Chapter 790: Killing A Dao Emperor

    Chapter 790: Killing A Dao Emperor

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    "This is the Spiritual Will Arrow..." Lun Pa was an expert hardened through countless of battles; he felt it the moment Mo Wuji's Spiritual WIll Arrow locked onto him.

    At this instant, Lun Pa's heart turned cold. When he was fighting against Mo Wuji, he could immediately tell that Mo Wuji had yet to validate his Dao and step into the Immortal Emperor Stage. Lun Pa would never have thought that a mere Immortal Reverent could actually condense the Spiritual Will Arrow?

    Lun Pa was clearer than even Mo Wuji himself of the terrifying might of the Spiritual Will Arrow. Once shot, this arrow speeds along without a trail and without a trace. Moreover, if the Spiritual Will Arrow reaches a certain level, not only would it destroy the opponent's fleshly body, it would even eradicate the opponent's sea of consciousness.

    The reason why the Spiritual Will Arrow was so terrifying was because it could not be blocked. This was unless your spiritual will and sea of consciousness were stronger than the user, and you would need to possess a spiritual will defensive technique. Otherwise, you would need a spiritual will treasure, or simply persevere through the attack.

    Usually, only Xiantian or peak Houtian treasures have methods to defend against spiritual will attacks. However, Lun Pa did not have such treasures.

    There was no small amount of immortal cultivators that could use spiritual will techniques. However, the experts that could condense a Spiritual Will Arrow or possess strong spiritual will sacred arts definitely could only be counted within one's fingers.

    A looming pressure fell over the entire space. Lun Pa furiously tried to concentrate his domain. Before Mo Wuji shot his Spiritual Will Arrow, Lun Pa did not dare to take out his magic treasure. Also, Lun Pa knew that there was a fatal flaw with the Spiritual Will Arrow; that was, the moment the Spiritual Will Arrow was shot, the user would fall into a state of great weakness. That was the best moment to counterattack.

    Lun Pa was waiting for that instant.

    Mo Wuji had frequently tested his Spiritual Will Arrow before. Naturally, he knew of the weakness after using it. However, his sea consciousness was strong, so he had never placed it to heart.

    But as Mo Wuji condensed this Spiritual Will Arrow to lock onto Lun Pa, he knew that he was wrong. The Spiritual Will Arrow was crazily sucking away his spiritual will and his immortal elemental energy; it was even sucking away his life force.

    In that instant, Mo Wuji came to an understanding. The reason why he never had such a drastic feeling with his Spiritual Will Arrow before was because he had never met an expert on the level of Lun Pa. That also meant that he had never truly shot a Spiritual Will Arrow with his full killing intent.

    The moment this arrow shot out, he was sure that he would be a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. He had shot the Spiritual Will Arrow before but this particular arrow seemed to suck out almost everything that he had.

    As the Spiritual Will Arrow continued to condense with greater killing intent, Mo Wuji gradually felt that it was getting arduous to even stand. He struggled to circulate his spirit storage channel and his elemental storage channel. Even if his sea of consciousness was sucked dry, he would still have some control as long as he had his spirit storage channel.

    Mo Wuji exhaled strongly. A sense of emptiness flooded into him and around him. The moment this Spiritual Arrow was released, it felt like everything in his surroundings had been swept away.

    "Kacha!" This crisp sound rang through the void. Lun Pa knew that Mo Wuji had released his Spiritual Will Arrow.

    "Pff!" A fog of mist exploded at Lun Pa's forehead. Lun Pa could immediately hear his Mind Palace releasing cracking sounds.

    Lun Pa naturally knew that this was an indication that his Mind Palace was shattering. However, he was not shocked, but pleasantly surprised. This was because he knew that Mo Wuji was dead meat. As long as this Spiritual Will Arrow didn't kill him, he would have the chance to eliminate Mo Wuji. As for the damage to his Mind Palace, the Gods Race had plenty of heavenly treasures which would be able to help him recover gradually.

    Immediately, Lun Pa retrieved a wooden nail which was only 3 inches long. It instantly shot towards Mo Wuji's heart.

    Mo Wuji could feel Lun Pa's wooden nail speeding towards him. However, he did not block, nor did he try to dodge. He knew that he didn't have the opportunity to do so.

    "Bang!" The meat around Lun Pa's head exploded, he looked like a bloody skeleton. His Mind Palace was also shattering at a rapid rate, even he could feel it clearly.

    At the same time, the wooden nail landed on Mo Wuji's left chest. Even though Mo Wuji was at God Physique Level 7, this nail still penetrated his chest and infiltrated into his body. The wooden nail was eventually stopped 1 centimetre away from his heart. However, due to the intense immortal elemental energy contained within the nail, tears began to appear on Mo Wuji's heart.

    A deathly, grey energy instantly inundated Mo Wuji's entire body, and it continued to metastasize towards Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness.

    Mo Wuji completely disregarded his own injuries as he stepped towards Lun Pa. His two hands conjured countless of enigmatic hand seals and soon, a Yin Yang Wheel appeared in front of him.

    Sacred Art - Wheel of Life and Death.

    "This is impossible." The skeleton-like Lun Pa stared at Mo Wuji in shock. His Gods Wooden Nail had landed on Mo Wuji, but Mo Wuji's body actually didn't explode. Could it be that Mo Wuji had a God Physique?

    In fact, let's not talk about the God Physique; this was his first time that he saw a person continue to use another sacred art after shooting the Spiritual Will Arrow.

    Under that Spiritual Will Arrow, Lun Pa's sea of consciousness had split apart and a good, front half of his head had exploded. Even though he wanted to continue attacking, a sense of dread and impending doom enveloped him.

