Chapter 777: Coming Out Of Seclusion

    Chapter 777: Coming Out Of Seclusion

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    A tall and fair looking youth stepped onto the Dao Discussion Stage and the most eye catching feature about him was an extremely clear star shaped scar on his forehead.

    The youth merely set foot on the Dao Discussion Stage as his blistering and majestic aura burst forth.

    Discussions could be heard from within the huge crowd of spectators.

    "No wonder he is one of the Three Great Immortal Kings, I would definitely lose against such aura."

    "Ah, I'm afraid you might even find it problematic to set foot onto the stage with such a menacing aura on it."

    "I've heard that Wu Li had an extremely notable status back in the Gods Race and that even Immortal Emperors had to be polite to him. What was the Human Race's female called? Xiao Xiaoyu right? She is basically seeking death by picking a fight with him."

    "Don't speak if you don't know anything. It was Wu Li who challenged Xiao Xiaoyu to the Dao Discussion Stage and I've heard that she offended him."


    Among the various discussions within the crowd, a pale face girl slowly walked onto the Dao Discussion Stage as she was well aware that this might be her last few steps.

    Another female with big and beautiful eyes was almost tearing under the stage but she was equally as helpless as she watched as her Sister Xiaoyu send herself to death. There was no need to mention that her Sister Xiaoyu was only in the elementary Immortal King Stage, even if she was in the Immortal Reverent Stage, facing off with the Gods Race's Wu Li was simply courting death.

    If Mo Wuji was here, he would definitely recognise the gorgeous young woman with big eyes. Back when he addressed himself as Da Huang, he acquainted with Yan Yuerong and the person fighting on stage, Xiao Xiaoyu. Whether it was Yan Yuerong or Xiao Xiaoyu, Mo Wuji's impression of them was very pleasant.

    Because of the increasingly relaxed criterias, even Yan Yuerong and Xiao Xiaoyu were able to enter the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

    Watching her Sister Xiaoyu walked towards the arena, Yan Yuerong could no longer hold it in as she dashed towards and knelt in front of a young man spectating the match in tears, "Big Brother Gong Shu, please help Sister Xiaoyu. She would be dead once she set foot onto the stage."

    Initially, nobody noticed this man, who was standing and watching in a corner far away from the stage, but now that Yan Yuerong approached him in such dramatic fashion, all the attention was directed to him.

    The young man grunted coldly, "There is nothing wrong with them comparing their dao unless you expect me to disobey the rules of the Cosmos Edge? Screw off."

    Yan Yuerong was sobbing even more miserably, "Big Brother Gong Shu, I am certain you have the power to say something since you're the disciple of the Very High Heavens' Dao Emperor. Moreover, Sister Xiaoyu was also spotted by Wu Li because of you..."

    "Scram!" As Yan Yuerong's words got increasingly unpleasant to hear, the young man's kick sent Yan Yuerong, who was only in the Grand Yi Stage, flying.

    If not for the fact that one couldn't kill another person so casually in the Cosmos Edge, he would have killed this ignorant woman already. He, Gongshu, was after all a blood related disciple of the Dao Emperor from the Very High Heavens so how dare this Yan Yuerong embarrass him in front of everyone? By causing this commotion, everyone was now aware that it was because of him that Xiao Xiaoyu had to step onto the Dao Discussion Stage.

    With so many immortals from all the different races here in the Cosmos Edge, where was he going to put his face now that Yan Yuerong pleaded him in front of everyone present?

    Yan Yuerong got on her feet before dashing towards Gong Shuxiang in tears again. She knew that he was the only person who could stop her Sister Xiaoyu from stepping onto the stage.

    Watching Yan Yueronh dashing back to him, Gong Shuxiang's expression turned green and even before Yan Yuerong could speak, he said coldly, "Yan Yuerong, from now onwards, you will no longer be a cultivator of the Human Race. Because you and Xiao Xiaoyan created trouble for no reason and formed unnecessary enemies for our Human Race, I shall represent the Very High Heavens to expel you from the Human Race."

    Yan Yuerong was dumbfounded and her entire body froze in shock.

    Being expelled from the Human Race meant that other than awaiting death, she could only become an immortal slave. To make things worse, she couldn't leave the Cosmos Edge because once she left, she would be captured and sold off by someone else.

    Back in the Immortal World, she was a pampered lady of the Border Reed Mountain Manor. Her Great Grandfather, Yan Tian, was an Immortal Reverent expert who could walk freely around the Immortal World with her, Sister Xiao Xiaoyu and Uncle Qian.

    In a place like this, she was nothing at all.

    Back on the Dao Discussion Stage, Wu Li and Xiao Xiaoyu were already standing on both ends. Immortals, who were distracted by the Xiao Xiaoyu's saga, had also directed their attention back to the stage.

    "Since you've brought me the Xiantian God's Fire spiritual roots, I shall let you attack first," Wu Li didn't even bother drawing his magic treasure as he stared faintly at Xiao Xiaoyu.

    Xiao Xiaoyu stared intently at Wu Li as the energy surrounding her started surging wildly.

    "You really think you can self explode?" Wu Li raged as he expanded his domain and a blade radiance was slashed towards Xiao Xiaoyu.

    Xiao Xiaoyu, who was intending to self explode, started forming millions of red thread radiances as it charged towards Wu Li and the entire space between them turned roasting hot.

    Wu Li laughed at the sight of this, "Not bad, at least you have so intent. However, you are still way too far away from me..."

