Chapter 771: Destruction Of The City Square

    Chapter 771: Destruction Of The City Square

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    "Courting death!" Ling Rong shrilled. She ignored that all her clothes had already been ripped to shreds as the Pure Yin Ribbon in her hand transformed into a space of cold Yin. She wanted to seal Mo Wuji within her space, capture him, then tear his body inch by inch and burn his soul bit by bit.

    "Bang!" The Half Moon Weighted Halberd's lofty halberd light slammed against the cold Yin space. The halberd light tore a hole in the space, but this hole was soon mended.

    Ling Rong coughed out a mouthful of vital blood, and her Pure Yin Ribbon suddenly exploded and transformed into millions of tiny Yin threads. This threads disregarded Mo Wuji's whirlpool array as they rapidly tried to wrap the space around Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's heart went cold. He was currently heavily injured, his cultivation was far from Ling Rong's, and the explosion from the arrays had already dissipated. Logically, this woman only needed to stabilise herself and she would be able to trap him. He didn't expect that this woman would actually burn her vital blood just to deal with him. Not only was she cautious, she was also relentless.

    An overwhelming sense of danger came to him. Mo Wuji had a premonition that if his opponent's Yin threads penetrated into his body, even if it was only one, he would die. Now, his opponent's millions of Yin threads had already started to wrap around his domain. If he didn't do anything, he would definitely fall into this woman's hands.

    This woman was even crazier than him; it was best if he fled for now.

    Mo Wuji's figure flashed as he tried to escape. Back when he was in the cultivation world, he already had an understanding towards Spatial Teleportation. Now that he was an Immortal Reverent, his insights only got even more profound.

    However, Mo Wuji was soon dumbfounded. The space around him had actually been sealed by those boundless Yin threads. His whirlpool domain wasn't the only thing being melted, the Yin energy seemed to even melt the Laws of Space around this area.

    Mo Wuji could no longer try to teleport. At this instant, Mo Wuji also ignited his life force and his longevity. His skin instantly turned old and his hair turned grey.

    His endless killing intent and halberd light merged to form a deathly pale sun. Those boundless Yin threads began to rapidly melt.

    Sacred Art - Setting Sun!

    After Mo Wuji advanced to the Immortal King Stage, he understood why the Setting Sun wasn't as powerful as he had imagined. There wasn't anything wrong with the sacred art itself, but that his immortal elemental energy wasn't sufficient and he didn't spend enough time understanding it.

    At this instant, he ignited his longevity and his vital blood. His time began to burn and his immortal elemental energy instantly condensed. The Setting Sun appeared, and on the spot, it began to melt Ling Rong's Yin threads.

    Even though Mo Wuji's Setting Sun hadn't reached the intent-level, the merger of Mo Wuji's rapidly vanishing time and the incomplete sun was able to create a beautiful but deadly dao will.

    Ling Rong started to get flustered. She seemed to see a future where she was no longer able to reach higher levels and she was at the ends of her longevity; she saw the emotions which she believed she had severed. Ultimately, she was still unable to avoid the corrosion of time, and she was unable to validate her Emotionless Dao.

    Under that beautiful setting sun, no matter how determined she was, no matter how resolute she was, she was still just another speck of dust.

    This was a sacred art which burned one's time; she was grossly unable to defend against it. She had already been crazy with her methods, but this Mo Wuji was even crazier than her.

    Hurry and flee!

    Ling Rong no longer cared about killing Mo Wuji. Her Pure Yin Ribbon re-condensed as she tried to forcefully open a path of retreat.

    Mo Wuji's hair continued to turn increasingly white and his body withered increasingly. It was as though he didn't notice Ling Rong's Pure Yin Ribbon ripping a passage under his Setting Sun's domain. He even closed his eyes as he casually formed a seal of the Wheel of Life and Death.

    The seal descended, trapping Ling Rong.

    The Wheel of Life and Death; one lives and one dies.

    At this instant, Ling Rong knew that she shouldn't have tried to escape. She should have pitted her life against Mo Wuji. She could sense that Mo Wuji's Wheel of Life and Death wasn't perfect. If she hadn't tried to flee, she could have caused the Wheel of Life and Death to rebound against Mo Wuji.

    Unfortunately, in this sort of battle, even the smallest of mistakes could not be compensated.

    A fierce expression flashed across Ling Rong's face. At this instant, she didn't try to defend against the Setting Sun, nor did she try to prevent that seal of life and death which continued to extract her life force.

    Instead, she gathered her immortal elemental energy and also started burning her life force.

    Death energy instantly filled the air. Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes and his withered and pale face turned even whiter. He didn't expect that this woman would actually stay behind and even attempt to self-explode. Was this mad woman learning from him?

    Logically, if this woman fled, he might not necessarily be able to retain her primordial spirit.

    At this point, how could Mo Wuji dare to waste even a single breath of time? He didn't even have time to bring out his Book of Luo? He hurriedly picked up the storage ring on the floor and prepared to use his Wind Escape Technique. This woman could explode by herself; he was not going to accompany her to the grave.

    "Boom!" Mortal Pill House exploded; everything was completely torn apart.

