Chapter 794: Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor

    Chapter 794: Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor

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    "Bang!" The tremor from the attacked defensive array shocked Mo Wuji, who was fully focused on tempering his physique. He instantly put on some clothes as he dashed out of the pond and landed right on the periphery of the defensive array.

    Standing outside the defensive array were three people and one of them was a tall built, squared and black face man. The other two included a tiny, delicate looking yellow haired girl and another small size youth, who was almost half the height of the black face man. Mo Wuji estimated that he was only at most 1.5metres tall.

    Mo Wuji recognised the black face man as the same black ape previously. This fella had yet to got its hands on the Transformation Dao Fruit and was already able to transform.

    "Its you?" The black face man exclaimed at the sight of Mo Wuji because back when he was battling Beaver Chu, his spiritual will had detected Mo Wuji too.

    To him, regardless of how severely injured Beaver Chu was, getting rid of Mo Wuji should be as easy as getting rid of an ant. What he didn't expect was that Beaver Chu was no longer around while that Mo Wuji remained here. The truth presented itself in front of him which clearly meant that Mo Wuji had gotten rid of Beaver Chu.

    "That's right, its me. What is the meaning of the few of you attacking the defensive array of my immortal cave for no reason?" Mo Wuji's expression turned ugly as the energy surrounding him started surging. Under the pressure from Mo Wuji's energy, the space between them even started to tremble slightly.

    Mo Wuji was clear that even though the three of them looked like humans, all three of them should be peak class demonic beasts who used to live here. Regardless of whichever came out, they wouldn't be any weaker than that beaver. Even so, Mo Wuji was not fearful of any of them because after the many years of secluded cultivation, his strength was several folds stronger than before despite not advancing into Immortal Emperor Stage. Furthermore, this was his territory and there were several deathtrap and killing arrays installed at the side of this place.

    Sensing that Mo Wuji's aura was not much weaker than an Immortal Emperor's aura, the three people took a few steps back subconsciously. Simultaneously, they were inwardly shocked because they knew that Mo Wuji was no weaker than any one of the trio.

    That delicate woman chuckled before clasping her fists, "Since this big brother is staying here, I'm guessing that the dumb beaver had fallen."

    Mo Wuji pretended to be surprised as he said, "That I am really unsure because when I arrived, I find this place decent and the fact that nobody came to disturb intrigued me to turn this place into my immortal cave."

    It would be impossible for him to admit that he killed that beaver because he would rather fight than to let the opponent have information which they could use against him.

    The delicate woman smiled once more, "It's okay since that dumb beaver is no longer around. Let me introduce you to the few of us. My name is Fox Chunchun and I am from the Hidden Abyss. These two are Big Brother Ape Mo and Big Brother Golden Iron Crane from the Shattered Mountain and the Land of the Phoenix Nest respectively."

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists in return, "It's an honour to meet the few of you at last. I am sure that the few of you are experts of this area but I still couldn't wrap my head around why the few experts would attack my place?"

    Other than that black ape who Mo Wuji had met before, Mo Wuji was completely unaware of where Fox Chunchun and Golden Iron Crane were from. However, Mo Wuji was certain that whoever could survive in a place like this would definitely not be weak. Today, he could forget about the fact that these few strong demonic beasts attacked his immortal cave but it would definitely be much tougher for him to survive in a place like this in the future.

    "And may I know the name of this Dao Friend here?" He Chunchun's tone was gentle and modest.

    "My name is Mo Wuji," Mo Wuji replied calmly while his killing intent rose concurrently. If this woman continued to ignore his question blatantly, he would attack immediately.

    "Big Brother Mo, please don't be angry because I'll explain why we are here now. Initially, we found a decent historical remnant and was only short of one more person to open it up. We wanted to find that Beaver Chu to leave with us but since he is not around, why don't Big Brother Mo group up with us and go over together? This is of course, if Big Brother Mo is willing," Fox Chunchun said hurriedly.

    So it seemed like the beaver which he previously killed was called Beaver Chu. Mo Wuji answered calmly, "I have only been here for a few years and even though I am pretty confident of my own ability, I am afraid of being plot against in the dark. There were countless of experts here and if the few of you want to invite a passerby like me to join your group, I don't have enough guts to go over before making clear of the situation."

