Chapter 766: Getting Acquainted With The Castellan

    Chapter 766: Getting Acquainted With The Castellan

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    Once Teng Feiyan just finished speaking, Lang Bi received a message. After his spiritual will swept out, his face turned black, "Castellan, Mo Wuji really returned."

    "What?" Teng Feiyan suddenly stood up, shocked.

    Although he guessed that Mo Wuji didn't lure Du Hong away out of fear, and could probably even eliminate Du Hong. However, once Mo Wuji really came back, after such a short period of time, he was still stunned.

    If Mo Wuji returned after many days, it would be likely that Du Hong got tricked before being ambushed by him. But in such a short period of time, which did not even amount to a single day, there was only one possibility: Mo Wuji had fought Du Hong head on and Du Hong was defeated.

    "Invite him over. Tell him that I have something to discuss with him." Teng Feiyan quickly calmed down, and said softly.

    "Roger, I'll ask him to come over now. I'm only worried about whether he will really take up the offer." Lang Bi also became serious. After all, he somewhat feared Mo Wuji in his heart.

    From his perspective, no matter how impressive Mo Wuji was, he wouldn't dare to come to the city hall alone. There was no chance for him to leave this place alive if an ambush was set up here. Moreover, no one would put out their neck for him regarding this issue. Even if he died, he deserved it.

    Teng Feiyan casually commented,"If he doesn't come, it means this person is not worth being acquainted with no matter how impressive he is."

    Seeing Lang Bi leave, Teng Feiyan felt that his strategy might not be the best. If it were any other Pill Emperors who earned a large amount of green crystals, that person wouldn't dare to come to the city hall either. Hence, judging whether Mo Wuji was worth getting to know wasn't very appropriate. Would it be better for him to make a trip in person instead?

    Sc*w it, Teng Feiyan shook his head after hesitating for a moment. Heaven's Beyond Corridor had many capable men, and he, Teng Feiyan, was still an Immortal Emperor after all. It wouldn't be fitting if he went to visit a shop owner.


    "Brother Mo, you're back." Lou Si enthusiastically greeted Mo Wuji as he walked into the pill house. After which, she began recounting what had happened when many people came to attack Mortal Pill House without prompting.

    Even though many immortals that came had made noise then, but all of them were simply a scattered plate of sand in the face of an Immortal Emperor if the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion really decided to attack the Pill House. At that point, they probably would have to leave Heaven's Beyond City Square.

    Thankfully, the Immortal Emperor at Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion was too proud to use such a method and died under Mo Wuji's hands after trying to oppress the Mortal Pill House.

    "House Master Mo, our Castellan has invited you to city hall. Do you have the time to go over?" A male voice echoed out from the pill house's entrance.

    "Lou Si greets Deacon Lang." Lou Si quickly greeted the man that had just arrived.

    She then quickly explained to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo, this is Heaven's Beyond City Square's Deacon Lang Bi. All administrative issues are managed by him."

    Mo Wuji naturally heard of Heaven's Beyond City Square's city hall, and also the Castellan Teng Feiyan. He knew that Teng Feiyan had just advanced to Immortal Emperor not long ago, which meant that the guy would leave Heaven's Beyond City Square soon.

    While he had no dealings with Teng Feiyan, and his shop had been obtained by lawful means, Mo Wuji knew that he could not offend this Castellan if he wanted to continue doing business in Heaven's Beyond City Square.

    "Lou Si, continue collecting immortal herbs and green crystals. I can't delay my visit to the Castellan since he has invited me. I'll be back soon." Mo Wuji made up his mind in an instant.

    "Roger Brother Mo." Lou Si replied.

    "Deacon Lang, please show me the way." Mo Wuji bowed respectfully as he spoke with a chuckle.

    "Ah... Good, House Master Mo please follow me." Lang Bi was prepared to hear Mo Wuji's reject the offer, but never did he expect that Mo Wuji would take it up.

    Who didn't know that this House Master Mo had mountains of treasures on his now? He didn't even know where Mo Wuji's confidence came from. Was Mo Wuji so sure that the Castellan wouldn't attack him?

    Although Mo Wuji was only at elementary Immortal Reverent Stage, he didn't fear Teng Feiyan at all. Teng Feiyan was definitely weaker than the Immortal Emperor from Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion, so what was there to be afraid of?

    Trap arrays? How would a Grade 7 Array Master like himself be afraid of trap arrays?


    In Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion, Pavilion Lord Min Cheng's face had turned rather pale. He just heard that Mortal Pill House's Mo Wuji had just returned only wearing a different set of clothes, and without any injuries at all.

    This wasn't the main issue. The main issue was that Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's Elder Du Hong did not return.

    "What do all of you think is the reason that Elder Du Hong did not return?" Although Min Cheng was questioning both Wen Li and Ran Yushui, his gaze fell on Ran Yushui alone.

    SIghing to himself, Ran Yushui guessed that Elder Du Hong was in trouble. However, she definitely could not bring up such a reason. If nothing had happened to Elder Du Hong while she proposed that something did happen, it would put her in an extremely bad position.

    "I think that Deacon Yushui's worries were founded. It's quite likely that Elder Du Hong was ambushed by Mo Wuji." Wen Li spoke as soon as she thought of this.

