Chapter 762: An Immortal Emperor Arrives

    Chapter 762: An Immortal Emperor Arrives

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    In less than an hour, a faint fragrance wafted out of the pill furnace. With a wave of his hand, six round pills landed in the jade vase he prepared by the side.

    Mo Wuji was so excited that he didn't even extinguish his fire as he directly poured a Silent Dust Pill onto his hand. A transient dao energy revolved around the pill; even without needing to try a pill, Mo Wuji knew that this was a peak grade Tier 9 immortal pill.

    He had finally and officially become a Tier 9 Pill Emperor. As he advanced, Mo Wuji was especially cognizant that he was different from other Tier 9 Pill Emperors.

    Under normal circumstances, the full batches of different tiers of pills were constant: Tier 1 to 3 - 18; Tier 4 to 6 - 12; Tier 7 to 8 - 6; Tier 9 - 3. But now, he actually concocted six pills in his batch of Silent Dark Pills. He had clearly exceeded an ordinary Tier 9 Pill Emperor.

    Mo Wuji knew that this wasn't due to him having a higher talent than others. Instead, it was because his Grand Mortal Dao was far from simple.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji also became aware of the difficulty to become a Tier 9 Pill Emperor. Even with his Mortal Dao and Pill Dao legacy, he had to borrow his insights into the Laws of Space to advance. This also caused Mo Wuji to change his previous intentions.

    According to his previous thoughts, he wanted to continue concocting immortal pills. He would concoct Tier 9 immortal pills which he would sell at a higher price.

    However, now, he knew that he definitely couldn't reveal the fact that he could concoct Tier 9 immortal pills. If this information was released, then it wouldn't be long till he loses his freedom.

    It was so difficult to become a Tier 9 Pill Emperor. Now that he actually became one, it would be weird if no one tried to kidnap him.

    Another ten over days passed. By this time, Mo Wuji had concocted various sorts Tier 9 immortal pills. Even though he already understood the principle that he had to infuse his dao insights and his understandings of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth into the pills, Mo Wuji still met with frequent failures in his concoctions.

    Mo Wuji did not mind; he knew that he could overcome this with constant practice.

    Days continued to pass. Now, Mo Wuji's success rate was infinitesimally close to 100%. After successfully concocting a batch of True Emperor Pills, he walked out of his room.

    "House Lord." Seeing Mo Wuji emerge, Kuang Jin hurriedly and respectfully greeted.

    A Pill Emperor; this was an existence far greater than a mere Great Circle Immortal Reverent like him.

    After staying here for half a month, Kuang Jin finally understood why Mo Wuji wasn't willing to leave. This shop was raking in green crystals at an unprecedented rate.

    Not only that, he even saw some extremely rare peak grade immortal herbs and smithing materials.

    Moreover, they were getting more and more customers coming here to trade. What left him feeling unsettled was that whenever they received orders for Tier 9 immortal pills, Mo Wuji would concoct Tier 8 immortal pills as a substitute.

    Fortunately, there was a dearth of peak grade immortal pills in Heaven's Beyond Corridor. Thus, those immortals did not argue or quibble and simply accepted the Tier 8 immortal pills. They also knew that if they weren't to trade, Mortal Pill House could simply refund their green crystals and their items. However, no one wanted that.

    Since no Tier 9 immortal pills were being concocted, Kuang Jin started to have doubts towards Mo Wuji's claim that he was a Tier 9 Pill Emperor. After all, Tier 9 Pill Emperors were far too rare.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji retrieved a jade vase, handed it to Kuang Jin and said, "Immortal Friend Kuang, go and try to gain enlightenment on the Emperor Stage. If you fail, I will give you another chance a month later."

    "These are really True Emperor Pills. You are really a Tier 9 Pill Emperor..." Kuang Jin accepted Mo Wuji's jade vase with shaking hands. Even though he had already cultivated for countless of years, he still couldn't control his emotions.

    The Emperor Stage. This was a stage that he had always dreamed of but never had the chance to step on. But now, Mo Wuji even promised him another opportunity to advance to it if he failed this time.

    How many years had he spent with Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion? He did it all for one True Emperor Pill, however, he never got close to one. The reason why he continued staying there was because he was clear that it was extremely difficult to obtain a True Emperor Pill. He also became clear that Tier 9 Pill Emperors were extremely rare to find.

    But now, he had only stayed at Mortal Pill House for 20 over days and he received a True Emperor Pill. Only he knew the sheer amount elation and excitement was brimming in his heart at that moment.

    "Yes. Many thanks, House Lord. I, Kuang Jin, will only take 20 days before I return." Kuang Jin was eventually able to stabilise his emotions and he thanked Mo Wuji calmly.

