Chapter 786: Compensation

    Chapter 786: Compensation

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    Mo Wuji allowed his Half Moon Weighted Halberd to float by his side as he asked coldly, "Who are you?"

    "This Emperor is Mifei Trade Union's Deputy Union Head Ju Chuan." As this yellow-robed man spoke, he allowed his aura to burst forth. Even though he didn't want to fight against Mo Wuji, he wanted Mo Wuji to know that he, Ju Chuan, was a Grand Emperor.

    It was enough as long as Mo Wuji had apprehensions towards him. His Mifei Trade Union was also not willing to continue their conflict with a lunatic like Mo Wuji. What was a person that dared to kill the young lord and three Immortal Emperors of the Gods Race if not a lunatic? Moreover, many experts of Mifei Trade Union weren't present at the moment.

    According to Ju Chuan's idea, Mo Wuji would definitely have some reservations after he revealed his Grand Emperor aura. Thereafter, Mo Wuji would want to negotiate with him.

    Unfortunately, he wasn't Mo Wuji, so he couldn't have known what Mo Wuji was thinking. Mo Wuji didn't even utter a single word of rubbish as he, similarly, burst forth with his whirlpool domain. At the same time, he slashed with his Half Moon Weighted Halberd, conjuring a devastating halberd light.

    "You..." Anger and shock surged into Ju Chuan's heart; he didn't think that Mo Wuji would be such a deviant of towards the rules. All this while, Ju Chuan had been rather contented with the rules of Cosmos Edge. Cosmos Edge was simply a place where only the strong were allowed to talk. If the weak dared to break the rules, then enforcers would immediately appear.

    Today, however, Ju Chuan had a newfound opinion. Mo Wuji had been behaving so arrogantly in front of his Mifei Trade Union. However, there weren't any enforcers being dispatched over. What was the use of such dogsh*t enforcers?

    Hurriedly, Ju Chuan brought out a copper mirror. Instantly, the copper mirror conjured millions of golden light on the mirror surface.

    "Boom!" Remnant Chasm directly tore Mifei Trade Union's defensive array apart and proceeded towards Ju Chuan's domain.

    Even Ju Chuan, himself, could see his domain shattering in front of his eyes. Explosions of immortal elemental energy reverberated through the air, and some traces of dao energy seeped outwards.

    Ju Chuan's millions of golden light were instantly scattered as a raging force of immortal elemental energy landed on his chest. On the spot, Ju Chuan coughed out a mouthful of blood and he was forced back tens of meters. He struggled just to remain standing.

    That single instant had caused Ju Chuan's heart to turn cold. Even though he knew that he was a Grand Emperor, he wasn't a match for Mo Wuji. Only the Five Great Immortal Emperors of Cosmos Edge could defend against an expert like Mo Wuji. The only thing he could do was try to delay Mo Wuji. If a huge ruckus and destruction were created here, people would definitely come.

    Mo Wuji knew that he had taken the initiative; so how could he simply allow Ju Chuan to collect himself? Taking another step forward, his Half Moon Weighted Halberd formed millions of halberd light. At the same time, a Spiritual Will Arrow began to condense in the violet lake within his sea of consciousness.

    In that single exchange with Ju Chuan, Mo Wuji knew that the only way he could get rid of Ju Chuan in a short time was to use his Spiritual Will Arrow. Otherwise, this battle would drag on for a long time, which was not what he wanted.

    Originally, Ju Chuan wanted to blast forth with his sacred art. However, at this instant, he suddenly felt the air around him turn cold; it felt as though he had been locked on by some deadly energy. Moreover, he actually couldn't tell where this deadly energy was coming from.

    The previous exchange had left him feeling that he was only slightly inferior to Mo Wuji. But now, Ju Chuan knew that he was completely unable to delay Mo Wuji. If that deadly energy was released, then he, Ju Chuan, would undoubtedly die.

    "Stop!" Ju Chuan cried out frantically.

    Mo Wuji completely disregarded Ju Chuan's cry. Why would I stop just because you asked me to stop?

    "Immortal Friend Mo, this is Cosmos Edge after all. I hope that Immortal Friend Mo can take into account of my, Feng Huang's, reputation and stop temporarily." A gentle voice came over.

