Chapter 774: Swallowing the Deathly Energy

    Chapter 774: Swallowing the Deathly Energy

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    Before the third wave of lightning bolts could descend, the energy around Shuai Guo's body started surging wildly and Mo Wuji knew that Shuai Guo was about to advance. Given how the incredible amount of energy exuding from Shuai Guo's body, this wave shouldn't do much harm to it.

    Indeed, the third and fourth wave of lightnings merely scraped Shuai Guo's feathers.

    Even before the fifth wave could land, Mo Wuji was confident that the next few lightning bolts wouldn't affect Shuai Guo significantly too.

    Just as Mo Wuji was thinking about this, he suddenly felt a slight change in the energy of the surrounding air. However, his spiritual was unable to detect what change was it.

    When Mo Wuji noticed that Shuai Guo opened its mouth yet again, he instantly condensed his spiritual eye without second thoughts.

    Under his spiritual eye, grey energy, which couldn't be detected by spiritual will, was absorbed by Shuai Guo like how a gigantic whale would absorb water. There seemed to be slight changes in the surrounding and Mo Wuji felt much more comfortable than before as the previous oppressive feeling was relieved.

    Yet another few more waves of lightning bolts descended and Shuai Guo instantly advanced to become a Class 4 immortal demonic beast and the last few lightnings really didn't affect him at all. However, whether it was during or after its tribulation, Shuai Guo was still opening it's mouth to constantly absorb the energy in the surrounding.

    Under Mo Wuj's watchful spiritual eye, that grey energy brought along a trace of coldness and even some sensing of blackened dao foundation; this was definitely the deathly energy.

    Mo Wuji's heart trembled and in one step, he landed right beside Shuai Guo.

    Shuai Guo hurried to stop absorbing the grey energy as it said embarrassingly, "My Lord, I am a Class 4 immortal beast now."

    It was worried that Mo Wuji might scold it for being foolish for even trying to swallow the lightning bolts.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "Continue swallowing the grey energy like you did previously."

    "Alright, this energy tastes decent and I could feel my power rising rapidly after swallowing it," Shuai Guo said pleasingly when it heard that Mo Wuji wasn't scolding it.

    Having said that, Shuai Guo seemed to notice that his lord wasn't very pleased so he didn't dare to continue spouting nonsense as it opened its mouth once again.

    This time, Mo Wuji could clearly feel much more comfortable as he concluded that Shuai Guo was indeed able to swallow the grey and oppressive energy in this place. Following Shuai Guo's swallowing of that energy, Mo Wuji could feel that the surrounding air was clearing up increasingly. Previously, his spiritual will could barely sense the surrounding but after Shuai Guo's actions, the influence on his spiritual will gradually decreased. Mo Wuji even suspected that once Shuai Guo swallowed all the grey, cold and gloomy energy in this area, the restriction to fly would be released.

    Shuai Guo had no idea how it was absorbing the grey and gloomy energy and despite being much stronger than Shuai Guo, Mo Wuji could only feel the changes in surrounding and was completely unable to touch it at all.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will tried landing on the grey energy which was absorbed by Shuai Guo and he was shocked in the next instance. In just half a moment later, he could feel some sort of sluggishness in his meridians.

    "I understand now," Mo Wuji muttered to himself.

    He finally understood why there were only a few Immortal Emperors here and why people who entered the desert wasteland would disappear after a period of time.

    There was this mighty deathly energy which could evolve and darken a person's dao foundation here in the desert wasteland and that was the same grey and gloomy energy Shuai Guo was absorbing. Once Shuai Guo absorbed that same energy, cultivators would feel evidently more comfortable.

    If ordinary cultivators didn't possess anything like his Undying World, they would not be able to last long even if they didn't cultivate in a place like this. This was because cultivation level would constantly be eroded here and the dao foundation would eventually be corroded too.

    People were able to survive in the Heaven's Beyond City Square because there was no such energy in the city square; or rather, the grey energy there was of the minimum.

    Mo Wuji tried absorbing this grey energy to cultivate because he wanted to know how powerful this energy was at corroding his spirit roots and meridians.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji was pleasantly surprised to find out that despite feeling that sluggish effect immediately after absorbing the energy, this same energy actually turned into immortal energy once it went through his detoxification channel. Additionally, the extremely small portion of the deathly energy that remained was directly discarded which meant that even if he didn't possess his Undying World, this place wouldn't be harmful to him.

    Initially, Mo Wuji was still considering where he should cultivate but now, he had calmed himself down. His Undying World was not complete so he wouldn't be able to sense the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Since he wouldn't be affected by the deathly energy around here, he would naturally start cultivating in this place.

    Two hours later, Mo Wuji brought Shuai Guo further down the depths of the ground where he installed an immortal cave. Shuai Guo didn't enter his Undying World as he started absorbing the grey energy of this place together with a pile of green crystals, immortal crystals and immortal pills at a rapid rate. His strength was constantly rising too.

    The first thing Mo Wuji did wasn't to cultivate but to open up Ou Zhaohe's storage ring. Even though the millions of green crystals inside were not comparable to his, it was already considered extremely wealthy. Other than the millions of green crystals, Mo Wuji found tens of peak grade smithing materials and even found a Grade 9 flying immortal concealment boat.

    Moreover, the Mysterious Yang Seal was an immortal equipment which surpassed Grade 9 and even though Mo Wuji had yet to refine it, he knew that this item wouldn't be much weaker than his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    Despite not having an heaven shaking treasures within the storage ring, Mo Wuji was already incredibly satisfied with the loots.

