Chapter 779: Cosmos Edge

    Chapter 779: Cosmos Edge

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    "Immortal Friend, please stop. This is the Heaven's Beyond Human Corridor. No flight is permitted." Just as Mo Wuji reached the Human Corridor's protective array, he was stopped by an Immortal Reverent.

    Mo Wuji wasn't here to start a war; so he kept his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    On the other hand, this Immortal Reverent's heart was filled with incomparable shock. The reason why he was so polite was because Mo Wuji was flying. Except for some extremely powerful flying-type treasures, it was basically impossible to fly within Heaven's Beyond Corridor. However, this fella who did not seem to have a high cultivation could actually fly here.

    Even though this place was near the Human Corridor, it still wasn't a simple matter.

    "I want to borrow the Heaven's Beyond Human Corridor's transfer array to make a trip to Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Friend, may I ask how I can get to it?" Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said.

    Right in front of him, was the Human Corridor's protective array. When Mo Wuji arrived, he discovered that there weren't any warning alarms; this meant that the danger period from killing human race cultivators had already ended. In reality, Mo Wuji wouldn't be afraid even if there were warning alarms. His current abilities were even enough to kill Grand Emperors, why would he need to care about such minor things.

    After all, Mo Wuji knew that there were very few Immortal Emperors within Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

    This Immortal Reverent was instantly stunned; where did such a provocateur come from? Was the transfer array something that any random person could use? If not for the fact that Mo Wuji could fly, he might have already attacked.

    Seeing the other party's silence, Mo Wuji retrieved a jade token and threw it over, "I am a shop owner at Heaven's Beyond City Square."

    This Immortal Reverent glanced at the name and shop inscribed within the jade token and his heart started racing. Was this fella Mo Wuji?

    Who didn't know of the incident where Mo Wuji killed multiple Immortal Emperors?

    Before this Immortal Reverent could return the jade token, a message landed within the communication bead on his wrist. The message was simple: Not long ago, a thin man challenged Heaven's Beyond City Square's Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion, killing Immortal Emperor Yu Xing and robbing Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion.

    When he saw this message, this Immortal Reverent felt his entire body shuddering. Even though this Mo Wuji looked affable, he looked far from weak. By now, if he couldn't guess that this fella in front of him was the one that robbed Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion, then he would truly be an idiot.

    "So it's House Master Mo. Please enter. From here, you only need to walk straight. After you cross the Human Corridor, you will reach a huge plaza. The transfer array is at the centre of that plaza." This Immortal Reverent hurriedly returned the jade token to Mo Wuji and replied in a respectful manner.

    Mo Wuji had just razed Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion and killed an Immortal Emperor. He didn't believe that Mo Wuji wouldn't dare to kill a mere Immortal Reverent like him.

    "Many thanks." Mo Wuji kept his jade token. His Wind Escape Technique conjured a breeze, and just as fast as the breeze came and went, Mo Wuji disappeared in the Human Corridor.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji didn't lay hands on him, this Immortal Reverent exhaled deeply. He even felt cold sweat trickling down his back. This was the first time he had seen such a ballsy person; after killing four Immortal Emperors of Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion, he was still outrightly heading over to Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. This fella's balls was probably big enough to cover the sky, right?


    In a mere half an incense's time, Mo Wuji arrived at a huge plaza.

    Before Mo Wuji could even say anything, a Grand Luo Immortal came to him and said reverently "House Master Mo, please enter the transfer array."

    "How many green crystals is it?" Mo Wuji didn't intend to act like an unreasonable tyrant.

    "House Master Mo is a revered senior. How could I accept your green crystals?" This Grand Luo Immortal's tone became increasingly fervent and reverent.

    "Then, many thanks." Mo Wuji nodded. He knew that the person in charge wasn't this Grand Luo Immortal. The experts within Heaven's Beyond Human Corridor was probably worried that he would cause a ruckus, so they wanted to send him away as soon as possible. The reason why they felt that Mo Wuji was an incomparably arrogant and unreasonable thug. They didn't want to give Mo Wuji an excuse to attack.

    Mo Wuji was speechless, but he was also too lazy to explain himself. With a simple word of thanks, he stepped into the transfer array.

    White light enveloped around him. In a single breath, Mo Wuji landed back on hard ground. He had landed on a huge floating stone. In the centre of this huge stone, there were three transfer arrays.

    There was a tall wooden pillar erected on the edge of the huge stone. It wrote: Heaven's Beyond Corridor Transfer Array.

    There was quite a number of people on this huge stone. When Mo Wuji walked out of the transfer array, he saw two paths. One path headed to the Cosmos Edge, while the other seemed to be sealed. These two paths were floating in mid-air, and they seemed to extend interminably.

    Even though he could release his spiritual will back in Heaven's Beyond Corridor, he found that it was much easier here. Clearly, there weren't any restrains on spiritual will here. That death energy which blackens one's dao foundations also wasn't present here. The only restrain was a divine sense seal at the end.

    Mo Wuji had heard of the Cosmos Edge before, but his knowledge wasn't in-depth. He only knew that it was a place within the Cosmos Communal Domain.

    Now that he was already here, Mo Wuji didn't go around asking further. He directly headed straight to Cosmos Edge. If Lou Si hadn't left yet, she should also be at Cosmos Edge.

    The distance between the transfer array platform and Cosmos Edge wasn't very far. With Mo Wuji's speed, he only took half an incense's time. Moreover, this was his speed without flying; if he was flying, he would only take two to three minutes, tops.

    A majestic floating immortal continent appeared in front of Mo Wuji. The defensive arrays around this immortal continent were definitely peak grade immortal arrays. Mo Wuji only needed a single scan of his spiritual will to know that it would be hard for him to escape if he ever gets trapped in this level of immortal arrays.

