Chapter 772: The Strength of the Cosmos Edge

    Chapter 772: The Strength of the Cosmos Edge

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    Heaven's Beyond Cosmos was where countless of worlds intersect with each other and rumours spread that this was the only place where one could leave the Immortal World for a place which was on an even higher realm. Moreover, many experts in the pinnacle of the Immortal Emperor Stage could indeed sense the dao spirituality higher than that of an Immortal Emperor which in turn, allowed them to progress further to become even stronger.

    To increase their chances of entering the higher world, countless of experts from all across the universe fought endless civil wars here just so they could obtain beneficial territory in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

    After years of endless wars, the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos had been shaped into a unique place. After fighting for territories, people started to exchange mutual benefits.

    Some time later, a communal domain was formed just outside the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Even though there were still occasional killings here, this place was considered peaceful as compared to the entire Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

    This place was the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos' Communal Domain, also known as the Cosmos Edge.

    Cultivation experts of any race or world were all allowed to trade here in the Cosmos Edge. This was also the reason why the flourishing Cosmos Edge was named to be the place with the most treasures throughout the entire Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Concurrently, the Cosmos Edge was also the miniature version of the entire cosmos because whichever race controlled the largest territory or most number of merchant houses here in the Cosmos Edge would likely to be the greatest power in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

    Within the Cosmos Edge, the three main sources of treasures would be the Shattered Ruins on the periphery of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, Heaven's Beyond Secret Realm and the Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

    The main source of resources from the Heaven's Beyond Corridor came from the Cosmos Wall but the truth was that this place contained the least number of treasures among the three sources. The only notable resource would be the green crystals and while the other items were not of low grade, they weren't some kind of peak grade or heaven defying treasures.

    However, the Heaven's Beyond Corridor was indeed the place of origins for cultivation resources. Even though there was a city square within the Heaven's Beyond Corridor, a majority of the cultivation resources which came out from the Cosmos Wall made its way into the Cosmos Edge.

    The human and demon race were the two main races who collected the most amount of resources from the Cosmos Wall. However, the reason why these two races were able to occupy the territory right outside the Cosmos Wall was not because they were the strongest.

    It was because the Heaven's Beyond Corridor had a rotation system where every thousand years, two different races would occupy the Heaven's Beyond Corridor to fight for the cultivation resources coming out from the Cosmos Wall. It was the human and demon race's turns to occupy the Heaven's Beyond Corridor and within this 1000 years, those who wished to enter the Cosmos Wall for treasures would need to join either the human or demon race.

    Within this 1000 years, once you've joined either the human or demon race, you would need to fight for the side that you've chosen till the end.

    Honestly, immortals who came to the Heaven's Beyond Corridor in search of cultivation resources were all extremely miserable whether they joined the human or demon race. The instance they set foot into the Heaven's Beyond Corridor, going back would basically be close to impossible because of the astronomical fees which ordinary people wouldn't be able to afford. The longer you stayed in the corridor, the harder it would be for you to leave.

    Logically speaking, since the Heaven's Beyond Corridor opened up the Cosmos Wall often which equate to abundant amount of resources, it shouldn't matter whether one could return or not.

    However, this wasn't the case because there would often be a big war which occurred soon after the opening of the Cosmos Wall. The intense war was fought solely for the cultivation resources and many immortals would perish during such wars.

    Even without the wars, staying in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor for a prolonged period of time would result in the eradication of one's dao foundation.

    There was a type of deathly desolate energy which would darken a cultivator's dao foundation all across the desert wasteland of the Heaven's Beyond Corridor. After many years of wars, the deathly energy accumulated and the longer one stayed here, the harder it would be for one to progress further in terms of cultivation. This was of course with the exception of the first few years in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor; where cultivation level would rise sharply.

    This was also why no Immortal Emperors would be willing to stay long in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor because even their dao foundation would be affected after some time and the gains simply wouldn't make up for the losses.

    The main reason why Teng Feiyan and Kuang Jin could enter the Immortal Emperor Realm was because 6they were always in the Heaven's Beyond City Square with no need for them to enter the battlefield. At the very most, they would occasionally enter the Cosmos Wall to collect resources.

    How many cultivators could enjoy such a life? For the majority of cultivators here, they would need to participate in a war once every three to five days in the desert wasteland.

    Even experts like Teng Feiyan and Kuang Jin would lose their opportunity to realise their emperor dao if they were to stay outside for an extended period of time.

    Kuang Jin was fortunate to have met a Tier 9 Pill Emperor like Mo Wuji after just a few hundred years. If he were to wait any longer, he might not be able to realise his dao here even if he met Mo Wuji. Teng Feiyan was the castellan of the city square so it would be natural for him to realise his emperor dao with the vast amount of resources offered to him. After realising his emperor dao, he had to leave this place as soon as he could too.


    The Very High Heavens was one of the force which was a part of the human race in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos and they first arrived at the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos with considerable powers. After the countless of wars over the years, many talented immortals of the Very High Heavens were sent into the war and almost everyone sent there had perished there.

    Because of this, the strength of the Very High Heavens was gradually weakened and had lost about 90% of the territory it first owned. Now, it only had an ordinary city in the cosmos and even their original encampment was snatched away by others.

