Chapter 765: The Strongest Immortal Reverent

    Chapter 765: The Strongest Immortal Reverent

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    When Du Hong saw Mo Wuji's slack fist and blank face, he heaved a sigh of relief. If his Spirit Splitting Sacred Art wasn't able to do anything to Mo Wuji's primordial spirit, then he would have to retreat. He had even killed an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor with his Spirit Splitting Sacred Art before. Thus, he believed that an Immortal Reverent like Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't be able to defend against it. Indeed, Mo Wuji was helpless against his move.

    "Ant, die for me." With a single step, Du Hong appeared in front of Mo Wuji. He extended his arm and grabbed towards Mo Wuji's forehead.

    At such a young age, Mo Wuji was a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, and incomparably strong Immortal Reverent, and even a God Physique cultivator. Du Hong was sure that Mo Wuji definitely had a secret. Even though he had to suffer some injuries, it was worth it.

    When Du Hong's hand was only a few centimetres away from Mo Wuji's forehead, he suddenly felt the space around him turn still. At this instant, his body suddenly couldn't move.

    "Not good, I fell for his trap." Du Hong immediately came to an understanding; his Spirit Splitting Sacred Art didn't even affect his opponent. The reason why his opponent's punch stopped suddenly was because that punch was a spatial sealing sacred art; it didn't even need to land on him.

    Du Hong was right; Mo Wuji's punch was indeed his Spatial Imprisonment. He knew that even though he had already advanced to the Immortal Reverent Stage, he could only imprison Du Hong for half a breath's time. Even so, this half a breath was enough. Because, at this very moment, his Winding River cascaded down on Du Hong.

    A sense of impending doom surged through his mind. Du Hong's eyes turned red as he cried out, "Explode for me..."

    "Pff!" As the silver Winding River descended, Du Hong's entire body was smashed into meat juice.

    "Boom!" At the same time, Du Hong's Spirit Splitting Whip suddenly exploded.

    A terrifying energy flooded the entire space as a rush of force charged towards Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji immediately felt as though his entire body had been slammed against by the heaviest steel hammer.

    The ground of the desert wasteland exploded as Mo Wuji was forced down onto the ground. The sounds of his bones shattering could be heard even by himself.

    However, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that if he didn't have a God Physique, Du Hong's self-exploding whip would have defeated him. Even if it wasn't able to kill him, it would have destroyed his fleshly body.

    Even though he had a late stage God Physique, he was still heavily injured. At the end of the day, the root cause of all this was that his cultivation was too far from Du Hong's.

    Mo Wuji retrieved some healing pills and popped them into his mouth. At the same time, he enveloped the entire space with his spiritual will. He immediately caught signs of a weak primordial spirit, and with a quick swipe of his hand, that primordial spirit was pinched within his palm.

    "Give me a chance to leave. I will do anything you say." Du Hong's primordial spirit was extremely weak. He wanted to escape during the explosion, but unfortunately, Mo Wuji's Winding River was too strong. Not only did it destroy his fleshly body, it continuously tore away at his primordial spirit.

    Indeed, he was caught by Mo Wuji before he could escape. His heart was filled with regrets; he should not have come here. How could anyone that dared to start a pill house in Heaven's Beyond City Square be simple? At the same time, he knew that he was likely to die today.

    Mo Wuji said coldly, "I don't show mercy to anything that wanted to kill me. Moreover, your ring and your magic treasure have already been exploded, so I can't even find a reason to spare you."

    Du Hong's heart sank, "Mo Wuji, if I wasn't anxiously trying to kill you, causing me to fall into your trap, you would never have been able to kill me. With my power, even intermediate stage Immortal Emperors would be killed. I'm much stronger than that Kuang Jin. Now, I swear on my soul that as long as you spare my life..."

    Mo Wuji interrupted Du Hong's words, "If I wasn't afraid of the rebound, I would have long used my Wheel of Life and Death to get rid of you. Why would I wait for you to explode your whip."

    As he was speaking, Mo Wuji tightened his grip. Du Hong's primordial spirit directly dissipated, turning into nothingness.

    Mo Wuji wasn't lying to Du Hong in his final sentence. He was worried that Du Hong might be too strong, causing his Wheel of Life and Death to rebound back on himself.

    After experiencing this battle with an Immortal Emperor, Mo Wuji was clear that what he needed to do urgently wasn't to continue raising his cultivation. Instead, he had to learn to use his spiritual will during battles.

