Chapter 776: Dao Discussion Platform of the Cosmos Edge

    Chapter 776: Dao Discussion Platform of the Cosmos Edge

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    Whether or not it was peculiar, Mo Wuji knew that there was a fundamental change in his Wheel of Life and Death. While this sacred art could absorb deathly energy to increase its power, his Wheel of Life and Death was no longer just life or death. The Wheel of Life and Death might not be able to kill off stronger experts but it would be able to swallow his opposition's life force.

    No, Mo Wuji suddenly thought of something and while he was initially not intending to touch his Wheel of Life and Death anymore, he drew out the Wheel of Life and Death yet again. At the same time where he drew out his Wheel of Life and Death, the space between life and death swapped.

    Because there was no opponent, the Wheel of Life and Death disappeared very quickly and Mo Wuji could sense that his sacred art grew yet again.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji was truly worried because he could clearly sense that not only was the Wheel of Life and Death able to absorb deathly energy, once the wheel was executed, the wheel would also be able to turn the life force which it swallowed into deathly energy to continue growing even stronger than before.

    In other words, if he had sufficient spiritual will and constantly struck out the Wheel of Life and Death towards a person, that fella, no matter how strong he was, would eventually be finished off. This was because everytime the Wheel of Life and Death was brought out, the opponent's life force would be turned into deathly energy by the wheel and this energy would strengthen the wheel again. This was the exact opposite of how normal sacred art would weaken after each consecutive use.

    This was all theoretical because strong experts would never allow him to continuously execute his Wheel of Life and Death and similarly, he wouldn't have that much spiritual will to keep using his Wheel of Life and Death. Because of this, Mo Wuji still felt that this sacred art had walked from one extreme to another extreme.

    Mo Wuji could be considered as the founding father of the Immortal Mortal Dao so he would be more aware of how terrifying a sacred art like this could be. Once such a sacred art grew to a certain level, biting back at its owner was not completely impossible.

    Regardless the case, his Wheel of Life and Death was currently unable to affect him so Mo Wuji didn't continue analysing and pondering about it. Instead, he started deducing his halberd sacred art.

    Currently, his Half Moon Weighted Halberd had four sacred arts which was enlightened all by himself. They were his Grand Desert, Winding River, Setting Sun and Remnant Chasm which he gained insights back at the Gods Heavenly Chasm.

    His Grand Desert Sacred art was overly simplified and even though it was a sacred art meant to kill a crowd of enemies, Mo Wuji was clear that such a sacred art was still short of a fire when faced against his enemies. On the other hand, his Winding River, with the aid of Immortal Empress Wen Lan, had turned into one of his killing sacred art. Setting Sun was a sacred art which Mo Wuji had never been able to complete but this sacred art was Mo Wuji's strongest intent-level sacred art.

    The Grand Desert sacred art was simple because this was originally a intent-level sacred art and all that he was putting to use was purely the cohesive halberd radiance.

    After refining large parts of the Book of Luo, Mo Wuji's standard of array dao was no longer like before. He casually fused his array dao together with his Grand Desert sacred art.

    In front of Mo Wuji's eyes, miniature sized Grand Desert halberd radiances were formed up and after these radiances transformed into the Grand Desert, it instantly turned into countless of array flags. Even though these halberd radiance array flags were of low grades, ordinary cultivators could forget about escaping such a Grand Desert once all these flags were put together.

    The array flags formed from the Grand Desert halberd radiances were constantly expanding before continually transforming as endless streams of killing intent were fused within in...

    Following which were his Winding River and Setting Sun because Mo Wuji wanted to fuse these three intent-level sacred arts with his array dao.

    This was already Mo Wuji's third year in the underground of the desert wasteland. With the large amount of deathly energy in the surrounding coupled with the immortal vein and the pile of green crystals it had, Shuai Guo had already reached the pinnacle of Grade 4 immortal beast stage.

