Chapter 767: Kuang Jin Validates His Dao; Pill House Threatened

    Chapter 767: Kuang Jin Validates His Dao; Pill House Threatened

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    Just as Mo Wuji returned to Mortal Pill House, Lou Si announced the visit of Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion's Pavilion Head Min Cheng and his deacons Wen Li and Ran Yushui.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to instruct Lou So to reject them; he had no intentions of seeing these people. He was very clear about what their intentions were; to think that they would go so far in their investigations to directly come to him.

    "Pavilion Head Min, two deacons, my House Master is reaching a critical point in his cultivation. He will not be accepting any guests for the next half a month." Lou Si acknowledged Mo Wuji's instructions, and she went to the outside of the Pill House and directly rejected Min Cheng and co.

    Min Cheng's face turned green in anger. He really wanted to blow Mo Wuji's pill house apart, but unfortunately, he didn't dare to do so.

    There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji might be related to Elder Du's disappearance. Just the recent news that Mo Wuji was a guest of the City Square Castellan for half a day was already a huge deterrent for Min Cheng.

    "Since that's the case, I will visit again half a month later," Min Cheng snorted coldly towards Lou Si, turned, and left.

    "Pavilion Head, I still think we should report to the higher-ups." When she got news that Mo Wuji had formed ties with the Heaven's Beyond City Square's Castellan, Wen Li started to get worried.

    Min Cheng went silent briefly, then he said, "Let's wait for one more day. If we don't receive news from Elder Du after a day, then we would immediately make the report."


    At this time, Mo Wuji was furiously concocting pills. He had already succeeded in becoming a Tier 9 Pill Emperor; his speed in concocting typical pills had soared once more.

    Huge batches of green crystals, peak immortal herbs and smithing materials continuously flowed into Mo Wuji's storage ring.

    The number of orders they were receiving was truly astronomical. Even though Mo Wuji's pill concoction speed had increased multiple times, the number of orders continued to accumulate.

    Although the number of green crystals in his Undying World already exceeded 5 million, Mo Wuji knew that he could not carry on like this. Otherwise, he wouldn't even be able to leave this place two months later.

    Mo Wuji stopped concocting pills and started studying the Star Sea Sacred Technique. The reason behind this was because Mo Wuji wanted to see whether his spiritual will was able to separate into different portions. If his spiritual will could split and operate independently, then he could control two pill furnaces at the same time, or maybe even more.

    Mo Wuji's Immortal Mortal Technique went into reverse circulation through his meridians. As he established this path of the Mortal Dao, he formed his own dao revelation channel...

    Now, as he started to use his Star Sea Sacred Technique to concoct his pills, his dao revelation channel instantly kicked into action.

    Not only could his Star Sea Sacred Technique temper his sea of consciousness, it could also be used to formulate skills and sacred arts. Because of his dao revelation channel, Mo Wuji fell deep into the immersion of his study. He soon lost track of the passage of time.

    Half a month passed in a flash. During this half a month, Mo Wuji didn't concoct a single vase of pills.

    Because Lou Si didn't receive any notifications from Mo Wuji, she continued to receive orders. It was only when the number of immortals waiting outside was enough to form a mountain, did she realise that something was amiss. She no longer dared to receive any further orders.

    She tried to send Mo Wuji messages, but Mo Wuji didn't respond to a single one of them.

    She could also feel dao energy billowing from Mo Wuji's room. It was exactly because of this, that she didn't dare to interrupt Mo Wuji. Interruption was the bane of both cultivation and enlightenment.

    If Lou Si continued accepting orders, but told those immortals that the House Master was in seclusion and that they would have to wait for a period of time, then things wouldn't escalate.

    Unfortunately, Lou Si didn't know much about the human psychology. She directly stopped accepting orders and even switched off the array which generated the queue numbers. Coupled with the fact that not a single pill was produced from Mortal Pill House for half a month, the immortals which had already handed over their green crystals started to get restless.

    Mortal Pill House had a conflict with Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. All of a sudden, Mortal Pill House no longer produced any pills. Could it be that the House Master of Mortal Pill House had already been eliminated by Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion?

    After Lou Si switched off the switch number generating array, those waiting immortals could no longer endure it any further.

    All the immortals that had already paid green crystals started to gather outside Mortal Pill House, hollering for the House Master of Mortal Pill House to give them an explanation.

    The defensive arrays were not attacked, but with more than ten thousand people forming a huge wave at the entrance, Mortal Pill House's arrays started to tremble.

    Lou Si was at a loss for words. With so many people here, each of them only needed to attack once to turn Mortal Pill House into dust.

    "Fellow immortal friends, please be patient. Our House Master is currently researching on a new pill..."

    Bore Lou Si could finish speaking, she was interrupted by an unruly voice, "Deacon Lou, we are all here to request for pills. We don't have any objections to House Master Mo researching on a new pill. But will the pills that we have ordered be given to us?"

    "That's right. We had already paid our green crystals."

    "House Master Mo should at least give us an explanation."


    "Boom!" At the very start, the crowd was only rambling with their words. However, towards the end, some directly started using their magic treasures to attack Mortal Pill House's defensive array.

    "Wait..." Lou Si cried out anxiously, "our House Master is currently in secluded cultivation, he cannot be interrupted. If you are worried about the green crystals that you've paid, I can refund them back to you."

    Lou Si was clear that she had to stop people from attacking the shop.

    Even as she was speaking, several magic treasure lights slammed against the defensive array. The array began to vibrate violently.

    There were two layers of arrays around Mortal Pill House. The first layer was the pre-installed one that came from Heaven's Beyond City Square. This array was very low grade and could be destroyed with a few simple attacks. The second layer was a Grade 7 defensive array installed by Mo Wuji himself. This array had attacking and trapping functions as well; if it was attacked, it would sweep the attacker into the array.

