Chapter 759: At Your Door

    Chapter 759: At Your Door

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    "This person's name is Mo Wuji. Two years ago, he suddenly appeared in Heaven's Beyond Corridor. Because he killed from both the demon and human race, he was unable to find a place to stay. As a result, he went around Heaven's Beyond City Square, asking whether there were any shops for sale. Ostensibly, this person wasn't very clear about the Heaven's Beyond City Square's rules. Strangely, his pill house was actually purchased from an original shop owner called Mao Hu.

    After Mao Hu sold his shop to Mo Wuji, the Cosmos Wall opened. Mo Wuji also went to the Cosmos Wall and he survived. He probably obtained many benefits from the Cosmos Wall because he entered secluded cultivation the moment he returned. He only opened his shop when he emerged from his seclusion." The person answering was Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's External Affairs Deacon, Wen Li.

    Even though Wen Li didn't manage to obtain the news of Mo Wuji's advancement into the Immortal Reverent Stage, she basically had gathered all the information about Mo Wuji within his two years in Heaven's Beyond City Square.

    "That means to say that this person isn't of some great origins?" Min Cheng's killing intent suddenly weakened.

    That other woman from Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion stood up and bowed respectfully to Min Cheng, then she said, "Pavilion Head, I'm afraid this person wouldn't concoct pills for us."

    She completely understood the meaning behind Min Cheng's words: he wanted to bring Mo Wuji in to concoct pills for their Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion.

    Min Cheng snorted coldly, "This is not up to him to decide. A mere rogue cultivator dares to take advantage of my Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion in Heaven's Beyond City Square. He's still too young for that."

    Even though this woman that just spoke was merely in the Immortal King Stage, she was actually the brains behind Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. Her name was Ran Yushui. When she heard Pavilion HeadMin Cheng's words, she sighed inwardly and continued speaking, "Pavilion Head, a few days ago, the woman by his side, Lou Si, had been harassed by the bisexual Immortal Reverent. After which, Mo Wuji brought that Lou Si out of Heaven's Beyond City Square. When he returned, there was no longer any news of the bisexual Immortal Reverent."

    "He killed the bisexual Immortal Reverent?" Wen Li didn't manage to investigate this matter. When she heard Ran Yushui mention it, she immediately uttered in shock.

    Ran Yushui nodded, "Even though I didn't see it personally, I know what kind of person the bisexual Immortal Reverent is. He definitely wouldn't simply let go of his target. Since he didn't return, that means that this Mo Wuji must definitely have killed the bisexual Immortal Reverent. I have also investigated on that woman, Lou Si. She only has a cultivation of the Immortal King Stage, so she definitely wouldn't be of any help. Clearly, Mo Wuji had single-handedly killed the bisexual Immortal Reverent."

    Min Cheng frowned and looked at Wen Li discontentedly. She was in charge of this investigation but she actually knew less than Ran Yushui.

    After some time, he turned to Ran Yushui and said, "Yushui, you will go and talk to him. Kuang Jin will follow you."

    At this moment, Kuang Jin, who had been silent this entire time stood up. His cultivation was at the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage; he was considered the most powerful among the four here.

    Ran Yushui hesitated briefly before she responded, "Pavilion Head, I think we should report to the higher-ups..."

    Min Cheng waved his hand, interrupting Ran Yushui's words, "Even if that Mo Wuji was able to kill the bisexual Immortal Reverent, it would mean that he's only at the late Immortal Reverent Stage. Moreover, that bisexual Immortal Reverent's primordial spirit had been badly damaged; so even an ordinary intermediate stage Immortal Reverent would be able to deal with him. You and Kuang Jin will go and interact with him. If he still doesn't know his place, then have Kuang Jin teach him a lesson. If an outsider that doesn't have a backer requires me to get the intervention of an Emperor-level expert, then I, Min Cheng, would have lost all my face."

    "Yes." Ran Yushui didn't dare to say anything else. She knew that others might not dare to use any form of violence in the Heaven's Corridor City Square, but it was merely a simple act for her Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion.


    Mo Wuji was aching in elation. Before he started concocting pills, he had already prepared himself to earn some stacks of cash. However, reality had shocked him pleasantly; he was actually earning more than when the Cosmos Wall opened.

    Even though there were plenty of good stuff in the Cosmos Wall and he was even able to charge to a very high point, he was unfortunately restricted in his interaction range. It probably wasn't even a hundredth of the entire Cosmos Wall. The Cosmos Wall was so huge and his range was so limited, it was natural that he would have missed out on many treasures.

    On the other hand, his Mortal Pill House had only been opened for a few days and he had already earned more than a hundred thousand green crystals. The number of immortal herbs he got was even more than he could count. All this was because he could concoct pills.

    What left Mo Wuji especially excited was that he obtained two True Emperor Seeking Heart Flowers. The True Emperor Seeking Heart Flower was an extremely rare Tier 9 immortal herb, and it was only second to the Emperor Dao Fruit.

