Chapter 789: Battling A Dao Emperor

    Chapter 789: Battling A Dao Emperor

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    It hadn't even been an entire incense's time since Mo Wuji left when a grey ship stopped outside Cosmos Edge.

    They're the Gods Race's Dao Emperor Wu Wang and Dao Emperor Lun Pa..." The moment the people within the shop emerged, they were immediately recognised by the people outside Cosmos Edge. These people all hurried to move to the side to make way for them.

    The Gods Race was one of the most powerful races in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Moreover, besides Wu Wang and Lun Pa, there were still two other Dao Emperors within the ship. Everyone all knew the reason why they had come.

    The Gods Race's Young Lord Wu Li had been killed in Cosmos Edge. It would be weird if the Gods Race didn't flip out.

    Wu Wang, together with the wood-bark-like Lun Pa, walked into Cosmos Edge. The other two Dao Emperor experts remained outside Cosmos Edge, clearly in case Mo Wuji tried to escape.

    "Feng Huang greets Dao Emperor Wu Wang and Dao Emperor Lun Pa." Just as Wu Wang entered Cosmos Edge, Feng Huang came to welcome him with a smile plastered on his face.

    "Dao Lord Feng, I wonder if that Mo Wuji is present?" Wu Wang's voice was cold; he was seemingly prepared to pummel Feng Huang under his fist.

    Feng Huang sighed and said, "He was determined to leave. Even I was unable to have him stay."

    Feng Huang only realised that the Gods Race definitely wouldn't need half a day to arrive sometime after Mo Wuji left. The reason why Mo Wuji had been so anxious to leave should also be because Mo Wuji had guessed the contents of the flying messenger sword. Honestly, Feng Huang was very impressed with Mo Wuji, to actually be able to guess the contents so accurately. At the same time, he felt slight disdain towards Wu Wang. If Wu Wang had not sent the flying messenger sword, then he, Feng Huang, would have unconsciously helped them retain Mo Wuji.

    Actually, Wu Wang's predictions were right: Mo Wuji wanted to leave Cosmos Edge immediately after killing Wu Li. If not for him, Mo Wuji would have left a long time ago.

    It was because he told Mo Wuji that the experts from the Gods Race wouldn't be returning temporarily. That caused Mo Wuji to stay for a little longer. However, that Wu Wang decided to be an extra; he sent a flying messenger sword over and this sword was coincidentally noticed by Mo Wuji.

    "What?" Wu Wang instantly exploded with killing intent. He stared coldly at Feng Huang and said, "Could it be that Dao Lord Feng treats my Gods Race's words like farts?"

    Feng Huang sneered in his heart, but his tone remained calm as he said, "Dao Emperor, these words of yours are inappropriate. I, Feng Huang, am merely a Dao Lord; I'm unable to control the actions of others. However, I, Feng Huang, have done the best I can. I do not ask for Dao Emperor Wu to thank me, but I'm not willing to accept Dao Emperor Wu's anger either."

    With that, Feng Huang threw a crystal ball to Wu Wang.

    The flames of anger within Wu Wang's hearts cooled down. He understood what Feng Huang was implying: It's true that your Gods Race is strong, but I, Feng Huang, am not a person of your Gods Race. It's already an act of favour for me to help you, and it really wouldn't be a big deal even if I don't.

    At this instant, Wu Wang sent his spiritual will into the crystal ball. He saw that when Mo Wuji left, Feng Huang had tried to get him to stay, but to no avail. Wu Wang also knew that it wouldn't be practical to think that Feng Huang would battle with Mo Wuji because of them. Moreover, Wu Wang was also feeling some regret. He knew that it was his flying messenger sword which made Mo Wuji so bent to leave. How would he know that Mo Wuji would not immediately leave after killing Wu Li? If he did, he definitely wouldn't have sent Feng Huang that flying messenger sword.

    "Just now, I was too agitated because of Wu Li's death. I request Dao Lord Feng to tell me: where did that Mo Wuji go?" Wu Wang inhaled deeply, then he clasped his fists and asked.

    In his heart, there was still huge amounts of anger that were enough to fill three oceans and four seas. However, if he didn't catch Mo Wuji, he had no means of venting that anger.

