Chapter 780: Immortal Slave

    Chapter 780: Immortal Slave

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    Mo Wuji cursed in his heart, this price was indeed very steep. He remembered when he used to treat every single green crystal like a treasure; now, a simple entrance ticket already needed 500 of said green crystals. Don't simply look at his millions of green crystals. He only had that much because he earned them as a Pill Emperor, and because he just robbed Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion. For an average immortal in Cosmos Edge, 500 green crystals was truly a lot.

    "What's the price of a good room?" Mo Wuji interrupted the attendant's words again,

    "20 green crystals for a night. It is rich in immortal spiritual energy and it overlooks half of Cosmos Edge. In the room, there are two cultivation rooms and an auxiliary room. Of course, there are cheaper options. For example, there are rooms which cost 10 or 5 green crystals a night..." This attendant could tell that Mo Wuji seemed like a hot-tempered person; so he said all these words in a single breath.

    Indeed, an average person couldn't afford to stay here. Back in Heaven's Beyond City Square, people only needed 10 green crystals as a down payment for his services.

    However, Mo Wuji did not mind. These thousands of green crystals weren't vital for his cultivation. After this attendant finished speaking, he retrieved 1150 green crystals and said, "I want an entrance ticket near to the front of the auction. Also, I want to stay in the room which costs 20 green crystals a night for a month. The remaining 50 green crystals are your tip."

    "Ah..." This attendant was instantly enveloped in joy. However, he quickly reacted and hurriedly kept the green crystals as he said respectfully, "Senior, you can rest assured. I will arrange everything properly for senior."

    50 green crystals. This was the biggest tip that he had ever gotten.


    This attendant wasn't lying. Not only did he help Mo Wuji get a relatively good room in Dao Listening Immortal House, he also helped Mo Wuji get a seat in the first 30 rows of the auction.

    The moment Mo Wuji entered the room, he immediately modified the seals and arrays protecting the room. Thereafter, he headed for the auction together with Shuai Guo. Even though there were still two to four hours before the auction began, he couldn't help but feel anxious.

    If not because of his insufficient abilities, he would have directly gone and questioned the auction. If the immortal slave was really Cen Shuyin, then he would have immediately attacked.

    The auction site was shaped like a cone; right at the centre, there was a huge jade stage. The items displayed on the jade stage which could be seen clearly in all directions.

    The auction had yet to start. Thus, Mo Wuji spent the time browsing through the introductory jade letter of Cosmos Edge. Within an incense's time, Mo Wuji had a rough understanding of Cosmos Edge.

    There were hundreds of races gathered here in Cosmos Edge. It's rumoured that this is the entrance to a higher world. If an Immortal Emperor wishes to take a step further in his cultivation, he could only leave from here. Otherwise, due to the low-levelled Laws of this world, even the most talented cultivators couldn't reach a higher level.

    There were several strong races in Cosmos Edge. There were the Demon Race, the Gods Race, the Devil Race, the Barbarian Race, the Vampiric Race, the Sea Race, the Spiritual Race, etc. The Human Race used to be one of these strong races. However, because of continuous defeat in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, it had lost most of its territory. Now, it doesn't even have an encampment in Cosmos Edge. It only has a Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City. It had thoroughly dropped to the ranks of inferior races.

    Besides the Cosmos Wall, which he already knew of, there were also other sources of cultivation resources and treasures here in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. They were the Shattered Ruins outside the cosmos and the Heaven's Beyond Secret Realm.

    In comparison, the items from the Cosmos Wall were the most ordinary. By most ordinary, it didn't mean that the things from the Cosmos Wall were of low value. Instead, there were no inferior items here, and the items from the Cosmos Wall were simply the most ordinary ones of the lot.

    On the other hand, a majority of the best treasures came from the Shattered Ruins. It's rumoured that even Xiantian treasures had appeared in the Shattered Ruins.

    It was also specially stated that to survive in Cosmos Edge, one must not offend several powers. Besides the strong races, there were also some trade unions, city squares, organisations, etc.

    Apparently, Mifei Trade Union was among this list of "Powers that could not be offended".

    Mo Wuji frowned as he kept the jade letter. He wasn't afraid of Mifei Trade Union. He was currently at the pinnacle of the Immortal Reverent Stage; the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage was just a step away. Even if there was a Grand Emperor, he wouldn't be afraid. However, Mo Wuji was clear that it was still a long road till he became a peak expert here.

    It wasn't that he didn't want to advance to the Immortal Emperor Stage first before coming. It was because he was very clear of his own Dao. Stepping into the peak of the Immortal Reverent Stage in ten years was indeed too fast. By this time, even if he had more cultivation resources, and even if he was any more talented, he still wouldn't be able to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage immediately.

    Originally, he wasn't afraid. Since he was by himself, he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted. He wouldn't even be afraid to enter the void. But now, he was really worried that the immortal slave on auction was Cen Shuyin. If it was Cen Shuyin, then he couldn't go according to his previous plans of openly antagonising Mifei Trade Union.

    Moreover, after reading this jade letter, Mo Wuji became especially clear that he had to be prudent here in Cosmos Edge. He could only act if someone else was the one that challenged him and laid hands on him first.

