Chapter 773: Foolish Shuai Guo

    Chapter 773: Foolish Shuai Guo

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    "Yiren, you know that Mo Wuji?" The moment they walked out of the hall, a young man stared and questioned the golden robe man.

    "Ah..." The golden robe man exclaimed and instantly knew that his previous action was spotted by his brother. He hesitated but kept quiet.

    The young man seemed to understand the golden robe man as he smiled faintly, "Because I know that person and even know of his origins."

    Yiren heard these words and his eyes lit up as he asked anxiously, "Big Brother, who is this person? Where did he come from?"

    The young man said with a calm tone, "Tell me why are you so furious at this person?"

    This time, Yiren said without any hesitation, "Back when I was refining my fire in the void, I found a broken planet and it had at least 10 primal fire crystals..."

    "What?" Having heard this, the young man immediately knew that this wasn't the place to speak so he quickly brought the golden robe man out of the castellan's hall.

    An hour later in one of the cabin of a resthouse, this young man asked in a solemn tone, "Yiren, continue to describe the situation back then."

    At this moment, this young man had a bad feeling that these primal fire crystals didn't end up with his younger brother.

    Yiren continued explaining calmly, "Previously, it was that fella who spotted these primal fire crystals too. When he realised that he wasn't a match for me, he snatched away the piece of planet which we broke. All the primal fire crystals were in that piece of the planet which he took and I've been searching for him ever since. I certainly didn't expect him to arrive at the Heaven's Beyond Corridor."

    "He wasn't a match for you?" The young man looked doubtfully at the man called Yiren, "According to Zai Yang's description, this fella who could kill Immortal Emperors was not a match for you? You are merely in the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage. Additionally, there was also an advanced Immortal Emperor expert protecting him the last time I saw him. This fella even established an immortal sect in the Immortal World and my guess that he is already an Immortal Emperor now. How could such a person be not a match for you?"

    This young man was Jin Yu, the envoy sent by the Very High Heavens to the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. The golden robe man was his younger brother, Jin Yiren, the man who had an intense fight with Mo Wuji over the primal fire crystals. Eventually, the primal fire crystals were snatched away by Mo Wuji.

    Jin Yiren said convincingly, "I am certain I didn't misjudged his cultivation level back then. He was merely a Xuan Immortal when I met him while I was already in the elementary Immortal Reverent Stage. Even with the restrains by the Laws of Heaven and Earth, I am still stronger than him which was why he chose to run away. Big Brother, could you tell me who he is?"

    Jin Yu replied with a stern face, "How dare a newly established sect snatch something from my Jin Clan? This person is asking for death. His name is Mo Wuji, a pill emperor and had established the Ping Fan Immortal School in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain. If I knew this person snatched the primal fire crystals from my Jin Clan, I would have razed his Ping Fan Immortal School. Ai, no..."

    Jin Yu suddenly looked at Jin Yiren and said, "Yiren, you said that he was in the Xuan Immortal Stage but how long has it been since then? Previously, you were in the elementary Immortal Reverent Stage and given the amount of resources presented to you, you are only in the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage now. How could that Mo Wiji advance to become from a Xuan Immortal to an Immortal Emperor in the same period of time?"

    The brothers exchanged glances as both of them kept quiet. Both of them knew what was in each other's mind and that was how Mo Wuji had a huge secret on him. Only a huge secret could enable Mo Wuji to advance so quickly into the Immortal Emperor Stage so quickly.

    "Did you continue scanning through the surrounding where the primal fire crystals appeared?" Jin Yu continued to question.

    Jin Yiren nodded, "I did scan through the area and I even found a planet called the Morning Flame Star and the core of the Morning Flame Star was a Fire Elemental Bead. At that point in time, I wanted to refine that planet but a madman who claimed to be defending the planet started fighting his life against me. I restrained that madman instead of killing him because I wanted to refine the Morning Flame Star before forcing him to admit if he knew Mo Wuji. What I didn't expect was that before I could complete the refinement of the Morning Flame Star, that madman self exploded and before I got my hands on the Fire Elemental Bead, it escaped from me. Previously, I was unaware of that fella's origins but now that I am aware, how could I let him go?"

    Jin Yiren even shifted the blame for the loss of that Fire Elemental Bead to Mo Wuji.

    Jin Yu waved his hand, "No hurry because we must not touch his sect now. News of us attacking his sect might spread to the Very High Heavens so our priority now would be capture this Mo Wuji and force him to reveal his treasures. Once Mo Wuji was gotten rid of, it wouldn't be too late to demolish his sect then."

    "Alright big brother. That Mo Wuji must have quite a number of decent treasures on him so once we managed to get rid of him, we can split the treasures equally," Jin Yiren said.


    Mo Wuji was after all a God Physique Level 7 expert and with the help of the Breath of Hong Meng and his constantly circulating vitality channel, Mo Wuji only spent slightly over a month to recover from his injuries.

