Chapter 760: Tier 9 Pill Emperor

    Chapter 760: Tier 9 Pill Emperor

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    Because Mo Wuji held the initiative, Kuang Jin wasn't sure whether he should have used words or force. Now, he was stunned by Mo Wuji's seemingly strange words.

    "What's the meaning of that?" Kuang Jin stared at Mo Wuji in slight shock, momentarily forgetting his intentions of using force.

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "Immortal Friend Kuang, you should have been sent here to drag me off to Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion, right?"

    "..." Kuang Jin could only stare at Mo Wuji, thinking: Why would Mo Wuji be so indifferent even though he knew this? Others might not dare to use violence within Heaven's Beyond City Square, but these rules did not pertain to their Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion.

    Mo Wuji knew that Kuang Jin wouldn't reply. He remained unflustered as he said, "A few days ago, the demon race's bisexual Immortal Reverent came to find me..."

    "I know, you killed the bisexual Immortal Reverent Ji Qi." Kuang Jin knew that he could not allow Mo Wuji to control the pace of the conversation. Thus, be suddenly interjected Mo Wuji's words. "If that bisexual Immortal Reverent met me, I wouldn't even have needed half an incense's time to kill him."

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly, then he said calmly, "Back then, I only used one move to kill him."

    Kuang Jin's face sunk. Even if Mo Wuji was a Great Circle Immortal Reverent, he wouldn't be able to kill the bisexual Immortal Reverent in a single move. Kuang Jin knew of Ji Qi; even though this fella was obsessed with his various fetishes, he was still an Immortal Reverent. Moreover, Kuang Jin even heard that Ji Qi had a unique world of his own which he could use to trap and kill people.

    Mo Wuji continued calmly, "It's true. I took a few steps, then I killed him in a single move.

    Kuang Jin snorted coldly and his killing intent burst into the air. Clearly, he didn't believe that Mo Wuji was really able to defeat Immortal Reverent Ji Qi in a single move.

    Back then, Mo Wuji naturally didn't kill the bisexual Immortal Reverent in a single move. However, he took less than ten breaths to eliminate Ji Qi.

    Still, Mo Wuji wasn't exaggerating when he said these words; he might even be understating his own power.

    Back when he killed Ji Qi, Mo Wuji was still in the Immortal King Stage. Now that he was already an Immortal Reverent, one move would really be more than enough to get rid of Ji Qi.

    "I'm lacking an Immortal Emperor helper. That's why I called you over, it's to give you an opportunity. Of course, if you don't want this opportunity, feel free to lay your hands on me. I believe that you would be able to see Ji Qi very soon... That's not right, you shouldn't be able to see Ji Qi. After all, his soul was already completely destroyed." Mo Wuji's tone was calm, revealing his immense self-confidence.

    Even though Mo Wuji didn't extend his domain, Kuang Jin could still feel a formless pressure. In that instant, he started to suspect that Mo Wuji's words were true.

    "I'm not an Immortal Emperor." Kuang Jin took in a deep breath and retracted his killing intent. Even though his domain was still secretly enveloping the space around them, there was still some fear and apprehension in his heart. At the same time, he found some admiration towards Mo Wuji's guts; he had come here to capture Mo Wuji, but this Mo Wuji actually used this opportunity to recruit him. No one else would dare to do such a thing.

    Mo Wuji continued proudly, "I know that you're not an Immortal Emperor. But as long as you follow me, you would become an Immortal Emperor."

    "You're a Tier 9 Pill Emperor? You can concoct the True Emperor Pill?" Kuang Jin broke off character.

    In Heaven's Beyond Corridor, the True Emperor Seeking Heart Flower was the only immortal herb that could allow an Immortal Reverent to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage. Moreover, the True Emperor Seeking Heart Flower had to first be concocted into a True Emperor Pill.

    More effective pills such as the Tier 9 Immortal Dao Pill couldn't be obtained here. Even though there were plenty of treasures in Heaven's Beyond Corridor, there weren't any Emperor Dao Fruits.

    "That's right. I'm a Tier 9 Pill Emperor." Mo Wuji maintained his prideful appearance. By now, he was clear of the character of immortals. If he answered hesitantly, it would give off the impression that he was lying.

    "You know that I'm a Great Circle Immortal Reverent. That's why you want me to help you in exchange for allowing me to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage?" Kuang Jin finally understood why Mo Wuji talked about his cultivation.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "You are completely right. If you weren't a Great Circle Immortal Reverent, I wouldn't have wasted my time on you. Do you think that you would be able to capture me just because you are a Great Circle Immortal Reverent? There's no need to talk about you; even if all the Immortal Reverents of your Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion came over, I would still be able to escape unscathed. Those years ago, four Immortal Emperors tried to catch me, three of them were even Grand Emperors. However, I was still able to escape. There's no need to talk about you lot of Immortal Reverents."

    "I don't know how to do business. There's nothing that I can help you with." Kuang Jin's tone had eased significantly.

    His heart, however, was still pounding furiously. Immortal Emperor, Immortal Emperor...

    Why did he join Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion? Wasn't it because he wanted to realise his Dao and become an Immortal Emperor? However, he had already been Mifei's hired thug for hundreds of years. He had earned his fair share of green crystals but he had never even gotten a glimpse of a True Emperor Pill, much less realise his Dao.

    The moment Mo Wuji heard Kuang Jin's words, he knew that he had a chance. Previously, he managed to obtain some news from Lou Si; he learnt that Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion didn't originate from Heaven's Beyond City Square. The Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion here only had a few Immortal Reverents. The strongest among them was Kuang Jin. Kuang Jin was a man of few words, and the main reason why he joined Mifei was to seek the Dao as an Immortal Emperor.