    At this instant, he felt as though he was drowning in a sea of death. His life force was rapidly being sucked away, and as that happened, the deathly energy holding him in place seemed to get stronger and heavier. His spirit channels started to rupture and his Mind Palace started to evaporate...

    "What's this sacred art..." Right after Lun Pa said those words, the deathly wheel imprint landed on him. All energy within him rapidly got sucked out of his body.

    He was filled with unwillingness. He was an expert standing at the peak of this world, but he was actually killed by a mere Immortal Reverent. Moreover, this was in the circumstance where he was actively trying to kill the other party. He even felt some fear; if Mo Wuji was so terrifying as an Immortal Reverent, then how powerful would he be when he gets stronger. If he could still move, what he would do was to send a flying messenger sword to Wu Wang, telling Wu Wang not to continue chasing Mo Wuji, and not to act against the Human Race...

    "Wheel of Life and Death." Mo Wuji finally said the name of his sacred art. Unfortunately, Lun Pa was not able to hear it. His primordial spirit had already been extinguished within the Wheel of Life and Death.

    Mo Wuji opened his hand, sweeping in a storage ring and an extremely small pair of wings. As Lun Pa died, that giant web of wood reverted back into a tree that was roughly a meter long. Mo Wuji also retrieved it.

    A sense of weakness immediately pervaded throughout his body. Mo Wuji did not immediately run away. He popped some pills, then he started to gather Lun Pa's dao energy.

    After doing all this, Mo Wuji grabbed Lun Pa's corpse. With his Wind Escape Technique, he fled in a different direction.


    In less than half an incense's time since Mo Wuji left, a ship stopped at where Mo Wuji and Lun Pa battled.

    Wu Wang was the first one to leave the ship. He stood, unmoving, at the battle site for a long time before he finally snorted coldly, "Lun Pa tried to stop that Mo Wuji here and the two of them engaged in battle. That Mo Wuji escaped. He didn't continue moving towards the Shattered Ruins, but chose to flee in a different direction..."

    Thereafter, Wu Wang closed his eyes and extended his spiritual will. Soon, he discovered the dao energy left behind by Lun Pa. He immediately said, "Let's go. Lun Pa left behind traces. We can follow them. A mere human race ant dares to kill the young lord of my Gods Race. I will let him know the true meaning of regret."

    Wu Wang entered the ship. The ship changed directions, and soon, it vanished without a trace.

    As hours passed, the expression on Wu Wang's face continued to get uglier. The traces left behind by Lun Pa continued to get weaker, and at this point, it had completely disappeared.

    "Grand Elder, Elder Lun Pa's speed is number one in our Gods Race. Logically, with Elder Lun Pa's speed and capabilities, he shouldn't have taken that long to chase after that human race ant. But now, we have been pursuing them for hours but there are still no new signs. I'm afraid..." A short haired middle aged man walked to the back of Wu Wang and said; his voice was solemn and filled concern.

    Wu Wang inhaled deeply, then he said solemnly, "We fell into his trap. If I'm not wrong, Lun Pa has already fallen under this person's venomous hands. I was wrong. I underestimated this person. From now on, I definitely wouldn't underestimate this person. There's no need for us to continue moving in this direction. Turn back, let's go to the Shattered Ruins."


    At this instant, Mo Wuji had already cremated Lun Pa's corpse, made a huge round trip, and arrived back outside Shattered Ruins.

    He still hadn't removed the wooden nail from his body and the injury on his chest had gotten bloodied and mottled. He had always been on the run and he didn't seem capable of expelling the deathly energy contained within that wooden nail.

    Even though he was continuously taking peak grade immortal pills, his face was extremely pale and his entire body exuded a sort of energy of decay. This was even with his vitality channel; if he was anyone else, he would probably be dead.

    Shattered Ruins. This was one of the three Holylands of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. This place is filled with boundless fortunes and treasures. At the same time, this place is fraught with dangers. Most of the cultivators that come to Heaven's Beyond Cosmos would choose to go to the Shattered Ruins. Even though the Shattered Ruins was dangerous, it was better than the Heaven's Beyond Corridor in the point that the Shattered Ruins didn't have that deathly energy. As long as one had the cultivation resources, cultivating here would reap great results.

    The Shattered Ruins wasn't a planet, nor was it a floating continent. Its entrance was merely a huge void door which looked like a void transfer array. In reality, it's very simple to enter this void gate and anyone could do so.

    Outside the void gate, there was even a makeshift plaza.

    There were several shops and resthouses on this plaza. Cultivators that met with trouble within the Shattered Ruins could return to this plaza to rest and restock their supplies.

    Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique was extremely fast. He directly crossed the plaza and entered the Shattered Ruins.

    Even though Mo Wuji was exuding a faint bloodied energy, no one seemed to care about it. They had seen such scenes frequently; many cultivators avoiding the pursuit of their enemies would escape into the Shattered Ruins.


    The moment he entered the Shattered Ruins, Mo Wuji felt a sort of motley energy. The immortal spiritual energy here was very rich, but it was not suitable for cultivation; it seemed to be stained with random bits of impure energy.

    Mo Wuji stopped in his tracks. His current location didn't even have a single root of grass. As he gazed ahead of him, he could only see a continuous range of mountains. Alternatively, the scene in front of him could be a large row of cracks and crevices.

    An intense sensation of weakness started to strike him. Mo Wuji knew that what he needed to do now wasn't to find Yan Yuerong, but to rush into the depths of the Shattered Ruins. With his current condition, he wouldn't even be able to dodge if the experts from the Gods Race arrives.
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