Chapter 769: One Versus Three

    Chapter 769: One Versus Three

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    Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. Pavilion Head Min Cheng, Wen Li and Ran Yushui were standing respectfully by the side.

    Sitting at the central position were two men and one woman. The one at the centre of the three was a man with triangle shaped eyes. His age was not discernible; he had ashy red hair; his aura was surging, and there seemed to be an indescribable dao energy revolving around him.

    On this red-haired man's left was a middle-aged woman who simply looked average, while on his right was a slightly pudgy old man.

    Min Cheng stood by the side, his heart was palpitating in unrest. Wen Li and Ran Yushui only knew these three as Immortal Emperors from Mifei Trade Union. He, however, knew more.

    This was especially so for the ashy-red-haired man in the centre. His name was Ou Zhaohe, and he was reputed to have an explosive temper. If you behave against his wishes, then there was only death for you. His cultivation was the strongest among the three; he was in the late Immortal Emperor Stage.

    Min Cheng had once heard that Ou Zhaohe once explored a ruins with a long-time friend. However, because they didn't agree with how they were going to split the treasures, Ou Zhaohe directly killed that friend. Because of that incident, everyone knew that this man was ruthless. Within Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, the number of immortals killed by him was more than one's hands could count.

    That middle-aged woman was second among the three; she was an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor. Min Cheng only knew this woman's name was Ling Rong. Back then, to validate her dao, she killed everyone that she had close ties with. Don't simply look at her sunken eyes and her innocuous appearance, this woman was a devil who would be willing to do anything in her pursuit of cultivation.

    Min Cheng only wasn't very familiar with that pudgy old man; he only knew that the old man's name was De Pingsha.

    "You're sure that after Du Hong left the city square with Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji returned by himself half a day later?" The one speaking was Ou Zhaohe.

    Min Cheng hurriedly and respectfully replied, "Answering the Elder. That's exactly the case.

    Ou Zhaohe nodded, then he stood up, "Let's go. I want to see how many heads and arms does this Mo Wuji have. To think he actually ambushed an Immortal Emperor of my Mifei Trade Union."

    Ou Zhaohe was clearly the leader among the three Immortal Emperors. With Ou Zhaohe standing up, the other two also followed suit.

    "Three Elders, that Kuang Jin is already an Immortal Emperor." Ran Yushui's cultivation was the lowest. Originally, she didn't have the rights to talk. But when she saw Elder Ou completely disregarding Mo Wuji, she could not help but say that sentence.

    Back then, Du Hong also underestimated Mo Wuji. As a result, it was still unknown whether Du Hong was alive or not.

    "Only a living Immortal Emperor is a true Immortal Emperor." Ou Zhaohe's voice was icy cold.

    There was no need to talk about a mere early stage Immortal Emperor. Even if he was facing another late-stage Immortal Emperor, he, Ou Zhaohe, had nothing to fear.


    "House Master, I'm worried that the two of us might not be able to hold for long." Kuang Jin's worry could be heard in his voice. If Mo Wuji decided to go through with this, there might be a possibility that they could be trapped and that he wouldn't be able to escape. He, Kuang Jin, did indeed promise to serve Mo Wuji for a hundred years, but he didn't promise to sell his life.

    Mo Wuji handed an array flag to Kuang Jin and said, "Immortal Friend Kuang, I installed all the arrays around here. Even if we aren't able to match them, we still have a chance to escape. That array flag is the Life Gate Flag. If a threat arises, you can throw that flag and escape from the Life Gate.

    Facing three Immortal Emperors, Mo Wuji couldn't ensure that he would have the chance to remind Kuang Jin to flee. If the case really called for it, he didn't want to obstruct Kuang Jin's escape.

    It was true that he had battled several Grand Emperors before; however, those sorts of battles were meaningless to him. This was because he didn't even have a chance to resist.

    "Alright." Kuang Jin accepted Mo Wuji's array flag and heaved a sigh of relief.

    Seeing Mo Wuji continue to install various array flags, Kuang Jin had to initiate the question, "House Master, are you able to lend me some green crystals. I had only just advanced to the Immortal Emperor Stage and I haven't properly stabilized my cultivation."

    "Of course I can..."

    Just as Mo Wuji uttered those four words, the outer layer of arrays trembled loudly.

    Kuang Jin looked at Mo Wuji anxiously. How could Mo Wuji not know what this fella was thinking? This fella was waiting for him to hand over the cultivation resources.

    Mo Wuji laughed ruefully in his heart. This fella took his True Emperor Pill and hadn't done anything for him, now this fella wants green crystals too?

    Moreover, even if Mo Wuji was to give Kuang Jin some green crystals, it should be Mo Wuji that raised the matter; it was not something that Kuang Jin should take the initiative to suggest. Back when he recruited Kuang Jin, he didn't say anything about providing Kuang Jin with cultivation resources; he only said that he would help Kuang Jin step into the Immortal Emperor Stage.

    As long as Kuang Jin helps him wholeheartedly, would he treat Kuang Jin unfairly?

    "Immortal Friend Kuang Jin, focus your attack on my red array flag." As Mo Wuji instructed, he had already thrown out multiple array flags, one of them was a red array flag.