    Shuai Guo was intending to inform Mo Wuji that it was about to prepare for its tribulation but once its eyes fell on Mo Wuji's Grand Desert's array flags, its intent was swept away by the Grand Desert.

    In front of Shuai Guo was a piece of empty grand desert which was extremely desolate and chilly. In the next moment, this desolate grand desert suddenly roared up as endless amount of golden sand was swept up as it turned into a poignant scene. Everything in front turned blur as Shuai Guo witnessed how the golden sand turned into sharp and edgy sand which directly locked onto its state of mind.

    Just as Shuai Guo was about to step into the Grand Desert, the overwhelming sky full of golden sand suddenly disappeared without a trace as lacerating halberd radiance exploded in front of Shuai Guo.

    A light radiance, which seemed to be capable of splitting the space apart, exploded as an extremely deep gorge extended further downwards.

    Shuai Guo stopped in its track as cold and sharp killing intent almost split his forehead into two.

    "Carry on with your tribulation yourself, here are your cultivation resources," Mo Wuji's voice landed on Shuai Guo's ears as a storage ring was thrown to it.

    At that moment, why would Shuai Guo continue to stay and watch Mo Wuji's display of his sacred art? Without any hesitation, it flew out in urgent need to cultivate fast. Otherwise, even with its royal and precious bloodline legacy, it would still be too weak when compared to its lord, Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't bother about Shuai Guo as he looked pleasingly at the gorge in front of his eyes because he knew that his Remnant Chasm had become stronger yet again.

    If his Grand Desert, Winding River and Setting Sun were his intent-level sacred arts, his Remnant Chasm would be his true magic sacred art.

    When his Grand Desert sacred art was fused with his array dao, his array dao had advanced from Grade 7 to Grade 8. If his array dao was as strong back when he was in the Heaven's Beyond City Square, none of the three Immortal Emperors would be able to escape.

    In the future, these four sacred arts would be called his Four Halberd Strikes namely the Grand Desert, Winding River, Setting Sun and Remnant Chasm. If he had new enlightenment over his halberd sacred art, he would simply add them accordingly.

    "Boom boom boom!" Lightning tribulations could be heard from outside and Mo Wuji scanned the surrounding using his spiritual will. In a split second, he could sense that these lightnings would not pose a threat to Shuai Guo,

    Moving on, Mo Wuji struck out a fist. This was Mo Wuji's only fist dao sacred art called the Domain Crushing Fist. The Heaven's Beyond Corridor was not a place where he could stay long so in order to leave this place, he needed to constantly become stronger and so do Shuai Guo.

    In just one fist, there seemed to be extra ripples in the space in front of him. Mo Wuji's eyes lit up because he was well aware of how this Domain Crushing Fist could crush domains.

    Previously, his Domain Crushing Fist could split his opponent's domain but it would never be as frightening as it was now. His fist could create domain crushing ripples.

    "Boom!" An oppressive explosion could be heard and the underground which was tens of metres away from Mo Wuji exploded while the firm rocks turned into nothingness.

    Mo Wuji clenched his fist tightly because he knew that this wasn't just a result of him getting stronger but because he had new insights and understanding of the Domain Crushing Fist after refining the Book of Luo. It was also because of his increased sea of consciousness which helped in the purifying and rounding of his sacred art.

    That violet lake within his sea of consciousness was indeed a good feature as Mo Wuji was indescribably impressed. He no longer tried to test his sacred arts because these few sacred arts were sufficient for the time being.

    Mo Wuji started to cultivate the Star Sea Technique and analysis his spirit splitting technique. The spirit splitting technique was originally created by Mo Wuji for his pill refinement but Mo Wuji was confident that such technique could be implemented into an attack to make it much more incisive than ever.

    He had his Zhi Nature Pill which he could use to cultivate his Star Sea Technique to condense his sea of consciousness and strengthen his spiritual will.

