Chapter 757: To Obtain Wealth, One Had To Take Risks

    Chapter 757: To Obtain Wealth, One Had To Take Risks

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    "Congratulations Big Brother Mo for advancing into the Immortal Reverent Stage," As Lou Si noticed that Mo Wuji had stopped staring at the sky, she hurried to contain the shock within her as she went forward to congratulate Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Given your talent, you wouldn't take long to step into the Immortal Reverent Stage too. Now that I've killed that bisexual man, would you rather stay in the Heaven's Beyond City Square or follow me to the Cosmos Communal Domain?"

    Lou Si sighed, "I've always wanted to leave the Heaven's Beyond Corridor but I never had the chance to do so because of the lack of green crystals. For someone like me who had stayed in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor for more than 5 years, I need to give the Demon Clan 10,000 green crystals as a form of contribution if I wanted to leave this place. Additionally, there was also the 2000 transfer array fees. Even if I were to sell everything I have with me, it wouldn't even add up to that many green crystals."

    Mo Wuji heard Lou Si's words and the expression on his face instantly turned ugly.

    Previously, Lou Si mentioned about how the fees for shop owners to use the transfer array to leave the Heaven's Beyond Corridor was 10 times more than ordinary people. Where was he going to find so many green crystals? Moreover, he didn't have enough green crystals for Lou Si too.

    "I don't have that many green crystals," Mo Wuji said helplessly.

    Ten times of 12,000 green crystals would be an amount over 100,000 green crystals.

    Lou Si replied promptly, "Big Brother Mo, I am the assistant for your shop so you just need to bring me along when you board the transfer array. There is no need to pay additional fees for me. Because you're the shop owner in the Heaven's Beyond City Square, you only need to pay 25,000 green crystals to board the transfer array to the Cosmos Communal Domain. Naturally, we have to leave from the Human Race's side because the Demon Race might demand the 10,000 contribution green crystals from me if we choose to leave from the Demon Race's transfer array."

    25,000? Mo Wuji immediately understood that because he wasn't from the Human or Demon Race, there was no need for him to pay the contribution fees.

    However, he didn't even have 200 green crystals on him, let alone 20,000. Mo Wuji entered the Heaven's Beyond Corridor with only about 100,000 green crystals and he had already used up about 70,000 during his seclusion and another 30,000 for his tribulation.

    Loy Si saw Mo Wuji's expression and he instantly knew that Mo Wuji couldn't bring out 25,000 green crystals. She hesitated for a while before saying, "Big Brother Mo, if you have no intention to come back, you can sell the shophouse."

    "You're not planning to come back?" Mo Wuji looked doubtfully at Lou Si because from Lou Si's tone, he could tell that Lou Si wanted to leave this place for good.

    Lou Si nodded, "En, back then, I joined the demon army only because I wanted to help someone. It was only some time later when I realised that joining is easy while leaving is simply too difficult."

    "What do you mean?" Mo Wuji was slightly confused.

    Lou Si explained, "There are many races living within the Cosmos Communal Domain and while there was no need to participate in the war of the Cosmos Wall, one would still need to pay the necessary rent. Because both cultivation and rent required the use of large amount of green crystals, a friend of mine owed a lot of green crystals because he went under seclusion to cultivate.

    He was unable to return these green crystals so his only possible solution was to head to the Heaven's Beyond Corridor to fight for resources from the Cosmos Wall. During the opening of the Cosmos Wall, he was in seclusion so I went to the Cosmos Wall on his behalf. I didn't expect my trip to be several years long and presently, it is getting increasingly hard even for me to survive here, let alone thinking about leaving this place."

    Mo Wuji looked surprisingly at Lou Si as he didn't expect that such a noble and honest immortal like Lou Si still exist in this world. This was equivalent to serving in the army for someone else so it seemed like Lou Si's relationship with her friend must not be simple at all.

    "So how did the green crystals you obtained manage to reach him?" Mo Wuji continued to question.

    Lou Si sighed deeply, "I was introduced to this place by the merchant house in which my friend owed the green crystals to. This merchant house is very successful and even had branches in both the Human and Demon Corridors. I have been here for seven years and participated in four of the wars to snatch for resources. A portion of the rewards I obtained would belong to the Demon Race, a portion to repay the debts to the merchant house and then a portion will be brought to my friend by the merchant house. The remaining would be used for me to cultivate."

    Mo Wuji sighed too as he didn't continue questioning any further. He was certain that Lou Si's friend was up to no good because one couldn't possibly cultivate under closed doors for such a long period of time continuously. If this friend was of decent character, he would have visited her here at the Heaven's Beyond Corridor a long time ago. A friend, who made Lou Si fight for resources on his behalf for over 7 years, was evidently taking advantage of her.

