Chapter 784: Setting Sun

    Chapter 784: Setting Sun

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    "Stop, I am the Young Lord of the Gods Race. If you kill me, there's nowhere under the skies that you can run to..." Wu Li shouted harshly. Even though he still had some methods to escape, it would be at the cost of igniting his vital dao foundations. If he did that, it would be hard for him to recover the talent that he worked so hard to accumulate. Moreover, he would not be able to devour spiritual roots to raise his talent.

    Additionally, he had already released his killing ace; his killing ace was Broken Sand.

    Within the void, there was an extremely rare kind of flower. This flower was called Broken Sand Flower. The Broken Sand Flower didn't have a tier; it was an extremely beautiful flower that bloomed in the void. However, if it was refined into Broken Sand, then it would be an undefeatable weapon. Many knew of Broken Sand, but only few could actually obtain it. This was because this flower truly too rare.

    Broken Sand wasn't a sacred art, but it was far more terrifying than any sacred art. This was a poison without an antidote. It's rumoured that it didn't matter how powerful you are, even if you're a Dao Emperor, Broken Sand would be able to turn you into minute grains of sand. Thereafter, you will disappear without a trace as you scatter into the wind.

    This was one of the reasons why Wu Li dared to continuously challenge experts and obtain such a huge reputation. Another reason was because he was sure that he would be able to escape.

    All this while, he had never met a person that required him to use his forbidden escape technique, nor had he met an opponent who he had to use his Broken Sand on.

    When Wu Li knew that Mo Wuji was much stronger than him, he cried for Mo Wuji to stop. That was also when he used that chance to release his Broken Sand.

    Even though Broken Sand was rare and valuable, it wasn't as important as his future and his life.

    Stop? Mo Wuji acted as though he didn't hear his opponent's words. He had never stopped when battling G his opponents.

    "Crack!" It was like slicing through tofu; Winding River sliced through Wu Li's gold stamp and ripped through Wu Li's domain.

    How was this possible? When Wu Li saw that nothing had happened to Mo Wuji even after he used his Broken Sand, his face changed drastically. By this time, did he still have to consider whether he should use his forbidden escape technique? One spiritual root after another was ignited as his entire body started to turn illusory.

    "Pff!" As Winding River descended upon him, Wu Li's illusory body returned to its tangible state.

    A fog of blood burst out as Wu Li's tangible body was sliced in half.

    "No..." The decapitated Wu Li shrilled in grief. He didn't believe that he would die like this; he didn't believe that someone would be able to resist his Broken Sand; he didn't believe... However, darkness continued to sweep over him. He no longer had the chance to find an answer.

    Mo Wuji opened his palm, retrieving Wu Li's storage ring. Thereafter, he shot out a ball of flame and burned Wu Li's body to dust. Only a gold stamp, which had been sliced in half by Mo Wuji, sat desolately at a corner of the Dao Discussion Stage.

    Mo Wuji's heart was also filled with shock. Don't simply look at how simple it was for him to kill Wu Li. In reality, he knew that if he didn't have the detoxification channel, he would have been screwed. To think that this Wu Li had a potent poison like Broken Sand. There was no need to talk about how this poison didn't have an antidote, even if it did, who was able to administer it in time during a battle?

    The entire Heaven's Beyond Dao Plaza went silent. It wasn't out of the ordinary for a Dao Discussion Challenge with Wu Li to last a single move. This was because Wu Li had always ended many dao discussions with a single move.

    However, that was Wu Li vanquishing his opponent in a single move, not his opponent vanquishing him.

    Immediately, many people thought about the aftermath of this incident. Even though Wu Li had never received any support from anyone in Cosmos Edge, it was because Wu Li didn't need anyone's help. But now that Wu Li was killed, things definitely wouldn't be so simple. Many believed that Wu Li had an unordinary status in the Gods Race.

    Now that such an unordinary person had been killed on the Dao Discussion Stage, how could the Gods Race simply let it go?

    If the Dao Discussion Stage was truly a fair place, then perhaps things might be simpler. However, even an idiot knows that neither the Dao Discussion Stage, nor the entire Cosmos Edge itself, was a fair and just place.


    "So strong." With the room at the highest level of Heaven's Beyond Resthouse, Ji Ku was stroking his beard. He had completely forgotten about the wine that he wanted to drink.

    Beside him, Cosmos Edge's Dao Lord Feng Huang also exhaled and said, "He's indeed very strong."

    After some time, Ji Ku said slowly, "Even though this person isn't comparable to me, he's not far off."

    Previously, he already guessed that Mo Wuji would win. However, he would never have thought that Mo Wuji would win in such a clean and straightforward matter. He even intended to find some trouble with Mo Wuji after this Dao Discussion Challenge.

    Naturally, his excuse would be that Mo Wuji had killed the bisexual Immortal Reverent. Since Mo Wuji was so rich, he wanted to extort some green crystals from Mo Wuji. That way, not only would he obtain green crystals, he would also be doing a favour for the Gods Race.

    But now, he directly abandoned this thought. Even though Mo Wuji was not as powerful as him, Mo Wuji wasn't much worse. He did not need to offend such a person for mere green crystals.

    Feng Huang didn't say a word. He was sure that Mo Wuji was stronger than Ji Ku. Unfortunately, that Wu Li had been too weak; so Mo Wuji only needed a single sacred art, Winding River, to defeat him. Feng Huang had seen this sacred art before in the recording crystal ball. Now that he had personally witnessed it, he started to contemplate on how he could avoid it if he was the one attacked by it.


