Chapter 755: Fighting An Immortal Reverent

    Chapter 755: Fighting An Immortal Reverent

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    When the unpleasant looking bisexual Immortal Reverent Ji Qi noticed that Mo Wuji and Lou Si actually dared to leave their shop and walked towards the exit of the Heaven's Beyond City Square, he was instantly delighted. He wanted both the man and woman now. To think they actually dared to mess with him, he would want to make this man and woman understand what kind of person he, Ji Qi, was.

    "Big Brother Mo, should we wait for a while before leaving? That bisexual man is still watching us," Even though Mo Wuji might not be fearful of that Ji Qi, Lou Si was still constantly worried about that intersex fella.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "I would be more worried if he doesn't follow us."

    Having said that, Mo Wuji dashed out of the city square and Lou Si had no choice but to follow closely behind Mo Wuji.

    "Oh yes, Lou Si, there is still something I want to ask you. The desert wasteland of the Heaven's Beyond Corridor is vast and boundless which could conceal as many people as it wished but why didn't anyone choose to hide there?" Mo Wuji finally asked the question that had been bothering him since the very beginning.

    Lou Si shook her head as she explained, "I am not too sure of the specific reason but all I know is that whoever tried to hide and stay in the desert wasteland, no matter how strong they were, would not last more than 10 days. Ten days later, they would vanished without a trace. It is only during limitless big war where people could actually stay on the desert wasteland. Honestly, I've always been wondering how did you end up on the desert wasteland?"

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk at the thought of the possibility that Lin Gu and Cen Shuyin could have been transferred to the desert wasteland.

    "Big Brother Mo, continue walking forward would be the entrance to the desert wasteland. Are we heading there?" Lou Si interrupted Mo Wuji's train of thoughts.

    "Yes, let's go!" Mo Wuji nodded his head because he was certain that his lightning tribulation into the Immortal Reverent Stage would be terrifying and such terrifying tribulation could only be done in the desert wasteland.

    Mo Wuji and Lou Si had been out of the city square for less than two hours and Ji Qi had already rushed out to block them, "I really admire your courage but you should at most be only an Immortal King right? To think you would actually dare to snatch a person of mine and even lure me out into the desert wasteland."

    Ji Qi's hands were behind his back as he stared coldly at Mo Wuji wondering why Mo Wuji had such courage within him. The reason for his guess that Mo Wuji was at most an Immortal King was mainly because of Mo Wuji's age; he sensed that Mo Wuji was not old at all.

    Ji Qi had a kind of ability in which even Immortal Emperors might not possessed. This was his ability to judge the estimate age of the other party. In his eyes, Mo Wuji looked less than a hundred years old and in the Cultivation World, he was like a newborn baby. By guessing Mo Wuji was an Immortal King, Ji Qi was already assuming that Mo Wuji was a genius among geniuses to achieve such remarkable progress in such a short period of time.

    Mo Wuji raised his hand and the Half Moon Weighted Halberd appeared on his hand as he replied, "I admire you too, to think you actually dare to chase after me."

    Indeed, Mo Wuji had some admiration for this Ji Qi because having seen himself enter the desert wasteland so fearlessly, normal people would reconsider their decision whether or not to follow them in. However, this fella actually dared to follow Mo Wuji into desert wasteland so Mo Wuji did have some level of admiration for his guts.

    Lou Si, who was standing by the side, had already drew out her magic treasure anxiously as she stared at Ji Qi.

    "Why aren't you acting yet?" Seeing that Mo Wuji only drew out his magic treasure and stood down there, Ji Qi was surprised.

    "What?" If Mo Wuji didn't wish to test and see if he could finish off an intermediate Immortal Reverent, he would have started igniting his lightning tribulation already.

    "Didn't you lure me here so you can use a deathtrap array you set up against me? You can't possibly be an Immortal Reverent too right?" Ji Qi asked surprisingly.

    Having noticed Mo Wuji's protecting array around his shophouse, Ji Qi guessed that Mo Wuji should be an array master and that the reason why Mo Wuji lured him here would be to use a deathtrap array to deal with him.

    He, Ji Qi, was also an array master so why would he fear Mo Wuji's deathtrap array?

    Ji Qi made this assumption because he believed that if Mo Wuji didn't make use of a deathtrap array, he would have no chance of winning him at all. Even if he judged Mo Wuji's cultivation level wrongly, he was extremely confident that mo Wuji was not an Immortal Emperor. Without mentioning that an Immortal Emperor would not be allowed to set up a shop in the city square, an Immortal Emperor wouldn't even need to lure him out to deal with him. Therefore, it never crossed his mind that Mo Wuji might be an Immortal Emperor.

    This fella's observation and deduction skills were pretty decent to think that he could tell that Mo Wuji was proficient in Array Dao just from the arrays he installed around his shop. However, this fella was too arrogant if he thinks that Mo Wuji needed to make use of deathtrap array to deal with him.

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to waste any more time as his whirlpool domain extended outwards and the Half Moon Weighted Halberd in his hand drew out a wild and overwhelming sand shadow.

    The instance Mo Wuji attacked, Ji Qi's face turned serious because he could tell that Mo Wuji was indeed pretty strong. It was his first time witnessing such whirlpool domain and even his Half Moon Weighted Halberd's overwhelming desert shadow was not an ordinary sacred art.

