Chapter 782: Dao Discussion Challenge

    Chapter 782: Dao Discussion Challenge

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    Yan Yuerong's expression was plain blank. She was completely unable to recognise Mo Wuji as Da Huang.

    Mo Wuji only came to this auction for this matter. Now that Yan Yuerong had returned, he did not intend to stay here any further.

    Just when Mo Wuji was preparing to leave, a calm voice came over, "This Immortal Friend is indeed bold and courageous. I wonder if this immortal friend is willing to follow me, Wu Li, to discuss the dao on the Dao Discussion Stage? I, Wu Li, am officially inviting you to a Dao Discussion Challenge."

    The auction site went incomparably silent. Only the Heavens know how many talented immortals were killed by Wu Li in the guise of the Dao Discussion Challenge.

    Also, even an idiot would know why Wu Li was seeking Mo Wuji out for this Dao Discussion Challenge.

    When the blank Yan Yuerong heard the two words "Dao Discussion", she suddenly cried out in fear, "Don't discuss the dao."

    Mo Wuji did not know the exact power of Wu Li. However, he was even willing to antagonize Mifei Trade Union. Why would he be afraid of one Wu Li?

    There was a clear rule of the Heaven's Beyond Dao Discussion Stage: the challenger could only challenge someone that was at the same or higher cultivation stage. If a person challenges you, you must accept it, or immediately leave Cosmos Edge. You would only be allowed to return to Cosmos Edge after a hundred years.

    Mo Wuji was very clear why Wu Li wanted to discuss the dao with him. If he didn't accept, then he would no longer have the rights to stay in Cosmos Edge, and he would be chased out.

    The moment he gets chased out, Wu Li would also leave Cosmos Edge and kill him outside Cosmos Edge.

    If he agrees, then Wu Li would directly kill him on the Dao Discussion Stage. Until now, Wu Li hadn't even asked him for his name. Clearly, Wu Li already treated him as a dead man.

    "As you wish." Mo Wuji's voice was calm, "I'll see you on the Dao Discussion Stage."

    Mo Wuji could also guess why Wu Li was so anxious to discuss the dao with him; Wu Li was worried that he would give Yan Yuerong a water-type cultivation technique.

    "Good. You have some balls." Wu Li chuckled.

    Mo Wuji's guess was right. The reason why Wu Li was so anxious was because he was worried Mo Wuji would really allow Yan Yuerong to cultivate a water-type cultivation technique. If Yan Yuerong started cultivating, it would be useless even if he killed Mo Wuji.

    "Next, we will be auctioning for a map of the Shattered Ruins. It's rumoured that this map leads to a peak grade Dao Fruit Tree..." Yi Luo'Er's voice sounded out timely.

    Everyone was clear that Yi Luo'Er wanted to divert the topic to ease the tension. It was true that the auction house couldn't afford to offend Wu Li. On the other hand, while Mo Wuji was some unknown person, he was able to take out so many green crystals and he was willing to stand against Wu Li, was he really an impulsive dolt?

    Mo Wuji had intended to leave, but Yi Luo'Er's words stopped him in his tracks.

    Mo Wuji came to know about the Dao Fruit Tree only after he entered Heaven's Beyond City Square. When an immortal came to trade with him for pills, this immortal retrieved an introductory jade letter on immortal herbs, among which contained the simple description of the Dao Fruit. The Dao Fruit was an immortal fruit which contained the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. Actually, its level might even surpass the ranks of immortal fruits.

    It's rumoured that the Dao Fruit was a heavenly treasure that would raise one's level of enlightenment. There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji already intended to make a trip to the Shattered Ruins. Even if he wasn't going, he wasn't going to miss out on this map to the Dao Fruit Tree.

    "This jade letter map's starting price is 50,000 green crystals. Each increment must be no less than 5,000..."

    "60,000 green crystals." Before Yi Luo'Er could finish speaking, a voice suddenly interrupted her words.

    The originally restless crowd instantly calmed down. Even though the bid didn't appear on the screen, everyone knew who was the one who placed the bid. It was Gods Race's Wu Li.

    Wu Li had just been infuriated deeply by Mo Wuji. Everyone knew that even if they wanted this jade letter, bidding for it was simply courting death.

    Yi Luo'Er had an unpleasant expression on her face. Wu Li was clearly flouting the rules. According to the tacitly agreed rules, Wu Li would have to wait before some time before he could bid; he could only bid after the 10th bid. But now, before anyone could even place a bid, he used his status to place a bid. This was a blatant breach of the rules. Moreover, this was his second time.

    At this instant, the other people of Heavenly Eon Trade Union were also filled with displeasure. However, they knew that coming forward to reprimand Wu Li would be going against the Gods Race. Wu Li would leave this auction, but the future days would not be good for their Heavenly Eon Trade Union.

    No one else placed a bid. After some time, Yi Luo'Er said in a hoarse voice, "Someone has placed a bid of 60,000 green crystals. Are there any higher bids? 60,000 going once..."

    Yi Luo'Er's heart was palpitating with fear. She realised that she was the one in the wrong, she should not have made the decision to start the next bid to interrupt Wu Li's matter. This jade letter was supposed to have gotten a higher price, but now, the price wouldn't rise any further. When this auction ends, she would definitely face a hard time.

    "65,000 green crystals." Mo Wuji's voice resounded. From his slow and unwavering voice, anyone could tell that if Wu Li continued to bid, Mo Wuji would definitely follow suit.

    Yi Luo'Er was too afraid to utter a single word. The other immortals at the auction site, however, felt that this was normal. After all, the feud between Mo Wuji and Wu Li could no longer be redeemed.