    "You dared to kill Young Lord Li..." An aggrieved shout could be heard as three figures charged onto the Dao Discussion Stage.

    On the surface, these three people looked like ordinary immortals. However, the moment they stepped onto the Dao Discussion Stage, their aura burst forth violently. Even the weakest Yan Yuerong knew that these three were all Immortal Emperors.

    Yan Yuerong didn't even have time to commiserate Xiao Xiaoyu before her face turned deadly pale. Three Immortal Emperors were actually encircling her Big Brother Da Huang. Even if Da Huang was heaven-defying, he was definitely going to die here today.

    Mo Wuji stared calmly at these three Immortal Emperors: two early stage Immortal Emperors and one intermediate stage Immortal Emperor. Honestly, this ensemble really didn't catch his eye. In his mind, he was only thinking about how stuck-up and arrogant these people were.

    On the Dao Discussion Stage, only Wu Li was allowed to kill others. If Wu Li was killed, then it was considered a crime.

    "Kill!" The three people seemed to shout at the same time. In an instant, multiple beams of light sealed the entire space.

    Below the Dao Discussion Stage, the spectating immortals all hurriedly retreated. These Immortal Emperors had broken the seals over the Dao Discussion Stage. Facing the sheer might of three Immortal Emperor Domains, the spectators could not help but retreat.

    Besides retreating, these people were also sighing. They all knew that Mo Wuji was screwed. With three Immortal Emperors surrounding him, it would be weird if Mo Wuji could survive.

    Moreover, these were Immortal Emperors that the Gods Race assigned to protect Wu Li. It would also be weird if these three were weak.

    Mo Wuji chuckled as his whirlpool domain flooded out like violent waves. Even though he was facing three Immortal Emperors, his domain definitely wasn't at a disadvantage. Unless, these three Immortal Emperors could merge their domains.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" As the domains clashed, immortal elemental energy erupted. There was even some dao energy which spilt outwards.

    Shock suddenly entered the three's infuriated hearts. It was true that their domains couldn't mere. But even so, they were three Immortal Emperors.

    But now, Mo Wuji's one domain was completely able to defend against their three domains. That whirlpool domain surged strongly like waves, forcing them to concentrate to prevent their domains from being shattered by Mo Wuji's. If their domains were shattered, then this entire space would become Mo Wuji's backyard.

    The three calmed down. They knew that Mo Wuji was able to kill Wu Li based on true capability, and not schemes or luck. If they continued to fight with an unstable mentality, they might find themselves losing.

    Mo Wuji didn't even wait for the three of them to join hands; his halberd light transformed into a boundless desert.

    Waves of halberd light swept over, blocking out the entire sky. It looked as though millions upon millions of array flags had covered the entire Dao Discussion Stage. The halberd light within the Grand Desert continued to spread, then they rapidly transformed into waves of sand. These waves of sand directly penetrated through the three's domain and surged violently towards them.

    These three Immortal Emperors suddenly felt that they were in the middle of a raging and tumultuous ocean. Moreover, they weren't strong ships facing this violent ocean, but mere planks of wood.

    At this instant, they really couldn't tell whether they were facing an ocean or a desert.

    "This is an intent-level sacred art formed from this person's halberd light. Let's directly attack..." That intermediate stage Immortal Emperor was the first one to awaken from his daze. After saying that sentence, a huge stalk formed from his hands. In an instant, that huge stalk formed countless of vines which shot towards Mo Wuji.

    The other two Immortal Emperors also woke up. One sent a black flag which enveloped the space around Mo Wuji, while the other used a huge hammer to smash down towards Mo Wuji's head!

    This clearly wasn't the first time that these three were working together. Their actions were smooth and fluid.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji's Grand Desert started to emit ripping sounds. The vines in front of Mo Wuji directly transformed into a huge vine hand.

    If Mo Wuji took a step forward, this vine hand would grab him. If Mo Wuji took a step backwards, he would be within the domain of the black flag and he would be directly smashed into meat juice by that huge hammer.

    However, a calm expression remained on Mo Wuji's face. He simply waved his hand and Winding River came descending down.

    That intermediate stage Immortal Emperor snorted coldly. He had seen this sacred art before. Even though it was very strong, it wasn't enough to heavily injure them. And even if they were heavily injured, they were still going to destroy this human race cultivator that killed their young lord.

    The Winding River looked sad and beautiful. Before it fully descended, it had already ripped the space sealed by the flag and caused that huge hammer to slow down.

    "Boom!" Grand Desert finally exploded. At this moment, there was no place on these three Immortal Emperor's bodies that were without injuries. However, at the same time, two vine shadows pierced through Mo Wuji's chest.

    A grey and deathly energy swept towards Mo Wuji. Even though that intermediate stage Immortal Emperor had been injured by Grand Desert, he could not help but be filled with elation. His God Vine was going to suck Mo Wuji's life force, then split Mo Wuji's body apart.

    However, he was instantly startled. Mo Wuji did not seem to be affected at all as he punched outwards.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's fist landed on that giant hammer. The bones in his hands shattered. But at the same time, the hammer was sent flying by Mo Wuji.

    That intermediate stage Immortal Emperor promptly uttered, "He has been sealed by my God Vine. We only need to protect ourselves, there's no need to attack him..."

    Before this Immortal Emperor could finish speaking, he stopped. He stared in aghast as a setting sun appeared before him. He felt as though his life had been fused with the setting sun. As the sun set, his life also came to an end.
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