    Mo Wuji was sure that Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion wouldn't be able to provide Kuang Jin with the pills to advance to the Immortal Emperor Stage. This was why he called Kuang Jin over and tried to recruit him.

    And the reason for this was because Mo Wuji knew that those people asking for his services would only help promote his business. But if an Immortal Emperor expert were to come, only Lou Si and him actually stay behind. Thus, he needed to find an expert. Not only would this expert help him deal with the Immortal Emperors from Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion, the expert would also help him stabilise his Grade 7 immortal killing array.

    With his current attainments in the Array Dao, coupled with a Kuang Jin to help him, it might be possible for him to trap and kill a late stage Immortal Emperor.

    If this recruitment wasn't successful, then he would have to consider leaving Heaven's Beyond Corridor. It wasn't that he was afraid of Kuang Jin; he was only afraid that some Immortal Emperors would come knocking on his door.

    "I only hope that when I'm refining my pills, those little fish and shrimps wouldn't come and disturb me. After you become an Immortal Emperor, you can stay and become my defender," Mo Wuji replied.

    Kuang Jin was no longer able to remain calm. If Mo Wuji was really able to give him a True Emperor Pill, why would he continue working at Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion?

    "You really a Tier 9 Pill Emperor? And you can really concoct a True Emperor Pill for me?" Kuang Jin could not help but ask once more.

    This time, Mo Wuji didn't bother replying. He only picked up the immortal herb which he had placed down previously.

    This act of Mo Wuji's only left Kuang Jin more certain that Mo Wuji was a Tier 9 Pill Emperor. It was already degrading for a Tier 9 Pill Emperor to try and recruit him. Thus, it was only natural that his repeated questioning would have left Mo Wuji discontented.

    "Pill Emperor Mo, I'm merely a defender at Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion; I wasn't even a sales attendant. I'm willing to join Mortal Pill House and work for you." In that short time, Kuang Jin had already made his decision.

    Kuang Jin paused momentarily, then he continued, "But if I don't return, an Immortal Emperor would soon come."

    The reason why he joined Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion was the True Emperor Pill. However, the facts have shown that he wasn't a person that Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion intended to nurture; he was merely a hired thug for them. Thus, as long as he wasn't a fool, he would know how to respond to Mo Wuji's recruitment.

    Mo Wuji still didn't say a word as he continued examining his immortal herbs.

    Kuang Jin was slightly at a loss as to how to react. Fortunately, he had his share of experiences through the years and he soon understood Mo Wuji's intentions; Pill Emperor Mo wanted him to swear an oath.

    At this point, Kuang Jin started to hesitate. When he joined Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion, he was promised the rights to leave whenever he wanted. As an Immortal Reverent expert that was about to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage, he really didn't wish to casually swear an oath. Moreover, if an Immortal Emperor from Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion comes, he, Kuang Jin, really wouldn't be strong enough to deal with it.

    Mo Wuji suddenly said, "I don't need you to swear an oath; you only need to promise to follow me for 100 years. After the 100 years, you are free to do as you like. You can continue to follow me and join my sect, or you can leave. As for the Immortal Emperors of Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion, I have my own methods to deal with them."

    It's so simple? Kuang Jin was in disbelief; 100 years was merely the time for a single secluded cultivation session for an average Immortal Reverent. Even if the terms were any worse, it still wouldn't be that bad. On the other hand, he actually didn't have any doubts as to whether Mo Wuji could really deal with the Immortal Emperors. Mo Wuji was a Tier 9 Pill Emperor, he would be able to go anywhere he wants. Kuang Jin believed that as long as Mo Wuji wasn't a fool, Mo Wuji wouldn't simply wait for the Immortal Emperors to come knocking on his door.

    Since the opportunity was dangling right in front of his face, why would Kuang Jin let it go?

    "I, Kuang Jin, promise that as long as Pill Master Mo is able to give me a True Emperor Pill, I will follow by Pill Master Mo's side for 100 years. As long as it doesn't harm my life or my Dao, I will listen to Pill Master Mo's instructions. If I go against this promise, I will be struck to death by lightning."

    "Good. Immortal Friend Kuang, you have just made the correct choice. I will not give you one True Emperor Pill; I will give you as many True Emperor Pils as you need to become an Immortal Emperor. Now, go down and tell that woman that you are now a man of my Mortal Pill House. As for the True Emperor Pills, I will hand them to you one month later," Mo Wuji chuckled and said.

    The reason why he needed a month was because Mo Wuji still wasn't a Tier 9 Pill Emperor. However, this wouldn't be an influence on his plans. With his Grand Mortal Dao and his pill legacy, coupled with his large amounts of herbs, he would be a noob if he wasn't able to advance and become a Tier 9 Pill Emperor in a month.

    His Grand Mortal Dao was about imbuing spirituality and immortality into all mortal objects. It was just like how he was able to cultivate to the Immortal Reverent Stage despite being a mortal.

    If his Mortal Dao was able to successfully merge with his Pill Dao, he could theoretically use any roadside grass to concoct a peak grade immortal pill.

    "Yes." Kuang Jin forcefully suppressed the mad glee in his heart as he bowed and left the room. Being able to obtain a True Emperor Pill in one month was simply a dream come true.


    "Defender Kuang, you didn't bring him?" Seeing Kuang Jin appear by himself, Ran Yushui asked in doubt.

    Kuang Jin's tone was calm as he said to Ran Yushui, "Deacon Ran, I have decided to stay at Mortal Pill House. Go back and tell Pavilion Head Min that I'm grateful for the help that Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion has provided me all these years."

    "What?" Ran Yushui stared at Kuang Jin in disbelief. She had never expected that their coercion operation would result in the betrayal of Kuang Jin.
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