    Back then, Mo Wuji didn't really spend proper time to research on the Star Sea Technique and only after proper analysis of it, Mo Wuji realised that this technique could be divided into five levels. The first level would be to condense primordial spirit so that one could use primordial spirit to control their spiritual will to attack.

    This was indeed frightening because Mo Wuji couldn't condense primordial spirit as he didn't have any. He knew that the primordial spirit was symbol to show the existence of a cultivator's dao body and that it could extend spiritual will from it. However, it wasn't that terrifying to the extent where the primordial spirit could control the spiritual will to attack like how it was stated in the Star Sea Technique.

    Most cultivators die when their primordial spirit was at the weakest which meant that if a cultivator didn't have a method to escape with their primordial spirit, they could only await death once their fleshly body was severely injured.

    Once a person cultivated the Star Sea Technique even if it was only in the first stage of condensing the primordial spirit, it would allow a broken bodied cultivator a chance to escape.

    The second level would be transforming the spiritual will into blades which was a true offensive use of the spiritual will. Transforming into blades was a simplified way of describing and what was even mightier would be transforming it into a sacred art.

    The third level was to split the spirit from the body. This level was even more impressive because once a person could split his spirit, it would mean that he could have a separate body.


    Mo Wuji knew that he couldn't use this as an reference because he didn't have primordial spirit. His technique was entirely different from the primordial spirit technique because it was the reverse of it.

    Fortunately, he had his sea of consciousness and he managed to condense his sea of consciousness using the first level. Even without further cultivation, Mo Wuji was already in the great circle of the first level.

    If he were to compare the greatness of the sea of consciousness, even Grand Emperors might not be able to beat him. Not only did he have his sea of consciousness, he even had a boundless violet lake within it.

    The second level was merely the use of spiritual will so as long as his spiritual will was strong enough, it wouldn't be a problem.

    Mo Wuji continued deducing his cultivation sacred art and after Shuai Guo finished its tribulation, it carried on swallowing the deathly energy while cultivating using the green crystals. It had a feeling that its lord would leave once he was done with his cultivation. Because he really didn't want to continue staying in the Undying World and wanted to request for Mo Wuji to let him out, it could only keep becoming stronger to the point where he could be of help to Mo Wuji.


    Cosmos Edge's biggest gathering area would be the Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza.

    Under normal circumstances, the Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza was used to resolve disputes or to hold large scale events. In the periphery of the Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza, there was a Dao Discussion Platform.

    Once you formed a feud with someone in the Cosmos Edge, you wouldn't be able to fight it off on the streets but there would only be two places you could go. One would be the West River Religious Order and the other would be the Dao Discussion Platform.

    Even though the West River Religious Order was a good place to settle disputes, the winner of the fight there would need to hand half of the loser's items up to the West River Religious Order and they would be the one to decide how it divided. Other than this, the winner would need to hang their name in the West River Religious Order. Of course, many people couldn't wait to hang their names there because of the many benefits that came with it. However, most people with disputes would choose to go to the Dao Discussion Platform.

    The Dao Discussion Platform was not a platform for two people to talk things out but a platform where only one person could leave. Whoever had a higher dao technique would survive while the survivor would keep everything that the loser had with him. There was also one more advantage to fight on the Dao Discussion Platform and that was the fame that comes with it.

    In a place like the Cosmos Edge, the more reputable you were, the better it would be for you.

    Presently at the surrounding of the Dao Discussion Platform, crowds of immortals had already gathered because two people were about to compare dao.

    It wouldn't have caused such a commotion if two ordinary people were to fight there. Today, one of the person fighting was definitely not ordinary. He was one of the Three Great Immortal Kings of the Cosmos Edge, Wu Li. He was a supreme talent of the Gods Race and was in the advanced Immortal King Stage yet was capable of killing an existence like an expert in the pinnacle of the Immortal Reverent Stage.

    The person courting death against a talented Immortal King like Wu Li was a female from the human race.
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