Chapter 781: Where Did This Rash Dolt Come From?

    Chapter 781: Where Did This Rash Dolt Come From?

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    Mo Wuji's heart sank. Hidden spiritual roots might never appear in one's entire lifetime. But once it did, that person would definitely be treated as a commodity.

    Hidden spiritual roots are the best targets for possession, and they also make the best cauldrons. As for the hidden water-type spiritual roots, it was especially able to curb cultivation deviation.

    Cultivation deviation was a common occurrence, especially when one starts cultivating sacred arts. During cultivation deviation, it was easy for one to rupture his veins and burst his spirit channels. However, hidden water-type spiritual roots were able to completely resolve this problem.

    But once the person with the hidden water-type spiritual roots starts cultivating water-type skills, the value of his hidden spiritual roots would completely disappear. No matter what spiritual roots this person had previously, it would be completely dissolved. At the same time, the hidden spiritual roots would become the sole spiritual roots of the cultivator, and quality of this spiritual roots was also very pure.

    Thus, when one discovers that he has hidden spiritual roots, he would usually choose to cultivate a technique that was of the same element as his hidden spiritual roots. Not only would it aid in his cultivation, it would also help in self-preservation. Once cultivated, hidden spiritual roots would no longer remain hidden.

    Yi Luo'Er said with a smile, "I believe that everyone knows the value of hidden spiritual roots, especially water-type ones. The moment this immortal slave's hidden spiritual roots appeared, she was discovered. Up till now, she has yet to cultivate them."

    As she was speaking, the stage in front of Yi Luo'Er started to flash. A girl in a blue dress was transferred over. All eyes landed on this girl; everyone knew that this girl was the immortal slave that Yi Luo'Er was speaking of.

    "The starting price of this immortal slave is 100,000 green crystals. Each increment must be no less than 10,000. Let the bidding begin." Yi Luo'Er's voice resounded.

    The moment he saw this female slave, Mo Wuji knew it was not Cen Shuyin. Even so, Mo Wuji sighed; he recognised this female slave.

    Mo Wuji remembered that this female slave's name is Yan Yuerong. She was a pure and kind girl. There was a girl, Xiao Xiaoyu, that constantly followed by her side. Xiao Xiaoyu was also a kind girl. Back when he disguised himself as an ordinary mortal called Da Huang, that Xiao Xiaoyu didn't try to steal his Draining Immortal King Pill.

    On the other hand, this Yan Yuerong actually actively tried to save mortals.

    There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji had a favourable impression of Yan Yuerong and Xiao Xiaoyu and treated the two of them as his friends, just from Yan Yuerong's kindness alone already warranted his help. Even if he ran out of green crystals, he could find other solutions. But if a person was gone, she was gone forever.

    Yan Yuerong's expression was pale and blank; it seemed as though her soul had already disappeared. Mo Wuji knew that even if he saved Yan Yuerong, that pure and innocent girl would never return.

    He recalled Meditation Nunnery's Su Xi. He had personally witnessed Su Xi's change. Clearly, in this dog eat dog world, many values were gradually disappearing.

    In a short time, Yan Yuerong's value rose to 300,000 green crystals. The value of a hidden water-type spiritual vein was simply immeasurable. There was no need to talk about how beautiful Yan Yuerong looked. Even if she was used as a cauldron, she would already be very valuable.

    "This Emperor offers 400,000 green crystals!" An icy cold voice resounded from within an auction box. Even though it was merely a voice, it seemed to cause the temperature of the auction site to fall significantly.

    In that moment, the bidding started to stabilise. No one continued to bid any further. Mo Wuji knew that there were several reasons behind this: 1. The price of 400,000 green crystals was already extremely absurd; 2. Many people feared this fella.

    In this auction, one would only need to write his bid on a bidding tablet for the bid to appear on the display screen.

    However, this person publicly announced his bid. He was clearly telling others not to compete with him.

    Except for Mo Wuji, most of the people in the auction site knew who this icy cold voice belonged to - Leng Ren, the Deputy Head of West River Religious Order.

    This person had long gone numb from slaughters and massacres. He completely didn't place the lives of others within his eyes. Additionally, his West River Religious Order had a notorious reputation of being built on fresh blood.

    Everyone also knew the reason why Leng Ren was willing to purchase this immortal slave at such a high price. It was because Leng Ren had been heavily injured in Shattered Ruins, causing his spiritual roots to suffer irreparable damage. He only had one motive in purchasing this immortal slave - possession.

    Facing such a vicious person, no one dared to bid any further. Doing so would be offending an unscrupulous expert. Even though this was an auction, no one dared to offend West River Religious Order's Leng Ren.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to write "450,000 green crystals" on the bidding tablet in front of him. He did not know Leng Ren was; he only knew that he had to bid.

    Yi Luo'Er's crisp voice resounded through the crowd, "Box 29 bids 400,000 green crystals. 400,000 going once..."

