Chapter 787: Notorious Throughout Cosmos Edge

    Chapter 787: Notorious Throughout Cosmos Edge

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    "Where is it?" Mo Wuji promptly asked.

    "At the West River Religious Order." Just as Yan Yuerong answered the question, she felt like she had committed a mistake. Wasn't this getting her Brother Da Huang to offend the West River Religious Order? She had heard Sister Xiaoyu say that the Head of West River Religious Order was very strong.

    As she thought of this, she hurriedly said, "Brother Da Huang, I think it's better if we leave this place. After all, I turned out fine."

    "There's no need to worry." Mo Wuji gave Yan Yuerong a reassuring gaze. Thereafter, he clasped his fists towards Feng Huang and said, "Many thanks, Dao Lord Feng for your invitation. However, I need to settle some private matters first."

    Now that he knew that the experts from the Gods Race wouldn't return for a period of time, Mo Wuji was no longer in a rush to leave Cosmos Edge. He believed that Feng Huang had to reason to lie to him. After all, the two of them didn't have a feud; so there would be no reason for Feng Huang to screw him.

    "Immortal Friend Mo can naturally do as he pleases." Feng Huang had a gentle smile on his face. His demeanour was especially elegant.

    He had also heard Yan Yuerong's words. Even if Mo Wuji caused a ruckus at West River Religious Order, it wouldn't be of any impact for him. The West River Religious Order had always been a bellicose place, and its Order Head, An Xuecheng, was equally famous as him; he was also one of the Five Great Immortal Emperors of Cosmos Edge. Currently, An Xuecheng wasn't present, but Leng Ren was here. Compared to An Xuecheng, Leng Ren wasn't much weaker. Feng Huang was really interested to know who was the stronger one among Mo Wuji and Leng Ren.

    The immortals that came here for the show originally wanted to disperse in their own separate ways. However, when they saw Mo Wuji bring Yan Yuerong to West River Religious Order, they gathered back again.


    "This is West River Religious Order. If you have no business here, then f*ck off." A grey robed woman blocked Mo Wuji's path. She still didn't know that the man in front of her was the infamous Mo Wuji.

    "I need to go in and find someone." Mo Wuji said calmly. This grey robed woman caused him to feel uncomfortable. Her entire figure was exuding a baleful aura. Clearly, this grey robed woman had killed many people, and it even seemed like she killed every single day. The look in her eyes was like she was looking at dead people.

    "F*ck off!" This was the second time this grey robed woman told Mo Wuji to f*ck off. At the same time, her body began to release heavy killing intent in all directions.

    Mo Wuji was very clear that even if he turned now, this woman will try to kill him.

    Cosmos Edge was truly a mystical place. There's truly no reason here. He only said a single sentence, but he was going to be killed.

    This time, Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered to explain. He took a step towards this woman. This woman had only just wielded her longsword when Mo Wuji lifted his hand and slapped this woman across her face.

    "Kacha!" The sound of bones shattering reverberated through the air. The moment this woman opened her mouth, blood splattered out. Her entire body had been slapped flying and she landed heavily against the wall.

    "You crippled my cultivation..." This woman stared at Mo Wuji in disbelief. She, then, coughed out another mouthful of blood.

    Even though she was only an early stage Immortal Reverent, she killed people like she would ants. She had never shown mercy. She would never have thought that she would have been slapped flying and that her cultivation would have been crippled. At this instant, her spirit channels were ruptured and her sea of consciousness was evaporating.

    "House Master Mo, kill Kill-Girl Li!" A call cried out from within the crowd.

    This grey robed woman had an alias killed Kill-Girl Li. Within West River Religious Order, Kill-Girl Li's cultivation couldn't be considered the highest, but she was definitely the one that killed the most people.

    As long as the person is weaker than her and didn't know the rules of West River Religious Order, that person would die under her sword.

