One look at the state at which Lou Si was in and sensing the presence of an odd looking man from further away, Mo Wuji knew that Lou Si was being watched closely.

    No matter what, Lou Si was considered his friend and was even the one who brought him into the Heaven's Beyond City Square and explained all the rules here to him. Despite the fact that some rules were not fully explained, which resulted in him being in a disadvantage, Mo Wuji was still highly appreciative of Lou Si.

    Since they were fated to meet again, he would naturally help a friend in need.

    "Yes, this is indeed my shophouse. Why don't you come in and talk?" Mo Wuji said chuckily. He had recently advanced to the Great Circle of the Immortal King Stage, finally stabilised his cultivation and was prepared to look for a place to undergo his tribulation. He certainly didn't expect to see Lou Si the moment he opened his door.

    "Alright, alright..." Lou Si was in an urgent hurry to enter Mo Wuji's shop because she was about to go crazy under the watchful stare of the bisexual man.

    "Hold on..." Ji Qi took a step forward to interrupt Mo Wuji and Lou Si.

    He didn't expect that Lou Si would actually know a shop owner here in the Heaven's Beyond City Square. If he knew about this earlier, he would have brought Lou Si away forcefully from the start. The blacklist of the Heaven's Beyond City Square would only be last for three years and he could even find ways to remove his name from the blacklist.

    Mo Wuji stared intently at Ji Qi and said, "What do you want?"

    "I want to enter to purchase some magic treasures," Ji Qi reacted to the situation after he saw Mo Wuji's signboard.

    The instance Mo Wuji bought this shophouse, he went into seclusion which was why other than altering the protecting array of the shop, Mo Wuji didn't even change the name of the shop.

    "My shop has yet to start our business so I shall not see you out," Mo Wuji instantly tried to close his door after saying that. He wanted to find out more about Lou Si's situation before going out for his tribulation.

    "Alright then, hand me the girl because she is a slave whom I just purchased. Because of my carelessness, I've let her escaped into the Heaven's Beyond City Square. If you insist on interfering with my problems, I suggest you reconsider how long your shop could last in the Heaven's Beyond City Square," Ji Qi said in a serious tone.

    "Scram!" Mo Wuji shouted back angrily as he threw out an array flag to ignite his shop's protecting array concurrently.

    If Mo Wuju was in anywhere else, he would have attack already. Despite Ji Qi being in the intermediate Immortal Reverent Stage, Mo Wuji was 100% confident in his ability to get rid of Ji Qi. However, he didn't wish to leave an unfavourable image of himself in the city square as he still wanted to undergo closed doors cultivation here.

    He felt that if he wanted to leave the Heaven's Beyond City Square to the Heaven's Beyond Human Race Corridor, he would need to be strong enough. To be more specific, he felt the need to be at least an advanced Immortal Reverent before leaving.

    "You..." Ji Qi was raging at how Mo Wuji ignite the shop's protecting array before closing the door. Even so, he didn't dare to attack Mo Wuji's protecting array because the instance he do something like that, he would only invite endless troubles for himself.


    "Big Brother Mo, you really found a shop here?" Lou Si couldn't help but ask to confirm her doubts.

    Without that bisexual man staring at her, Lou Si felt so much more relaxed and even her mind started to clear up.

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "Back then, my luck was rather good as I coincidentally met someone who wanted to sell the shop. Tell me what had happened? How did you end up so wan, sallow, depressed and injured?"

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji handed Lou Si a Green Bodhi Pill once more.

    Lou Si hurried to reject the Green Bodhi Pill, "My injuries are not serious enough for me to use pills. It will recover after a while so you should not continue wasting such valuable pills on me."

    To her, Mo Wuji appeared as an extremely wealthy man. Moreover, she noticed that Mo Wuji didn't really want to explain much about how he got the shop which was why he chose to change the topic of conversation.

    Mo Wuji placed the pill back onto Lou Si's hand before saying, "I am able be here only because of your directions. These pills mean nothing to me."

    Sensing that Mo Wuji wasn't lying to her, Lou Si accepted the pill appreciatively before sending it into her mouth. If she was alone, she would definitely save this pill up for future use but she was simply too embarrassed to keep the pill in front of Mo Wuji.

    After the pill dissolved, Lou Si could feel her wounds disappearing one after the other and this was when she started speaking again, "The man outside is Ji Qi, who is a bisexual f*cker. Through the years, countless of man and woman had been ruined by him and it was rumoured that once you have been taken by him, you would disappear from the surface of the world. This was why he was given another nickname called the 'Disgusting Caterpillar'. Because of my carelessness, he saw my appearance which was why I am in trouble now. If you hadn't open your shop and found me there, I really didn't know what to do. I didn't even have the courage to kill myself in front of a disgusting person like him."

    Mo Wuji said calmly. "You can stay with me for now and leave after I send him away."

    Sending him away was a lie because Mo Wuji was intending to finish that bisexual man off. That bisexual man was simply way too unpleasant for Mo Wuji's eyes too.

    [1]: Another term for Bisexual.
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