Chapter 775: The Peculiar Sacred Art

    Chapter 775: The Peculiar Sacred Art

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    Back in the Heaven's Beyond desert wasteland, Mo Wuji and Shuai Guo were currently in cultivation seclusion. The underground cave that they were in was protected by multiple arrays and even the concealment and spirit concealing array were of Grade 7.

    As for whether people would come looking for him, Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered at all. In fact, Mo Wiji was certain that someone would be searching for him because he had just killed three Immortal Emperors of the Mifei Trade Union. It would be odd if the Mifei Trade Union didn't come looking for him and other than the Mifei Trade Union, experts from the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos would also be searching for him in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

    Having collected so many green crystals and the mountain of top tiers immortal herbs, there would definitely be greedy experts who were confident that they could claim these green crystals and immortal herbs for themselves.

    Mo Wuji wasn't bothered because he was certain nobody would be able to find him hundred thousand metres down from the surface of the desert wasteland. The desert wasteland was filled with endless amount of deathly energy and with those energy accumulating, the effects would be more severe further down the ground. No cultivator's spiritual will would be able to scan through such depths and if he didn't possess the detoxification channel, even he might not be able to do so.

    In a place like this, those who could use their spiritual will to scan underground with a depth of ten thousand metres would already be considered as a peak grade expert. Moreover, the amount of time spent searching must not be a lot because one's dao foundation would darken over time.

    As for Shuai Guo absorbing the deathly energy, it was merely like a drop in the ocean when compared to the vast and boundless Heaven's Beyond desert wasteland. Because of the distance between Mo Wuji and Shuai Guo, Shuai Guo's absorption would not affect Mo Wuji's seclusion area at all.

    This was of course unless someone also had the detoxification meridian and was not afraid of the deathly energy here.


    West River Religious Order, a renowned area in the Cosmos Edge for being violent.

    If there was still a place in the Cosmos Edge where one could kill another person openly, it would be the West River Religious Order. One could strike their blade against another person because of a simple dispute and the winner would get to carry on living.

    There were a few reasons why the West River Religious Order was not the most reputable for the fact that one could kill someone openly here. The first reason would be the West River Religious Order's Union Head, An Xuecheng. An Xuecheng was commonly addressed as An Xiecheng [1] and he was only in the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage. If one were to name the top 10 most vicious experts in the entire Cosmos Edge, he would definitely be one of them. Once he was intent to kill you, even a Grand Emperor might not be able to walk away from him alive.

    The second reason would be the West River Religious Order's number one treasure, Luo Tian Web. [2] Once the Luo Tian Web was wielded, nobody would be able to escape from it no matter how strong your escaping technique was. Death would be inevitable once the Luo Tian Web was brought out.

    The Luo Tian Web was the symbol of the West River Religious Order but anyone with status and green crystals would be able to rent the Luo Tian Web. Naturally, ordinary people would not be able to rent it because it would cost 100,000 green crystals to rent it for a day. Besides, one would need to pay a peak grade deposit too.

    An Xuecheng was never worried that someone would rent the Luo Tian Web and never return it. This was because the Luo Tian Web couldn't be refine and once you tried to refine it, An Xuecheng would be able to sense it and get it back at the very first moment.

    Anyone who dared to refine the Luo Tian Web would be facing death in the very next instance. Other than the fact that An Xuecheng was an Immortal Emperor who could triumph over Grand Emperors, there were almost as many experts in the West River Religious Order as there were clouds. Additionally, with the use of the Luo Tian Web, no expert would be able to escape death.

    Jin Yu, Jin Yiren and Jin Feicheng walked into the West River Religious Order and a sharp killing intent surged over. Despite spending long years cultivating alone, Jin Yiren could still sense that something was amiss.

    "What's the matter?" A female with sharp eyes came forward to obstruct the path of the trio.