    Currently, he was still a Grade 8 Immortal Array Master. Even though he could see through Grade 9 immortal arrays, he might not necessarily be able to break through them.

    There were two aged words floating in the space above the array - Cosmos Edge.

    Mo Wuji only hesitated for a brief moment before he stepped into the array gate leading into Cosmos Edge. There were several powers within Cosmos Edge; he didn't believe that his strife with Mifei Trade Union would warrant the use of Cosmos Edge's array to trap him. If Mifei Trade Union was really that powerful, he wouldn't have been able to steal Mifei's business for an entire one to two months those years ago.

    The moment he entered the array, a wave of rich immortal spiritual energy swept towards him. Even though this level of immortal spiritual energy would no longer be useful to his cultivation, Mo Wuji was still inwardly shocked. Exactly how many immortal veins were buried under here? The level of immortal spiritual energy here was close to rivalling his Ping Fan.

    Wide roads and rows of shops appeared in front of Mo Wuji's eyes. When he saw this, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. There were indeed many powers here; Mifei definitely wouldn't openly deal with him.

    Originally, Mo Wuji thought that he would be surrounded by the men of Mifei Trade Union the moment he entered the Cosmos Communal Domain. What he didn't expect was that not a single person of Mifei Trade Union had appeared in front of him this whole time. There was also no wonder why there had been such a long delay for them to dispatch help to Heaven's Beyond City Square those years ago.

    Still, Mo Wuji was sure that Mifei Trade Union would definitely come to find him. It was simply a matter of time. However, he was completely unafraid. In fact, if Mifei Trade Union didn't come to find him, he would be the one going to find Mifei Trade Union.

    Now that he had arrived at Cosmos Edge, there were plenty of things that he needed to do. The first thing was to find a resthouse to stay in.

    "My lord, this place is truly bustling with activity." When Shuai Guo noticed the liveliness of the place, it started to get excited and spirited. It really wished that Mo Wuji would say to it: You can go off and explore by yourself. Unfortunately, Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered to respond to its words.

    "Friend, are you House Master Mo Wuji?" A middle-aged man in green robes walked in front of Mo Wuji and clasped his fists.

    "That's right." Mo Wuji looked at this middle-aged man and answered calmly. In his heart, he was guessing whether this person was from Heaven's Beyond City Square.

    An enthusiastic expression immediately emerged on this middle-aged man's face, "That's truly too good. I am a deacon of Mifei Trade Union. Our Deputy Union Head wishes to invite House Master Mo to be our guest."

    Mo Wuji snorted coldly, "What kind of thing is your Mifei Trade Union? It has the rights to invite me?"

    The expression green-robed man's face instantly hardened. By this time he regained his countenance, Mo Wuji had already left. He stared at Mo Wuji's gradually disappearing back and sneered in his heart, If not because most of the Mifei Trade Union's Immortal Emperors aren't in Cosmos Edge, do you think a mere ant like you would have the opportunity to even walk in here?

    Even if you, Mo Wuji, were any more arrogant, you would have to pay for robbing Mifei Trade Union's Pill-Smith Pavilion.

    Half an incense's time later, Mo Wuji stood in front of a luxurious immortal resthouse. It was called Dao Listening Immortal House.

    He decided that he would temporarily stay in this resthouse. Just when Mo Wuji was about to walk into the resthouse, he saw a hazy figure of a seductive woman appear on the huge display screen in front of the resthouse.

    Below this figure, there were even some lines of introduction: "Peak Grade Immortal Slave. Gorgeous Appearance. Perfect Choice For A Pure Yin Cauldron. If you are interested in owning here, please attend tonight's Heavenly Eon Auction."

    Mo Wuji stopped in his tracks. A hint of fear suddenly arose in his heart; he actually felt that this woman's figure looked very familiar. At this instant, his hands started shaking. He was afraid that this figure belonged to Cen Shuyin.

    With Cen Shuyin's stunning beauty, it wouldn't be strange if she was caught and sold as an immortal slave.

    Just when Mo Wuji wanted to continue verifying this, the image on the screen changed. Now, it was the image of a scroll. Below the scroll, it wrote: "Peak Grade Water Escape Sacred Art. If you wish to possess this sacred art, you can head to..."

    "This senior, are you looking for a place to stay?" At this moment, a witty looking attendant appeared in front of Mo Wuji and asked respectfully.

    "That's right." Mo Wuji forcefully calmed himself down. He knew that he could disregard average Immortal Emperors, but he still didn't have the power to challenge the entire Cosmos Edge. No matter how fearful, how angry and how worried he felt, he could only suppress it. Moreover, that figure was hazy; so he could not confirm that it was Cen Shuyin.

    And if it was Cen Shuyin, then it was even more pertinent that he had to be calm. Otherwise, not only would he be unable to save her, he would also be landing himself in a disaster. Even though there were a myriad of powers within Cosmos Edge, he would still be encircled if he publicly disrupted an auction.

    Hearing that Mo Wuji wanted a place to stay, this attendant instantly got spirited, "Senior has made the right choice. Our Dao Listening Immortal House is definitely the number one immortal resthouse in the entire Cosmos Edge..."

    "I want a relatively spacious room. Also, send me an introductory jade token of Cosmos Edge. Oh right, I also want a ticket for tonight's Heavenly Eon Auction." Mo Wuji directly interrupted this attendant's words.

    As he heard Mo Wuji's list of demands, a blank expression appeared on this attendant's face. After some time, he finally reacted, "Senior, because there are many good things in the coming Heavenly Eon Auction, it is very had to get entrance tickets. The ticket for an ordinary seat would already require 500 green crystals..."
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