Chapter 792: Danger In The Immortal World

    Chapter 792: Danger In The Immortal World

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    The instance the slightly chilled water of the pond touched Mo Wuji's skin, his entire body felt instantly relaxed even if before he started cultivating. He tried to circulate his physique tempering technique and that cooling pond water started cleansing the impurities within his body.

    Mo Wuji's heart was jumping gleefully because he didn't expect the pond to be the treasure itself. On the surface, the pond looked as ordinary as any other pond and even his spiritual will didn't detect any difference. Once he entered the pond, Mo Wuji instantly knew that this bond was definitely the best place to temper his physique and it was certainly not an ordinary pond.

    If Mo Wuji were to cleanse his body for a few years in this pond before going back to temper his physique, its effectiveness would definitely be on the next level. Similarly, it would be just as effective if he were to cleanse his body here immediately after tempering his physique.

    He was already in the God Physique Level 7 and how extraordinary was this pond if it could still cleanse a physique at the level that he was in?

    This beaver really did know how to enjoy to think that it could actually find such a great place to reside in. Mo Wuji suspected a lot of demonic beasts were unaware of the heaven-defying effects of this pond because otherwise, all of them should be heading here to fight for it.

    Wait, at least the black ape was aware of it right? Otherwise, why would it come over?

    Just as Mo Wuji was considering if he should send this entire pond into his Undying World, a green smear appeared in front of his eyes.

    At the bottom of the pond, there was a fruit tree right smack in the centre of it. Around the tree was a natural water repelling array which separates the tree from the water surrounding it.

    On top of the fruit tree were seven spotlessly white immortal fruits and as Mo Wuji landed right next to the fruit tree, the faint fragrance immediately perked Mo Wuji up.

    Mo Wuji walked into the water repelling array and once he saw what kind of tree this was, his heart couldn't stop beating fast. He finally understood why the black ape wanted to charge in and why the beaver would want to stop the black ape from coming in.

    The black ape wasn't going for the pond but was intending to snatch the immortal fruit at the bottom of the pond. Mo Wuji was a Tier 9 Pill Emperor so he was fully aware of the the immortal fruit in front of him. The immortal fruit, which people couldn't discern the grade, was called the Transformation Dao Fruit.

    To demonic beast, this was a peak grade immortal spiritual fruit because the Transformation Dao Fruit could allow Class 10 immortal beasts to transform into a human dao body.

    Transformation of demonic beasts was actually not difficult and a lot of the demonic beasts didn't even need to enter the immortal beast realm and could transform even during the ordinary Class 9. However, such a transformation would not be of much help to a demonic beast's cultivation.

    The Transformation Dao Fruit was different because if a demonic beast made use of the Transformation Dao Fruit to transform, not only would the transformation be thorough, they would also have a physique which was suitable to gain insights on the Grand Dao of the Heaven and Earth.

    Demonic beasts who used the Transformation Dao Fruit would not be any weaker in terms of their enlightenment and merging of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. Additionally, their physique would definitely surpass the human cultivators.

    This was the reason why every single Transformation Dao Fruit was a peerless treasure to demonic beast and moreover, such a fruit was extremely rare.

    Right in front of him was actually an almost ripen Transformation Dao Fruit Tree with 7 Transformation Dao Fruits on it. Even while using the toe of his feet to think, Mo Wuji could imagine the kind of attention it would attract from all the various strong beasts once the Transformation Dao Fruits ripen. Once the fruit ripen, its fragrance and da spirituality would permeate through the entire place.

    If Mo Wuji didn't possess his Undying World, he might constantly install all sorts of concealment arrays to conceal this Transformation Dao Fruit Tree.

    Now that he had his Undying World, he would not hesitate to shift this entire Transformation Dao Fruit Tree into his world. Before advancing into the Immortal Emperor Stage, Mo Wuji really didn't want to find too much trouble for himself.

    At the periphery of the natural defensive array of the Transformation Dao Fruit Tree was a bluestone pathway. Water was also repelled on both sides of the bluestone pathway and Mo Wuji could sense with his spiritual will that this pathway leads directly into a narrow immortal cave.

    The immortal cave even had a few simple energy gathering array, which Mo Wuji looked down upon, on its outside. Evidently, the beaver was not very proficient in array dao.

    Once Mo Wuji entered the immortal cave, the first thing he did was to change the energy gathering array on the outside.Concurrently, he installed a few more protecting and deathtrap arrays before taking out the five storage rings.

    One of the storage ring belonged to the beaver while the other four belonged to the experts of the three Gods Race experts including the three Immortal Emperors which he killed.

    While the beaver's storage ring had piles of various peak grade ores and immortal herbs, there was not many green crystals. However, the immortal herbs within the ring were of much better quality in terms of grade and colour than the ones Mo Wuji obtained in the Heaven's Beyond City Square. In fact, he even found a peak grade Emperor Dao Fruit in the same storage ring.

    As for materials, other than a pile of Grade 9 immortal materials, Mo Wuji even found some materials which he didn't recognise. From the appearance of the dao spirituality of the items itself, Mo Wuji could tell that these items were definitely not weak.

    Within the three storage rings of the Immortal Emperors of the Gods Race, Mo Wuji found a total of about 1 million green crystals and had tidied up the rest of the immortal herbs and materials.

    The most shocking thing was that in the storage ring of the Dao Emperor which he recently killed with his Spiritual Arrow, the total number of green crystals accumulated to over three millions and including a wide variety of materials, herbs and techniques; this storage ring was literally a warehouse. However, Mo Wuji's heart was beating in excitement because he actually found the Five Elemental Soil within the same storage ring.