    Feng Huang said apologetically, "That Mo Wuji said he was finding someone. I didn't expect that he would immediately leave Cosmos Edge. He left using Ou Zhaohe's immortal concealment boat."

    "I wonder if Dao Lord Feng knows of this Mo Wuji's origins?" Even though Mo Wuji had just destroyed Mifei Pill-Smith Pavilion, the Gods Race couldn't be bothered to care about such a matter.

    But now that Mo Wuji had killed Wu Li, Wu Wang naturally wanted to investigate on Mo Wuji.

    Even though Feng Huang had some guesses on Mo Wuji's origins, he still said, "I'm truly not sure. I only chatted with that Mo Wuji for a little bit."

    Feng Huang was clear that Mifei Trade Union would definitely have investigated on Mo Wuji's origins. However, while he had not actually befriended Mo Wuji, he didn't want to offend such an expert.

    "Dao Emperor Wu, I have investigated that Mo Wuji briefly. He should be of the Human Race. Dao Emperor Wu only needs to question Zi Changluo to know of this person's origins." Leng Ren's voice came timely.

    "Human Race." Wu Wang snorted coldly, "Since he's from the Human Race, then the Human Race no longer needs to exist. Lun Pa, help me to gather my troops. First, we'll occupy Very High Heavens Immortal Cosmos City; then, we'll directly destroy the Very High Heavens. As for the Immortal World, we can treat it as a place for our Gods Race to rear our cattle."

    "Yes." That old wood-bark-like man behind Wu Wang promptly responded.

    Before this wood bark could turn, one of the Gods Race experts, that was stationed at the entrance of Cosmos Edge previously, rushed over hurriedly. He said to Wu Wang, "Grand Elder, news had just arrived. It says that Mo Wuji was heading in the direction of the Shattered Ruins. From the looks of it, he wants to hide within the Shattered Ruins."

    "Very good. We will temporarily postpone the subjugation of the Human Race. We will catch that Mo Wuji first. Lun Pa, chase after him; we will follow suit." Wu Wang's voice was cold.

    "Yes." Lun Pa responded promptly. Suddenly, a pair of wings grew out of his back. With a strong flap, Lun Pa disappeared without a trace.

    Lun Pa's speed was the fastest, which was why Wu Wang sent him to stop Mo Wuji.


    The map in Mo Wuji's hands was obtained from Wu Li. It could be said that his time in Cosmos Edge had been very fruitful.

    There's no need to talk about how he obtained more than 3 million green crystals from Mifei Trade Union. From Wu Li's ring alone, there was close to a million green crystals and countless of treasures. There were even some jade boxes which he had yet to open.

    Additionally, there were still the rings of those three Immortal Emperors from the Gods Race. He didn't have the time to open them yet. That would have to wait till he reaches the Shattered Ruins and settles down.

    The immortal concealment boat was a Grade 9 flying treasure; so its speed was very fast. In a short two hours, Mo Wuji found the Shattered Ruins positional imprint on the jade letter map.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. He had seen the introduction of the Shattered Ruins before; he knew that as long as he entered the Shattered Ruins, the Gods Race might not necessarily be able to find him even if they sent in all their experts.

    "Brother Da Huang, how long more till we are able to enter..." Yan Yuerong didn't even manage to finish her sentence when a blast of killing intent directly slammed against Mo Wuji's immortal concealment boat. Even though the boat was installed with some defensive arrays, under the pressure of that immense killing intent, Yan Yuerong was momentarily unable to talk.

    Not good. Mo Wuji had battled with Wu Li and the three Immortal Emperors before. At this moment, how could he not tell that this was a peak expert from the Gods Race?

    "Yanrong, hurry and control the immortal concealment ship. Go into the Shattered Ruins, find a remote place to hide and wait for me. If I don't return, stay in there and cultivate..."

    Mo Wuji didn't even finish his sentence as he charged out of the ship; his Half Moon Weighted Halberd conjured a halberd light which was tens of thousands of meters long which slashed towards the oncoming person.

    When Yan Yuerong finally reacted, the immortal concealment ship had already been blasted far away from the violent immortal elemental energy. Within her mind, there was suddenly the spiritual will instructions on how to control the ship, and a jade letter map of Shattered Ruins was at her feet.

