Chapter 783: Youve Encountered A Steel Wall

    Chapter 783: You've Encountered A Steel Wall

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    When Yan Yuerong heard that Mo Wuji wanted to meet Wu Li on the Dao Discussion Stage, she hurriedly cried out, "Big Brother Da Huang, you must not go to the Dao Discussion Stage. That Wu Li used to be one of the Three Great Immortal Kings of Cosmos Edge. Back when he was in the Immortal King Stage, he was already able to kill experts at the pinnacle of the Immortal Reverent Stage. Now that he had advanced to the Immortal Reverent Stage, he could probably kill Immortal Emperors..."

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly, "No worries. Come let's go. I will take revenge for Big Little Sister Xiaoyu. Oh right, Where's her corpse?"

    Yan Yuerong's eyes turned red, "My storage ring was taken. Sister Xiaoyu's corpse was in my storage ring."

    "Do you recognise the person the person who took your ring? And when did this happen?" Mo Wuji asked. He was a very sentimental person.

    He had befriended Xiao Xiaoyu and Yan Yuerong under the guise of a mere mortal. This only made this friendship more valuable. He wasn't able to do anything when disaster befell Xiaoyu because he didn't know about it. But now that he was aware of the situation, how could he, Mo Wuji, simply ignore it?

    "It happened half a year ago. That person had an extremely fiece appeareance, and his entire body was shrouded in baleful aura." When Yan Yuerong thought of that man, she could not help but shudder.

    If not for her sudden awakening of her hidden water-type spiritual roots, she would have been tortured to death by that person. But it was also because of her hidden water-type spiritual roots, that she was sent to the auction.

    Mo Wuji nodded. This man was the one that sent Yan Yuerong off to the Heavenly Eon Auction. After getting rid of Wu Li, he would then ask the auction about this person.

    "Your aura is in disorder. It should be because you have not cultivated for a long time and also because your state of mind had been forcefully suppressed. I will go and discuss the dao with that Wu Li. Stay here and cultivate. I will leave this storage ring with you. There are some cultivation resources inside." When Mo Wuji finished speaking, he retrieved a storage ring and offered it to Yan Yuerong.

    The moment Yan Yuerong heard Mo Wuji's words, she knew that was unable to convince her Big Brother Da Huang to discuss the dao. She did not hesitate to say, "Big Brother Da Huang, I will follow you. If I stay here, I wouldn't be able to calm myself and cultivate. I want to see Big Brother Da Huang take revenge for Sister Xiaoyu."

    Mo Wuji didn't mind. He knew what Yan Yuerong was thinking. Should he fail in the dao discussion, she wouldn't be able to escape the fate as an immortal slave.

    "Since that's the case, let's go." Mo Wuji casually passed the storage ring to Yan Yuerong.


    It had been a long time since Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza was so lively. The reason was simple: This was the first time that Wu Li challenged a person to discuss the dao since he advanced to the Immortal Reverent Stage.

    Ever since Wu Li came to Cosmos Edge, the number of times he had discussed the dao with others was no less than a hundred. And every time, the dao discussion would not last for more than half an incense's time. It was because Wu Li was truly too strong.

    Heaven's Beyond Resthouse. This was the resthouse closest to Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza.

    Currently, there were two people at the highest level of Heaven's Beyond Resthouse. One was a bearded old man with a reserved aura. He looked extremely ordinary, just like Mo Wuji. If an average person saw this old man, he definitely wouldn't think that this old man was from the Demon Race.

    In fact, this old man wasn't simply of the Demon Race, he was actually a peak expert of the Demon Race. His name was Ji Ku. Ji Ku had stepped into the Grand Immortal Stage over a million years. Even though no one had tested his abilities, many believed that Ji Ku had already reached the level of the Dao Emperor.

    The other person was a clean-shaven man with a medium built. He exuded a refined and scholarly aura.

    This man also didn't look extraordinary. However, anyone that knows him wouldn't dare to show direspect. This man was Feng Huang, the Dao Lord of Cosmos Edge.

    The reason why Feng Huang was so renowned wasn't because many people knew him, nor was it because he was the Dao Lord of Cosmos Edge. Instead, it was because of his other identity as one of the Five Great Grand Emperors of Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

    In a place like Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, there were countless of various races gathered here. It definitely numbered in the hundreds.

    With so many races gathered here, coupled with the vast cultivation resources, Immortal Emperors weren't outstanding existences. Even Grand Emperors were in abundance here.

    The Five Great Grand Emperors of Heaven's Beyond Cosmos were naturally the five strongest Grand Emperors here. As one of them, Feng Huang was naturally extremely strong.

    "Keke, this Wu Li should have have struck against a steel wall. With that Mo Wuji's bad temper, it would be hard for that Wu Li to survive. He can only blame his arrogance for not investigating on the cultivator that he wanted to discuss the dao with." Ji Ku glanced at the Dao Discussion Stage, then he unhurriedly took a sip of his wine.

    Feng Huang chuckled lightly, "Brother Ji probably doesn't understand Wu Li. I'm sure that not only does he know about Mo Wuji, he had even conducted a thorough investigation on Mo Wuji."

    Ji Ku jolted and he said suspiciously, "Those years ago, Mo Wuji killed two Immortal Emperors of Mifei Trade Union. Not long ago, he even killed Immortal Emperor at Heaven's Beyond City Square. This Wu Li is merely at the early Immortal Reverent Stage. What does he have to discuss the dao with Mo Wuji?"

