Chapter 788: The Experts From The Gods Race Return

    Chapter 788: The Experts From The Gods Race Return

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    "Does Immortal Friend Mo know what's the stage after the Grand Emperor Stage?" Feng Huang didn't directly answer Mo Wuji's question. Instead, he asked a seemingly unrelated question.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I've heard of it. It should be the Dao Emperor Stage. Didn't they say that the Very High Heavens' Zi Changluo is a Dao Emperor? He seems to above Immortal Emperors."

    Feng Huang said disdainfully, "Zi Changluo can only be arrogant in that tiny piece of land he calls the Very High Heavens. Would he dare to come to the Cosmos Edge? Immortal Friend Mo, don't simply look at how you destroyed the Dao Discussion Stage, wrecked Mifei Trade Union and disgraced West River Religious Order. In reality, the number of experts that can easily deal with you can be counted in more than a hand."

    Even though Mo Wuji didn't believe this, he knew that Feng Huang wasn't shooting in the dark. There would definitely be experts more powerful than him in Cosmos Edge; that part is true. However, to say that they could easily deal with him was truly underestimating him.

    "I hope Dao Lord Feng could shed more light on this." While Mo Wuji didn't agree with this, his tone was still very humble.

    Feng Huang nodded. He had been intentionally direct in his words as he wanted to see whether Mo Wuji still had space for growth. If Mo Wuji was arrogant to the point where he believes that he could claim to be tyrant in Cosmos Edge, then there was no point in befriending Mo Wuji. This was because such a person definitely wouldn't grow any stronger.

    "Immortal Friend Mo, one reason why no one has dealt with you while you were in Cosmos Edge is because many experts aren't present. The second reason is that there is a vast jumble of powers, and they all only care about the snow in front of their own doors. In fact, some powers delighted at your ruckus with Mifei Trade Union and West River Religious Order. The weaker their opponents, the stronger they would be. This was also why no one confronted you after you destroyed the Dao Discussion Stage and caused scenes at Mifei Trade Union and West River Religious Order."

    Mo Wuji agreed with Feng Huang's words. The moment he acted against Mifei Trade Union, he already knew about the mystical place that was the Cosmos Edge.

    Feng Huang continued, "Just now, I asked you about the stage after the Grand Emperor Stage. Actually, I don't know about that stage myself, but I know that it's not Dao Emperor. Dao Emperor sounds like a stage, but at the end of the day, there's no qualitative difference between a Dao Emperor and an Immortal Emperor. It's said that when you reach the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage, you can only take a step forward if you obtain a God Seat. Immortal Friend Mo, you should have heard of god equipment before, right?"

    Even though Mo Wuji had already guessed that Dao Emperor wasn't after Immortal Emperor, his thoughts became clearer after hearing Feng Huang's words. He hurriedly said, "I've heard of god equipment before. I heard that god equipment frequently appear within Heaven's Beyond Corridor's Cosmos Wall, and that it surpasses immortal equipment."

    Feng Huang laughed faintly, "Those god equipment from the Cosmos Wall could only be considered at trash. They might not even be comparable to immortal equipment. Of course, the reason why we know of god equipment and God Seats isn't because someone had gone to the world with God Seats. Instead, it's because the items dropped from the Cosmos Wall contain information about them. This time, all the experts in Cosmos Edge aren't present because someone discovered the ruins of a God Seat Holder within the void. Not only are there powerful cultivation techniques there, there are also manuals revealing methods on how to obtain a God Seat as well as peak grade god equipment. That Zi Changluo that you talked about has also gone over.

    If not for that, neither Mifei Trade Union's Union Head Qian Yisa, nor West River Religious Order's Order Head An Xuecheng would have allowed you to do as you please. Oh right, that Qian Yisa is one of the Dao Emperors you talked about. Even though Dao Emperor isn't actually a new stage, I know that I'm not a match for that Qian Yisa."