    This amount of time clearly wasn't enough. Kuang Jin hoped that he could return and stabilise his cultivation after he advanced into the Emperor Stage.

    "There's no need for you to worry. Just find a place to undergo your tribulation. Even if an Immortal Emperor comes, my Mortal Pill House will be able to persist for one to two months," Mo Wuji laughed gently.

    Mo Wuji really wasn't bragging. He believed that even Immortal Emperors wouldn't dare to go unbridled in Heaven's Beyond City Square. In this time that Kuang Jin was gone, he would continue to fortify his killing array and his defensive array.

    With his current abilities, coupled with his Grade 7 arrays, in addition to the fact that they were in Heaven's Beyond City Square, Mo Wuji even suspected that he could stay safe for another half a year.

    He didn't offer any other advice or help to Kuang Jin. To gain enlightenment on the Immortal Emperor Stage, Kuang Jin would need to find an extremely remote place. With Kuang Jin's years in Heaven's Beyond Corridor, Mo Wuji believed that it should be simple for Kuang Jin to find such a place.

    Moreover, he had more important things to do. Even if Kuang Jin chose not to return after advancing to the Immortal Emperor Stage, it wouldn't really of a huge loss to Mo Wuji; it was just a True Emperor Pill. To others, the True Emperor Pill might be a peerless treasure that they might not obtain in their entire lives. But to Mo Wuji, it really wasn't anything much. In this period of time, he had easily obtained more than ten True Emperor Seeking Heart Flower.

    "Also, I want to remind you. I don't mind if you choose to go against your promise. But you definitely cannot reveal my identity as a Tier 9 Pill Emperor. If it does get revealed, I, Mo Wuji, swear that the first person I will destroy is you." Mo Wuji added.

    Kuang Jin replied solemnly and respectfully, "Kuang Jin will remember the House Lord's words. I definitely will not casually reveal that information."

    Compared to Mo Wuji, Kuang Jin was even more aware of the scarcity and rarity of Tier 9 Pill Emperors. If the news that Mortal Pill House had a Tier 9 Pill Emperor was spread, it would really spell disaster for him and Mortal Pill House.

    Taking ten thousand steps back, even if he dared to go against the promise, he didn't dare to reveal that Mo Wuji was a Tier 9 Pill Emperor. How could he not know how powerful a Tier 9 Pill Emperor was? If he offended a Tier 9 Pill Emperor, then he would have to go into hiding for the rest of his life. He would only be courting death if he did such a thing.

    As she saw Kuang Jin leave excitedly, Lou Si asked in disbelief, "Big Brother Mo, you really gave him a True Emperor Pill?"

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "That's right. But that isn't much. After all this ends, I will also give you the remunerations you deserve. Among which, there would be Extreme Reverent Pill and the True Emperor Pill."

    Lou Si had helped him significantly. Without Lou Si, he wouldn't have been able to wholeheartedly concentrate on concocting pills, much less advance to the Tier 9 Pill Emperor Stage in such a short time.

    "I will get one too?" Even though the rewards hadn't arrived in her hands, Lou Si's heart had already started to race in agitation. These two immortal pills were simply pills she could only dream of. She could only get this opportunity because she became acquainted with a Pill Emperor.

    She never suspected that Mo Wuji would lie to her. After working with Mo Wuji for this period of time, she was especially clear of Mo Wuji's character.

    "Of course, what I need to do now is to fortify the arrays outside our pill house," Mo Wuji laughed and said.


    A medium-built, clean-shaven man stepped into Heaven's Beyond City Square. He had an ugly scowl on his face.

    The moment this man arrived, Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's Min Cheng, Wen Li and Ran Yushui came to greet him, "Min Cheng greets Elder Du."

    Min Cheng's tone was filled with respect. As he was speaking, his waist was bowed till his head was almost at the ground.

    This man snorted coldly, "Useless things. You can't even control a mere pill refiner and you still have the galls to control Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion."

    This clean-shaven man was Mifei Trade Union's Immortal Emperor Du Song. The reason why he was filled with displeasure was because he was at a critical point in his cultivation; he was about to break through to the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage. At this moment, every single breath of time was worth as much as gold. However, it was exactly at this moment that he had to come to Heaven's Beyond City Square to deal with this trivial matter. Why would he not be angry?

    Moreover, he had no choice but to come. Who asked him to have the lowest cultivation and status among the Immortal Emperors in Mifei Trade Union?

    "Yes, yes..." Min Cheng did not dare to rebut; he could only nod his head incessantly.

    "Hurry and bring me to that dogsh*t Mortal Pill House. If this Emperor doesn't burn that place to the ground, this Emperor's heart would be filled with displeasure," Du Hong snorted. He was only filled with animosity towards Mortal Pill House's Mo Wuji. A mere ant had actually wasted his time.
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