Chapter 754: Cosmos Communal Domain

    Chapter 754: Cosmos Communal Domain

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    Lou Si shook her head, "I have nowhere else to go. I'm being watched by that demon and I've killed an Immortal King of the demon race..."

    Lou Si didn't continue explaining her situation as she looked longingly at Mo Wuji. Her current predicament was similar to Mo Wuji when he first came here and if Mo Wuji chose not to save her, she could only await her death.

    Mo Wuji understood Lou Si's situation as he took out a jade letter before saying, "This is my land deed for the shop. All you have to do is to leave your stamp on it and be my shop assistant for the time being."

    For a shop like Mo Wuji's in the Heaven's Beyond City Square, he was allowed to hire two assistants and once hired, the assistant would also be qualified to stay in the Heaven's Beyond City Square.

    "Many thanks Big Brother Mo," Lou Si exclaimed excitedly. After all, Mo Wuji had already helped her tremendously by offering two extremely rare Green Bodhi Pills. Now that Mo Wuji came to her rescue yet again, even she felt slightly embarrassed.

    Regardless of how embarrassed Lou Si felt, she had no choice but to accept Mo Wuji's help as she quickly left her stamp on the land deed. In a situation like this, she really had nowhere else to go.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand, "Don't worry about it. You should stay in the shop to cultivate while I head out for a while."

    "Ah..." Lou Si let out a surprised 'ah' before hurrying to say, "You must not go out now. That bisexual Immortal Reverent is still out there and you must know that he is already in the intermediate Immortal Reverent Stage."

    Lou Si was not unsure of Mo Wuji's cultivation level but she was certain that Mo Wuji was at most an intermediate Immortal King only. Even if Mo Wuji was in the advanced Immortal King stage, the difference between himself and an intermediate Immortal Reverent, Ji Qi, would be too great.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "You don't have to worry about me. In fact, I am worried he might not look for me."

    Having cultivated to the pinnacle of the Immortal King Stage, Mo Wuji really wanted to challenge an expert to test his strength before advancing to the Immortal Reverent Stage.

    "I shall go with you then," Lou Si said casually when she noticed Mo Wuji's resolve to find Ji Qi.

    Hearing this, Mo Wuji could only explain himself fully, "I have already felt the calling of the Immortal Reverent Stage and I was preparing to find a place to undergo my tribulation."

    Lou Si was shocked at Mo Wuji's intention to undergo the tribulation to become an Immortal Reverent. With the great items in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor, it was true that a lot of people could advance quickly but they would only be advancing fast within the same realm. For example, one could advance from the elementary Immortal Reverent Stage to the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage in a very short period of time.

    However, advancing from the Immortal King Stage to the Immortal Reverent Stage or the Immortal Reverent Stage to the Immortal Emperor Stage was like an uncrossable gorge especially in a place like this. The reasons were simply because of the lack of Draining Immortal King Pills and the Extreme Reverent Pills. The Draining Immortal King Pill was used for a Grand Luo Immortal to advance to become an Immortal King while the Immortal King needed an Extreme Reverent Pill to become an Immortal Reverent.

    Within the Cosmo Wall, there were indeed the main fruit, Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit, and herb, Ancient Stem Flower, to concoct the Draining Immortal King Pill and Extreme Reverent Pill respectively. However, these would not allow one to advance because they were needed to be turned into pills for it to work effectively.

    In the Heaven's Beyond Corridor, there was a massive shortage of immortal pills, let alone pills of the same calibre as the Draining Immortal King Pill and Extreme Reverent Pill.

    Fortunately, Lou Si reacted fast as she explained, "Big Brother Mo, if you are going to advance to become an Immortal Reverent, it would be important that I follow you. It would be troublesome if no one watch your back while you undergo your tribulation so I shall guard you."

    Mo Wuji was slightly helpless because he knew that Lou Si was talking about normal tribulation for normal cultivators. Under normal circumstances, it was indeed necessary for someone to guard the person undergoing his tribulation. However, why would Mo Wuji fear the lightning tribulation? Not only could he absorb the essence of the lightning, he even had a God Physique Level 6 body so how could the lightning tribulation possibly harm him?

    "Aren't you afraid of that bisexual man outside?" Mo Wuji asked curiously.

    Subconsciously, Lou Si shivered before saying, "It doesn't matter whether I am afraid or not, if Big Brother Mo is going out for his tribulation, I have to follow."

    This time round, Mo Wuji finally understood Lou Si's train of thoughts. Once Mo Wuji fell under the hands of that bisexual Immortal Reverent, the shophouse would be taken away and Lou Si would end up just like before.

    "You can occupy my shop if anything happens to me and in that way, you would be the shop owner," Mo Wuji replied with a laugh. His guess was that Lou Si didn't completely understand the rules to occupy a shop here which was why she would give him the wrong information.

    Lou Si said in a low voice, "Big Brother Mo, I am sorry. Previously, I told you the rules even though I wasn't entirely sure of it myself."

    "I am just fooling around with you," Mo Wuji said as he had already walked out of the shophouse.

    Lou Si hurried behind Mo Wuji because her small life was entirely dependent on Mo Wuji now. If Mo Wuji survived, she would have a chance to survive but if Mo Wuji fell, she would most likely fall too.

    "Big Brother Mo, I know of a shop which sells the Ancient Stem Flower. Even though we're unable to turn the Ancient Stem Flower into the Extreme Reverent Pill, it would still increase the chances of advancing to become an Immortal Reverent by a few percentage points," Lou Si, who was following closely behind Mo Wuji, whispered.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand and said, "You don't have to worry about this. Oh yes, during the two years I've been in seclusion, did anything new happened in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor?"