    Mo Wuji's heart clenched. It wasn't that he was afraid that he wasn't able to beat Qian Yisa. Instead, it was because he was worried that as a Dao Emperor, Qian Yisa might have the rights to activate the Cosmos Edge's killing array. If he was trapped by Cosmos Edge's killing array, it would truly be hard for him to escape.

    From the looks of it, he needed to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would only remain as a pawn.

    Feng Huang laughed and said, "And that Wu Li you killed on the Dao Discussion Stage was a young lord of the Gods Race. He was a peerless talent that could devour spiritual roots and continuously raise the quality of his own spiritual roots. Such a talent was actually killed by you before he could mature. I'm afraid..."

    Before Feng Huang could finish speaking, a flying messenger sword landed on his hand.

    Even though Mo Wuji cultivated his Starsea Sacred Technique, and could thus easily break through the seals of that flying messenger sword, he didn't do so.

    Feng Huang's spiritual will had already penetrated into the flying messenger sword. Immediately, his face changed and he went silent.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate any further. His spirit storage channel's spiritual will had already seeped over. Those seals on the flying messenger sword weren't even able to act as obstacles in front of his spiritual will.

    Mo Wuji saw the contents of the flying messenger sword clearly; there was only one sentence inside.

    "I request Dao Lord Feng to delay that Mo Wuji for half a day, four Dao Emperors of my Gods Race will rush to Cosmos Edge in half a day."

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. Just one Dao Emperor was an existence that he had to look up to. Four Dao Emperors... Perhaps he could only wait for his death.

    Even though he knew this, Mo Wuji still didn't say a word. He wanted to know what Feng Huang would do.

    "Brother Feng, what's the matter?" By the side, Ji Ku asked doubtfully.

    Feng Huang sighed, "Just some trivial matters. Oh right, Immortal Friend Mo, if you are interested, would you like to go to my Dao Lord Mansion and share a toast?"

    Mo Wuji sighed inwardly. He knew that Feng Huang's choice was normal, but he could not help but feel slightly disappointed. Originally, he wanted to treat Feng Huang as a friend. After validating his Dao and stepping into the Immortal Emperor Stage, he could join hands with Feng Huang and establish a firm foothold in Cosmos Edge. Befriending him was equivalent to an investment. However, Feng Huang wasn't willing to take risk.

    Mo Wuji stood up and clasped his fists towards Feng Huang and Ji Ku, "I've already learnt a lot from this conversation with Dao Lord Feng and Immortal Friend Ji. I will not impose on Dao Lord Feng any further. We will meet again in the future."

    With that, Mo Wuji turned and left. He didn't even slow down.

    "Wait, Immortal Friend Mo, I have some god equipment from Cosmos Wall in my mansion. Even though they aren't anything much, it would provide a glimpse of the stage beyond the Immortal Emperor Stage," Feng Huang hurriedly cried out.

    Mo Wuji turned his head and said solemnly, "I understand Dao Lord Feng's kind intentions. But now, I need to find a person."

    "I wonder where Immortal Friend Mo is heading towards?" While he knew that he wouldn't be able to get Mo Wuji to stay, Feng Huang still chose to ask.

    "I will look around." By the time he finished saying that, Mo Wuji had already left the resthouse with Yan Yuerong.

    "What's wrong?" Feeling that something was amiss with Feng Huang, Ji Ku asked this question again.

    Feng Huang frowned and said, "The Gods Race asked me to get that Mo Wuji to stay. They would rush to Cosmos Edge in half a day. It seems like I've underestimated the importance that Gods Race placed on Wu Li. I originally wanted to befriend Mo Wuji before he leaves Cosmos Edge. As long as Mo Wuji leaves before the people from Gods Race arrive, then this would no longer be my business. However, I never expected that the Gods Race would send a message even before Mo Wuji left. They were clearly threatening me."

    Feng Huang indeed wanted to make an investment. However, he didn't expect that before he could complete his investment, the Gods Race had sent him that flying messenger sword. Clearly, the Gods Race were very clear of his personality, and they also placed much importance on that Wu Li.