    After rearranging all the new items into his own storage ring, Mo Wuji took out the six pages of the Book of Luo. He knew that Murong Xiangyu desperately wanted these few pages of the Book of Luo but Mo Wuji never had the intention to hand them to her. If it was Cen Shuyin or Han Qingru who wanted these pages of the Book of Luo, Mo Wuji wouldn't hesitate to give it to them but as for Murong Xiangyu, she could forget about it.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had became extremely strong and coupled with his spirit storage channel, he started refining the Book of Luo in the Immortal Reverent Stage at a speed much greater than before.

    Layers and layers of Xiantian restrictions were opened up by Mo Wuji and he was completely indulged in the process of refining the Book of Luo.


    The Cosmos Beyond Immortal Resthouse was the number one immortal resthouse of the Cosmos Edge.

    Nobody knew who was behind this immortal resthouse but its reputation across the entire Cosmos Edge was extraordinarily good. No matter what kind of feud you had, nobody would find trouble with you once you set foot into this resthouse. Also, the soundproofing restriction within the Cosmos Beyond Immortal Resthouse was also one of the best in the business so any matters discussed here would never be leak out.

    Presently in one of the intermediate grade cabin of the Cosmos Beyond Immortal Resthouse, two middle age men were seated in the middle. Nobody spoke as they seemed to be waiting for someone.

    Half an incense had passed and the cabin entrance was interrupted and an elder followed in.

    Once the elder entered the cabin, he casually brought the restriction back up as he bowed and said, "Feicheng greets the two young lords."

    "Uncle Cheng please take a seat," Both men stood up with a pleasant expression.

    The two middle aged men were indeed Jin Yu and Jin Yiren of the Jin Clan. In the Cosmos Edge, a lot of people were putting on masks and so would they.

    The elder was the manager of the Jin Clan, Jin Feicheng. Similarly because he knew that these two young lords had came to find him, he put on a mask too.

    "Yes, young lords what do you have for me?" Jin Feicheng didn't mind their courtesy as he sat down. He had watched Jin Yu and Jin Yiren grow through the years so he had treated them as his own family since a long time ago.

    "Uncle Cheng, please take a look at this fight that was recorded," After saying that, Jin Yu brought out a water crystal ball and casually struck out a few hand seals. A slightly blurry recording started showing on the space in front of them.

    This was evidently the fight between Mo Wuji and the three Immortal Emperors from the Mifei Trade Union. Even though the appearance of the few people were not clear, the entire fight was seen clearly.

    "This was that Pill Master Mo right? I've heard that he killed three Immortal Emperors of the Mifei Trade Union..." Jin Feicheng saw the recording and said surprisingly.

    Jin Yu nodded, "Yes indeed, Uncle CHeng. You are in the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage and you should be as strong as that Ou Zhaohe. What do you think of this Mo Wuji's strength?"

    "Two young lords want to deal with this person?" Jin Feicheng understood once he heard this question.

    Jin Yiren grunted and said, "This person snatched a treasure from the hands of my Jin Clan so I wouldn't be at ease till the day I kill him."

    Jin Yu said calmly, "We can speak freely in front of Uncle Cheng. This person snatched at least ten primal fire crystals from Yiren and even had a huge cultivation secret on him. Besides this, he even made over seven to eight millions of green crystals from the Heaven's Beyond City Square and also various peak grade immortal herbs and ores."

    JIn Feicheng took in a deep breath of cold air because a person with seven to eight millions of green crystals would already be considered an extremely wealthy person even in the Cosmos Edge.

    After understanding the intentions of these two young lords, Jin Feicheng said in a serious tone, "According to the recording of the fight, he should still be in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor. It was impossible for someone to tear the space within the Heaven's Beyond Corridor apart and leave just like that so in this case, he would return and for the time being, he wouldn't be able to return to the human or demon corridor. He should be in the west side of the desert wasteland within the Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

    The five elemental primal crystals had the capability to restrain the deathly energy of the Heaven's Beyond Corridor so this person's cultivation level and vitality wouldn't be affected in the short period of time. Moreover, since he had offended the Mifei Trade Union, he wouldn't enter either the demon or human corridor and definitely wouldn't come to the Cosmos Edge. To deal with this person, all we need to do would be to go to the west of the desert wasteland.

    Jin Yu nodded, Jin Feicheng's deduction of the situation was exactly the same as his.

    "According to the fight recording, this person made use of the self denotation of the deathtrap array to kill Ou Zhaohe and Ling Rong so it could be said that this person was an immortal array master and also a physique tempering expert. I predict that this person should already be in the advanced God Physique Stage. In order to fight this person, we must not be trapped within his deathtrap array," Jin Feicheng's tone became more serious as he spoke.

    Jin Yu added, "That's right and this fella's cultivation level should have yet to reach the Immortal Emperor Stage."

    Jin Feicheng shook his head, "It doesn't matter whether or not he managed to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage because what matters was how strong he is. His strength should be comparable to an intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage. If he didn't made use of the explosion of a deathtrap arraay, he definitely wouldn't be a match for Young Lord Yu."

    "I know that he isn't a match for me but this person is extremely crafty. I came to find Uncle Cheng for advice on how to trap him so that he wouldn't be able to escape.

    "This matter isn't difficult but you need to borrow one item. The hardest thing to do now would be to find this person," Jin Feicheng said with a faint smile.

    Jin Yu's eyes lit up as he seemed to understand Uncle Cheng's meaning.
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