    "Plop!" Xiao Xiaoyu fell onto the ground and was already a corpse without any vitality in her.

    Waves of sigh could be heard from the crowd as everyone knew that even though Wu Li and Xiao Xiaoyu were up against each other on stage, they were of totally different calibre. Now that Wu Li finished Xiao Xiaoyu off in less than one move, everyone felt as though they hadn't seen enough.

    This was because everyone wanted to witness Wu Li's heaven defying sacred art. The pity was that even his fighting techniques couldn't be displayed, let alone his sacred art.

    A mighty energy was swept up from Wu Li's body and a green radiance flashed from his forehead's star shaped scar. In the next moment, he got off the Dao Discussion Stage as his ability to swallow spiritual roots had improved yet again. Today was also the day he stepped into the Immortal Reverent Stage.

    The short battle ended and everyone started leaving except for a corpse-like Yan Yuerong who simply stood there in shock.

    At this moment, even those immortals from the Human Race who recognised her didn't dare to speak to her. Everyone was well aware of her current predicament and how she was already doomed. Besides awaiting death, what else could she do in the place like the Cosmos Edge after being chased out from the Human Race? In fact, she would be fortunate if she died because if she wasn't lucky, she could be enslaved into an immortal slave with her spiritual soul detained. This would be worse than death.

    Only after a while did Yan Yuerong walked towards an immortal who was cleaning up the Dao Discussion Stage.

    As if he knew Yan Yuerong's intention, he sighed and said, "Hurry up and bring your friend's corpse away."



    An immense explosion occurred in the desert wasteland of the Heaven's Beyond Corridor as Mo Wuji walked out from the depths of the ground.

    During the 20 years of seclusion, not only did he perfect all his sacred art, he managed to create his Three Spiritual Will Arrow.

    During these 20 years, Mo Wuji was most surprised and proud not because of his advancement into the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage by using over two millions green crystals and countless of immortal pills. Neither was it because he perfected all his sacred art but because of his Three Spiritual Will Arrow.

    This three arrows were born after Mo Wuji reached the great circle of the self altered second level of the Star Sea Technique.

    Every arrow was condensed out from his spiritual will and every arrow could gather together the killing intent of the surrounding, lock onto opponent without a trace. The only weakness would be that the required spiritual will needed for this sacred art was too massive and even so for the sea of consciousness.

    For ordinary immortals who possessed such a sacred art, executing it would harm one's own sea of consciousness because the sea of consciousness was never made to withstand such terrifying pressure and frightening killing intent.

    "Master, are we leaving this place yet?" Shuai Guo ran over loftily because it didn't waste a single second of these 20 years. Presently, it was a Grade 6 immortal beast and only needed one more step to reach Grade 7.

    Despite how beneficial the deathly energy was to Shuai Guo and how fast it was cultivating, Shuai Guo didn't wish to continue. No matter how good the energy was, it was already tired of swallowing the same thing for over 20 years.

    "Go and continue condensing your sacred art because I still need a while more," Mo Wuji finished his piece as he threw out a pile of green crystals and a top grade immortal vein.

    At this moment, ordinary immortal crystals would have negligible effects on his cultivation unless he was willing to exhaust large amount of time. To him, the only effective items were the green crystals and immortal vein.

    With Mo Wuji's current strength, he was even confident of getting rid of an expert in the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage. Even so, Mo Wuji still felt like he needed to become stronger with a bite. He was only willing to go to the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos when he reached the pinnacle of the Immortal Reverent Stage.

    For now, Mo Wuji didn't even bother hiding underground to cultivate because nobody would dare to attack him while he was cultivating in the desert wasteland.

    Back when Mo Wuji was cultivating underground, Shuai Guo didn't realise but now that it witnessed how Mo Wuji was cultivating, it realised how its technique to absorb green crystals was so much more inferior as compared to its lord.

    Over a million green crystals together with the immortal vein combined to form his pool of cultivation resource. Under Mo Wuji's spiritual circulation, it was directly formed into a gigantic whirlpool. All these immortal energy was surging into Mo Wuji's meridians at an insane rate.

    Presently, Mo Wuji didn't need to perfect hi sacred art so he could fully focused on cultivating. Even Shuai Guo, who was watching by the side, could see that Mo Wuji's energy was continually in the rise rampantly.

    In just half a year, all the green crystals and immortal vein was exhausted into nothingness as Mo Wuji let out a huge cry after standing up. He had reached the pinnacle of the Immortal Reverent Stage.

    "Shuai Guo, let's go to the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos," Mo Wuji chuckled and was too lazy to even draw his flying treasure as he simply wielded his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    The purpose of his trip to the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos would be to establish his power, no, to cause trouble. Back then, Mifei Trade Union forced him to escape into the desert wasteland, forced him to self explode his entire Mortal Pill House and even tried to find traces of him in the desert wasteland.

    All these revenge and anger had to be settled slowly when he arrived at the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. This was why he decided to fly over on his Half Moon Weighted Halberd to show his arrogance.

    "My Lord, I feel that we should first head to the Heaven's Beyond City Square to make some big bucks," Shuai Guo landed excitedly on the Half Moon Weighted Halberd as it said that because it loved to cause trouble arrogantly. It was completely unable to do so throughout all those years where it was restrained in the Undying World.

    Shuai Guo was well aware of the benefits of the green crystals because if it wasn't for the massive amount of green crystals provided by Mo Wuji, it would never reach the ranks of Grade 6 immortal beasts in just 20 years by only absorbing deathly energy and immortal pills.
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