    Ji Ku asked doubtfully, "Just now, that Mo Wuji seemed to be in a hurry to leave. Could he have seen the contents from the flying messenger sword?"

    Feng Huang shook his head, 'Thaht's impossible. Just now, there wasn't any spatial ripples formed from the usage of spiritual will. Even if there was, there are seals on the flying messenger sword. They wouldn't be simply broken. Even though Mo Wuji is a Grade 7 Array Master, he wouldn't be capable of that."

    The reason why Feng Huang dared to make such assertations was because he had felt Mo Wuji releasing his spiritual will back when Mo Wuji broke the seals on Ju Chuan's storage ring. However, he didn't feel any movement of spiritual will at all just now.

    "There's no need to care about the Gods Race. Brother Feng had tried to get Mo Wuji to stay, to no avail. At that point, you would have to battle with Mo Wuji in order to get him to stay," Ji Ku reassured.

    Feng Huang nodded but didn't say a word. He had recorded what had happeend just now. When the Gods Race sent that message, he could help as much as he can. However, he definitely wouldn't pit his life against Mo Wuji's just because of a flying sword from the Gods Race.


    At the same time, a flying ship was speeding towards Cosmos Edge.

    There were four people on the flying ship. The man at the front had black and white runic tattoos on his face. His body was exuding sharp and heavy killing intent, and his aura was so intense that it seemed to tear the space around him.

    This man was a Dao Emperor of the Gods Race - Wu Wang. Not only was he the ancestor of Wu Li, he was also Wu Li's master.

    "We just sent a flying messenger sword to Feng Huang. Feng Huang wouldn't help Mo Wuji by telling Mo Wuji about us, right?" The one speaking was an old man standing next to Wu Wang. His skin was like a tree bark and his voice was like a leaky flute. His aura was also strong and intense; his cultivation was no lower than Wu Wang.

    Wu Wang said coldly, "Anyone that dares to kill the young lord of my Gods Race would rush to leave Cosmos Edge. I understand Feng Huang's character very well; he likes to create opportunities. If I didn't send that flying messager sword to him, he might actually befriended that person, then helped that person to escape.

    But now that I sent him that message, he doesn't have the balls to reveal the secret. Knowing that we will arrive in half a day, he will try to keep Mo Wuji for at least an hour or two. That would be enough. That fella killed my Gods Race's young lord and three Immortal Emperors. If I don't shatter this person's bones, scatter his ashes, and burn his soul, I, Wu Wang, would be wasting my long years of cultivation.


    "Brother Da Huang, are the experts of the Gods Race coming?" Seeing Mo Wuji anxiously bringing her to leave Cosmos Edge, Yan Yuerong knew that something was amiss.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes. The content of that flying messenger sword was a request from the Gods Race, asking Feng Huang to try and delay me for half a day. Four Dao Emperors from the Gods Race would be coming soon."

    Yan Yuerong heaved a sigh of relief, "That's ok. Half a day is enough for us to escape."

    Mo Wuji laughed ruefully and said, "Half a day? I'm sure that it would already be amazing if we even have an hour. The Gods Race is making use of Feng Huang's character. If Feng Huang saw half a day, he would not wholeheartedly delay me, and would only get me to stay for an hour or so. He would already consider that helping the Gods Race. I am sure that in less than an hour, the experts from the Gods Race would arrive in Cosmos Edge."

    "Ah..." Yan Yuerong realised that she was still too inexperienced. She hurriedly asked, "Then where are we going?"

    "To the Shattered Ruins. I have a jade letter map of the Shattered Ruins. Only if I am able to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage within the Shattered Ruins, then I would have the qualifications to return and discuss the dao with these Dao Emperors." Mo Wuji retrieved his immortal concealment boat. After entering it with Yan Yuerong, the boat shot into the vast void. In an instant, it disappeared without a trace.
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