Chapter 758: The Blooming Pill House

    Chapter 758: The Blooming Pill House

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    "A shop called Mortal Pill House recently emerged in the Heaven's Beyond City Square and it sells pills of high and unique grade. Additionally, there were also countless of healing pills on sale."

    "Haha, I bet it is another Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion where they really did sell loads of good items but the pity is that you can't afford it."

    "Yes, I've went to the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion previously to purchase a Clean Solitary Pill. A mere Tier 4 healing pill actually exchanged for my Grade 9 Southern Fire Rod and 5 of my green crystals. Back where I came from, I was able to exchange over ten vases of Tier 9 healing pills with the same items."

    "No, the Mortal Pill House is truly selling great items at a reasonable price. I purchased a vase of Alioth Gold Pill for only 10 green crystals..."

    "This is definitely impossible! The Gold Alioth Pill is a Tier 5 healing pill and one pill itself was worth more than 10 green crystals and a few immortal herbs in total. You're lying to us!"

    "Wang Lu wasn't lying because I've visited the Mortal Pill House too where I've even bought a unique grade Green Bodhi Pill. The most affordable item there wasn't the already made pills but their service of concocting pills of your request. The pity was that I've ran out of immortal herbs to exchange because otherwise, I could even request for them to concoct Tier 7 Immortal Pills for me. Moreover, I wouldn't need to pay a single green crystal because they are only collecting six times the price to concoct the pills."


    Similar discussions were heard all over the Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

    Because of these discussions, countless of immortals surged towards the Heaven's Beyond City Square regardless of their race. They came to the city square with only one purpose; and that was to visit the Mortal Pill House.

    Regardless of the validity of the rumours, paying a visit would not go wrong. If it was true, they could purchase several healing pills and even request for someone to concoct pills for them which was equivalent to having one extra life.


    Back at the Mortal Pill House, Lou Si was in shock at the sight of so many people surfing in. The rate at which the rumours spread was simply too exaggerated because their signboard had only been up for three days and so many people had already heard of it. One must know that Lou Si and Mo Wuji didn't even come up with any publicity measures.

    Despite her efforts to get people to start queuing up, the queue was still broken up into a mess slightly further down the city square. To make things worse, people in the queue were pushing against each other in an attempt to be further in front in the queue.

    Lou Si had never experienced such situation before and was therefore, in a loss in front of a crowd of desperate customers like this.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji came out as he stood in front of the shop and clasped his fist towards the queue before saying, "The Mortal Pill House was opened in the hope of doing everyone in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor a favour which was why we offered such affordable prices for good quality products. However, if everyone continues to push and squeeze in such chaotic manner, it might cause trouble for the city square. Once the city square intervenes, my Mortal Pill House could only close down and leave."

    "Whoever dares to let the Mortal Pill House close down, I will be the first to object."

    "I will kill whoever dares to close down the Mortal Pill House!"


    All sorts of clamours sounded out made Mo Wuji pleased because he wanted such an effect. Even so, he revealed a serious and solemn expression before saying, "I have an idea. How about every person who wants to trade with my Mortal Pill House takes a queue number?"

    "Where do we take the queue number from?" Some anxious cultivators couldn't wait for Mo Wuji to finish his words as they asked.

    Mo Wuji used his hand to indicate for the crowd to lower down their volume, "Everyone please listen to me. I will install an array outside my shophouse for each and everyone of you to collect a number. Everyone would basically need to send 10 green crystals into the array and you will be given a number. The array would call out for your number accordingly and you shall head to my shophouse to trade. Everyone should not worry because the 10 green crystals would only be temporarily placed with me and when it is your turn, the ten green crystals could be considered as part of your trade."

    This method of Mo Wuji was naturally the most basic queue system back on Earth. Otherwise, with this many people queuing at the Heaven's Beyond City Square, it would call for the intervention of the Heaven's Beyond City Square management even if they didn't cause any trouble here. Moreover, with so many cultivators of different races here, there would bound to be troubles.

    Naturally, Mo Wuji had a deeper intention by coming up with this system.

    Indeed, voices of agreement were heard once Mo Wuji's words were out. Nobody came here with the intention to cause trouble because everyone came in hope of being able to trade for pills that they wanted.

    Mo Wuji was a Grade 7 immortal array master so he only took an incense worth of time to set up the array used for the queue system.

    As long as one threw 10 green crystals into the array, one would receive a thin jade token. Those who received the jade token would be required to leave the venue and not allowed to continue queuing. Once the shop called out for an individual's number, the individual would be able to enter the Mortal Pill House to trade.

    Once the system was put in place, the queue definitely shorten as even though everyone was nearby wandering about, the queue was no longer as extravagant as before.

    Just like Mo Wuji's description, the Mortal Pill House would sound out a number and the immortal with the number would be allowed to enter the shophouse.