    It was only at this moment when he finally realised that Mo Wuji lured him here to attack him head to head. Ji Qi had seen many mad men but this was the first time he saw a person as crazy and ridiculous as Mo Wuji. However, Ji Qi enjoyed the thrill of battle against a madman like this and it had been too long since he fought a real expert.

    He wanted this man and woman so that he could tell them that he, Ji Qi, is the strongest man and also the strongest woman around.

    A circular magic treasure was drawn out by Ji Qi and it swept up an entire sky of immortal energy. Concurrently, Ji Qi's domain was like waves going straight against Mo Wuji's domain as his intention was to crush Mo Wuji's domain forcefully.

    However, it only took a few seconds for Ji Qi to realise that even though he was in the intermediate Immortal Reverent Stage, his domain was unable to even break through Mo Wuji's domain, let alone crush it.

    On the other hand, Mo Wuji recognised the circular magic treasure the moment Ji Qi drew it out. It was actually a dressing table.

    Throughout the many years of cultivation, this was the first time Mo Wuji witnessed a cultivator using a dressing table to fight.

    The dressing table was like a coloured glass wall as it blocked off Mo Wuji's torrenting silver water halberd radiance. The sky full of halberd radiance exploded in mid air as it was also unable to pierce through Ji Qi's dressing table.

    Lou Si, who was standing by the side, soon realised that she had no chance to help out at all. Whether it was against Mo Wuji or against Ji Qi, the difference in strength was simply too vast.

    "Boom!" The remaining desert exploded, immortal energy surged outwards and while Mo Wuji was sent flying backwards, he shouted in mid-air, "Lou Si, go all the way to the back."

    Traces of sadness flashed across Lou Si's eyes because Mo Wuji and herself were both Immortal Kings yet she was helpless while Mo Wuji was evenly matched against Ji Qi. Additionally, she needed to stand further away so that she wouldn't get in Mo Wuji's way or be a burden to him."

    "If you're only this strong, you should be accompanying me on my bed tonight," Ji Qi's sharp laughter could be heard as his dressing table transformed into an entire world and this world was like a massive mouth which was about to swallow Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji let out a loud cry as his Half Moon Weighted Halberd fell from the sky. A Winding River descended as this was his true sacred art. The previous overwhelming sand was merely a simplified version of his Grand Desert. His main intention was to test how great the difference between an intermediate Immortal Reverent and himself truly was.

    The truth didn't disappoint Mo Wuji because his immortal energy was not any weaker than Ji Qi's. In fact, the purity of his immortal energy was greater than his opponent and even his sea of consciousness was broader than Ji Qi's.

    The opponent was only stronger in terms of his Immortal Reverent's dao spirituality. However, it didn't mean much to Mo Wuji because Mo Wuji never felt that he was weaker in terms of any form of dao.

    Ji Qi's dressing table was a world itself and this world was transformed from Ji Qi's sacred art dao spirituality. There are mountains, water, wind and rain... Any person trapped within his world would forever live within Ji Qi's dao insights.

    The pity was that his opponent was Mo Wuji, a creator and and forerunner of the immortal mortal dao.

    The Winding River turned into silver radiance as it looked like massive and long silver cord being drawn out from a grey space.

    Ji Qi's dressing table's world looked perfect but under Mo Wuji's long silver cord, a crack started appearing on the radiant dressing table.

    The gap from the crack might be small but even a small gap would cause the energy of the dressing table's world to seep out. The world started changing rapidly as the mountains and sea started shrinking and the wind and rain started disappearing.

    The dressing table remained as a dressing table while the Winding River grew clearer and mightier by the second.

    Ji Qi's dressing table looked perfect but it was only on the surface. In Mo Wuji's eyes, the small world was full of loopholes. If Ji Qi used any other magic treasure to fight with him, he could hold off Mo Wuji for a while but it was simply courting death on Ji Qi's part to use this type of magic treasure against Mo Wuji.

    "You are in the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage..." Ji Qi exclaimed shockingly because even after clashing with Mo Wuji's sacred art and domain, he was still unable to tell Mo Wuji's true cultivation level. However, this casual silver Winding River sacred art actually broke his world so he presumed that this must be the power of an expert in the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage, or even the Immortal Emperor Stage. If he didn't know that Immortal Emperors were not allowed to open a shop in the city square, he would have believed that Mo Wuji was an Immortal Emperor.

    Under the destruction of the Winding River, Ji Qi could no longer underestimate Mo Wuji as immortal energy started surging into his dressing table and his domain charged forward aggressively.

    Even if Mo Wuji was an expert in the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage, he wouldn't be able to force Ji Qi back like Mo Wuji just did. This meant that the only possibility was that Mo Wuji was in the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage.

    "Boom!" The Winding River exploded as the glossy radiance from the dressing table dissipated into thin air at this same moment. The massive explosion of immortal energy and domains turned the entire space between them into a humongous gorge.

    Ji Qi was sent flying with blood coming out from his mouth.

    Even though Mo Wuji didn't regard Ji Qi's world as extraordinary, Ji Qi's tremendous immortal energy surged over and Mo Wuji could still feel the impact on his chest and trembles in his sea of consciousness.

    Despite this, Mo Wuji bubbled forward as he stepped out while the halberd turned into thousands of devastating halberd radiance charging towards Ji Qi.

    He knew his own strength so he was well aware that even if he hadn't stepped into the Immortal Reverent Stage, he wouldn't fear an advanced Immortal Reverent. This was unless the opponent was as heaven defying as Huang Sha or Lei Hongji.
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