    Mo Wuji jolted and that Spiritual Will Arrow condensing within his sea of consciousness gradually scattered.

    Just from this person's aura alone, Mo Wuji knew that this oncoming person was no weaker than him. If he had to battle this person, he would definitely be forced to reveal all his cards. Unless it was truly against his interests, he really wasn't willing to offend such an expert.

    Moreover, he didn't come to Mifei Trade Union to kill, but to obtain cultivation resources. In his eyes, Ju Chuan was merely a simple Immortal Emperor that could be killed at any time. On the other hand, this Feng Huang definitely wasn't a simple person.

    Not only that, he felt that this Feng Huang's spiritual will was slightly familiar. If he was not wrong, Feng Huang's spiritual will should have been on him during his battle on the Dao Discussion Stage.

    Seeing Mo Wuji retract his killing intent, Ju Chuan heaved a sigh of relief. Thereafter, he clasped his fists towards the oncoming man and said, "Many thanks, Dao Lord Feng."

    At a time like this, face was secondary. Ju Chuan knew better than anyone else that if Feng Huang hadn't arrived, then he could only wait to die.

    Mo Wuji turned to see the oncoming people: there were two of them. One was the clean-shaven man who addressed himself as Feng Huang. He had a refined and scholarly appearance, as well as the aura of a Grand Emperor. However, Mo Wuji was sure that this fella was not a simple Grand Emperor. He should definitely be much stronger than Ju Chuan.

    By Feng Huang's side was a bearded old man. He was also a Grand Emperor. In terms of dao aura alone, he was also stronger than Ju Chuan.

    Feng Huang nodded towards Ju Chuan, then he smiled and clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji, "Perhaps Immortal Friend Mo doesn't know me. I am the Dao Lord of Cosmos Edge, Feng Huang. This is my good friend, as well as a Grand Emperor of the Demon Race, Ji Ku."

    When Ji Ku saw the battle between Mo Wuji and the three Immortal Emperors of the Gods Race, he already started to have apprehensions and slight fear towards Mo Wuji. Now with Feng Huang's introduction, he hurriedly took the initiative to clasp his fists towards Mo Wuji, "Immortal Friend Mo's sacred arts are staggering. Ji Ku is truly impressed."

    "So it's Dao Lord Feng and Immortal Friend Ji. Please forgive Mo Wuji for my previous lack of courtesy." Mo Wuji clasped his fists in return. He had just offended the Gods Race and Mifei Trade Union. Now, it seems like this Feng Huang didn't want to offend him; so he naturally wasn't going to offend such an expert. Moreover, this expert was the Dao Lord of Cosmos Edge.

    "I've long heard of Immortal Friend Mo's illustrious name. However, I wonder why House Master Mo destroyed the doors of Mifei Trade Union?" Feng Huang said while maintaining his smile.

    He was also feeling rather helpless. According to his intentions, he definitely didn't want to ask such a question. Even if Mifei Trade Union was destroyed, why would it matter to him?

    However, as the Dao Lord of Cosmos Edge, he had to ask about it.

    "Dao Lord Feng, this person is arrogant and disrespectful. He had complete disregard for the rules of Cosmos Edge. The moment he came, he destroyed Mifei Trade Union's doors and defensive array. I plead Dao Lord Feng to stand up for Cosmos Edge, and to stand up for Mifei Trade Union." Before Mo Wuji could speak, that green robed deacon hurriedly came over and expressed his grievances.

    Ju Chuan's heart sank; he knew that things have gone bad. How could he not know what was on Feng Huang's mind? If the rules of Cosmos Edge were truly of use, then that Mo Wuji wouldn't have been allowed to destroy the Dao Discussion Stage.

    If Feng Huang dares to talk about the rules, then Mo Wuji would immediately mention the matter of being ganged up by three Immortal Emperors on the Dao Discussion Stage. This deacon was really a pig. If Feng Huang could easily be coerced by such words, then he wouldn't be the Dao Lord of Cosmos Edge. The reason why Feng Huang was here wasn't because he wanted to help Mifei Trade Union, but because he had no choice but to do so.

    However, Ju Chuan also knew why this deacon said these words. This was because Mo Wuji had slapped all his teeth away, causing him to feel humiliated.

