Chapter 763: Danger To Mortal Pill House

    Chapter 763: Danger To Mortal Pill House

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    "Big Brother Mo, take a rest," Lou Si hurriedly said when she saw Mo Wuji emerge from his room.

    Ever since Kuang Jin left to validate his Dao and advance to become an Immortal Emperor, this was the first time that Mo Wuji left his room in this half a month.

    "Alright. I will rest for a day. Lou Si, you can take a rest too." Mo Wuji's tone was brimming with elation.

    Over this short period of time, not only did they manage to collect all sorts of peak grade herbs and materials, they also managed to gather two to three million green crystals. He sighed in emotion at the abundance here in Heaven's Beyond Corridor. If he continued to concoct pills and sell them for an entire year, he would no longer have to worry about cultivation resources ever again.

    "I'm not tired. My job has been very simple," Lou Si said hurriedly. Indeed, her job was rather simple; she merely collected the immortal herbs and green crystals and gave out the immortal pills in return.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Then you will continue collecting immortal herbs and green crystals. I will be back after one or two days."

    "Big Brother Mo, you are leaving?" Lou Si asked in astonishment.

    Mo Wuji retrieved an array flag and handed it to Lou Si, "This is the master array flag. If anyone dares to cause trouble, you can use it to activate the killing array. I will be notified the moment you activate the array."

    "Yes." Lou Si didn't know why Mo Wuji was leaving, but she knew that it was better not to ask.

    Mo Wuji didn't explain the situation to Lou Si. The reason why he was leaving was because his spiritual will detected the men from Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion welcoming an early stage Immortal Emperor to the city square. And that Immortal Emperor was currently heading towards his direction.

    Clearly, this Immortal Emperor was one of the backers behind Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion, and he had probably come here to tear Mortal Pill House down.

    Originally, Mo Wuji thought that Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion would have sent at least two or three Immortal Emperors over. Even if they only dispatched a single Immortal Emperor, it wouldn't be one of the early Immortal Emperor Stage. It should be a Grand Emperor, or a late-stage Immortal Emperor at the very least.

    But when Mo Wuji saw that the other party had only sent a single early-stage Immortal Emperor over, he was rather speechless. These people were clearly underestimating his Mortal Pill House. His killing array wasn't meant to be used against a mere early stage Immortal Emperor.


    "Mo Wuji?" Ran Yushui recognised Mo Wuji the moment he appeared. Even though she had never seen Mo Wuji personally before, she had done thorough investigations on him. Of course, her investigations were only limited to what that Mo Wuji had done since he appeared in Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

    "You are Mo Wuji? That Tier 8 Pill Emperor? The House Lord of Mortal Pill House?" Du Hong said coldly. He stopped in his tracks and started sizing Mo Wuji up.

    Thereafter, he turned and stared at Min Cheng coldly. Even though he wasn't able to discern Mo Wuji's exact cultivation, he was sure that Mo Wuji wasn't in the Immortal Emperor Stage. There was no need to care about any other factors; he only needed to look at Mo Wuji's age to be sure that Mo Wuji definitely wasn't an Immortal Emperor.

    A young cultivator, that could only be an Immortal Reverent at the very most, had actually left Min Cheng helpless and in need of Mifei Trade Union's help.

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "That's right. I am Mo Wuji. Make way, a good dog knows not to block the road."

    As he was speaking, Mo Wuji forced himself through the middle of the group.

    Wen Li's eyes turned cold as she immediately wanted to attack. However, she was stopped by Du Hong, "So it's an arrogant kid. Well, there's nothing wrong with that. After all, a Pill Emperor is an existence that would be revered anywhere he went. Min Cheng, you are a lord in this city square, aren't you being too cautious? Were you actually scared by this kind of fella? I will let you off this time. I will get rid of this Mo fella for you..."

    Min Cheng hurriedly and respectfully said, "Yes, this is my mistake. Many thanks to Elder Du for your magnanimity. I also know that Elder Du has many matters to handle and doesn't have time to stay for tea. This is a small token of our appreciation, I hope that Elder Du doesn't reject it."

    As he was speaking, Min Cheng offered a storage ring to Du Hong, cupped in both his hands. His heart was bleeding as he cursed Mo Wuji. Of all timings, why did this Mo Wuji choose to come out now?

    He had gone through many difficulties to syphon off this bit of green crystals, but he lost it all in one go.

    Du Hong accepted the ring and the tension on his face eased, "That's how it will go then. If there's time, I will return."

    "Yes. Many thanks, Elder Du," Min Cheng bowed once more.

    Previously, Elder Du definitely wouldn't return after he eliminated Mo Wuji. But on account of the items in the storage ring, he said that he would return to help them get rid of Kuang Jin as well.

    "Pavilion Head, I feel that something is strange. Why did that Mo Wuji coincidentally leave his pill house at this moment? Something feels amiss." As she saw Du Hong leaving, Ran Yushui uttered in doubt.

    Min Cheng sighed, "Just because he's a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, he feels that he's the king of the world. I was indeed overly cautious previously. If I knew that he was so arrogant, I would have directly stormed into his Mortal Pill House with this group of us. Why did we go through all this trouble? I, Min Cheng, have been resting on my laurels and I was actually handled by this fella. Let's go then. We will deal with Mortal Pill House when Elder Du returns."