    In reality, when Mo Wuji said those four words, he already knew that Mifei Trade Union's Immortal Emperors had already arrived. Since he had already eliminated an Immortal Emperor from Mifei Trade Union, he guessed that these Immortal Emperors would not bother negotiating with him, but directly attack him.

    The truth revealed that his guess was right. That late stage Immortal Emperor directly attacked his outer layer of arrays.

    "This trap array's grade is not low..." The moment Ou Zhaohe attacked, Ling Rong muttered in shock.

    She, herself, was knowledgeable in arrays. She was a Grade 5 Immortal Array Master.

    Ou Zhaohe sneered, "So what if there's a trap array? A mere ant also wants to use a trap array..."

    Ou Zhaohe's voice stopped abruptly. He discovered that his position had suddenly changed. He was surrounded by a hazy mist and there was faint killing intent flowing all around him.

    "This is a Grade 7 killing array. Everyone, follow me and attack the same spot. We will reorganise ourselves after we get out..." Ou Zhaohe's face had already turned unsightly.

    Previously, he was sure that Mo Wuji wasn't a high-grade array master. Mo Wuji was an Immortal Reverent, a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, and it was even said that Mo Wuji's age was not big. Even if Mo Wuji was an even greater genius, he couldn't be both an array master and a Pill Emperor at the same time. This was because an array master was a profession that requires much time. Without years of accumulated experience, it was hard for an array master to advance in grade. It was even harder than being a pill refiner.

    This was especially so for Grade 7 and above. Arrays of these grades required countless complex dao energy and peak grade materials. They even required the overlay of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. Even if it was an Immortal Emperor that wanted to become a Grade 7 array master, he would require years of experience, and at the same time, he would need to have greater insights to the Dao than an average person.

    For these three people, any arrays below Grade 7 were simply dismissable. However, this array in front of them was exactly a Grade 7 killing array. This was out of their expectations.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The three attacked at the same spot simultaneously. The entire space around them began to resound with violent tremors. Before the three could react, a fire-red radiant blade came slashing towards them.

    "This is not right. This isn't merely a killing array; it is also a trap array and an illusion array..." Ling Rong was a Grade 5 Immortal Array Master. Even though she was unable to install a Grade 7 array, she did know about it.

    Even if Ling Rong didn't mention it, Ou Zhaohe also knew that this array was not simple. The Mysterious Yang Seal within his hand transformed into a huge mountain and it came crashing out.

    "Kacha!" A light, crisp sound could be heard. Kuang Jin's heart tightened. Before he could see what caused that sound, a mountain-like seal came crashing towards his Ba Gua Flame Blade.

    "Pff!" Kuang Jin coughed fresh blood out on the spot. Before Mo Wuji could hand him healing pills, he threw out the array flag in his hand. A bright light appeared; Kuang Jin dashed towards the light and disappeared without a trace.

    In merely a single move, he was injured. Moreover, from that immortal elemental energy rebound that he received, he could tell that his opponent was definitely far stronger than him. Kuang Jin was sure that if he continued staying here, he would simply be waiting for his death. Moreover, he had just heard a crisp cracking sound. Why would Kuang Jin dare to stay any longer? That cracking sound was clearly the sound of this array breaking.

    This matter would threaten his life. He, Kuang Jin, only offered to help Mo Wuji for hundred years. He did not sell his life to Mo Wuji.

    When Kuang Jin fled, ten radiant blades from the killing array sped towards Ou Zhaohe. Deep bloodied scars lacerated across Ou Zhaohe's body. Ou Zhaohe hurriedly retreated.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji's face turned green in anger. He knew that Kuang Jin would definitely flee. However, he didn't expect that Kuang Jin would flee before the battle even started proper. If Kuang Jin had stayed, he would definitely have maimed Ou Zhaohe.

    Unfortunately, the truth remains that Kuang Jin had fled. He could only slash out with his own Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    This was Mo Wuji's own killing array, but even he didn't dare to attack with his Half Moon Weighted Halberd in a wanton manner. If Kuang Jin was the one to attack, he would be there to control the array flags. But now that Kuang Jin had fled, he couldn't control the killing array as he attacked. This caused a huge fall in efficacy.

    "Boom!" The halberd light descended heavily on Ou Zhaohe's Mysterious Black Seal. However, it only caused some superficial injuries on Ou Zhaohe's body.

    "Go all out. That Immortal Emperor has escaped." The moment Kuang Jin left, Ling Rong detected it. Her Pure Yin Ribbon transformed into rings which tried to wrap around Mo Wuji.

    De Pingsha also didn't miss this opportunity; his Shadow Spirit Claw slashed outwards.

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk. He threw another array flag out. The array in front of them changed once more; this time, boundless lightning came descending towards the three Immortal Emperors.

    Fortunately, this was his own array. If it wasn't, Mo Wuji could only flee at this moment.

    He suddenly felt a huge pressure in the space around him. Thereafter, Mo Wuji saw ring shadows coming towards to him. Before he could dodge, the Shadow Spirit Claw ripped a hole in his chest.

    Mo Wuji howled loudly. He knew that he could only defend himself. Today, there was no need to talk about killing; it was going to be a problem for him to even flee.
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