Chapter 791: Depths of the Shattered Ruins

    Chapter 791: Depths of the Shattered Ruins

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    Mo Wuji took out Wu Li's storage ring and other than the large quantity of green crystals, there was also a peak grade escape talisman.

    Even though Mo Wuji was not proficient in Talisman Dao, there was dao spirituality circulating on the surface of the talisman which made Mo Wuji certain that this was at least a Grade 9 immortal escape talisman.

    Mo Wuji spat out some fresh blood and the escape talisman exploded into a faint and greyish radiance which swept Mo Wuji off his feet before disappearing without a trace.

    In the next instance, Mo Wuji felt dizzy and this was when he realised that there was a high possibility that the escape talisman which he ignited had surpassed Grade 9. Otherwise, he shouldn't have felt dizzy even if he was injured severely.

    Mo Wuji forced himself to maintain his consciousness because he knew that once he passed out when the talisman completed its task, he would be in grave danger. This was the Shattered Ruins and not some peaceful place.

    After an unknown period of time, Mo Wuji felt trembles in his legs before hearing cracks from his own bones. Just as his brain was starting to lack oxygen, Mo Wuji sent himself into the Undying World even before he passed out.

    Moments later, a few metres long beaver stepped down from the void as it entered right into a pond which was near the Undying World.


    Shuai Guo, who was already a immortal beast in the pinnacle of Class 6, saw how Mo Wuji fell into the Undying World with a body filled with injuries as he muttered to himself helplessly, "My lord is always on the verge of death every time he enters the Undying World. Fortunately, a smart and capable Shuai Guo is around because otherwise, who knows how many times my lord would have perish? Ai, I'm always the one doing so much and I'm also always the one getting scolded."

    The well experienced Shuai Guo hurried to shift Mo Wuji under the Breath of Hongmeng.

    Under normal circumstances, Shuai Guo was well aware that under the Breath of Hongmeng, Mo Wuji would always recover well no matter the severity of injuries.

    However, Shuai Guo started to feel like something was amiss a few days later. Even though the other parts of the Mo Wuji's body were recovering well, his chest was constantly bleeding as a certain grey energy of defeat was seeping out continually.

    Moreover, this was Shuai Guo's first time sensing that its lord was getting weaker with his life force dissipating.

    Shuai Guo was after all an immortal beast which was about to advance to become Class 7 so it would be a complete waste of resources if Shuai Guo couldn't tell that Mo Wuji was in trouble.

    Shuai Guo dashed over to Mo Wuji and started permeating through Mo Wuji's wounds using its spiritual will.

    A three inches long grey nail was caught by Shuai Guo as it was the one which was emitting the greyish energy of defeat.

    It seemed like this nail was the cause of it. Without hesitation, Shuai Guo opened its mouth and the grey deathly energy was swept away by it.

    In the very next moment, Shuai Guo was dumbfounded because once he managed to sweep away the grey energy, the nail started exuding new grey energy of defeat.

    This item was certainly not simple and as Shuai Guo bite onto this grey nail in an attempt to pull it out, it was to no avail regardless of how hard it tried to pull. It could even bite onto the nail and drag Mo Wuji away because the nail was deeply embedded into Mo Wuji's bones.

    *Spat out in contempt* "I can't believe there is still something which I, Shuai Guo, couldn't handle. I shall eat..." Shuai Guo grunted as it opened its mouth to chew on the tailend of the nail.

    A faint scar started appearing on the wooden nail and Shuai Guo was not in the least discouraged. It didn't believe that it couldn't bite off a nail because in its memory, its ancestor could even eat Xiantian treasures. It, Shuai Guo, was a descendant of the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito which its lord mentioned to be one of the five greatest and most vicious bugs.

    Exerting all its force, Shuai Guo opened its mouth to bite onto that wooden nail again and under faint circulation of the dao spirituality, the corner of the wooden nail was instantly bit off by Shuai Guo.

    Once the corner of the nail was bitten off, the deathly energy of defeat surrounding them started to weaken. Within one absorption, Shuai Guo swept away the deathly energy in the air before biting on the nail again.

    That wooden nail was like a jelly bean as half of it was bitten off by Shuai Guo. The remaining part of the nail was no longer able to attach itself on Mo Wuji's bones so Shuai Guo pulled it out directly before swallowing it.

    The moment the wooden nail was removed, Mo Wuji's injuries started to recover rapidly with the aid of the Breath of Hongmeng. At this moment, even without the Breath of Hongmeng, Mo Wuji would still be able to recover well with his vitality channel alone.

    "Brr!" Before Shuai Guo could check on the condition of Mo Wuji, it started hearing rumbles coming from its own stomach.

    Immense pain was felt next and Shuai Guo couldn't help but to roll around the ground in pain. Very soon, its stomach started expanding and Shuai Guo fell while facing up. It watched its expanding stomach and grunted, "No good, my stomach is about to explode. This item is really too incredible."


    When Mo Wuji woke up, Shuai Guo's stomach had already been deflated. Presently, Shuai Guo's dao spirituality was starting to circle around it and evidently, it had entered a deep-seated sleep.

    Mo Wuji casually threw out a few green crystals as he helped Shuai Guo to install an energy gathering array before checking on his own condition.