    Ran Yushui and Wen Li both knew the meaning behind Min Cheng's words. It wasn't that they were insufficient to deal with Mortal Pill House, it was because they were worried that Du Hong might blame them when he returns.

    With a Tier 8 Pill Emperor and the great flow of business, there would definitely be no lack of goodies within Mortal Pill House. Thus, he would have to wait for Elder Du to return before they could act. That way, they wouldn't be accused of stealing treasures.

    Ran Yushui remained silent; she was thinking of Mo Wuji. If Mo Wuji was really as idiotic and arrogant as they said, how was he able to recruit Kuang Jin in a single exchange? She suspected that Kuang Jin might not even be in the pill house, but preparing to ambush Elder Du with Mo Wuji.

    However, her cultivation was the lowest; so she had no rights to talk. If not for her intelligence being relatively good, she wouldn't even be here.


    Within a round building in the centre of Heaven's Beyond City Square, a relatively fat man was standing in front of a tall cultivator that had a sallow face.

    If asked who was the most powerful person within Heaven's Beyond City Square, everyone would undoubtedly mention this sallow-faced man's name. He was Teng Feiyan, the castellan of Heaven's Beyond City Square. This round building was the castellan mansion of Heaven's Beyond City Square. As the castellan, he was in charge of everything in the city square.

    The organisational structure of Heaven's Beyond City Square's City Hall was rather complicated. It was exactly because of these complications that Mifei Trade Union could run amok and unbridled within the city square.

    The City Hall was the most powerful organisation in Heaven's Beyond City Square, and it wasn't merely a place for administrative and governmental work. Behind the City Hall, there were many various other powers.

    Teng Feiyan had advanced to the Immortal Emperor Stage not long ago. Thus, his time as the castellan of Heaven's Beyond City Square was running out. The role of the castellan had always been taken by an Immortal Reverent. Because of the high salary, most of these Immortal Reverents would advance to the Immortal Emperor Stage. The moment they advanced to the Immortal Emperor Stage, they would leave and a new castellan would take over.

    "Deacon Lang Bi, you said that Mo Wuji left the city square just as Mifei Trade Union's Du hong arrived?" Teng Feiyan ruminated for a long time before he finally asked this question.

    The relatively fat man in front of Teng Feiyan was Lang Bi, he was the number one deacon in Heaven's Beyond City Square's City Hall. He was also the person second to Teng Feiyan in the City Hall. Once Teng Feiyan leaves the City Hall, the next in line should supposedly be him. However, both Teng Feiyan and Lang Bi knew that the position definitely wouldn't go to Lang Bi.

    With the highest salary in the City Hall, there were far too many people eyeing this position.

    Lang Bi said respectfully, "Yes. I suspect that Mo Wuji should have done this on purpose. Perhaps Kuang Jin had secretly left the city square and the two of them intend to ambush Du Hong together. Logically, Du Hong should also have thought of such a possibility. I didn't expect that Du Hong would still choose to follow Mo Wuji."

    Teng Feiyan sneered, "You think that Du Hong is an idiot? He wouldn't have thought that Mo Wuji and that Kuang Jin intend to ambush him?"

    "I believe that Du Hong doesn't even place the two of them in his eyes," Lang Bi answered. This was the only logical explanation. Otherwise, how could an Immortal Emperor not know that Mo Wuji was intentionally luring him out?

    "You're wrong. It's true that Du Hong doesn't place Mo Wuji in his eyes. However, the more important reason is that there should be riches on Mo Wuji that even the two of us can never fathom. Unfortunately, that fella is courting death and Du Hong is the only one that gets to feast on him," Teng Feiyan sighed and said.

    If Mo Wuji didn't leave, Mo Wuji's ring would have to be handed over, and the things inside would be centrally administered by Min Cheng. If that happened, Du Hong wouldn't be the one that obtains the majority of the treasures. Unfortunately, that Mo Wuji was intentionally courting death.

    As for the riches that Mo Wuji had on him, how could Teng Feiyan, as the castellan, not be clear of it? Every day, countless of immortals head over to Mortal Pill House and engage in trade. Even if they didn't actually trade anything, just entering the queue would cost them ten green crystals. This, alone, would generate tens of thousands of green crystals for Mortal Pill House.

    If every immortal traded 100 green crystals with Mortal Pill House, then that Mo Wuji would have at least a million to two million green crystals by now. Moreover, Teng Feiyan was sure that each person wouldn't simply spend only 100 green crystals. After all, Mortal Pill House was simply dirt cheap compared to other places.

    All this was even excluding the various immortal herbs, smithing materials, etc.

    Just when Teng Feiyan was feeling jealous of Du Hong, the communication bead in Lang Bi's hand shone brightly; a message had been sent over.

    Lang Bi hurriedly swept it with his spiritual will and reported, "Castellan, news has just come in: Mortal Pill House has been surrounded. The shop owners in Heaven's Beyond City Square believe that Mortal Pill House is stealing their customers, causing their businesses to start running on a bank."

    Teng Feiyan sneered, bank run? 1

    Even if there wasn't Mortal Pill House, many immortals in Heaven's Beyond City Square definitely wouldn't take their savings out and trade them away.

    "Come, let's take a look," Teng Feiyan suddenly stood up and said.

    He knew that there was still an attendant in Mortal Pill House. That attendant should have a portion of the green crystals. He was going to leave the city square soon; so he should get some benefits from Mortal Pill House, right? He had to make use of Du Hong's absence. What better time was there than now?
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