    The Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City was now the only encampment they had left in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

    Presently, an emotionless middle age man was seated on the main seat in the hall of the Very High Heavens Immortal City. Tens of people sat on either side of him and every one of them was brimming with energy. Even the weakest one among them was in the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage.

    The middle age man was called Ping Lishang, the castellan of the Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City, and he was in the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage. Within the Very High Heavens itself, his status was only second to Dao Emperor Zi Changluo. Everyone was well aware that he worked solely for Zi Changluo and would listen to every order from him.

    "Zai Yang, let me know the details of how the Heaven's Beyond City Square was destroyed as well as the appearance of that Pill Emperor from human race," Ping Lishang said with a tone as unfeeling as his face.

    "Yes," A slightly skinnier elder stood up with his fist clasped before saying, "There was a Pill Emperor called Mo Wuji who set up a shophouse in the city square called the Mortal Pill House. He was a Tier 8 Pill Emperor and the pills he concocted was way cheaper than the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. This resulted in the unhappiness of the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion who eventually reported to the Mifei Trade Union..."

    "Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion has four Immortal Reverents and they still reported to their trade union?" A young female, who was seated beside Ping Lishang, asked doubtfully.

    Zai Yang explained, "Even though this Mo Wuji was a Tier 8 Pill Emperor, he should have obtained an extremely high quality legacy because he actually managed to get the Immortal Reverent Kuang Jin of the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion to betray them and rumours were that he even managed to kill the bisexual Immortal Reverent Ji Qi. Min Cheng of the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion had always been very cautious which was why he reported to the trade union."

    Ping Lishang nodded, "I am aware of this so do continue."

    Despite the restrains of their powers in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, the Very High Heavens still had a shophouse of their own in the Heaven's Beyond City Square. He had indeed heard of Mifei Trade Union sending an Immortal Emperor to the city square but he simply chose to ignore it. In his opinion, the Mortal Pill House was seeking death and the Immortal Emperor should have eliminated the Mortal Pill House.

    "The Immortal Emperor sent by the Mifei Trade Union is called Dou Hong and the unexpected incident was how Dou Hong disappeared without a trace after reaching the Heaven's Beyond City Square. He should have been killed by that Pill Emperor Mo..."

    A voice interjected Zai Yang's words, "I know Dou Hong and that he was in the pinnacle of the elementary Immortal Emperor Stage. I believe that even the average intermediate Immortal Emperor might not be able to match him so how could like pill master like Mo Wuji kill him? Could Kuang Jin have helped after realising his emperor dao?"

    Zai Yang continued, "This was what I suspected previously but a few days later, rumours were spreading about how the Mifei Trade Union sent another three more Immortal Emperors, Ou Zhaohe, Ling Rong and De Pingsha to the city square. These three people surrounded the Mortal Pill House and the newly advanced Immortal Emperor Kuang Jin fled from the city square in fear just as the battle started. Mo Wuji alone fought three Immortal Emperors and even managed to kill Ou Zhaohe and Ling Rong when the defensive arrays exploded. Only De Pingsha managed to make it out alive as he escaped out into the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. This shows that the death of Dou Hong should have nothing to do with Kuang Jin."

    A deep breath of cold air was breathed in as everyone in the hall knew Ou Zhaohe and Ling Rong despite not knowing who Mo Wuji was.

    Ou Zhaohe was an advanced Immortal Emperor and was a unique existence with unparalleled strength in the Cosmos Edge. On the other hand, Ling Rong was a cold blooded Immortal Emperor and was almost as strong as Ou Zhaohe. To die under the hands of a Pill Emperor of the Mortal Pill House, this was simply unbelievable.

    Zai Yang's voice could be heard again, "The Heaven's Beyond City Square was destroyed by that single war but that Mo Wuji had disappeared.Presently at the Cosmos Edge, members of the city square is squaring off with the Mifei Trade Union in terms of the compensation which Mifei Trade Union should pay for the destruction of the city square."

    "Do you have any image of that Mo Wuji?" Ping Lisha' tone became even deeper.

    Zai Yang's raised his hand to draw an image of a blue robe youth for everyone to view.

    A golden robe man seated in the corner of the hall clenched his fist tightly at the sight of the image. In less than a breath's worth of time, he managed to conceal all his anger and emotions.

    "Has anyone seen this man before?" Ping Lishang scanned through the crowd of people in the hall.

    No one stood up to say anything as it was evident no one knew Mo Wuji.

    "Since no one recognise him, this meeting shall end here. Sun Lin, follow me to the Heaven's Beyond Immortal Alliance," Ping Lisha stood up and said.

    "Yes," The person standing up was a female seated beside Ping Lisha and she was the same person who asked why the Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion reported to the trade union.

    Experts in the hall started to stand up as everyone was aware that Ping Lisha was going to request for the help of the Heaven's Beyond Immortal Alliance to fight for an encampment in the Cosmos Edge. The human race which the Very High Heavens represented had an encampment in the Cosmos Edge but as the race got stronger while the Very High Heavens got weaker, they were eventually chased out of the Cosmos Edge.

    Without a foothold in the Cosmos Edge, one would eventually be chased out of the heart of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.
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