    "Lou Si, I have no green crystals with me but I have an idea. Since we are going to leave the city square soon, we shall start a business here. I will concoct pills while you watch the shop for me. As long as I don't continue the business for years, it shouldn't have much influence in the city square," Mo Wuji replied.

    He would definitely not sell the shophouse in the city square because this was the best place to gather cultivation resources. Once he sold his shophouse, it wouldn't be easy for him to get it back again. Even if he was not coming back anymore, it wouldn't matter.

    "You're a pill emperor?" Lou Si looked at Mo Wuji in astonishment as she asked in disbelief.

    If Mo Wuji wasn't a pill emperor, how would he be able to casually take out Green Bodhi Pills for her?

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right, I am indeed a pill emperor. I believe that with my pill dao alchemy, it wouldn't take long for me to earn a sum of green crystals in the city square."

    Lou Si took in a deep breath before looking at Mo Wuji again, "Big Brother Mo, if you trust me, you must not concoct and sell pills here. Otherwise, you will only invite endless troubles for yourself. Do you know why there are extremely little pill refiners as well as smith master?"

    "Why?" Mo Wuji asked anxiously.

    Lou Si subconsciously lowered her voice as she said, "Because the better pill and smith masters were convinced and brought away. Those who were refused to leave would disappear without a trace after some time."

    "They were all killed?" Mo Wuji's heart almost jumped out of his mouth because could this place have something against pill and smith masters?

    "No, only a minority of pill and smith masters were killed here while majority of them were captured and forced to leave with experts of each race to be concoct pills or refine equipments for them. And these pill and smith masters would basically be on the city square of the Cosmos Communal Domain. Following which, the pills and equipments which they concoct and forged out would be given to the higher ups of the Human or Demon Race depending on who they were brought away to work for," Lou Si explained in details.

    Even without further explanation from Lou Si, Mo Wuji understood what was going on. Throughout the years, countless of pills and weapons were necessary for the numerous wars that had been fought. To increase their strength, these higher ups of each race needed many more weapons and pills in order to collect more resources in each war.

    There were not many pills and smith masters to begin with and with so many people in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor in addition to the people in the Cosmos Communal Domain, it would be almost impossible for everyone to be equipped with weapons and pills.

    Besides these reasons, it was possible that the Heaven's Beyond City Square was another powerhouse by itself. This powerhouse should have its own merchant house which sells pills and magic treasures. If there were random pill and smith masters walking around the Heaven's Beyond Corridor, there would be much more competition for them.

    "Lou Si, is there a merchant house with a wide variety of pills which is opened by the Heaven's Beyond City Square itself?" Mo Wuji spurted out his question at the thought of it.

    "It seems like even you know about it. Yes, there is indeed a merchant house that sells a wide variety of pills and magic treasures but the prices were simply too intimidating. I've heard that it was opened by an extremely reputable person and I am certain that it was not opened by the city square itself," Lou Si replied.

    Mo Wuji pondered for a moment before saying, "To obtain wealth, one had to take risks. If I am constantly worried about being restrained, I will eventually be restrained. I am going to open up my pill court at the Heaven's Beyond City Square now but you can decide for yourself. Leave with me if you're interested but if you're worried, you should wait for me at the Demon Corridor."

    Mo Wuji had no alternative because the Cosmos Wall only opened up once every few years and it was already considered fortunate for him to have seen the Cosmos Wall once in his two years here. There was simply way too many treasures in the Heaven's Beyond City Square and the moment he leaves this place, he would be dreaming if he wished to find another place with these much resources and green crystals again. He was certain that things wouldn't be this good even in the Cosmos Communal Domain. Once he decided to settle down and cultivate, how long would he take if he had no green crystals and only immortal crystals for his cultivation?

    "Big Brother Mo, I am following you," Lou Si seemed to have no hesitation when answering Mo Wuji.

    During her years in the Heaven's Beyond City Square, she had countless of near death incidents. If she wasn't hardworking enough to fight for everything, she would have still be stuck at the Grand Luo Immortal Stage.


    The Heaven's Beyond City Square was as crowded as before and only a few people noticed that the shophouse, which was closed for about two to three years, had finally reopened.

    This magic treasure shophouse was turned into Mortal Pill House and it actually sold Immortal Pills ranging from Tier 4 to Tier 6. The most impressive feature about this pill house was that it would even concoct pills for customers. Even though the fee was about six times the price of the already concocted pills, it was still considered dirt cheap as compared to the other shops around.

    What was the most abundant in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor? There were all sorts of high tier immortal herbs, green crystals and countless of valuable materials. On the other hand, what was lacking the most would be immortal pills, magic treasures and even more so, pill masters willing to help customers concoct pills of their own request.
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