    "I've heard that the human race recruited an exceptional genius and that he is a lightning cultivator. I've heard that he was only in the intermediate Immortal King Stage and managed to kill an elementary Immortal Reverent. This wasn't the most impressive because rumours were spread that he had already advanced into the elementary Immortal Reverent Stage in merely two years..."

    "What is his name?" Mo Wuji hurried to interject Lou Si's words.

    "His name is Lei Hongji," Traces of admiration and envy flashed across Lou Si's eyes because it was simply too heaven-defying for an intermediate Immortal King to defeat an elementary Immortal Reverent. Even so, the most terrifying thing about him was his progress in two years.

    Mo Wuji stopped in his tracks as he muttered to himself, "Could this be the battlefield which the Very High Heavens send their disciples to? Doesn't seem like it..."

    In actual fact, Mo Wuji found Lei Hongji's rate of cultivation normal because excluding himself, Mo Wuji believed that Lei Hongji progressed the fastest among all the cultivators he had met.

    "You mentioned about the Very High Heavens?" Lou Si looked curiously at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "You've heard about the Very High Heavens?"

    Lou Si answered, "Yes of course, the Very High Heavens is merely one of the many Immortal World planeroid fighting in the Cosmos... Oh yes, I've heard that the Lei Hongji was from the Very High Heavens. Besides Lei Hongji, there was also a person called Lai Wen. He actually has a page of the Book of Luo and during one of the war, his Book of Luo was revealed so he had no choice but to put it out for auction. If I am not wrong, the auction should take place about a month from now..."

    "What?" Initially, Mo Wuji was already slightly excited when he heard that he could communicate with the Very High Heavens from here. Now that Lou Si mentioned about the Book of Luo, he could no longer contain his excitement because the final page of the Book of Luo had finally appeared.

    Mo Wuji was aware that the Book of Luo had a total of 13 pages and he had 6 with him and 1 with Cen Shuyin. Murong Xiangyu had 5 while Mo Wuji knew that the last page was from the fourth level of the Broken World. When he first entered the fourth level of the Broken World, he had already heard that a page of the Book of Luo as well as a Fire Elemental Bead appeared. However, Mo Wuji was still unaware of who was the one who managed to obtain that last page of the Book of Luo.

    Now he know that the fella who took the last page of the Book of Luo was called Lai Wen from the Very High Heavens. He came to the Cosmos battlefield via the Very High Heavens but eventually, he had to auction out his page of the Book of Luo in an attempt to protect his own life. Once an item like the Book of Luo was revealed, if one wasn't strong enough, one could only auction it out otherwise, it would act like a written taoist voodoo which was supposed to hasten a person's death.

    According to Mo Wuji's plan, he would wait for himself to advance to become an Immortal Reverent first before refining the Book of Luo and Kun Wu Sword.

    Now that this last page of the Book of Luo had appeared, he would definitely not let it go. Mo Wuji had a feeling that once he missed this page of the Book of Luo, it would be incredibly difficult for him to find it again.

    After conversing with Lou Si, he managed to pick out a few important points from Lou Si's words. The Very High Heavens was basically nothing unique here because there were a lot of other planeroid just like the Very High Heavens. Once the page of the Book of Luo was sold to some other person from some other planeroid, how was he ever going to obtain that last page?

    "If I had known about this, I wouldn't have killed that immortal from the human race. Now that I am unable to enter the Human Race Corridor, how am I supposed to head to the auction?" Mo Wuji furrowed his brows as he sighed.

    "Big Brother Mo wants to join the auction?"

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes but is the auction organised by the Heaven's Beyond Human Race Corridor? If I want to go to the Human Race Corridor, is there any other way to do so?"

    Lou Si hurried to shake her head, "Big Brother Mo, the auction isn't organised or hosted by the human race. It is hosted by a communal domain where different races coexist here in the Cosmos. It is a place where regardless of whether you're from the human or the demon race, you would be able to enter."

    "What do you mean?" Mo Wuji looked doubtfully at Lou Si.

    Lou Si explained, "The Heaven's Beyond Corridor is actually a corridor suspended along the void of the Cosmos without an end. The demon race occupied one side of the corridor while the human race occupied the other side. In each of the demon and human race's domain, there would be a transfer array and this transfer array would lead people to the true Cosmos domain. 99% of the people in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor came from the transfer array."

    The reason why she said 99% was because Lou Si was certain that Mo Wuji didn't come from that transfer array. Otherwise, he wouldn't not know all these common knowledge.

    Mo Wuji frowned as he said, "Even so, I would still be unable to leave the Heaven's Beyond Corridor ah. I've killed a member of the demon race and human race so I have hatred from both side?"

    Lou Si smiled, "If Big Brother Mo wasn't a shop owner here at the Heaven's Beyond City Square, you would naturally be unable to go over. Now that you're a shop owner, there wouldn't be a problem anymore. Any shop owner of the Heaven's Beyond City Square would be able to enter the Cosmos Communal Domain from either the demon race or human race's domain. Regardless whether they are from the demon or human race, they would not be able to act against a shop owner of the Heaven's Beyond City Square. The only inconvenience would be the exuberant price for a shop owner to transfer to the Cosmos Communal Domain; it is about 10 times more than the ordinary people."

    Mo Wuji's spirits was instantly lifted, "I didn't know there was such an advantage. Let's go then, let's hurry to finish my tribulation and then head towards the Cosmos Communal Domain."

    To Mo Wuji, the auction for the Book of Luo was not the only reason for his intention to visit the Cosmos Communal Domain. In addition to the Book of Luo, Mo Wuji hoped to ask around for more news of the whereabouts of Lin Gu and Cen Shuyin.
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