    After some time, Mo Wuji sighed. His power was truly not enough. Even though his cultivation speed was heaven-defying to the point where it could not get any better, he could not help but feel his deficiencies at this moment.

    As time passed, more people entered the auction venue. Soon, the seats around Mo Wuji were filled with cultivators of varying auras.

    After another incense's time, the jade stage in the middle of the auction site lit up. A pretty woman in a green dress walked onto the stage. Mo Wuji didn't even need to use his spiritual will to know that this woman's cultivation was merely in the Grand Luo Immortal Stage.

    "Welcome esteemed guests from all corners of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos to our Heavenly Eon Auction. I am Yi Luo'Er, the auctioneer for today's auction. Today is the biggest auction that our Heavenly Eon Trade Union will be hosting this year. This is because the Heaven's Beyond Secret Realm had just closed. Thus, we are sure that there will be plenty of pleasant surprises for everyone." When Yi Luo'Er finished speaking, she bowed.

    The auction site went quiet. Even without Yi Luo'Er mentioning it, everyone knew that there was going to be loads of goodies in this auction. They only needed to see the ubiquitous advertisements to know that.

    Mo Wuji forcefully calmed himself down. He wasn't here for treasures.

    "This auction primarily accepts bids of green crystals and high-grade immortal veins. We don't accept immortal crystals. Now, let's start the bid for our first item, a sacred art. This sacred art's name is Dual Layered Waves..." Just as Yi Luo'Er mentioned the name of the sacred art, Mo Wuji heard slight sounds of discussion within the crowd.

    Even though he had never heard of it, he could also guess that this sacred art's origins should not be simple.

    Yi Luo'Er's following words promptly quelled Mo Wuji's doubts, "I believe that many of you know who this sacred art belonged to. That's right, it belonged to Grand Emperor Zhan Peng, the number one expert of the Sea Race those years ago. With this sacred art, one would be able to display a might capable of overturning the oceans. The starting price for this sacred art is 10,000 green crystals, each increment must be no less than 1,000."



    Just when Mo Wuji was wondering what happened to this Grand Emperor Zhan Peng that he had to sell his signature sacred art, the price had already surged to 30,000 green crystals.

    Even though he had over 5 million green crystals, he knew that he wasn't extremely rich when he heard these people bidding.

    Eventually, this sacred art was sold for 37,000 green crystals.

    Another jade box was transferred in front of Yi Luo'Er. Yi Luo'Er raised the jade box and announced in a loud and crisp voice, "This second item is extremely rare. I believe that many of you have come here especially for this treasure. This treasure came from the Heaven's Beyond Secret Realm, it's a pair of Void Illusory Wings..."

    Indeed, the moment this name was uttered, the atmosphere in the crowd went electric. Mo Wuji was also startled; he also knew of this treasure.

    The Void Illusory Wing was actually a peak grade immortal material. Even without the need for a smith, anyone could use it to forge a personal set of wings. When it isn't in use, this pair of wings can disappear. And when in use, it can appear with a single thought. It was an extremely useful treasure.

    Most importantly, the Void Illusory Wings could be upgraded. As long as one obtains a better treasure, it could be used to upgrade the Void Illusory Wings.

    Exactly which fella would actually take such a treasure out for auction? Exactly how short was he of green crystals?

    "The starting price for the Void Illusory Wings is 100,000 green crystals. Each increment must be no less than 10,000." The moment Yi Luo'Er finished speaking, the price shown on the display screen changed rapidly.

    Within a short time, the price rose from 100,000 to 300,000. That's when it finally slowed down.

    Mo Wuji sighed, he also wanted this treasure. He was also able to afford these hundreds of thousands of green crystals. However, he did not want to waste a single green crystal before he got to see that immortal slave. Even though Mo Wuji guessed that the price of an immortal slave wouldn't exceed 10,000, he didn't want anything to go wrong.

    The Void Illusory Wings was eventually purchased for 370,000 green crystals and 6 immortal veins.

    The third item on auction was a peak grade flying-type magic treasure; its starting price was 5,000 green crystals. Eventually, it was purchased for 14,000 green crystals.

    The fourth to sixth items were either extremely rare immortal materials, or god equipment that exceeded the level of immortal equipment. However, no matter what came out, Mo Wuji wasn't interested. That god equipment was snatched from within the Cosmos Wall. Even though it was considered a god equipment, it was broken. Thus, it couldn't even be compared to a peak grade immortal equipment.

    Clearly, Mo Wuji wasn't the only one who understood this. The pretence of a low-grade god equipment wasn't enough to get the crowd bidding at higher prices.

    "Now, we are auctioning an immortal slave..."

    Yi Luo'Er's words caused Mo Wuji's eyes to instantly light up as they went glued to the stage.

    Actually, few were interested in the sale of an immortal slave. In fact, bringing an immortal slave out for an auction was completely a waste of time. If one wanted a slave, he could simply go to Cosmos Edge's immortal slave market. Why would one come to an auction?

    Yi Luo'Er seemed to know that everyone was disinterested. With a smile, she said, "This immortal slave is no ordinary immortal slave. Not only is she an extremely beautiful immortal, she also has a Pure Yin Physique. Moreover, these aren't the important points. The important point is that this immortal slave has hidden water-type spiritual roots..."

    After hearing these four words, the originally disinterested crowd instantly clamoured noisily.
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