Chapter 793: Besiegement of Ping Fan

    Chapter 793: Besiegement of Ping Fan

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    "Dao Emperor, I think we should perhaps capture everyone in Mo Wuji's Ping Fan Immortal School and send them here to the Gods Race so as to appease their anger," Jin Yu hurried to add in because he really wanted to initiate the attack on Ping Fan. He suspected that the people at Ping Fan knew about Mo Wuji's whereabouts and if so, not only would he be able to obtain the good items from Ping Fan, he would also be informed as to where Mo Wuji was hiding.

    "Foolish!" A cold and sharp voice sounded, "Our Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City had always been lust after by others and this time, it was simply because the Gods Race found an excuse to act against us. Even if the Gods Race didn't find an excuse to do so, other races would also find excuses to get rid of the Human Race.

    The one speaking was a middle aged man with sharp eyebrows and he seemed slightly skinny.

    Everyone in the hall recognised this man as the Very High Heavens' Grand Emperor, Zhong Minshan and he was also one of the main court protectors of the Very High Heavens. Zhong Minshan was very strong but he was slightly old-fashioned and had a very bad temper. This was the reason why he didn't have much friends in the Very High Heavens.

    Jin Yu stared coldly at Zhong Minshan before saying, "According to the words of court protector, are you saying that Mo Wuji's act of killing the talented young lord Wu Li didn't cause any trouble for us, Human Race?"

    Zhong Minshan laughed out loud as his expression of ridicule became increasingly obvious. Concurrently, he raised his hand, pointed at Jin Yu and shouted, "It is because of weaklings and cowards like you which was why our Human Race in the Immortal World was getting increasingly oppressed and eventually shrinking into only a small immortal city. Even if we're only a small immortal city here, cowards like you would ruin it in time to come."

    Zi Changluo's expression turned ugly and there was even traces of coldness in his eyes. The main reason why the Human Race was severely oppressed in the Immortal World and was eventually left with only a small immortal city was because of him, Zi Changluo.

    After stepping into the Grand Emperor Stage, he had already sensed that he had surpassed the Laws of the Immortal World. After finding out about the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, he was ambitious and wanted to take command of the entire Heaven's Beyond Cosmos despite the large territory that the Human Race controlled in the Immortal World. At that point in time, the Human Race was the strongest race in the entire Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

    Eventually, some smaller races started telling the other bigger races like the Gods Race, Demon Race and Devil Race about the appearance of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. The intervention of these races resulted in the eventual taking over of the Human Race's territories. In the end, they were only left with the Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City.

    The Very High Heavens Cosmos Immortal City was able to survive only because it had a peak grade defensive array. This defensive array was even slightly stronger than the defensive array of the Cosmos Edge. Moreover, all the other races were frantically trying to collect as many cultivation resources as possible so why would they pit their life against the Human Race? After all, the Human Race was only left with one last immortal city in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos so any attempt to snatch this immortal city would result in a possible all out retaliation by the Human Race.

    Because Zi Changluo was the main reason why the Human Race was only left with one immortal city, Zhong Minshan caused his expression to turn ugly when he mentioned about this incident.

    Jin Yu clasped his fists towards Zi Changluo before replying Zhong Minshan with a cold tone, "According to your logic, Mo Wuji should cause trouble for the Human Race by killing Wu Li, should provoke the West River Religious Order and the Mifei Trade Union? We, the Human Race, should sacrifice our lives to settle his debt?"

    Zhong Minshan said disdainfully, "How many talents of the Human Race had Wu Li killed using the name of the Dao Discussion Stage? I could easily think of over ten geniuses who were killed by Wu Li. You actually want to exterminate Ping Fan, capture all their members and hand them over to the Gods Race to plead that they don't attack us just because Mo Wuji killed Wu Li? Jin Yu, don't think that nobody know how your Jin Clan had a share in the Mifei Trade Union. You are not worthy of being a Human Race cultivator let alone the Very High Heavens.

    "Enough! Zhong Minshan, go back down now," Zi Changluo's tone got increasingly cold.

    Even though Zhong Minshan was talking about Jin Yu and the Jin Clan, he was actually disrespecting Zi Changluo by talking so brazenly here.

    "Boom!" An intense tremble could be felt and the entire hall was shaking.

    Zi Changluo stood up hurriedly with a worried look. The Gods Race experts had already arrived to attack their defensive array even before the Gods Race military is here. This was simply not putting the Human Race in any regards at all.


    Mo Wuji stopped cultivating with an equally ugly expression. It wasn't because he didn't want to continue cultivating but because he had been in seclusion for over a year now, exhausted over one to two millions green crystals and was still unable to touch or sense the Immortal Emperor Stage. It wasn't just the Immortal Emperor Stage but even the Quasi-Emperor Stage was still too far away from him.

    He knew that his prediction had turned into reality. That was how the amount of time he accumulated was too little and even with the fortune of cultivation resources he had coupled with his unbelievable immortal mortal technique, he was still unable to advance into the Immortal Emperor Stage in the short term.

    Fortunately in the past year of secluded cultivation, his immortal energy had been further improved and was already in the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage. He was definitely stronger by yet another level.

    Shuai Guo was still in its deep slumber in Mo Wuji's Undying World while the seven Elemental Dao Fruit was already ripped and kept in seven different jade vases.

    Because he was no longer able to improve any further and the dangerous beasts outside, Mo Wuji stopped cultivating and chose not to leave but started refining equipments instead.

    Currently, he had mountains of materials to refine equipments and not only could refining and forging of equipments help improve his smithing standard, it could also stablise his insights towards his own dao.