    "Confidence." Feng Huang said calmly. "There's no need to talk about how Wu Li is one of the Three Great Immortal Kings of Cosmos Edge. In fact, I believe that Wu Li is the number one ImmortalKing. And who he is, is far from the arrogant and violent person that he portrays himself to be. You see, every time he challenges a person to discuss the dao, he did it for a reason. Every time he succeeds, his talent and confidence rises another level. Not only that, he has such a huge reputation within Cosmos Edge.

    Over these years, I have never seen a person from the Gods Race support Wu Li. Even so, Wu Li was still able to do as he pleases. This is shows that he, Wu Li, was the strongest in the Gods Race, and in Cosmos Edge. Clearly, Wu Li would hold immense popularity if there was ever a power struggle in Cosmos Edge."

    "That Mo Wuji is here..." Feng Huang also took a sip of his wine. He continued, "The reason why Wu Li dares to challenge Mo Wuji is because he believes that he is also capable to vanquiishing early stage Immortal Emperors, and that he is undefeatable among those in the same stage. Moreover, those years ago, Mo Wuji had killed Ou Zhaohe and Ling Rong with his killing array. This probably wasn't even placed in Wu Li's eyes. Unfortunately, Wu Li had indeed met the wrong person this time."


    Feng Huang and Ji Ku knew about Mo Wuji's origins, as well as what Mo Wuji had done. However, many people in Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza did not know about that.

    At this instant, Wu Li was standing atop the Dao Discussion Stage with his hands behind his back. In what way did he look enraged and arrogant? He looked like a peaceful man appreciating the beauty of a setting sun.

    "That fella probably doesn't dare to come, right? Otherwise, why isn't he here yet?"

    "He's just another fool. There's no lack of fools here in Cosmos Edge."

    "Senior Wu Li is truly too strong. Even though his dao discussions all end very quickly, I was always able to feel his powerful dao aura."

    "That's for sure. Actually, I'm surprised that they didn't provide a handicap?"

    "That person is here..."

    The news of Mo Wuji's arrival spread rapidly. Soon, the entire Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza went silent. Everyone's eyes shifted to Mo Wuji. As for Yue Yanrong, who was behind Mo Wuji, she had been disregarded.

    Yan Yuerong had hidden water-type spiritual roots. In the eyes of all these spectators, Mo Wuji was going to be easily killed by Wu Li, and Yan Yuerong would eventually end up in Wu Li's hands.

    "Junior Sister Yuerong, wait for me here. I will discuss the dao and return soon." As Mo Wuji walked over, the crowd consciously formed a path for him.

    Yan Yuerong inhaled deeply. Thereafter, she stared at Mo Wuji resolutely and said, "Big Brother Da Huang, go on. I will wait for you here. I am not afraid."

    Mo Wuji nodded. With a single step, he went up the Dao Discussion Stage and landed in front of Wu Li.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji was sighing with emotion. Ever since he started cultivation, he had always been fighting against opponents that had a higher cultivation than him. Today was actually his first time challenging a fella with a lower cultivation. From the looks of it, this fella was brimming with self-confidence. This fella actually challenged a peak Immortal Reverent despite only being at the early Immortal Reverent Stage.

    "If you are in the Immortal Emperor Stage, perhaps you would have some chance of matching me. Unfortunately, you aren't very smart." Wu Li spoke to Mo Wuji in a warm and calm tone. He did not have the same arrogance as he did back during the auction.

    Mo Wuji was utterly exasperated when he heard these words. To be honest, he had never lost against any other cultivator in the same stage. The person that was closest to him was Lei Hongji. Back then, the two of them were Great Circle Grand Luo Immortals and their battle resulted in Lei Hongji fleeing. So who exactly gave this Wu Li his confidence.

    Wu Li said calmly, "Cultivators at the same stage as me have never been able to walk out of the Dao Discussion Stage alive..."

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to banter with this fella. His Half Moon Weighted Halberd formed a crescent arc in mid air and landed in his hands. He said coldly, "Banter can wait till you reach the Circle of Reincarnation. Half a year ago, Sister Xiaoyu perished here. Today, I will take revenge for Sister Xiaoyu..."

    A faint killing intent swept outwards. At this moment, Wu Li also took half a step forward, bursting forth with his domain. At this instant, the entire Dao Discussion Stage felt suffocating. So what if Mo Wuji could transcend realms and kill early stage Immortal Emperors? He, Wu Li, had just advanced to the early Immortal Reverent Stage. He was also able to kill early stage Immortal Emperors.

    Wu Li brought out a huge, gold stamp. In an instant, it covered the entire Dao Discussion Stage.

    Mo Wuji slashed his halberd, using his second move of his Four Halberd Strikes, Winding River. After twenty years of secluded cultivation, Mo Wuji's insights towards Grand Desert, Winding River, and Setting Sun were no longer as uneven as before.

    Now, his Four Halberd Strikes had become a chain sacred art. His first strike, Grand Desert, could transform into millions and millions of array flags.

    However, facing an early stage Immortal Reverent like Wu Li, Mo Wuji really couldn't be bothered to go serious. Millions and millions of array flags? This Wu Li was truly overestimating himself. If not because Mo Wuji knew that Wu Li definitely wasn't simple, he wouldn't even have used his Winding River.

    The silver Winding River cascaded down from mid air. In an instant, it filled the entire stage with a deadly white waterfall of killing intent.

    The pressure from Wu Li's domain instantly dissappeared as the killing intent surrounded Wu Li. Wu Li's face changed. This was the first time that he had been too careless. This Mo Wuji definitely wasn't only capable of killing early stage Immortal Emperors; he could probably slaughter Grand Emperors as well.

    In merely half an exchange, Wu Li knew that he had met with a steel wall. Even if he used all his methods, he wouldn't be an opponent for Mo Wuji.
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