    Jin Yu knew that one could rent out the Luo Tian Web from the West River Religious Order but had no idea what the procedure was. Now that he was obstructed by someone, he struck out a soundproof restriction before clasping his fists, "I want to rent the Luo Tian Web."

    "Please leave and come back half a month later. The Luo Tian Web had already been rented out by someone else and would only be returned half a month later," The woman stared calmly at Jin Yu as she said this.

    Jin Yu's heart sank as his eyes landed back on Jin Feicheng. Jin Feicheng nodded and the trio left the order in a hurry.

    "Forget about this item, let's go straight to the Heaven's Beyond Corridor," Jin Yu said anxiously once they left the West River Religious Order.

    The trio understood they were not the only people who wanted to capture the Tier 8 Pill Emperor, Mo Wuji. Even if others were unaware that Mo Wuji had peak grade primal fire crystals on him, the rewards which Mo Wuji collected during his stay in the Heaven's Beyond City Square was enough to get people's attention and envy. If the trio were interested in the items which Mo Wuji had on him, it was only natural that other people felt the same way too.


    After refining the Book of Luo in the Immortal Reverent Stage, Mo Wuji realised that the Book of Luo was boundlessly extensive and was definitely not just about its defensive effectiveness. The greater use of the Book of Luo would be its insights of one's dao and how it could polish a person's understanding towards their own sacred art.

    Within the Book of Luo, there was a type of tangled Yin and Yang, unfortunate five elements and an endless Transformation Dao. Every page of the Book of Luo had 108 Xiantian restrictions on it and when Mo Wuji successfully refined the 81st restriction of the first page of the Book of Luo, a new revelation appeared within Mo Wuji's mind.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji didn't need his dao revelation channel and was able to gain further understanding on the meridian cultivation technique which he deduced on his own. He could actually find some traces of the locus of his own technique within the Book of Luo.

    Once he reached the 81st restriction, no matter how Mo Wuji continue to refine it, his speed was comparable to a snail. Mo Wuji knew that his strength was limited so he should refine the other pages of the Book of Luo instead of dwelling on this one page which progress was no longer significant.

    Page after page of the Book of Luo was refined by Mo Wuji and all sorts of dao spirituality was captured by Mo Wuji. Presently, even though he wasn't focusing on his array dao, his array dao was constantly on the rise silently.

    Five Elements, Nine Palaces, Time, Space...

    Once the sixth page of the Book of Luo was refined by Mo Wuji until the 81st restriction, Mo Wuji suddenly raised his hand and his original imprisonment of space became clearer as his understanding towards space had grown yet another level.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji finally understood how Murong Xiangyu was able to cultivate so quickly back in the Broken World. She must have made use of the Book of Luo to construct a time passageway through space where time within that space was displaced from time in the real world. This was a brand new law which didn't belong to the Laws of Heaven and Earth but a law condensed from the Book of Luo. Cultivating for over hundreds of years within a law like this would perhaps equate to less than a year on the real world.

    Mo Wuji shook his head as he finally understood why Murong Xiangyu was so desperate to complete the entire collection of the Book of Luo. This was because even though the time law within the Book of Luo increased her rate of cultivation, the incompleteness of the Book of Luo and because Murong Xiangyu hadn't completely refine the five pages of the Book of Luo, it would cause her Grand Dao foundation to be extremely unstable.

    In the long term, there was a high chance that Murong Xiangyu would delve further into the devilish dao. For a greater rate of cultivation, she had completely forgotten about her own dao foundation.

    Mo Wuji sighed because he would never use such incomplete time passage to increase the speed of his cultivation. He would rather use the Book of Luo to gain further insights on his sacred art and smoothen out the rough edges of his cultivation technique so as to perfect it.

    It wouldn't be too late if Murong Xiangyu could figure this out. As long as she used the Book of Luo to perfect her sacred arts and cultivation technique, her future achievements would definitely be incredibly remarkable. Otherwise, no matter how fast her cultivation rate was, it would be hard for her to reach the pinnacle of all experts.