    The shop was destroyed thoroughly. Some of the spectators who were too close were directly burned to death. With the naked eye, one could see the rate of destruction. The destruction was still spreading. The self-destruction of an Immortal Emperor was enough to destroy planets with relatively weaker Laws.

    Countless of immortals tried to flee. However, there were large amounts of them with lower cultivations who weren't able to escape in time; they were all swept up in the self-explosion of an Immortal Emperor.

    Immediately after, Teng Feiyan, who was spectating from afar, came to visit the huge ditch formed during the battle. He had an unsightly expression on his face as he looked at this deep gorge; his heart was filled with shock and coldness.

    Ever since Mo Wuji sent Lou Si to him, he had been spectating the battle from afar.

    He saw it all.

    Mo Wuji's activation of the trap array which trapped the three Immortal Emperors, Kuang Jin's escape, Mo Wuji's self-explosion of his arrays and his use of a terrifying sacred art to kill Ou Zhaohe, De Pingsha's escape, Mo Wuji's battle with Ling Rong, Ling Rong's eventual self-explosion, Mo Wuji's disappearance, Heaven's Beyond City Square's destruction...

    In reality, when Lou Si came to find him, he intended to hand Lou Si off to Mifei Trade Union. He was sure that Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to fend off the three Immortal Emperors from Mifei Trade Union. If Mo Wuji dies, the ties between them would no longer be there.

    But the reality showed that even though Mo Wuji was facing three Immortal Emperors by himself, and regardless of his strategies, Mo Wuji had the individual power to kill an Immortal Emperor.

    The result of that battle was the death of two out of three of Mifei Trade Union's Immortal Emperors. Mo Wuji, himself, didn't die.

    Now, Mo Wuji had disappeared without a trace. Teng Feiyan was sure that it wasn't because Mo Wuji's body had been disintegrated till it couldn't be seen, but because Mo Wuji had fled far away.

    Originally, Teng Feiyan was confused as to why Mo Wuji chose to stay behind and battle the three Immortal Emperors. He believed that since Mo Wuji hadn't advanced to the Immortal Emperor Stage, he should have disguised himself and fled. He really couldn't understand the reason behind Mo Wuji's actions.

    But now, he understood. Mo Wuji didn't only want to teach Mifei Trade Union a lesson, Mo Wuji also wanted to show him, Teng Feiyan, about what he could do.

    Teng Feiyan released a long sigh. Whether Mo Wuji wanted him to see the battle or not, he wasn't going to touch Lou Si. From the beginning, Lou Si had never been an important figure. There was no need for him to offend a genius like Mo Wuji for an unimportant Lou Si.

    That fella was even able to kill Ou Zhaohe, a late-stage Immortal Emperor. There was no wonder why he was able to return so quickly during the previous time with Du Hong. He, Teng Feiyan, had only just advanced to the immortal Emperor Stage. He probably wasn't even placed in Mo Wuji's eyes.

    "Castellan Teng, House Master Mo... he..." Lou Si carefully walked to Teng Feiyan's back; her tone was filled with respect.

    Teng Feiyan waved his hand and said, "House Master Mo will be fine. There's no need for you to worry. In fact, it would be Mifei Trade Union who would be in trouble for publicly causing a ruckus in Heaven's Beyond City Square. This matter wouldn't end like this. Lou Si, we need to leave as soon as possible. You can follow me to Heaven's Beyond Cosmos."

    If Mo Wuji was killed, Mifei Trade Union would probably only need to compensate some green crystals and this huge matter would be resolved.

    But now, Mo Wuji, alone, had killed three of Mifei's Immortal Emperors and a huge portion of Heaven's Beyond City Square had been destroyed. The City Hall definitely wouldn't let this matter rest so simply.


    Before Mo Wuji could escape the boundaries of Ling Rong's self-explosion, a terrifying force of immortal elemental energy slammed against Mo Wuji's back.

    Even though Mo Wuji's body was collapsing, he still tried to use his Wind Escape Technique. Unfortunately, the space had been sealed by Ling Rong. He had no means of using his Wind Escape Technique.

    A minute spatial tear appeared in front of him. Mo Wuji gathered all his immortal elemental energy from his elemental storage channels and furiously punched that spatial tear. The instant that tear widened, Mo Wuji charged in. He was clear that with his injuries, he would definitely die if he remained in the city square. Escaping into this spatial tear would give him a chance to survive.

    "Bang!" Another force violently impacted his body. Mo Wujis mind started to get blurry. Waves of coldness and desolation swept across him; Mo Wuji knew that he had landed in the desert wasteland. At this time, he definitely couldn't fall unconscious. If he fainted, he might never wake up.

    His vitality channel was withered and there was only a strand of elemental energy left in his elemental storage channel. Fortunately, there was still his spirit storage channel. Mo Wuji immediately entered into his Undying World.

    "My lord, you're injured again?" Seeing Mo Wuji enter with not a single intact shred of skin, Shuai Guo, who was already a Grade 3 immortal demonic beast, hurriedly rushed over.

    "Hurry and bring the Breath of Hongmeng..." Mo Wuji roared. After saying this sentence, he fainted. He wasn't even able to bring his Undying World deeper into the sands of the desert wasteland.
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