    Mo Wuji jolted. This was not right, he had just bid 450,000 green crystals. What was going on? Why didn't it appear on the display screen? Could his bidding tablet be spoiled?

    However, Mo Wuji soon dispelled that thought. This was not some electronic device; it definitely wouldn't spoil for no apparent reason.

    "400,000 going twice!"

    Just when Mo Wuji wanted to shout his bid, the price on the display screen suddenly changed. It went from 400,000 to 420,000.

    Mo Wuji frowned. He knew that this bid also wasn't his.

    The moment this new bid appeared, Yi Luo'Er immediately said, "Someone has raised the bid to 420,000 green crystals. If there is no higher price, then..."

    "Wait, who is going against me, Leng Ren?" The icy cold voice resounded from Box 29 once more.

    A lazy voice could be heard, "This Reverent's name is Wu Li. You can fight me if you want."

    What left Mo Wuji shocked was that Leng Ren no longer uttered another word. Disdain filled Mo Wuji's heart; so this fella was merely a pretentious prick.

    "420,000 going once..."

    Before Yi Luo'Er could call for twice, Mo Wuji wrote "450,000" on his tablet again.

    What infuriated him was that his bid still didn't appear on the screen. Mo Wuji had experienced far too many things. If he still didn't know that the auction house was pulling some strings, he would truly be an idiot. Clearly, this auction house was fearful of both Leng Ren and Wu Li. The moment these two started bidding, they prevented others from doing so.

    Mo Wuji's heart was filled with contempt. These people wanted to run an auction with this kind of balls?

    "420,000 going twice."

    "450,000 green crystals!" Mo Wuji did not hesitate to interrupt Yi Luo'Er's words as he announced his bid loudly. Even though his voice wasn't as gloomy as Leng Ren's, it was also able to reverberate throughout the auction site.

    The crowd went dead silent. Who didn't know of Wu Li? Wu Li was a genius of the Gods Race; he was also an existence that could not be offended in the entire Cosmos Edge.

    Even a notorious person like West River Religious Order's Leng Ren didn't dare to bid against Wu Li. But now, some fella that didn't even have an auction box was doing so. If this wasn't courting death, then what was?

    Wu Li snorted coldly. But before he could say anything, Mo Wuji said in a loud voice, "Can I ask the auction house, why is my bidding tablet unable to show my bid? Why is the auction house forcing me to say my bid out loud?"

    Even Yi Luo'Er was shocked by Mo Wuji. Where did this ignorant fool come from? He actually dared to bid against the Gods Race's Wu Li?

    "What's going on? Are my green crystals fake? No one is even answering me. And I have just placed a bid, why doesn't it appear on the screen?" Mo Wuji's voice was stern. He didn't even acknowledge Wu Li's cold snort.

    He had already offended Mifei Trade Union. It's not much worse to offend another power.

    "Ah..." Yi Luo'Er finally reacted. She hurriedly said, "There should be a temporary glitch with the system. You can place your bid again."

    In reality, Mo Wuji didn't even need to place a bid again for his bid to appear on the screen - 450,000.

    Mo Wuji knew clearly that this was because he had come forward. Thus, the auction house no longer wanted to place restrictions on this matter.

    "460,000 green crystals." The bid on the screen flashed when Wu Li's voice was uttered. "That fella that just bid, your balls are pretty fat."

    Why would Mo Wuji care about Wu Li? He directly raised the bid to 500,000 green crystals. At the same time, Mo Wuji felt speechless about this Heavenly Eon Auction. It was truly doing a terrible job. If not for the great treasures appearing during this auction, Mo Wuji guessed that there probably wouldn't have been so many people."

    "Good. Ballsy. And rich." Wu Li's voice turned as cold as Leng Ren. However, he didn't bid any further.

    Even though he was the proud child of the Gods Race and a famous person in Cosmos Edge, it was still a headache for him to cough out that many green crystals.

    There was only one reason why he wanted Yan Yuerong - her hidden spiritual roots. If he devoured her spiritual roots, the effects would be no less than devouring Xiantian spiritual roots. If not for the rules of the auction, he would have directly used his status to prevent others from bidding.

    "500,000 green crystals going once, 500,000 going twice..."

    Yi Luo'Er's voice was shaking; she was worried that Wu Li would flare up against the auction house. If that happened, then they would be screwed.

    Fortunately, her worries didn't come true. With a shaking voice, she said the final words, "500,000 going thrice. Congratulations to Row 28's Number 136 for obtaining this immortal slave..."

    An expressionless Yan Yuerong was brought to Mo Wuji's side. Mo Wuji used a storage bag to pay the 500,000 green crystals.

    Even though there weren't any discussions in the crowd, Mo Wuji could feel many spiritual wills scanning over. Not only that, many eyes landed on Mo Wuji. Everyone wanted to know who this impulsive dolt was.
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