    Yan Yuerong instantly reacted. If she stayed behind, she would only be a burden for her Brother Da Huang. She did not hesitate to control the immortal concealment ship and sped towards the Shattered Ruins.

    Seeing Yan Yuerong leaving decisively, Mo Wuji sighed in relief.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's halberd light ruptured a huge silver fissure within the void. However, this fissure was easily destroyed with a single punch. As the halberd light exploded, it looked like fireworks had been set off within the void.

    "No wonder why you were able to kill three Immortal Emperors and the Young Lord of my Gods Race. You truly do have some methods." An old man whose skin was like a tree bark appeared in front of Mo Wuji. His voice seemed to have come out of a broken flute; it was extremely hard to hear.

    On his back, was a pair of wings. Clearly, these wings were the reason why he was able to chase after Mo Wuji so quickly.

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk; he started to suspect whether Feng Huang had intentionally tried to retain him. If Feng Huang hadn't told him that the experts from the Gods Race wouldn't return for the time being, he would have left the Cosmos Edge right after coercing some green crystals from Mifei Trade Union. He wouldn't have wasted his time with West River Religious Order.

    "This Emperor is Lun Pa. Hand over your storage ring and I can consider showing you mercy..." What left Mo Wuji confused was that this wood-bark-like old man actually didn't continue attacking. Instead, he wanted Mo Wuji to hand over his storage ring.

    Mo Wuji's mind spun, and he immediately figured out the reason. This fella was stalling for time; this fella wasn't afraid of him, but this fella was afraid that Mo Wuji would try to escape.

    When he thought of this, why would Mo Wuji want to waste any more time? His Half Moon Weighted Halberd conjured his Grand Desert which swept towards this old man. At the very next instant, his Winding River also cascaded down, and by the side of the river, was an incomplete sun..

    The first three sacred arts of his Four Halberd Strikes were released almost simultaneously. Even though these three were intent-level sacred art, they didn't cause a huge pressure due to his strong sea of consciousness and spiritual will.

    Even though Lun Pa had only responded with a punch previously, and it had been a defensive punch, Mo Wuji was clear that the density of his immortal elemental energy could not compare with this Lun Pa.

    Since Lun Pa was so strong, he had no other choice but to give it his all.

    Moreover, it wasn't set in stone that he was going to lose. His Grand Desert could transform into a killing array. Back on the Dao Discussion Stage, those three Immortal Emperors were too weak, and they weren't able to force him to display the full might of his Grand Desert.

    Besides his Grand Desert, he was also a physique cultivator at God Physique Level 7. Of course, he still had his killing aces: the Spiritual Will Arrow and the Wheel of Life and Death.

    Lun Pa was strong, but Lun Pa was worried that he would escape. That meant that Lun Pa would hold back and behave cautiously. In such a scenario, it meant that he, Mo Wuji, would have a high chance of getting rid of Lun Pa.

    Seeing Mo Wuji attack so furiously, Lun Pa snorted coldly. A giant tree appeared above his head; the huge roots of that tree shot over. Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain was shattered inch by inch, and his Winding River had only descended halfway before being split apart by the roots.

    The violent force of immortal elemental energy rebounded back on Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji felt a huge ache in his sea of consciousness and he almost coughed out some vital blood.

    The only one of his three intent-level sacred arts which managed to form fully was his Grand Desert. This time, Mo Wuji's Grand Desert didn't form into boundless and endless waves of sand, but into millions of array flags. These millions of array flags shot into the space between the two of them.

    Mo Wuji did not falter. Waving his Half Moon Weighted halberd, that incomplete Setting Sun suddenly transformed into a gigantic star which came crashing towards Lun Pa.

    "Trivial tricks!" Lun Pa sneered. The giant tree erupted, transforming into a mountain of wood which blocked the Setting Sun.

    The red star exploded; Mo Wuji's Setting Sun's intent had yet form fully before it was forcefully dispersed. Mo Wuji could no longer hold it in as his mouth opened and an arrow of blood shot out.

    Lun Pa's giant tree shattered once more, transforming into a web of wood which sealed the surrounding area. He was sure that Mo Wuji would try to escape after knowing the difference between them.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't escape. Not only didn't he escape, Mo Wuji took a step forward. He directly condensed a Spiritual Will Arrow. Immediately, killing intent filled the entire web-locked space.
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