    Mo Wuji was aware that Shuai Guo helped him by swallowing the wooden nail but his consciousness was still indistinct and blur. He remembered getting struck by the wooden nail on his chest and if it wasn't for Shuai Guo's help to remove the nail, Mo Wuji knew that he would perish eventually even with his vitality channel.

    Mo Wuji's extended his spiritual will outwards and was surprised to see that his Undying World had actually landed on the periphery of a pond of water. Sensing that there were no dangers outside, Mo Wuji cautiously made his way out of his Undying World.

    The great density of the immortal energy in the surrounding was shocking which made Mo Wuji suspect that cultivating here could be comparable to using green crystals to cultivate.

    Green crystals were definitely of a higher grade than immortal energy but Mo Wuji guessed that the green crystals he obtained should be only a fragment or edge which was why the Laws of Dao within it was not complete.

    "Ta!" A sound which caused trembles in Mo Wuji's heart could be heart as Mo Wuji hurried to conceal himself behind a massive rock.

    Even before Mo Wuji could recognise what demonic beast it was, "Boom!" the pond in front of him exploded and a massive beaver with a body length of more than 9 metres charged out.

    This beaver instantly darted towards the incoming humongous black ape and while the beaver was already considered big, this black ape was almost twice the size of the beaver.

    "Boom boom boom!" The beaver clashed with the black ape and the entire space started swaying immensely. Mo Wuji took in a breath of cold air because either one of the beaver or black ape was definitely stronger than him. These two enormous creatures were definitely no weaker than the Dao Emperor from the Gods Race which he had just finished off recently. He started to ponder about where had he arrived at to find so many powerful beast here?

    Mo Wuji was certain that the beaver should have spotted him but because it was busy chasing the black ape away, it didn't have time to entertain Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't choose to run away because he knew that if he had truly landed in the deepest depths of the Shattered Ruins, there would be peak grade demonic beasts everywhere he went and it would be the same no matter where he choose to go. All he would be doing would be to barge from one demonic beast's territory into another demonic beasts' territory.

    By staying here, he still had a small sliver of hope because once the beaver and black ape managed to injure each other severely, that would be his chance.

    After all, Mo Wuji was a person who had killed a Dao Emperor so he believed that he should still be able to deal with a severely wounded demonic beast.

    Intense elemental energy exploded and the entire place was in a complete mess as sand and rocks started flying around. Tall and ancient trees were directly smashed by the two gigantic demonic beast and even the 30 over metres rock was split apart.

    In just a few moments, Mo Wuji understood that the pond must have a peak grade treasure which was why the beaver was so insistent that the black ape shall not approach the pond.

    Despite knowing that there was a treasure in the pond, Mo Wuji didn't act instantly. He knew that once he made his way to snatch the treasure, the beaver would give up fighting the black ape to attack him instead. At that point in time, he would have made things so much easier for the black ape.

    Mo Wuji guessed that both the beaver and black ape had already spotted him but was too busy to bother with him. As Mo Wuji thought about how he wanted to own a piece of territory here in the future, he casually took out a few array flags to install a deathtrap array.

    "Ai!" Fresh blood started splattering all over the place and the black ape's brain was split open by the beaver. Similarly, the beaver's stomach was ripped apart by the black ape as its organ was hanging on the outside.

    The explosive battle was coming to an end and as the heavily wounded black ape realised that he couldn't finish the beaver off, he gradually retreated.

    The beaver didn't bother chasing after the black ape and even before it take note of its injured body, it flew and charged right towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji stood up and the Half Moon Weighted Halberd turned into a lacerating blade radiance as it slashed towards the beaver. He had waited for this moment for a long time and because this pond seemed decent, Mo Wuji decided to establish his foothold here.

    "Boom!" The Half Moon Weighted Halberd struck against the beaver's massive claw shadow and a ray of blood suddenly appeared. Mo Wuji retreated instantly as the beaver's massive claw was blasted by Mo Wuji's halberd radiance.

    In the very next moment, the beaver had already landed within Mo Wuji's deathtrap array and as Mo Wuji started to throw out array flags, the beaver started to let out devastating cries in an attempt to escape.

    If the beaver was in a fresh condition, Mo Wuji's Grade 8 deathtrap array would only be able to stall the beaver for a moment. Now that the beaver was clearly wounded and was struck by Mo Wuji's halberd radiance, it was completely helpless against Mo Wuji's arrays and besides crying out, there was nothing it could do.

    Two hours later, Mo Wuji entered the deathtrap array as he used his halberd to finish off the extremely exhausted beaver.

    After killing off the beaver, Mo Wuji didn't rush to enter the pond to find the treasure but started to install all sorts of defensive and deathtrap arrays on the periphery of this area.

    He wanted to cultivate here so he must first mark out his territory. From today onwards, he shall be the ruler of the piece of land he was standing on.

    Mo Wuji was completely unaware of his current location but he knew that he wouldn't be able to leave this place now. To leave this place, he needed to improve further.

    Four hours later, all the defensive and deathtrap arrays were concealed up by Mo Wuji. He believed that even if peak grades immortal beasts were to arrive, they would be able to discern the meaning of these deathtrap arrays. That was to announce that this was his territory now.

    Once he completed this, Mo Wuji stepped into the pond.
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