Chapter 768: Preparing For Battle

    Chapter 768: Preparing For Battle

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    Now that Mortal Pill House had an Immortal Emperor, no one dared to cause a ruckus. Coupled with Lou Si's decision to allow refunds, with each person being reimbursed with two additional green crystals, naturally, no one expressed any dissent.

    In a short time, the crowd queued up in order. They handed over their queue numbers and collected their green crystals.

    However, there was still a portion of immortals who were willing to wait, instead of having their queue fees refunded. To them, ten green crystals were nothing compared to the opportunity of having a Tier 8 Pill Emperor concoct pills for them.

    "Kuang Jin greets the House Master. Many thanks to the House Master for helping me in my validation of my Dao, allowing me to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage." Kuang Jin walked to the entrance of Mo Wuji's pill room and announced emotionally.

    Mo Wuji smiled, "Congratulations Immortal Friend Kuang. I will still need to continue concocting pills for a period of time. During this time, I seek Immortal Friend Kuang's help in taking care of Mortal Pill House."

    "House master, rest assured. As long as Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion doesn't send an intermediate or late stage Immortal Emperor, I, Kuang Jin, will ensure that not even a single blade of grass at the entrance of our Mortal Pill House would be damaged," Kuang Jin said loudly; his voice was filled with immense self-confidence. He also believed that Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion wouldn't send late stage Immortal Emperors.

    "Alright, then I will have to trouble Immortal Friend Kuang." With that, Mo Wuji didn't speak any further.

    Originally, Mo Wuji intended to offer Kuang Jin some Tier 9 pills to stabilise his cultivation. However, Mo Wuji no longer had such intentions.

    Kuang Jin wasn't a person that he could recruit into Ping Fan. Mo Wuji could tell from the way Kuang Jin behaved and spoke. When Kuang Jin returned, he didn't ask Lou Si anything about what Mo Wuji was doing before he directly came to Mo Wuji's pill room.

    Even Lou Si, an Immortal King, knew about the importance of the lack of interruption during a secluded cultivation session. How could Kuang Jin not know about it? His actions were not necessarily intentionally; it was because he had just entered into the Immortal Emperor Stage and his feelings were as high as the clouds. Perhaps, in his subconsciousness, Kuang Jin might have started viewing anyone below the Immortal Emperor Stage as ants.

    Perhaps it was because Kuang Jin had been suppressed for too long, or because Kuang Jin's self-confidence over-inflated since his advancement into the Immortal Emperor Stage; this man no longer wanted to be subordinate to anyone. Mo Wuji didn't need such a person.

    Mo Wuji also knew that it was his fault. Not every Immortal Emperor was like those that escaped from Sword Prison. The Immortal Emperors from Sword Prison, whether it was Wei Zidao, Nie Chongan or Jian Mingcheng, were all people that helplessly danced on the borders of death.

    Because of their experience, they knew that an ordinary Immortal Emperor was nothing special

    Kuang Jin could tell that Mo Wuji's tone was rather cold. He did not mind, however. To him, a hundred years was merely a blink.

    If this was before he advanced into the Immortal Emperor Stage, there was no need to talk about a hundred years, even if it was ten thousand years, he would have accepted it for the True Emperor Pill. But now, he assessed that his value wasn't the same as Immortal Reverent Kuang Jin; it was now the value of an Immortal Emperor Kuang Jin.

    The thousands of immortals that wanted their refunds soon received their immortal crystals and departed from Mortal Pill House.

    The cultivators that continued to wait received better news: House Master Mo was restarting the concoction of pills. As a vase of immortal pills got brought out, these immortals felt incomparably elated.

    When the immortals that received their refunds saw this scene, they were all filled with regrets. They all tried to pay some green crystals to enter the queue. Unfortunately, they received news which left them wallowing in their regrets: Mortal Pill House was no longer accepting any new orders.

    If not for the Immortal Emperor here, those cultivators that received their refunds might even have started a riot.

    In a few short days, Mo Wuji completed all the orders. After which, he resolutely stopped concocting pills.

    Now, he had countless of high-grade immortal herbs, as well as close to seven million green crystals. With so much cultivation resources, what he needed to do now wasn't to help others concoct pills, but to raise his own capabilities.

    "Big Brother Mo, are we going to the Cosmos Communal Domain?" Lou Si asked excitedly when she saw Mo Wuji emerge from his room.

    Kuang Jin also looked at Mo Wuji eagerly. He knew that Mo Wuji had loads of green crystals on him. If Mo Wuji gave him just 20% of the green crystals, then he would be able to fully stabilise his cultivation at the early Immortal Emperor Stage.

    Mo Wuji was just about to speak when the communication bead on his wrist started to glow.

    "Big Brother Mo, is something the matter?" Lou Si was very observant. She noticed that Mo Wuji's face changed when he saw the message.

    "Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion has sent three Immortal Emperors: one late stage, one intermediate stage and one early stage," Mo Wuji's tone was slightly gloomy.

    Kuang Jin's heart started racing. After validating his Dao, his self-confidence expanded greatly. However, he was not an idiot. Even if he was any stronger, he wouldn't be a match for a single one of these three Immortal Emperors.

    He had just advanced to the Immortal Emperor Stage. There was no need to talk about the late and intermediate stage Immortal Emperors; even the early stage Immortal Emperor was not someone he could deal with. Would Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion send a simple Immortal Emperor here?

    "House Master, what should we do now?" Kuang Jin looked towards Mo Wuji worriedly. He was afraid that Mo Wuji didn't know exactly how strong an Immortal Emperor was, and that Mo Wuji would try to use this killing array to deal with them.

    "What do the two of you think?" Mo Wuji didn't directly answer the question. He was also slightly confused; this response by Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion seemed to be too fast.