    Feng Huang remained calm. However, in his heart, he was laughing coldly: You actually dare to threaten me with the rules.

    "F*ck off!" Ju Chuan also slapped over. This deacon had just been slapped by Mo Wuji. Now, he was also slapped by Ju Chuan. His newly growing teeth were, once again, slapped out of his mouth.

    After slapping this deacon away, Ju Chuan didn't wait for Mo Wuji to say anything as he said, "Dao Lord Feng, actually, my Mifei Trade Union is in the wrong. Previously, my Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion saw that House Master Mo had opened a pill house in Heaven's Beyond City Square. Due to our jealousy, we provoked House Master Mo. Now, House Master Mo has come to seek an account for our actions. On behalf of Mifei Trade Union, I am willing to compensate House Master Mo."

    Feng Huang maintained a calm expression on his face. If Ju Chuan wasn't even willing to say these words, then he, Feng Huang, really couldn't be bothered to resolve this situation. Moreover, he knew that even if he were to personally get involved, he wouldn't be able to restrain Mo Wuji. If that's the case, then why would he want to offend an expert like Mo Wuji for Mifei Trade Union?

    When Ju Chuan finished speaking, he threw a storage ring towards Mo Wuji.

    "Ding!" Just as this ring was thrown, it landed back on Ju Chuan's feet.

    "House Master Mo, what's the meaning of this?" Ju Chuan's expression turned unsightly. At the same time, he was inwardly shocked at the strength of Mo Wuji's spiritual will; he actually wasn't even able to throw

    "Keke, he's implying that the things inside the ring isn't enough to compensate for Mortal Pill House." A voice sounded out from the crowd not far away.

    Ju Chuan's heart pounded. Could it be that this Mo Wuji was able to use his spiritual will to open his ring in that short time? Isn't that too terrifying?

    Even Feng Huang's heart was racing. There were seals on Ju Chuan's storage ring. It hadn't been that long, but Mo Wuji's spiritual will was actually able to break through those seals? Feng Huang suddenly felt that he was still underestimating Mo Wuji.

    "Keke, that immortal friend is right. Those years ago, a tenth of the value of the pills and herbs within my Mortal Pill House is already more than these measly 300,000 green crystals. However, my Mortal Pill House was destroyed by your Mifei Trade Union and not a single strand was left. Could it be that Deputy Union Head Ju is bullying me because you believe that I have never seen green crystals before? Well, that's true. How can my small pill house be as rich as your Mifei Trade Union? A few hundred thousand green crystals would have left me excited and out of breath." As Mo Wuji was speaking, killing intent started to gather around him.

    It was true that he had apprehensions towards Feng Huang. However, if Mifei Trade Union didn't offer the appropriate compensation, then no one could blame him for not showing courtesy.

    Feng Huang didn't say a word. 300,000 green crystals were indeed too little. However, Mo Wuji's demand of 3,000,000 green crystals was also too exorbitant. [1]

    "I'll give it." Ju Chuan's face sunk as he threw another storage ring to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji saw that this ring has 3,500,000 green crystals as well as some Tier 7 and 8 immortal herbs. Mo Wuji accepted the ring. Thereafter, he stared coldly at Ju Chuan and said, "On account of Dao Lord Feng's reputation, this matter will end here. But if your Mifei Trade Union dares to find me trouble again, then you can't blame me for not behaving so courteously."

    "My Mifei Trade Union will definitely engrave House Master Mo's words in our hearts," Ju Chuan said coldly.

    Seeing this matter come to an end, Feng Huang clasped his fists and said, "Immortal Friend Mo, I wonder if you're free to have a sit with me at a resthouse?"

    Mo Wuji was in a rush to leave Cosmos Edge; so he naturally wasn't going to waste time with Feng Huang here. However, before he could answer, Feng Huang continued, "Immortal Friend Mo, the experts of Mifei Trade Union and the Gods Race wouldn't return to Cosmos Edge for the time being because they have to attend to a matter."

    Mo Wuji's heart pounded. Just when he was about to reply, he heard Yan Yuerong say, "Brother Da Huang, I just received a transmission telling me where the person who caught me is."

    [1] Mo Wuji didn't say it directly. I guess it's cos Mo Wuji said that 300,000 is worth a tenth of what he lost.
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