Chapter 770: Crazy Battle Method

    Chapter 770: Crazy Battle Method

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    Within the array, Mo Wuji shot out a Yin Yang Seal. At the same time, he threw out ten array flags.

    A deathly energy instantly swept across this space.

    "What sacred art is this?" Ou Zhaohe looked at the space in front of him in aghast. He even forgot that his Mysterious Yang Seal had already injured Mo Wuji.

    The space in front of him had turned greyish-white; one side was life and the other was death. The greyish-white started to revolve; he felt like his life was tied in the revolving wheel of life and death. At any instant, his life could get sucked away by that death energy, but at the same time, he could also see a path of life within that greyish whiteness.

    Ling Rong and De Pingsha didn't sense the space of life and death. However, they did feel a terrifying and threatening aura. It felt like the space around them was going to break apart at the very next instant.

    If they could leave, they would have already have fled. Even De Pingsha, who just injured Mo Wuji was his claw, frantically retrieved his attack-type treasure and brought out a defensive-type clock.

    As long as they weren't fools, they would know that Mo Wuji was trying to pit his life on the line. This was the self-explosion of a Grade 7 immortal array, and multiple joined Grade 7 immortal arrays at that.

    If there was a choice, Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't have chosen to detonate his Grade 7 immortal arrays. This was a series of arrays; even though his physique was at God Physique Level 7, he might not necessarily be able to defend it. As for hiding in his own world, Mo Wuji didn't dare to attempt it. His world wasn't even perfected. Facing the self-explosion of Grade 7 immortal arrays, he wasn't sure that his world would be able to withstand it. He also didn't want to try.

    His world could only be formed once. If his world was destroyed, it was highly unlikely that he would be able to recreate another world. Even if he could recreate another world, Mo Wuji still wouldn't want to try it. All his goodies were in his Undying World; if it was destroyed, he would have to start over from the beginning.

    If he must dodge this self-explosion of this chain of Grade 7 immortal arrays, it was not as though he didn't have any methods; he had his page of the Book of Luo. However, he couldn't dodge. He was sure that this chain explosion definitely wouldn't kill the three Immortal Emperors. If he wanted to get rid of these fellas, he needed to attack during the explosion. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any meaning in the self-explosion. Even if he had the Book of Luo to protect himself, he couldn't hide in the Book of Luo forever.

    It was exactly because Ou Zhaohe's threat was the largest, Mo Wuji decided to use his Wheel of Life and Death on Ou Zhaohe as he started to detonate his killing array.

    As the Wheel of Life and Death enveloped Ou Zhaohe, Ou Zhaohe also brought out a defensive-type treasure. His Mysterious Yang Seal also fiercely stamped towards Mo Wuji.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The connected chain of Grade 7 immortal arrays exploded. A terrifying blast was swept up!

    Also at this instant, the Wheel of Life and Death locked onto Ou Zhaohe; Ou Zhaohe's life force was rapidly being sucked away.

    At this point, Ou Zhaohe realised that he had committed a stupid mistake. Just now, he should not have attacked Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's Wheel of Life and Death was clearly a sacred art that resulted in one life and one death. If he didn't have the capability to eliminate Mo Wuji, he should have focused on defending himself.

    If he defended himself, Mo Wuji would suffer the rebound of his own sacred art. With Mo Wuji's abilities, coupled with the self-explosion of the arrays, it was clearly not possible for him to eliminate Mo Wuji. The best option for him was to strengthen his defences. However, he diverted a portion of his attention to attack Mo Wuji. If this was not stupid, then what was?

    Space started to tremble; there were even minute spatial tears being torn open. Mo Wuji was a peak grade Grade 7 Immortal Array Master, and he was controlling the explosion from within the array itself, and it was even the explosion of a chain of Grade 7 immortal arrays. Thus, the threat of this explosion was even stronger than an average Grade 8 immortal array.

    Ou Zhaohe was Mo Wuji's first target. During the process of the explosion, Mo Wuji even used his Wheel of Life and Death on Ou Zhaohe. As Ou Zhaohe's life force was rapidly being sucked away, the explosion came.

    "Kacha!" Ou Zhaohe's Mysterious Yang Seal landed on Mo Wuji's Book of Luo. The Book of Luo had not been completely refined, so when it was struck by Ou Zhaohe's Mysterious Yang Seal, a tiny fracture actually appeared on it. A boundless explosive force came surging towards Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji's mouth open and an arrow of blood shot out; his bones began to shatter inch by inch.

    If it was any other random immortal, he would have immediately activated his Book of Luo to place the self-explosion of the arrays outside of his defences. However, Mo Wuji actually charged out of the Book of Luo's defences. As the deathly energy from the Wheel of Life and Death and the destructive power of the self-explosion reaped away at Mo Wuji's life force, Mo Wuji still continued to punch outwards.

    When Mo Wuji gained enlightenment on the Wheel of Life and Death, his cultivation was very low. Even though he had continued to receive further insights, his Wheel of Life and Death was still not perfected. Against Ou Zhaohe, who had a vastly higher cultivation than him, the deathly energy of the Wheel of Life and Death began to rebound back against him. This was despite the fact that Ou Zhaohe had tried to attack him. If Ou Zhaohe didn't, then he, Mo Wuji, would have been dead the moment his Wheel of Life and Death came into presence. Even if he had his vitality channel, it wouldn't have been enough to save him.

    Ou Zhaohe had promptly brought out a defensive treasure, and the grade of his defensive treasure was not low either. However, under the self-explosion of Mo Wuji's arrays, his treasure still broke apart. At this time, his bones were also being shattered inch by inch. Ou Zhaohe knew that he no longer had the ability to attack.