    The Five Elemental Soil was a priceless treasure because not only could this soil grow all sorts of peak grade immortal herbs, there was an even more valuable use for it. That was the fact that the soil could refine spatial herbal field or even a small world.

    As for the other treasures including that pair of wings, Mo Wuji didn't wish to spend time refining it for the time being. He had his own Wind Escape Technique which was why he wasn't too interested in that pair of wings.

    With that many treasures obtained coupled with the green crystals and cultivation resources that he originally had, Mo Wuji knew that he wouldn't need to source for more cultivation resources temporarily. These items should be sufficient for him to step into the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage.

    Piles of green crystals were taken out by Mo Wuji to install the energy gathering array because to him, his strength at the pinnacle of the Immortal Reverent Stage was only enough for him to protect himself. Now that he had offended both the Gods Race and West River Religious Order, he needed to up his strength by a notch or two. Presently, cultivation was of the highest priority.

    As for Yan Yuerong, Mo Wuji was not worried at all. He left loads of items in the storage ring he gave Yan Yuerong which even included Draining Immortal King Pills. Yan Yuerong would definitely enter into such depths of the Scattered Ruins because she only needed to find a secluded spot to conceal herself while cultivating.


    The Cosmos Edge was getting increasingly oppressed or rather, the cultivators of the Human Race were getting increasingly oppressed.

    A year ago, Mo Wuji killed Wu Li on the Dao Discussion Stage and even destroyed the entire stage in the Cosmos Edge. This wasn't all because Mo Wuji even killed three Immortal Emperors of the Gods Race, forced the Mifei Trade Union to compensate millions of green crystals and also ripping the cultivation of the arrogant Killer-Girl Li from the West River Religious Order.

    Back then, many top experts of the Mifei Trade Union, West River Religious Order or even the Gods Race were not around. Additionally, Feng Huang of the Cosmos Edge refused to intervene and after Mo Wuji did what he did, he actually left the Cosmos Edge.

    Thereafter, the Gods Race went after Mo Wuji and they didn't reveal whether or not they managed to capture him.

    After the mess created by Mo Wuji in the Cosmos Edge a year ago, the Cosmos Edge started the massacre of cultivators from the Human Race under the lead of the Gods Race. Other than this, the Gods Race even started to assemble their massive army as they prepared to attack the only encampment of the Human Race in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos: Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City.

    Everyone knew that the Gods Race had started acting out violently mainly because of the fact that their young lord, Wu Li, was killed. As to why the Cosmos Edge didn't say anything about the violence exhibited by the Gods Race, it was because the Union Head of the Mifei Trade Union, Qian Yishang and the West River Religious Order's An Xuecheng both supported the Gods Race's actions.

    Human cultivators of the Cosmos Edge started to flee hurriedly and those slower ones had already been slaughtered.


    The Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City was the only encampment of the Human Race in the entire Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Presently, it was pin drop silence in the castellan's mansion in the city.

    Almost every experts of the Human Race in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos had gathered here in the castellan's mansion but the only difference from the past was that the person hosting this meeting was no longer Ping Lishang but a phoenix eyebrow youth. The energy around this youth was almost completely concealed and nobody could tell how strong he truly was.

    However, one only need to look at Ping Lishang seated below him to know that he must be the Very High Heavens' Dao Emperor Zi Changluo.

    The atmosphere in the entire hall was very intense as everyone waited in silence.

    About half an incense worth of time later, a middle aged Immortal Reverent man with thinly spread hair walked in swiftly as he greeted Zi Changluo before saying, "Speaking to the mighty Dao Emperor, I've completed a thorough research of that Mo Wuji's background. That person came from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain and had established a Ping Fan Immortal School back there. That Mo Wuji had deadly feuds with the Great Sword Path, Lightning Sect and the Vast Ocean Immortal School. Ping Fan exterminated the entire Great Sword Path and there was a immortal vein located at where Ping Fan was situated at and the immortal energy there was extremely dense."

    "Ping Fan Immortal School?" Zi Changluo repeated this name because he had heard of Ping Fan before. He had heard that the School Head Mo Wuji rose to power abruptly and was even a Tier 8 Pill Emperor. He didn't put it to heart back then because even a Tier 8 Pill Emperor didn't mean much to him.

    Jin Yu, who was standing by the side, already knew what he needed to say but his heart was still trembling in fear because he didn't expect Mo Wuji to progress to such an extent. The encirclement of three Immortal Emperors didn't manage to kill him and rumours even spread that Wu Wang personally pursuited Mo Wuji but to no avail. It seemed like it was indeed risky when he went to find Mo Wuji previously in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

    Evidently, Mo Wuji truly had quite a number of good items on him but the pity was now that the matter had been blown so big, it would never be his Jin Clan's turn to claim everything Mo Wuji had.

    "Speaking to the Dao Emperor, I've heard of this Mo Wuji before. Ping Fan Immortal School had a Grand Emperor and a few ordinary Immortal Emperors. In the Immortal World, Ping Fan's strength could be considered as peak grade. However, who would have guessed that he would be so daring to implicate so much trouble to the Human Race. I am willing to volunteer myself to bring a few men over to first exterminate Ping Fan," Jin Yu clasped his fists before saying this.

    Mo Wuji had way too many good items and even snatched Jin Yiren's primal fire crystals so regardless the case, his Jin Clan must collect some interests from him.

    Zi Changluo shook his hand, "We will definitely exterminate Ping Fan but on a more urgent note, the Gods Race military is planning to launch an attack on our Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City so this matter could hold out for the time being."
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