    This flower could not be consumed directly like the Emperor Dao Fruit; it had to be concocted into the Emperor True Pill. The Emperor True Pill was a Tier 9 immortal pill and it was incomparably enticing to Great Circle Immortal Reverents. This was because this pill was able to allow one to resonate with the Emperor Stage, increasing one's success rate in breaking through the Immortal Reverent Stage and becoming an Immortal Emperor.

    Mo Wuji had already obtained the secondary ingredients for the Emperor True Pill. Coupled with his assiduous practice with various Tier 7 and Tier 8 pills, he was confident that he could concoct a Tier 9 immortal pill. The moment he successfully concocts a Tier 9 immortal pill, he would use these two True Emperor Seeking Heart Flowers to concoct the True Emperor Pills.

    The reason why Tier 9 Pill Emperors were so rare was because concocting Tier 9 immortal pills required the pill refiner to fuse his dao insights into the pill. Typical Pill Emperors have an insufficient understanding towards the Grand Dao of the Heaven and Earth. Thus, many would never be able to step into the Tier 9 Pill Emperor Stage in their entire lives. Even if they managed to scrape their way into the Tier 9 Pill Emperor Stage, they wouldn't be able to concoct a pill like the True Emperor Pill.

    Mo Wuji's Dao, on the other hand, was his self-forged Grand Mortal Dao. Ever since he stepped into the Immortal Reverent Stage, his understanding and insights towards the dao aura of the Heaven and Earth had only become clearer. He believed that as long as his Pill Dao was able to reach the required standard, he would be able to concoct the True Emperor Pill.

    According to the trajectory of his finances, Mo Wuji believed that he could really sell his shop in three months, just as Lou Si had said. By that time, he would have enough cultivation resources for himself, and he would no longer need to continue opening shop.

    "Number 7716, please enter the shop." The array at the entrance of the Mortal Pill House cried out the next number. An extremely old man excitedly walked over.

    "You, wait." A cold voice stopped this old man. Thereafter, a man and a woman stepped in front of this man.

    "I am Number 7716. I have been waiting all this time, who are the two of you to ask me to wait..." This old man only managed to say half a sentence before he suddenly stopped with his mouth left ajar. His face was filled with fear as he stared at this man and woman in front of him; he recognised the two of them. The woman was Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's Ran Yushui and the man was Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's Defender Kuang Jin.

    There was no need to talk about how he wouldn't be able to fight with the late stage Immortal King, Ran Yushui. That Kuang Jin was a Great Circle Immortal Reverent, an existence that was infinitesimally close to being a Quasi-Emperor. How could he dare to utter any nonsense?

    "Greetings Deacon Ran and Defender Kuang..." This aged man bowed hurriedly. Previously, he had been anxiously waiting for his number. However, when his number finally came, these two evil people actually appeared in front of him.

    Ran Yushui and Kuang Jin could no longer be bothered about this old man as they directly walked into the pill house.

    "Please hand over your number plate." Lou Si has already seen this scene and she hurriedly transmitted a message to Mo Wuji. At the same time, she could only use such a method to stop the two of them. She also recognised these two people; the moment the two of them arrived, she started to feel trepidations in her heart. She guessed that Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion had come to wreck their business.

    "I am Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's Ran Yushui. This is our Pill-Smith Pavilion's Defender Kuang Jin. We have urgent business with Pill House Master Mo." Ran Yushui went straight to the point.

    Lou Si's heart was filled with anxiety. However, at this moment, she actually heard Mo Wuji's words, "Let Defender Kuang Jin come up. Everyone else can wait."

    Ran Yushui's face turned cold. This was clearly dealing a blow to her initial display of strength. However, she had done her investigation on Mo Wuji and she knew that Mo Wuji wasn't a simple person. Otherwise, she also wouldn't have requested for Min Cheng to report this matter to the higher-ups.

    "Defender Kuang, go and invite Pill House Master Mo over to our Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. I will wait for you down here." That anger only fleeted across Ran Yushui's mind for a brief moment before it was completed smothered.

    "Ok." Kuang Jin was a man of few words. Moreover, he was also very clear of his status; he was merely a hired thug for Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. Ran Yushui's previous words were for him to forcefully drag this Pill House Master away. He did not know how to invite or negotiate, nor was there a need for him to negotiate in the first place.

    Kuang Jin was half a feet outside Mo Wuji's room. Before he could even say anything, Mo Wuji had already opened the door. A strong pill fragrance pervaded out of the room. Even though Kuang Jin wasn't an expert, he also knew that this smell could only be from the highest quality of pills.

    "Come in." Mo Wuji's voice called out from within the room. Kuang Jin subconsciously walked in. At the very next instant, the door closed by itself.

    Kuang Jin, who originally intended to directly use force, immediately felt some fear and apprehension. He clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji, "Why does Pill Master Mo want to meet me first?"

    "Because you are a Great Circle Immortal Reverent." Mo Wuji put down the herbs in his hands, turned to Kuang Jin and said.
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