    Still, Ou Zhaehe sighed in relief; he knew that his life was preserved. Because he had managed to defend against the deathly intent sucking away at his life force; his life force wasn't depleting at the same terrifying rate as before.

    At the same time, he saw Mo Wuji's Book of Luo. His heart only began to burn with greater fervour. To even have a treasure like the Book of Luo. From the looks of it, he didn't lose out by being sent to Heaven's Beyond City Square.

    In his eyes, under this sort of explosion, Mo Wuji would definitely hide inside the Book of Luo. After this sacred art and this self-explosion fully ended, he would immediately eliminate Mo Wuji and steal all his treasures.

    Ou Zhaohe's thoughts only got to this point. He suddenly felt a terrifying burst of immortal elemental energy rushing towards him. Moreover, he still hadn't retrieved his Mysterious Yang Seal yet; his defensive treasure had just been destroyed and he hadn't recovered from his injuries.

    That was when he saw Mo Wuji keeping the Book of Luo, and looking like a man of blood, Mo Wuji's fist came towards him. The force of the self-explosion continuously tore away flesh from Mo Wuji's body. However, the killing intent within Mo Wuji's eyes left Ou Zhaohe shaking in fear.

    Was this a madman? Under the self-explosion of a chain of Grade 7 immortal arrays, he actually chose to keep his defensive treasure, the Book of Luo?

    Just give him one breath's time. He only needed one breath of time and he could seal the deathly energy from the Wheel of Life and Death, then counterattack Mo Wuji.

    Unfortunately, there was no need to talk about one breath; Mo Wuji didn't even give him half a breath. At this point, the Domain Crushing Fist had already shattered his already-broken domain and landed on his body.

    "Kacha!" Ou Zhaohe could clearly hear the sound of his body crumbling. A hint of despair flashed across his eyes. If he knew that he was going to be killed by a puny Immortal Reverent, he definitely wouldn't have come to this place. Even if he did, he wouldn't have gotten himself trapped in this array. At this instant, he completely understood why Du hong didn't return. It was because Du Hong had already been killed by this person.

    He also understood why Mo Wuji dared to keep his Book of Luo. This person was definitely a physique temperer with a late stage God Physique. Why would a late stage God Physique holder not have cultivation resources? Why would he actually hide in a place like this and open a shop? This madman...

    "Let me go, I have some words to say..." Ou Zhaohe's body completely collapsed and a primordial spirit appeared.

    Mo Wuji didn't even mutter half a word. A lightning spear shot out and Ou Zhaohe's primordial spirit was completely burnt.

    At the same instant, Mo Wuji didn't stop to pick up the storage ring on the floor. Instead, his Half Moon Weighted Halberd came slashing towards Ling Rong.

    According to Mo Wuji's plan, he would immediately eliminate the early stage Immortal Emperor De Pingsha after Ou Zhaohe. However, while De Pingsha had a lower cultivation, his defensive treasure was better than Ling Rong's. Even though the explosion of the Grade 7 immortal arrays destroyed his defensive treasure, he only received heavy injuries.

    Thereafter, he charged out of the exploding array and activated his escape art. He had disappeared without a trace.

    Mo Wuji also heaved a sigh of relief. If De Pingsha didn't flee, he, Mo Wuji, definitely wouldn't be able to act against Ling Rong. However, he also knew whey De Pingsha would choose to flee. It was because just as De Pingsha struggled free from the exploding array, he saw Mo Wuji killing Ou Zhaohe with a single punch. De Pingsha had been shocked into fear.

    Since De Pingsha had already escaped, Mo Wuji naturally attacked Ling Rong. It wasn't that he didn't want to flee, but that he was worried that he couldn't flee. At this instant, his body was heavily injured. If he chose to flee, he would definitely be found by this intermediate stage Immortal Emperor. This place was the Heaven's Beyond Corridor; he did not think that he was more familiar than his opponent regarding its geography.

    More importantly, he still had a storage ring which he hadn't pick up. This was the ring of a late stage Immortal Emperor in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. He was sure that the things inside wouldn't be bad. Additionally, Lou Si hadn't left the city square yet. If he fled, who knows whether Teng Feiyan might choose to turn against him and offer Lou Si to this woman?

    His only choice was to triumph in battle. Even if he didn't see Teng Feiyan, Teng Feiyan would fear him.

    "Pff!" Ling Rong's defensive treasure had been exploded by the array's destruction; she opened her mouth and coughed out a mouthful of blood. Even though she was an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor, her physique wasn't as freakish as Mo Wuji's. As the array exploded, she was injured heavily.

    Fortunately, the power from the self-explosion started to wane. Before she could even catch her breath, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd came descending down.

    Ling Rong cursed in her heart. If De Pingsha hadn't fled, she was sure that they would be able to get rid of Mo Wuji. It was because Mo Wuji was also heavily injured; she could see it clearly. However, the truth remains that De Pingsha had fled, leaving her to fend against Mo Wuji by herself.

    An immense halberd light came cleaving downwards; Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain also wrapped around Ling Rong fiercely.

    If this was before, Mo Wuji would have some apprehensions in his attacks. He wouldn't want to damage Heaven's Beyond City Square territory. But now, it was the Immortal Emperors from Mifei Trade Union that initiated the attack. He no longer had any reason to be reserved. As for whether the other shops would be destroyed by his halberd light, Mo Wuji didn't give a sh*t about that. These other shops have always been trying to strike him when he's down, why would he need to care about them?

    He also wasn't afraid that the city hall would find him for trouble. If the city hall was to find someone to blame, it should be Mifei Trade Union.
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