    If his spiritual will could also be used for attacks, he would have killed Du Hong more easily. And there was also his Wheel of Life and Death; it could be slightly altered. If it didn't necessarily lead to one life and one death, then it could become his greatest killing ace. Sometimes, what's strong wasn't a skill that could get rid of his opponent at a single go. If his Wheel of Life and Death was able to heavily injure his opponent during a battle, it would also be a supreme sacred art.


    Heaven's Beyond City Square. Outside Mortal Pill House.

    At this instant, thousands of shop owners were gathered here. They were all calling for the House Lord of Mortal Pill House to come and give them an account. Otherwise, they would storm into Mortal Pill House.

    "Castellan, should we go over now?" Hidden at some corner, Lang Bi whispered to Teng Feiyan.

    Teng Feiyan chuckled, "Naturally not. We will wait till the place gets stormed and things get messy. That's when we go over."

    Lou SI was at a loss. Currently, she was the only one in Mortal Pill House. Facing so many shop owners that threatened to charge into Mortal Pill House, it wouldn't be enough even if she activated the killing array.

    "Everyone, listen to me..." Even though Lou Si was nervous, she had to step forward.

    Even though these hotheaded shop owners hadn't charged into Mortal Pill House, Lou Si was clear that it wouldn't be long until that happened. At this point, a tiny spark could incite everyone to flood into Mortal Pill House together.

    Lou Si's words lined with immortal elemental energy slightly stunned the surging crowds. She hurriedly used this opportunity to speak loudly, "My Mortal Pill Hous provides pills for all immortal friends. Other shop owners are jealous of our prosperity, and they can no longer earn their money unscrupulously, which is why they want to attack my Mortal Pill House. If my Mortal Pill House is attacked, there's no need to talk about how everyone would no longer be able to purchase cheap pills. Also, those immortal friends that have already paid would not be able to retrieve their green crystals..."

    After saying this, Lou Si stopped. These words were given to her by Mo Wuji. If these words weren't enough, then she would have to activate the killing array.

    Mo Wuji knew that Lou Si wasn't a good speaker; so he didn't teach her any other words. If it was him, he would still have other words to deter the crowds of shop owners.

    Indeed, the moment Lou Si's words were uttered, the immortals waiting in line outside Mortal Pill House started to get rowdy. They had already paid the green crystals. If Mortal Pill House gets wrecked, then what would happen to their green crystals?

    As these thousands of immortals stood forward, other immortals also joined them. These immortals were those that intend to purchase pills from Mortal Pill House in the future.

    When they saw this scene, the shop owners were instantly dumbfounded. They never thought that Mortal Pill House would have such a strong rallying power.

    None of these people queuing in line was simple; they were all heroes that survived the wars under the Cosmos Wall.

    At this moment, some shop owners started to leave secretly. The number of shop owners was originally lesser than the number of people in the queue. Now that some people left, it immediately sparked a chain effect. In a short time, all the gathered shop owners left.

    With a few words, a violent robbery actually didn't take place.

    Observing from afar, Teng Feiyan had a solemn expression on his face. By his side, Lang Bi sighed in praise, "This House Lord of Mortal Pill House isn't simple. So there was a reason why he had all those in the queue pay ten green crystals."

    Lang Bi was indeed rather impressed. When he saw Lou Si come forward, he thought that she had come to give the shop owners and explanation. However, he knew that Mortal Pill House would never give these shop owners anything. Not only that, Lou Si even turned to scold those shop owners.

    "Lang Bi, if that Mo Wuji returns to the city square, invite him over to the City Hall. I want to meet him." Teng Feiyan didn't respond to Lang Bi's words. Instead, he said some unrelated words.

    "I know of Du Hong. Even though he is an early stage Immortal Emperor, he is infinitesimally close to the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage. I even heard that he had killed an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor with his Spirit Splitting Whip. Even if Mo Wuji was any stronger..." Lang Bi didn't carry on; he knew that Teng Feiyan understood his meaning.

    Teng Feiyan laughed coldly, "That Mo Wuji even knew that these shop owners would try and turn violent. Would he not know of Du Hong's power? Even though he knew of Du Hong's power, he still dared to lure Du Hong out of Heaven's Beyond City Square. Why is that? It isn't that Du Hong is weak; he is the same as me. The two of us wouldn't even place Mo Wuji in our eyes. If it was me, I would also follow Mo Wuji out of the city square if I know that Mo Wuji isn't an Immortal Emperor."

    As an Immortal Emperor, how could Teng Feiyan not know how wide was the chasm between an Immortal Reverent and an Immortal Emperor? If Mo Wuji was really able to get rid of Du Hong as an Immortal Reverent, then he was probably the strongest Immortal Reverent in the entire universe.
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