    In terms of his Grand Dao, smithing of equipments was a method to improve and Mo Wuji was well aware that he mustn't rush through things at a time like this. The more he rushed, the more sluggish his Grand Dao would be.

    As time passed by, the mountains of equipment materials beside Mo Wuji shrinked while the number of immortal equipments beside him grew increasingly. It grew from Grade 5 to Grade 6 and ended up with loads of Grade 7 immortal equipments beside him.

    Yet another two years had passed and just as Mo Wuji was barely able to forge Grade 9 immortal equipments, he realised that he only had over 10 peak grade immortal materials left. He had already exhausted the rest of the materials.

    After these few years of forging equipments, Mo Wuji could truly sense how extraordinary his Immortal Mortal Technique was. Changing something rotten into something magical could best describe his Immortal Mortal Technique. If it was anyone else, they would definitely not able to advance from a Grade 6 Smith Master to a Grade 9 Smith Emperor so quickly even with Xu Suren's guidance.

    The only regret Mo Wuji had was that he was still in the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage. Despite this, his energy was much rounded as compared to three years ago. In his heart, Mo Wuji was clear that he had yet to enter the Quasi-Emperor Stage let alone, touch the rim of the Immortal Emperor Stage.

    Fortunately, there was still a pond with him and he decided to cleanse himself for another three years. If he was still unable to feel the Immortal Emperor Stage within the three years, he would leave this place even with the risks present.

    The pond was slightly chilly but not icy cold. Mo Wuji sat at the bottom of the pond as he used all his force to circulate his physique tempering technique. The water within the pond might not be able to temper Mo Wuji's physique but when he executed his physique tempering technique, it could cleanse the impurities within his body.

    Once there were lesser impurities in the fleshly body, one's understanding towards their own dao insights would be greater, their rate of cultivation would double and their physique would improve to the next level too.

    While Mo Wuji was completely immersed in the pond to cleanse himself, Ping Fan's defensive array was surrounded by over ten experts.

    If Mo Wuji was here, he would definitely recognise Jin Yu and Jin Yiren among the group of people here.

    Further away from Ping Fan's defensive array was a stunning looking woman standing on mid air. She looked suspiciously at Ping Fan as she followed her own star locket here. She clearly gave the star locket to Mo Wuji but why was it hung on another woman's neck?

    "Boom!" Jin Yu and co. had already completed the installation of the deathtrap array as they started attacking Ping Fan.

    "Stop! Why is your Very High Heavens attacking my Ping Fan?" Su Zi'An shouted furiously as he landed on the periphery of the defensive array.

    Wei Zidao, Jian Mingcheng and Nie Chongan were all standing on the side of Elder Su. Even though Su Zi'An was still one step away from becoming an Immortal Emperor, he was the designated sect head for the time being. When Mo Wuji was not around, Su Zi'An would be the sect head.

    "Ping Fan?" Jin Yiren laughed wildly, "Mo Wuji had committed so many crimes in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos so why should Ping Fan still exists? Let me tell you that we would even extract and refine the soul of a dog found in Ping Fan."

    "Boom! Just as Jin Yiren finished his piece, Jin Yu shouted and over 10 Immortal Emperors and Grand Emperors drew out their magic treasures.

    "Stop!" Yet another clear voice could be heard and the one speaking was no longer a person from within Ping Fan but a stunning looking woman. She was standing right in front of the ten Immortal Emperors surrounding Ping Fan but no one actually knew when she arrived.

    "The extermination of Ping Fan is a decree of the Dao Emperor and who might you be to actually dare to obstruct?" A yellow bearded Grand Emperor stood out to shout.

    "The few of you want to exterminate Ping Fan but what has this got to do with Mo Wuji?" The stunning looking woman's tone was extremely calm.

    Perhaps because this woman came abruptly which was why the few Grand Emperors didn't notice her. Now that she asked, someone replied, "Mo Wuji is the sect head of Ping Fan and he had committed some severe crimes in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos and implicated the Human Race. Because of this, the Dao Emperor had ordered for us to exterminate Ping Fan."

    Once the stunning looking woman heard these words, she shook her hand and said, "Since this is the case, then all of you should leave. Mo Wuji is my junior brother so I will not allow you to exterminate Ping Fan."

    Jin Yu shouted yet again, "Everyone attack together!"

    Over ten Immortal Emperors drew their magic treasures simultaneously as they charged towards the woman. A sky overwhelmed with energy swept over and at that very moment, even Su Zi'An and co. who were inside the array could feel the oppressiveness of space.

    This stunning looking woman only needed a single swing of the han and over 10 peak grade magic treasures disappeared without a trace. The oppressive and dark energy in the sky had instantly dissipated too.

    At this moment, the woman said faintly, "Leave now because otherwise, don't blame me for turning nasty."

    Having said that, this woman's mighty domain extended towards them and all these Immortal Emperors could feel a steel hammer banging against their chest as they spat out fresh blood and flew backwards.

    Without the need for this woman to repeat herself, these Immortal Emperors escaped in a hurry as they didn't even have the courage to retrieve their own magic treasures. They were certain that even Dao Emperor Zi Changluo wouldn't be a match for this woman.

    "Many thanks senior for lending your helping hand. Ping Fan's temporary sect head, Su Zi'An greets senior," Su Zi'An hurried to open the protecting array to greet the senior.

    This good looking woman nodded her head, "My name is Ji Li and because I am about to leave this place, I've decided to pay a visit to Junior Brother Mo Wuji."

    Ji Li was warm, kind hearted and hated killing. This was also the reason why she didn't kill any one of those people who tried to besiege Ping Fan.
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