    Kuang Jin said solemnly, "Mifei Trade Union is very powerful. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been able to set up a foothold in Heaven's Beyond City Square. This time, they sent three Immortal Emperors. I feel that we should leave the city square as soon as possible."

    In Kuang Jin's perspective, it would already be pretty amazing for Mifei Trade Union to send two ordinary Immortal Emperors. He truly didn't expect that Mifei Trade Union would send three Immortal Emperors at one go, and there was even a late stage Immortal Emperor among them. This was because he didn't know Mo Wuji had already killed an Immortal Emperor from Mifei Trade Union.

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly in his heart. If they left the city square, and if he was truly an ordinary Immortal Reverent, then it would be equivalent to a dead end for Lou Si and him. Kuang Jin was an Immortal Emperor, so he would be able to escape off on his own. Mo Wuji did not believe that Kuang Jin would stay with the two of them and try to protect them.

    He believed that Kuang Jin did not know of him killing an Immortal Emperor from Mifei Trade Union; Kuang Jin might not even know that he befriended Teng Feiyan. Otherwise, Kuang Jin wouldn't behave so arrogantly in front of him.

    Lou Si didn't say a word. She knew that even if she stayed or fled, she was basically an existence equivalent to cannon fodder.

    Mo Wuji retrieved a storage ring and handed it to Lou Si, "Lou Si, bring this and find Castellan Teng Feiyan."

    "House Master, you're looking to the Castellan for help?" Kuang Jin asked in shock. He was sure that Mo Wuji's plan would definitely fail; Teng Feiyan definitely wouldn't step into such dirty waters.

    Lou Si received the ring. She looked at Mo Wuji worriedly and said, "Big Brother Mo, I'm afraid this is not possible. Even if you give these things to him, it's probably..."

    Lou Si didn't continue any further; both Mo Wuji and Kuang Jin could understand the meaning behind her words. She was implying that even if they gave everything in the ring to the City Hall's Castellan, it would not be enough to move Teng Feiyan.

    "Just bring it over," Mo Wuji said simply. Thereafter, he transmitted a message to Lou Si, "There are two jade letters in the storage ring. One is for you, while the other is for Teng Feiyan. Take a look at your jade letter before heading to the City Hall."

    "Yes." When Lou Si heard Mo Wuji's transmission, she immediately responded and promptly sped out of the pill house. She did not believe that Mo Wuji would try to harm her.

    The moment Lou Si left, Mo Wuji immediately retrieved some array flags and threw them out.

    "House Master, we're going to stay here to fight with those three Immortal Emperors?" Seeing Mo Wuji install the array flags, how could Kuang Jin not know what was on Mo Wuji's mind? He asked that question in shock.

    "Right. When they come, I will be in charge of controlling the array. Listen to my instructions. You can rest assured. Even if we aren't a match for them, we would be able to escape," Mo Wuji said solemnly.

    The instant he heard Mo Wuji's tone, Kuang Jin knew that Mo Wuji was firm with his decision. He sighed. Fortunately, he had already stepped into the Immortal Emperor Stage. If they weren't able to deal with their opponents, he would still be able to escape. When he made his promise, he said that he would no longer keep his promise if his life was in danger. Mo Wuji had not stepped into the Emperor Stage, so he wouldn't know about the strength of an Immortal Emperor, what more a late stage one?


    With her fastest speed, Lou Si charged out Mortal Pill House, then she sent her spiritual will into the storage ring.

    There was a mountain of green crystals within the ring, approximately 100-200 thousand of them. There were also ten jade vases and some jade letters labelled "Sacred Arts and Skills".

    Lou Si had depended entirely on herself for cultivation. Ever since she started helping Mo Wuji, she hadn't even cultivation, nor did she have any cultivation resources. Now, with so much cultivation resources placed in front of her, her heart could not help but pound furiously. What she worked so hard to earn in her entire life was not even a fraction of what was in front of her.

    However, she was very clear that these cultivation resources weren't for her; they should be for Castellan Teng Feiyan. Previously, Mo Wuji had saved her twice. Regardless whether the Castellan helped them or not, she would deliver these items.

    Thereafter, Lou Si took out the jade letter that Mo Wuji wrote her. Mo Wuji's spiritual will imprint on the jade letter wrote: "Lou Si, many thanks for the help you've provided me. The cultivation resources in this ring are for you, not for anyone else. According to my original plans, I intend to bring you to Heaven's Beyond Cosmos after I finish concocting the pills. However, our current opponents are too strong; it would be hard for me to protect myself. If we flee immediately, I might not be able to take care of you.

    Thus, I had you first go to the City Hall. I have some ties with Castellan Teng. He would soon be heading to Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. I believe that he would bring you over."

    Mo Wuji was also very helpless. If there were only two Immortal Emperors, perhaps he could have gotten Lou Si to stay. But now there were three Immortal Emperors. He was only an early stage Immortal Reverent, while Kuang Jin wasn't willing to fight with his life on the line. If they weren't a match for the three Immortal Emperors, he would flee towards the desert wasteland. That's why it would be hard for him to protect Lou Si.

    Teng Feiyan was a Castellan. Now that they had some ties, Mo Wuji believed that Teng Feiyan would be willing to help with such a favour.

    It wasn't much trouble for the City Square's Castellan to bring Lou Si to Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. This casual action would earn a favour from Mo Wuji. Unless Teng Feiyan's previous invitation was false, Mo Wuji believed that this definitely wasn't a problem. Moreover, the one that told him the news about the three Immortal Emperors was exactly Teng Feiyan.

    Lou Si kept the jade letter with a blank expression on her face. She just realised that the mountain of cultivation resources was hers.

    Previously, Big Brother Mo did say that he would leave a portion of cultivation resources for her. However, Lou Si would never have expected such an extravagant amount.
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