    Many believed that she cultivated the Dao of Killing. Only through constant murder and slaughter, could she perfect her Grand Dao.

    "Sister, your vengeance has finally been repaid in half." Among the crowd, a youth stared excitedly at the crippled Kill-Girl Li; he was so agitated that he was shaking. He had always wanted to kill this demented woman. However, his power was too inferior compared to Kill-Girl Li.

    "You dared to cripple my cultivation. You actually dared to cripple my cultivation..." Kill-Girl Li was still muttering in disbelief. This was the West River Religious Order, and she was the West River Religious Order's Kill-Girl Li, but she was actually crippled in front of West River Religious Order.

    Mo Wuji looked at this grey robed woman speechlessly. He really couldn't get it in his head. Where did this woman's sense of superiority come from? She could kill others, but she didn't allow others to cripple her cultivation?

    "House Master Mo, my Religious Order is indeed a place where you can kill. However, you would have to go to the Religious Hall first. House Master Mo is only at the doorstep of my Religious Order but you already tried to kill a person of my order. Could it be that you really believe that you are the number one in this cosmos?" A cold voice could be heard. Following which, an old man appeared in front of Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "I know you. You wanted to purchase my little sister as your immortal slave during the auction. Now, you're coming to cause trouble for me. Very good."

    The moment Mo Wuji opened his hand, the Half Moon Weighted Halberd appeared in his palm. He knew of this old man back during the auction. He was Leng Ren, the Deputy Order Head of West River Religious Order.

    "Haha..." Leng Ren chuckled loudly, however, there did not seem to be a hint of humour on his face. "Mo Wuji, my Religious Order's Immortal Emperors aren't here, but do you think that my Religious Order would be afraid of you? If you want to fight, I, Leng Ren, am willing to oblige."

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "I will say it one more time. I want to go in and find a person. If you make way, I will take today's matters as though they have never happened. But if you continue standing in my way, then don't blame me for attacking."

    It wasn't that Mo Wuji didn't want to fight. However, he could only depend on himself here and he also had to take care of Yan Yuerong. If not for that, he would have already slashed his halberd down. He even discovered that Leng Ren's body was revolving with death energy. Clearly, Leng Ren was a person at the end of his longevity. Mo Wuji didn't want to pit his life against such a person.

    Leng Ren's face sunk. Honestly, he didn't want to fight against a hot-tempered dolt like Mo Wuji too. He had just purchased an Immortal Shell Fruit during the auction which could allow him to extend his longevity by 60 years. If he used these 60 years properly, he would definitely be able to find a suitable body which he could possess.

    If he succeeds in his possession, he would no longer have to depend too much on the religious order. At this moment, he was feeling slight regret. He regretted leaving the auction so early. He should have continued staying at the auction site till Mo Wuji was done with his business.

    During Leng Ren's hesitation, Mo Wuji had already brought Yan Yuerong to the second floor's Religious Hall.

    The West River Religious Order's Religious Hall was extremely spacious. It was installed with grand spirit gathering arrays, causing the spiritual energy to be dense to the max. There were even some traces of the Laws.

    Mo Wuji only needed to stand there for a moment to know that this was a great place to cultivate.

    There were countless of seals. Within each seal, there was a cultivator cultivating. Except for those cultivators in the seals, there were also several cultivators at another corner of the hall discussing the dao.

    The hall exuded a faint bloody smell. Yan Yuerong whispered to Mo Wuji, "I heard Sister Xiaoyu say that a single word of disagreement here could lead to a bloody battle. Don't simply look at how those two seem to be discussing the dao calmly. Perhaps, at the next moment, the two would start flashing their magic treasures and start battling."

    Mo Wuji nodded. Thereafter, he threw out ten array flags and said, "Yuerong, take a look. Is the man who captured you here?"

    The moment Mo Wuji threw the flags out, the Religious Hall instantly went clear. Even the cultivators cultivating within the seals came to plain sight.

