Chapter 761: The Difficulty Of Becoming A Tier 9 Pill Emperor

    Chapter 761: The Difficulty Of Becoming A Tier 9 Pill Emperor

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    It only took a few breaths for Ran Yushui to understand Kuang Jin's decision. If it was her, she would have done the same. The only reason why Kuang Jin joined Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion was to realise his Dao and step into the Immortal Emperor Stage. When he first joined, he was already a Great Circle Immortal Reverent. Hundreds of years had passed and he was still a Great Circle Immortal Reverent.

    During those years, Kuang Jin had definitely obtained many cultivation resources. However, she knew that a majority of those resources were obtained by Kuang Jin, himself, in the Cosmos Wall. As for the True Emperor Pill that Kuang Jin desperately wanted, Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion had never even talked about it.

    "I understand. Big Brother Kuang, take care of yourself. Farewell." Ran Yushui was able to quickly sort her emotions; she had even changed the way she addressed Kuang Jin.

    Kuang Jin watched as Ran Yushui left the pill house. Thereafter, he turned to Lou Si and said, "Do you know what she meant when she said 'take care of yourself'?"

    Lou Si subconsciously shook her head; she was still shocked that Kuang Jin had suddenly become a member of Mortal Pill House.

    Kuang Jin's tone was solemn as he said, "Now that I've joined Mortal Pill House, Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion should be sending their Emperor level experts over soon."

    Even though Mo Wuji said that he had his ways to deal with Mifei's Immortal Emperors, Kuang Jin was still worried. It was exactly as Mo Wuji had thought previously: riches and risks came hand in hand. Since Kuang Jin wanted to advance to the Immortal Emperor Stage, he must be willing to risk his life for it.

    If he couldn't even handle the risk, Mo Wuji wouldn't even give him the True Emperor Pill.

    "Ah..." Fear instantly emerged on Lou Si's face. Even the shock she felt from Kuang Jin's defection had cast aside. At this instant, she desperately wanted to advise Mo Wuji to escape. However, she knew that Mo Wuji wouldn't listen to her. She was the one managing the finances and profits of Mortal Pill House; so how could she not know the difficulty of leaving? If Mo Wuji left now, then he definitely wouldn't be able to bring away all of his peak grade immortal herbs and treasures.


    "What?" Min Cheng suddenly stood up and stared at Ran Yushui in shock. Kuang Jin was his Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's strongest expert in Heaven's Beyond City Square; he had suddenly defected over to Mo Wuji's Mortal Pill House.

    Ran Yushui clasped her fists and said, "Pavilion Head, I suspect that Mo Wuji is also a peak grade Immortal Reverent. Our current capabilities wouldn't be able to contest with his. I go back to my suggestion of reporting to the higher ups and request for Emperor level experts to help us."

    Min Cheng calmed down and said to Ran Yushui, "Deacon Yu, it was my fault previously. I didn't listen to your advice. I will immediately report this matter to the higher-ups..."

    Min Cheng had an ugly scowl on his face; Ran Yushui and Wen Li both knew the reason for that. Truthfully, Heaven's Beyond City Square's Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion was merely a source of cultivation resources for those Emperor level experts. Those Emperor level experts practically spent all their time in secluded cultivation or touring the vast cosmos.

    If they were to request for help, it would take at least a month for an Emperor level expert to come. If Mo Wuji escapes within this time, then he, Min Cheng, would have to suffer the brunt of the responsibilities.

    "The reason why Kuang Jin joined Mortal Pill House should be due to his loss in faith in Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. Deacon Yushui, do you think that Pill Master Mo had promised to give Kuang Jin a True Emperor Pill?" Min Cheng calmed down and started to contemplate the reasons why Kuang Jin would defect.

    Ran Yushui was already very sure why Kuang Jin had left Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. Prompted by Min Cheng's question, she immediately responded, "Pavilion Head, with Kuang Jin's current status and pursuits, only a True Emperor Pill would get him to betray Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. If I'm not wrong, Defender Kuang was likely to have left because of a True Emperor Pill."

    Ran Yushui didn't have a bad impression of Kuang Jin; in fact, she felt like they were both fellow sufferers. Kuang Jin had tirelessly toiled for Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. However, there was no mention of him obtaining the True Emperor Pill. In fact, he even had to occasionally hand over some of his gains from the Cosmos Wall. All these gains would basically be taken away by the Emperor level experts behind Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. She felt herself to be the same; she was merely a tool for the experts to obtain green crystals.

    Whatever benefits Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion earned were largely unrelated to them. There was no need to talk about her, even Pavilion Head Min Cheng could only obtain an extremely small portion of the benefits.

    "That Mo Wuji is a Tier 9 Pill Emperor?" Min Cheng stared at Ran Yushui in astonishment. He had his own assumptions that Mo Wuji was a Pill Emperor, but a Tier 8 one at the very most. Truthfully, in Heaven's Beyond Corridor, there was no lack of Tier 8 Pill Emperors, the number of Tier 9 Pill Emperors, on the other hand, could be counted with only a single hand. However, most Tier 9 Pill Emperors weren't willing to concoct pills; they would very much rather spend their time on cultivation.

    Don't simply see the difference between Tier 8 Pill Emperors and Tier 9 Pill Emperors as a single tier. In reality, the difference was as wide as a heavenly chasm. 99% of Tier 8 Pill Emperors would never be able to become Tier 9 Pill Emperors in their entire lives. This was because they were unable to imbue the dao energy of the Heavens and Earths into their immortal pills. Thus, all Tier 9 Pill Emperors were actually Grand Immortal Emperors that had a deep understanding towards the Dao of the Heavens and Earths.