    "Then I will have to thank you. You used your 65,000 green crystals to buy me a map that I really wanted." Wu Li's voice was still very calm.

    Everyone knew what he was implying. Even though the jade letter map was going to be purchased by Mo Wuji, it would still ultimately end up in Wu Li's hands.

    "65,000 green crystals going once...' Yi Luo'Er's voice was trembling slightly. Actually, even her legs were trembling. She had committed a huge mistake during this auction.

    Even when Yi Luo'Er reported thrice, no one placed another bid. Everyone knew that this jade letter was going to end up with Wu Li; so who would dare to raise the price?

    The jade letter was soon transferred to Mo Wuji. Just as Mo Wuji paid the green crystals, Wu Li's voice resounded from the exit of the auction site, "I will wait for you at the Dao Discussion Stage."

    When they heard Wu Li's words, many of the immortals left the auction site.

    These people all wanted to know what godly place Mo Wuji came from; to think that he actually dared to go against Wu Li.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to bring Yan Yuerong out of the auction site. He did not care whether Wu Li was waiting for him at the Dao Discussion Stage. He headed straight back to Dao Listening Immortal House.


    When he returned back to his room, Mo Wuji didn't even need a minute to remove the seals on Yan Yuerong's body. At the same time, he popped a Spirit Cleansing Pill into Yan Yuerong's mouth.

    Yan Yuerong instantly sprang up. She stared at Mo Wuji fearfully, "Who are you? Where am I..."

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "You don't recognise me? Where's Big Little Sister Xiaoyu?"

    "Ah..." Yan Yuerong uttered in shock. She instantly recalled, "You are... You are..."

    She recognised Mo Wuji, but she truly couldn't believe her eyes.

    Mo Wuji said gently, "That's right. I am Da Huang. Those years ago, at Seaside Trade Union..."

    "You're really Da Huang. How..." Yan Yuerong realised that she was right. Because only Da Huang would call Xiaoyu as Big Little Sister Xiaoyu.

    "How did you end up in this auction? And how was it revealed that you have the hidden water-type spiritual roots? And where are Xiao Xiaoyu and Yu Qian?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Yan Yuerong finally regained her countenance. As she recalled her plight, she instantly started to bawl loudly.

    She had always been pampered well. However, her time in Cosmos Wall was simply hell.

    "Thank you, Big Brother Da Huang. If not for you, I, Yan Yuerong, probably even have the chance to reincarnate." Yan Yuerong kneeled on the floor and cried in an aggrieved tone. She faintly remembered what happened at the auction. Da Huang had actually become so powerful.

    Mo Wuji supported Yan Yuerong up and said warmly, "Come, explain things in detail. There's no need to worry."

    "It's all because of that Gods Race's Wu Li. He coveted Sister Xiaoyu's Xiantian fire-type spiritual roots. He wanted to devour Sister Xiaoyu's Xiantian spiritual roots, so he claimed that Sister Xiaoyu had offended him and he wanted to challenge her to discuss the dao. Sister Xiaoyu and I didn't dare to leave Cosmos Edge, and no one here wanted to help us..."

    "Bang!" Mo Wuji slapped the tea set as he said angrily, "That Wu Li is an Immortal Reverent. To think that he would so shameless as to challenge an Immortal King to discuss the dao."

    Mo Wuji didn't know Xiao Xiaoyu's exact cultivation level, but he was the one that gave the Draining Immortal King Pill those years ago. He was sure that even if Xiao Xiaoyu's talent was any better, she still wouldn't have advanced to the Immortal Reverent Stage. Back when Wu Li left the auction, Mo Wuji had scanned that fella with his spiritual will. Thus, he knew that Wu Li was an early stage Immortal Reverent.

    Yan Yuerong sobbed, "Back then, that devil hadn't advanced to the Immortal Reverent Stage. He could be considered the same stage as Sister Xiaoyu. He only entered the Immortal Reverent Stage after devouring Sister Xiaoyu's Xiantian fire-type spiritual roots. I personally saw him grab Sister Xiaoyu's Mind Palace..."

    "Then how did you end up as a slave?" Mo Wuji frowned and asked.

    By now, he already knew some rules of Cosmos Edge. Even though the status of the Human Race was low, and even if it was any lower, a human race cultivator like Yan Yuerong shouldn't have been placed at an auction. Even if people coveted Yan Yuerong's hidden water-type spiritual roots, they might secretly kidnap her. However, she shouldn't have been casually been put in an auction.

    "After Wu Li devoured Sister Xiaoyu's Xiantian spiritual roots, I went to plead with Gong Shuxiang..."

    "Wait, who's Gong Shuxiang?" Mo Wuji interrupted Yan Yuerong's words.

    Yan Yuerong said with a pale face, "He is the sixth disciple of Very High Heaven's Dao Emperor Zi Changluo. He is a late stage Immortal Reverent. Back then, he was also observing the dao discussion. I pleaded him to help Sister Xiaoyu. However, he actually chased me out of the Human Race. Now, I don't even have the status of the Human Race..."

    Mo Wuji's face turned cold. He could guess the why Gong Shuxiang did that. However, he was a mere Immortal Reverent, why did he have the rights to expel Yan Yuerong from the Human Race? Did he see himself as the originator of the Human Race?

    "I will find that Gong Shuxiang later. Now, we will go to the Heaven's Beyond Dao Discussion Stage. I do want to see whether this Wu Li has some unknown dao that he could discuss with me," Mo Wuji stood up and said.
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