    "It's him." Yan Yuerong seemed to instantly notice that messy haired man.

    Mo Wuji looked at the direction that Yan Yuerong was pointing towards. Indeed, it was a fella that was brimming with baleful aura. He also had a fierce appearance. Mo Wuji only needed one glance to tell that this was a vicious man. It was just that this man's cultivation really wasn't enough for Mo Wuji to even look at. He was merely at the pinnacle of the Immortal King Stage.

    Even though the people in the Religious Hall were all vicious people, no one acted when Mo Wuji used his array flags to see through the seals within the hall. Vicious wasn't equivalent to stupid. Since Mo Wuji dared to do such a thing within West River Religious Order, it meant that he was definitely a peak expert.

    "Alright." Mo Wuji responded and extended his hand over.

    "Kacha!" This man's seals were directly shattered. At the next instant, Mo Wuji's immortal elemental energy hand grabbed onto this man's neck and dragged him over.

    "I was cultivating within my seals. How have I offended this senior?" This man was originally cultivating in seclusion, but Mo Wuji had suddenly ripped his seals apart and grabbed him.

    But just as he finished speaking those words, he saw Yan Yuerong who was standing behind Mo Wuji. His heart instantly turned cold. Before Mo Wuji could even say anything, he hurriedly said, "Senior, I didn't know this girl back then. I also didn't know that this girl was related to senior. I, Ao Lu, am not willing to accept it if senior kills me because of this."

    "Where's my little sister's storage ring?" Mo Wuji asked coldly.

    "I have already destroyed the corpse inside. The remaining things are still there..."

    When she heard that Sister Xiaoyu's corpse had been destroyed, Yan Yuerong started to bawl.

    Before Ao Lu could finish speaking, Mo Wuji's immortal elemental energy hand squeezed tight. Ao Lu was directly turned to a fog of blood.

    "Let's go." Mo Wuji kept the storage ring, then he brought the sobbing Yan Yuerong past the green-faced Leng Ren.

    When he felt the deathly energy around Leng Ren, Mo Wuji understood why Leng Ren didn't do anything. The closer one was to death, the more one was afraid of it. If not for this, Leng Ren wouldn't have been afraid of Gods Race's Wu Li.


    "This Senior Mo is too strong. He doesn't even fear the West River Religious Order!"

    "It should be because Order Head An isn't here, right?"

    "I'm sure that even of Order Head An was present, Senior Mo would have still dared to do what he just did."

    In a short time, Mo Wuji's name had spread throughout Cosmos Edge. In just half a day, Mo Wuji went from destroying the Dao Discussion Stage, to wrecking Mifei Trade Union, to causing a scene at West River Religious Order. It would be hard to not hear of Mo Wuji.


    Half an incense's later, Mo Wuji brought Yan Yuerong to Feng Huang's and Ji Ku's private room in the Heaven's Beyond Resthouse."

    "Immortal Friend Mo takes his vengeance swiftly. Your heart is free from hindrances. Ji Ku is truly impressed." After the four took their seats, Ji Ku took the initiative to start.

    At this point, Mo Wuji stood up and raised his wine cup, "Many thanks for Dao Lord Feng's and Immortal Friend Ji's magnanimity. You have permitted me to run unbridled in Cosmos Edge."

    Feng Huang and Ji Ku naturally knew that Mo Wuji was only saying nice words. Even if Feng Huang and Ji Ku chose to step in, Mo Wuji would still have done what he wanted.

    "Immortal Friend Mo is too polite. Please take a seat," Feng Huang said hurriedly.

    Mo Wuji took a seat. Thereafter, he directly asked, "Dao Lord Feng, you previously said that the experts of the Gods Race and Mifei Trade Union are all not present. I wonder where they went?"

    Mo Wuji was sure that this was also the case for West River Religious Order. Otherwise, Leng Ren definitely wouldn't have been the only one person standing against him when he went to West River Religious Order.
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