    In order to deal with Ling Rong, Mo Wuji almost burnt his entire lifespan and vitality away. If it wasn't for his vitality channel and Breath of Hong Meng, he would have perished. Therefore, even though his injuries were healed, his physical body was still skinny and his hair was still white.

    Mo Wuji hurried to sit up as his spiritual will seeped out of his Undying World. In the very next moment, he knew that he was still in the desert wasteland of the Heaven's Beyond Corridor,

    The void within the Heaven's Beyond Corridor might be very hard to tear but he was well aware that he managed to enter a gap in the void back then.

    "Master, please ask me out the next time you fight. I am not fearful of some lower level cultivators," Shuai Guo ran over with its jolting butt the instance it noticed Mo Wuji sat up.

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered with Shuai Guo but he knew that Shuai Guo's back leg should be pretty decent. The blood legacy of the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito was a peak grade godbeast. The only pity was that its grade was simply too low now as it was only a Grade 3 immortal beast...

    No, just as Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on Shuai Guo, he noticed that Shuai Guo was about to undergo its tribulation, "Shuai Guo, have you prepared for your tribulation to become a Grade 4 immortal beast?"

    Shuai Guo only managed to undergo one lightning tribulation after advancing to become a Grade 9 demonic beast. Ever since, it had not undergo any tribulation as it constantly advance into the Great Circle of the Grade 3 immortal beast stage.

    Shuai Guo said embarassingly, "The laws here are incomplete so I am still unable to enter the ranks of the Grade 4 immortal beast. I need to leave this place to undergo my tribulation."

    Mo Wuji swept his hand and directly brought Shuai Guo out of his Undying World as they landed on the desert wasteland. Concurrently, he threw out an immortal vein and thousands of green crystals before installing an energy gathering array, "Hurry up with your tribulation."

    "Yes, my Lord," Shuai Guo dashed into the energy gathering array and within half an incense worth of time, he ignited the roars of lightning tribulations.

    Mo Wuji puffed out a mouthful of air because he knew he wouldn't be able to leave this place temporarily after he failed to leave the Heaven's Beyond Corridor even by tearing the space apart. As for heading towards the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, Mo Wuji was not that arrogant. He had just killed three Immortal Emperors of the Mifei Trade Union so once he revealed himself in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, he would definitely be surrounded by multiple experts. At that point in time, he could only await his inevitable death.

    Back when he was in the Heaven's Beyond City Square, he made use of the self explosion of the trap array and burnt a portion of his lifespan away just to make it out alive. Mo Wuji was well aware that he was only alive mainly because of his formidable fleshly body. Otherwise, how could he survive the self explosion of an intermediate Immortal Emperor?

    During the battle in the Heaven's Beyond City Square, Mo Wuji found out a weakness of his own. He realised that he didn't have a lot of sacred arts to choose from and even so, most of the sacred arts he possessed were not complete and were slightly messy too. Additionally, because he hadn't been able to cultivate during these period of time, he made his decision to first perfect his sacred arts while improving his cultivation level simultaneously.

    He had loads of green crystals on him and was not short of any immortal pills. The only worry was that he shouldn't stay in the desert wasteland for a prolonged period of time because it would lead to eventual death.

    The only problem was that Mo Wuji had nowhere else to go but to stay in the desert wasteland.

    "Boom boom boom!" Three blue coloured lightning bolts landed explosively and just as Mo Wuji was wondering and about to witness how capable this Shuai Guo was, he looked shockingly at the sight in front of him. Shuai Guo was actually charging towards the sky as it swallowed the three explosive lightning bolts with its wide mouth.

    Had this mosquito lost its head or was it truly this strong? Mo Wuji was dumbfounded. With his God Physique Body, he could absorb the lightning source but he wasn't even as crazy as Shuai Guo during tribulation.

    "Pfft!" Multiple blood radiances shot out and Mo Wuji buried his face helplessly. This mosquito was indeed out of his mind and not that strong after all.

    Following which, six more explosive lightning bolts descended and including the three which Shuai Guo swallowed, nine lightning bolts almost burnt all the internal organs within Shuai Guo and this first wave of lightning bolts had already force it down into the depths of the ground.

    Shuai Guo hurried to swallow numerous healing pills and was extremely depressed.

    It had witnessed how it's lord underwent his tribulation and how he rose up to punch against the lightning bolts. What origins was it, Shuai Guo, of? He had the blood of the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito and this was an existence which could even swallow Xiantian treasures so how hard could swallowing lightning bolts be?

    However, the truth presented to it that it was still a long way from being able to swallow lightning bolts. If it wasn't for the effective healing pills concocted by Mo Wuji, it should have perished along with the first wave of lightning bolts.

    "Boom boom boom!" The second wave of lightning bolts landed and this time, Shuai Guo wasn't as clueless and dumb as when it was during the first wave. He hurried to spit out a black coloured fire wall.

    Lightning bolts clashed with the fire wall and the fire wall was destroyed into pieces. However, the lightning bolts which landed on Shuai Guo's body had been weakened by several levels after passing through the fire wall.

    Mo Wiji heaved a sigh of relief as this fella had finally woken up from its dumb idea.
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