    "Big Brother Mo, your idea is indeed great. Otherwise, the Heaven's Beyond City Square would have used this as an excuse to close our shop," Lou Si said with admiration when she saw the instant orderliness outside the shophouse. This was something she wouldn't be able to think of in such short period of time. Or rather, even if she thought of this idea, she wouldn't be able to implement the array so quickly.

    Her concern was not unfounded because once the queue became too long, the likelihood of fights within the queue was high.

    "You are now in charge of helping me collect immortal crystals, immortal materials and handing them the pills,"Mo Wuji chuckled as he knew that his plan had worked.

    "Big Brother Mo, why did you insist that they hand over 10 green crystals first? If they couldn't make it to trade in the end, sending these green crystals back would take up quite a bit of time," This was something Lou Si didn't understand.

    If handing over the green crystals would mean that it belonged to the Mortal Pill House, it would still make sense. However, these green crystals were only advanced payment and if the cultivators didn't trade for anything, it wouldn't belong to the Mortal Pill House.

    Mo Wuji smiled and said, "By making these people hand over 10 green crystals first, it would be equivalent to them standing on our side. If the city square wishes to act against us, they would have to reconsider their option."

    Indeed, Mo Wuji's actual motive was to use the advance payment of 10 green crystals as a mean of garnering the strength of these immortals who came to trade. Now that he had collected a large amount of green crystals, if the city square came to find trouble, the first few people to object would not be him or Lou Si but these immortals who had handed their green crystals over for a queue number.

    The reason why Mo Wuji didn't claim all these green crystals for himself was because he was well aware that even though immortals here collect a lot of resources from the Cosmos Wall, their life ain't easy too. For every green crystal, they would have to fight and risk their life for it. Just like how the opening of the Cosmos Wall was an opportunity to obtain valuable cultivation resources, it was also a time for most of them to lose their life.

    He needed green crystals for cultivation meant that it was the same for others too. He can earn a large amount of green crystals but he wouldn't do it unscrupulously.

    Lou Si was not dumb so with Mo Wuji's brief explanation, she understood his intention. At this moment, she heaved a sigh of relief too because with such a crazy business, it would be impossible for them not to attract any unwanted attention.


    With the queue number system, Mortal Pill House's business grew rapidly as numerous green crystals and immortal herbs were sent into Mo Wuji's pocket. On the other hand, pills were sent out from the Mortal Pill House into the hands of each and every visiting immortal.

    Every immortal who visited the Mortal Pill House took out ten green crystals to collect a number before waiting patiently for their number to be called.

    Logically speaking, with one trading immortal, the number of people waiting in the city square should decrease. However, the truth was the exact opposite as the greater the number of trades completed, the more customers came forward to collect a queue number.

    Very soon, ticket scalpers appeared in the Heaven's Beyond City Square.

    These ticket scalpers queued for over ten numbers before reselling these numbers at a higher price to those who came later.

    Mo Wuji was unaware of such practice but even if he knew, he wouldn't be bothered. He was fully focused on concocting pills and at this moment, he even accepted requests of concocting Tier 8 and even Tier 9 pills.

    As Lou Si watched upon the countless of immortal pills being sent out, she was already numb to it. Even though she was considered experienced and had met plenty of people before, it was truly her first time meeting a pill emperor like Mo Wuji. Where else could she find a pill emperor who concoct pills at such incredible speed? Other some Tier 9 immortal pills which Mo Wuji placed on hold, even Tier 8 immortal pills were concocted in an extreme rate by Mo Wuji.


    Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion.

    If there was still a rather decent place which sells pills and magic treasures here in the Heaven's Beyond City Square, it had to be the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion.

    They sold Tier 1 to Tier 9 immortal pills as well as Grade 1 to Grade 9 immortal equipments.

    Because of their wide range of products, their business should be blooming but they were only popular for a short period of time after the opening of the Cosmos Wall. As time passed, their business stagnated. It wasn't because of the incomplete equipments or ineffective pills but because the prices here were simply too exuberant. It was so high such that immortals, who came back from the Cosmos Wall, could only afford to visit this shop once or twice. Everytime they came, they had to control their urge to shop more.

    Such situations meant little to the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion because everytime the Cosmos Wall opened, they would have earned a large sum from the more reputable personnel.

    However, the abrupt emergence of an extremely popular pill house in the Heaven's Beyond City Square made them unable to tolerate any further. They came to the Heaven's Beyond City Square not because they wanted to have competition with anyone but because they wanted to monopolise the entire industry; they wanted to be the exclusive sellers of pills and equipment.

    The Mortal Pill House had only been opened for four days and the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion convened a meeting which had never been convened for over countless of years.

    There were only a total of four people participating in this meeting. They were the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's shop owner, Min Cheng, who was in the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage. Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's guard, Kuang Jin, who was also in the same stage. Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's External Affairs Deacon, Wen Li, who was in the intermediate Immortal Reverent Stage and the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's Internal Affairs Deacon, Ran Yushui, who was an advanced Immortal King and the only female.

    "Where did this Mortal Pill House come from?" This was Min Cheng's first question when he entered as he said with a calm voice filled with intense killing intent.
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