    Ran Yushui shook her head, "That's not possible. That Mo Wuji is incomparably young, his cultivation definitely isn't in the Immortal Emperor Stage, much less the Grand Emperor Stage. It is already heaven-defying that he is able to become a Tier 8 Pill Emperor. His True Emperor Pill should be obtained through other means. Because of his simple origins and his young age, it is logical for him to use his one True Emperor Pill to recruit a Great Circle Immortal Reverent to help him."

    Min Cheng nodded; he also believed that it wasn't possible. Which Tier 9 Pill Emperor wasn't a renowned and illustrious senior? Why would one be holed up in this city square? Even though this was Heaven's Beyond City Square, it was still impossible.


    Over the next few days, Mo Wuji had been furiously concocting pills and earning green crystals.

    Now, he could casually whip up unique grade Tier 8 immortal pills. It was time for him to start on Tier 9 immortal pills.

    Based on Mo Wuji's previous thoughts, with his Mortal Dao, his Pill Dao, and his copious amounts of peak grade immortal herbs, he would only require a few batches of practice to concoct Tier 9 immortal pills.

    But when he had failed for 17 consecutive times, he knew that he was wrong. It seems like concocting Tier 9 immortal pills wasn't as Tier 8 immortal pills; it wasn't as simple as more practise and familiarisation.

    Even though he had obtained many fortunes, he had gone 'bankrupt'. The main thing was that he no longer had enough Tier 9 immortal herbs to practise on.

    Mo Wuji didn't continue concocting Tier 9 immortal pills. He suspected that there were some problems with his Pill Dao. This was because his last seven batches had all failed at the same stage - pill condensation. Unfortunately, he didn't have a master. If he had a Tier 9 Pill Emperor as his master, Mo Wuji believed that his problem would have been quickly resolved.

    After deliberating for three whole days, Mo Wuji still wasn't able to find a solution. In his perspective, there weren't any problems with his hand techniques and his steps. The only problem was that the pills weren't able to condense.

    After retrieving ten different immortal herbs, including the Heavenly Silence Grass, Mo Wuji started to clean his pill furnace. He was going to continue and try to concoct the Silent Dust Pill.

    The way Mo Wuji looked at it, actual practice was the only way out. Since he wasn't able to discern the solution through reasoning, he would have to slowly discern it through practice.

    The Silent Dust pill was a Tier 9 healing pill. This pill could be considered one of the most valuable pills in Heaven's Beyond City Square. After all, Heaven's Beyond Corridor was fraught with wars and battles; the value of a Tier 9 healing pill was simply immeasurable.

    The ingredients had been quickly refined by Mo Wuji. Ever since he embarked on the path of the Pill Dao, his methods had already evolved beyond his simple hand techniques and pill techniques. His Pill Dao had developed to the point where every thread of spirituality and energy within the pill furnace was within the control of his spiritual will.

    Even though Mo Wuji only needed an hour to collect his pills, he decided to use two hours.

    Previously, his failures always occurred after he collected his pills. Learning from his past mistakes, he directly used his spatial imprisonment technique to forcefully merge the pill essences together.

    "Crack... Ka..." One pill after another started to shatter.

    What was different from the past was that Mo Wuji was finally able to retrieve one Tier 9 immortal pill.

    Resting within Mo Wuji's palm, was a Silent Dust Pill devoid of pill energy; it only exuded a spiritless energy. Very clearly, this was a trash pill.

    Mo Wuji's gaze was glued to that trash pill, completely unaware of the time that continued to proceed.

    One day later, Mo Wuji seemed to have figured something out. He suddenly muttered to himself, "I think I know what's the reason."

    A Tier 9 immortal pill was an immortal pill that resonated with the Grand Dao of the Heaven and Earth. With his ordinary methods, even if he could grudgingly concoct a pill, it would lack dao aura. Alternately, it could be said that the pill was without laws. A Tier 9 immortal pill must encompass a law of Dao the Heaven and Earth. Only by infusing a dao law, then could a Tier 9 immortal pill be concocted.

    Mo Wuji uttered a long sigh. If he was not the progenitor of the Grand Mortal Dao, he would definitely have given up on concocting Tier 9 immortal pills. This was because he knew that any further practice would merely be wasting his Tier 9 immortal herbs.

    Tier 9 immortal pills could only be concocted by Immortal Emperors that have realised their Daos and resonate with the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. One must gain enlightenment over these laws before he could infuse dao laws into the immortal pill. Moreover, every Tier 9 Pill Emperor would concoct different Tier 9 immortal pills. Different Pill Emperors would concoct pills of different grades and effects.

    He, Mo Wuji, wasn't an Immortal Emperor. That was why he didn't understand that principle previously. If he hadn't used his Spatial Imprisonment to forcefully concoct a Tier 9 trash pill, he still wouldn't have understood that principle.

    He was no Immortal Emperor. However, he was the progenitor of a Grand Dao that even Immortal Emperors couldn't compare to. Right from the start, his Dao was about finding his own path within the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. Since other Tier 9 Pill Emperors could infuse their insights of the dao laws of the Heaven and Earth into their pills, then he could similarly infuse his Grand Mortal Dao into his Tier 9 immortal pill.

    After understanding this principle, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to retrieve another batch of Silent Dust Pill ingredients. With his fastest speed, he started to purify the ingredients, fuse the medicinal essence...
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