    When Ran Yushui saw Min Cheng staring at her, she couldn't help but speak as well, "Mo Wuji came back within a day, and logically speaking, he wouldn't be this fast even if he did ambush Elder Du Hong. Unless he faced Elder Du Hong head on. But Elder Du Hong is an Immortal Emperor expert. No matter how strong Mo Wuji is in Pill Dao, and even if he joins forces with Kuang Jin, they shouldn't gain an upper hand over Elder Du Hong..."

    Ran Yushui didn't complete her sentence. She just didn't know how to carry on.

    "Then why didn't Elder Du Hong return? What should we do now?" Min Cheng probed deeper.

    He didn't know whether they should continue waiting or report this to Mifei Trade Union.

    Ran Yushui and Wen Li stopped speaking. They knew that they would take the fall if this incident wasn't handled properly. If they made a report, and Du Hong was alright, they would have offended Elder Du Hong, on top of being deemed as incompetent. If Du Hong really did meet with some accident and they didn't report it, it wouldn't be much better for them either.

    "I'll go pay that Mo Wuji a visit. Both of you follow me." Min Cheng obviously knew the severity of the situation, so he stood up to say his piece. They could find out more about Elder Du Hong's whereabouts from Mo Wuji.


    "Ha ha, House Master Mo, I've heard great things about you." Teng Feiyan knew that Du Hong had been killed by Mo Wuji the moment he stepped into the city hall with Lang Bi. On top of that, Mo Wuji didn't fear him either. Otherwise, Mo Wuji wouldn't even have made this trip.

    The instant that Mo Wuji entered the city hall, Teng Feiyan decided that he had to get on Mo Wuji's good side. Regardless whether Mo Wuji was an Immortal Emperor, it wasn't easy to have achieved that much at such a young age. Moreover, since he was going to leave the city square soon, it would be beneficial to him if he could make friends with a few more experts. What's more, Mo Wuji was a Tier 8 Pill Emperor too.

    "Mo Wuji greets Castellan Teng." Mo Wuji bowed respectfully.

    "Dispense with the formalities and come over here. Please take a seat." Teng Feiyan guided Mo Wuji to his seat, and took out top grade immortal spiritual wine, pouring a glass for him.

    After all this, Teng Feiyan stood up and downed an entire glass of wine, "I had to attend to an envoy from Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, otherwise, I would have personally paid a visit to House Master Mo at Mortal Pill House. I'm punishing myself with this glass of wine."

    "I don't deserve the honour." Mo Wuji downed his glass of wine without hesitation after finishing his sentence.

    Teng Feiyan was shocked. He was sure that Mo Wuji didn't inspect the wine with spiritual will, and did not check if it was poisoned.

    How did Mo Wuji dare to drink his wine without checking anything? Was this an act of putting too much trust in him, or just pure overconfidence? Thinking back to Mo Wuji's act of bringing Du Hong out of the city square, he quickly determined that Mo Wuji wasn't overconfident, but simply did not fear being poisoned.

    This reinforced Teng Feiyan's determination to befriend House Master Mo. At this moment he regretted not making a trip over to Mortal Pill House instead of inviting Mo Wuji over here.

    "If Brother Mo doesn't mind, please call me Fei Wen. Fei Wen is my Emperor Title." Teng Feiyan spoke with a happy expression on his face, taking the initiative to elevate the relationship between them.

    Replying with a respectful bow, Mo Wuji said, "Roger. I feel very honoured to have received Brother Fei Wen's invitation."

    "Ha ha..." Teng Feiyan chucked, evidently satisfied with Mo Wuji's response, "Will Brother Mo be heading to Heaven's Beyond Cosmos soon?"

    Mo Wuji knew that many people had probably guessed that he intended to leave after earning a significant amount of money, so it wasn't unusual for Teng Feiyan to reach this conclusion. Hence he replied immediately, "Yes, I'm getting ready to go to the Cosmos Communal Domain. I heard that business is better there."

    Teng Feiyan nodded in agreement, "Brother Mo is right. Cosmos Communal Domain is much more suitable for cultivation and long-term stays.Top grade treasures often appear there too. However, it's not easy to get a shop in that gathering place of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos."

    Someone like Teng Feiyan wasn't the kind of person Mo Wuji wanted to become a close friend with. He knew that their relationship was completely built on how strong he was, which meant this wasn't a friend that he could rely on in tough times.

    After hearing Teng Feiyan's comments, a thought popped into Mo Wuji's head. Sometimes, one would have to make a few friends that weren't the kind that would risk their lives for you, but instead find a few that could allow the both of you to benefit. With Teng Feiyan's last sentence, Mo Wuji knew very clearly that he wanted to set up a relationship between them.

    At this point, Mo Wuji quickly stood up, and bowed respectfully once again, "Brother Fei Wen, please guide me."

    With a slight laugh, Teng Feiyan replied, "I don't dare to guide you, but since we have become such good friends, I'll have help you in one way or another. The place that I'm staying at in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos is called the Heaven's Beyond Immortal Alliance. Brother Mo can look for me once you've reached Heaven's Beyond Cosmos."
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