    "We have already waited for so long, who wants your refund? Even if you refund, you need to give us twice the amount. Otherwise, we want our pills."

    "Right, who cares about your refund."

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Lou Si's words incited more violent attacks from the crowd.

    The outer layer of arrays around Mortal Pill House was already of a lower grade. With these tens of attacks landing on it simultaneously, the array emitted a violent cracking sound. The outer layer of arrays around Mortal Pill House started to disintegrate.

    In her anxiety, Lou Si thought of waking Mo Wuji up. That was when an overwhelming aura loomed over. At the same time, a cold snort sounded into everyone's ears, "Who dares to cause a ruckus at my Mortal Pill House?"

    It felt as though the sky was collapsing; everyone felt an immense pressure fall over them; at this instant, they weren't even able to extend their spiritual wills.

    Immortal Emperor expert? That's right, this was definitely an Immortal Emperor expert. Besides an Immortal Emperor, who else could release such a terrifying pressure?

    "Defender Kuang..." Lou Si saw the cultivator that hushed the crowd and cried out in pleasant surprise. Immediately, she came to an understanding that Kuang Jin's validation of his Dao had been successful. Kuang Jin was now a true Immortal Emperor.

    "Junior Sister Lou, I don't like the title of a defender. Just call me senior brother. Exactly what's going on?" Even though it had only been a little over a month, Kuang Jin's way of speaking had a newfound confidence and dignity.

    "Congratulations Senior Brother on verifying your Dao and stepping into the Immortal Emperor Stage." Lou Si hurriedly bowed. Even though Kuang Jin behaved modestly, she, a mere Immortal King, didn't dare to behave disrespectfully in front of an Immortal Emperor.

    Kuang Jin nodded. Even though it had already been more than a month since he stepped into the Immortal Emperor Stage, he still found it hard to suppress that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in his heart.

    It was that feeling one would get when one finally saw the peak of the mountain after arduous and hard work.

    Lou Si hurriedly explained, "Brother Mo suddenly entered seclusion half a month ago. During this half a month, our Mortal Pill House wasn't able to send out any pills. These people here have already paid t-shirts green crystals."

    Kuang Jin instantly understood what was going on. He immediately clasped his fists towards the crowd and said, "Everyone, please wait. I will consult the House Master."

    "Wait, Senior Brother Kuang..." Lou Si hurriedly stopped Kuang Jin, "Big Brother Mo is currently in a state of insight. If we interrupt, I'm afraid it might affect Big Brother Mo's enlightenment."

    Kuang Jin furrowed his brows slightly. Ever since he became an Immortal Emperor, he had a feeling of dignity and nobility. This was natural when one stepped into the Immortal Emperor Stage. It was exactly because of that, that he did not consider why Mo Wuji had not emerged.

    Lou Si's words reminded him that he was still considered Mo Wuji's subordinate. Kuang Jin took in a deep breath. Although it wasn't disgraceful to follow a Tier 9 Pill Emperor, he was still an Immortal Emperor.

    Fortunately, it was only for a Hundred years. Also, when he made his promise, it was under the condition that it would not affect his life or his Dao. If Mo Wuji infringed on that, then he could also leave.

    When he thought about his promise to an Immortal Reverent, and that he had to follow by the side of an Immortal Reverent, Kuang Jin felt some discomfort in his heart. However, since he had already made the promise, he, Kuang Jin, would follow it. To him, a mere hundred years was equivalent to a single secluded cultivation session.

    "Various immortal friends, House Master Mo is still within seclusion. Everyone, please rest assured. I believe that House Master Mo would not allow any of you to leave empty-handed. But if anyone dares to cause a ruckus here, then don't blame me, Kuang Jin, for behaving impolitely." As he was speaking, Kuang Jin released his Immortal Emperor aura. Several cultivators, who had relatively weaker cultivations and were standing too close, directly coughed out blood under this pressure.

    Lou Si sighed. She didn't understand much about Kuang Jin, but she felt that Kuang Jin's methods were undesirable. After all, these people were here to purchase pills, and they had even paid green crystals. Kuang Jin should not have used his cultivation to place pressure on the crowd. The reason why the Mortal Pill House was about to flourish was due to its public praise and reputation.

    "Then what if I want to refund my green crystals?" Someone from within the crowd shouted.

    Which one of the cultivators here didn't crawl out from a sea of corpses? The moment Kuang Jin revealed his aura, most of them knew that Kuang Jin was an Immortal Emperor.

    Now that Mortal Pill House had an Immortal Emperor, no one dared to cause any trouble.

    "Not possible..."

    Just as Kuang Jin said those two words, he heard Lou Si say, "Yes, it's possible. Immortal friends that want a refund can get an additional two green crystals as a compensation. Everyone, please follow the order of your queue number."

    Lou Si finally sighed in relief. Just as she felt that Kuang Jin's attitude was too overbearing, she received Mo Wuji's transmission.

    Mo Wuji's expression was calm. He had just come out with a new sacred art. It was a method of spirit splitting technique. This allows one's spiritual will to split into two. Each spiritual will could independently concoct a batch of pills. Not only that, the split spiritual wills could even simultaneously control two different sacred arts.

    However, at this instant, he wasn't happy. He had seen Kuang Jin's attitude. Now that Kuang Jin had advanced to the Immortal Emperor stage, he probably felt that he got the short end of the bargain by following Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji originally wanted to depend on Kuang Jin to stay here for another month. But now, Mo Wuji decided to change his plans. After settling these orders, he would immediately leave the city square.
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