    Besides this, the six pages of the Book of Luo could even form a mighty defensive space. Murong Xiangyu constructed a offensive sacred art using the Book of Luo but Mo Wuji threw that thought away. Even if he wanted to do so, he would wait for his Book of Luo to be completed before considering.

    Just six pages had already given Mo Wuji a vast and boundless enlightenment. The moment all 13 pages were here...

    Mo Wuji took in another deep breath as he finally understood why Murong Xiangyu was so desperate to ask Mo Wuji for something she had given him. Just how powerful would this complete set of 13 pages be?

    Mo Wuji kept the few pages of the Book of Luo but he chose not to touch the Kun Wu Sword just yet. Instead, he started deducing his own sacred art.

    Up till now, Mo Wuji's greatest sacred art would still be his Wheel of Life and Death. However, his Wheel of Life and Death had major weaknesses in which when faced against a strong expert, his wheel of death could very easily hit back at him with the deathly energy. Secondly, a sacred art like this was simply too extreme as there were only life and death. According to Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao, the more extreme a sacred art was, the more powerful it would be. On the other hand, it would also mean the greater the weakness. If it wasn't for his vitality channel, his Wheel of Life and Death would have been completely useless for him.

    Mo Wuji raised both his hands and blur Wheel of Life and Death imprint appeared in front of him.

    In front of the imprint, there was only life and death; there were no other routes or options.

    Mo Wuji shut his eyes as his will seeped into the Wheel of Life and Death and his dao revelation channel started circulating wildly.

    Perfecting his Wheel of Life and Death was definitely not the same as refining his Book of Luo where time was all that mattered. The Wheel of Life and Death could easily backfire and caused the destruction of one's mind.

    Mo Wuji's hand started condensing out a variety of imprints as his Wheel of Life and Death kept on transforming. Concurrently, the deathly energy and life force within the surrounding was also circulating continuously.

    After who knew how long, Mo Wuji suddenly jerked up as he could clearly feel the deathly energy around him being swept away by his Wheel of Life and Death.

    The dao spirituality of the Wheel of Life and Death started changing rapidly as the deathly energy turned clear while the life force was controlled entirely by Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji opened his eyes as he stared shockingly at the Wheel of Life and Death which he metamorphosed out. Initially, his Wheel of Life and Death only had the extreme life or death and he wasn't able to control either one of it. Presently, there was an additional life force which could be controlled by him in the Wheel of Life and Death.

    The reason was that the Wheel of Life and Death could absorb the deathly energy around him and in this area, there was nothing else except for deathly energy. As his Wheel of Life and Death swallowed more deathly energy, it became much mightier and stronger as time passed by.

    A sacred art that could cultivate? Mo Wuji took in a deep breath of cold air. In his memory and sensing, only a living matter could possibly cultivate. Sacred art was constructed and it was a combination of dao spirituality and elemental energy that could be controlled by spiritual will. Something like this would only become more powerful when one's cultivation level increased together with their level of understanding of it.

    Now that his sacred art could actually absorb deathly energy to become stronger, wasn't this a way of cultivation?

    A sacred art which could cultivate meant that this sacred art could give rise to its own spirituality. This made Mo Wuji shivered as he hurriedly opened his palm to blast out the Wheel of Death imprint.

    A clear and concise control returned to Mo Wuji's mind as he finally sensed that his Wheel of Life and Death was no longer just life or death. Currently, he could use a death imprint to lock an opposition onto the Wheel of Death and the life force shall belonged to him and only him.

    "Hush!" Mo Wuji let go of his hand but still felt peculiar.

    [1]: An Xuecheng was addressed as An Xiecheng because Xie in chinese would be blood. This was to represent how bloodthirsty and vicious this man was.

    [2]: Luo Tian Web was named after Grand Luo Tian which was one of the three highest heaven in the celestial world.
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