    The shorter Golden Iron Crane said abruptly, "Big Brother Mo, the fact that you could get rid of Beaver Chu meant that you are not weaker than any one of us here. It is not that we didn't want to find anyone else but because both Diao He and Bao Bu were selfish fellas who couldn't get along with us. We are truly sincere in asking Big Brother Mo to join us but naturally, we wouldn't force Big Brother Mo if you are really reluctant."

    Mo Wuji could sense that Golden Iron Crane was not lying to him and moreover, these few people should be here to look for Beaver Chu.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "Is it possible for you to tell me what the historical remnant is related to?"

    Golden Iron Crane and the two others exchanged glances before Fox Chunchun replied, "Big Brother Mo, I believe that you should have heard about the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor?"

    Mo Wuji felt slightly awkward because he had never heard of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor. From Fox Chunchun's tone, it seemed like the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor was very renowned.

    "The rumour about that historical remnant was about the location of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor," Fox Chunchun continued.

    "Junior Sister Hu, I am not completely aware of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor so may I get Junior Sister Hu to explain briefly to me," Mo Wuji hurried to ask.

    Fox Chunchun and co. stared blankly at Mo Wuji because to them, it should be impossible for him to be unaware of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor regardless of the race he was in.

    Given Mo Wuji's strength, he should have cultivated for over a few hundred years already right? How could such an expert not know of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor?

    Fox Chunchun came back to her senses very quickly and whether or not Mo Wuji knew about the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor, she explained patiently, "Back then, there was a supremely talented cultivator of the Demon Race, whose name was unknown even up till today and the only name he left behind was the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor. This was because he had three treasures which names are famous throughout the entire cosmos. He was from the Demon Race yet he cultivated the Buddhism Dao and was a master of the Buddhism Dao with deep insights. In a very short period of time, he managed to step into the pinnacle of the realm of Buddhism Dao.

    At that time, he left the Demon Race to move towards the top races and while he was in those races, he continued to expand his Buddhism Dao while continuously passing on his own Buddhism Dao's legacy. We are unsure of how many legacies the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor had left behind as it was eventually lost within the vast void. The historical remnant that we found was rumoured to be the location of secluded cultivation by the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor. However, we also suspected that the same place was where the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor had fallen."

    Mo Wuji asked doubtfully, "May I ask what the three renowned treasures are?"

    "There is a One Buddha Lotus Seat, Seven Buddha Scripture and the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp."

    Mo Wuji was shocked because he had heard of all three treasures. In fact, wasn't the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp the one that Su Xi had? Wasn't these three treasures the three great treasures of the Buddhist Sect in the Immortal World so since when was it the items of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor?

    The Seven Buddha Scripture was a duplicated jade letter and he even had one of it with him which he exchanged with Monk Da Ning previously. Because his rate of cultivation had been rapid and possessed quite a number of sacred arts himself, Mo Wuji didn't look at the Seven Buddha Scripture. He didn't expect that someone would actually invite him to look for the immortal cave of the owner of the Seven Buddha Scripture.

    Noticing that Mo Wuji remained silent, Fox Chunchun continued, "The Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor had cultivated to the extreme and rumours spread that he had found the realm after the Grand Emperor Stage. Presently, we are all stuck at the same stage without being able to progress further which was why we hope to find the historical remnant of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor as it would definitely worth more than our own hundred years secluded cultivation."

    "Isn't the stage after the Immortal Emperor Stage called the Dao Emperor Stage?" Mo Wuji asked intentionally as he had heard from Feng Huang that it wasn't the Dao Emperor Stage.

    Ape Mo, who remained silent throughout chuckled coldly, "That is their own foolish fantasy because the Grand Emperor Stage was equivalent to our Demon Race's Class 9 experts. According to their logic, Class 10 of our Demon Race should be equivalent to the Dao Emperor Stage but the truth was there would only be quantitative changes when advancing from Class 9 to Class 10 and no qualitative changes involved. The lies about Dao Emperor were simply a joke."

    Mo Wuji was impressed with Ape Mo because he simply didn't expect this black ape to be able to say such logical words. Regardless, he was indeed interested to take a look at the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor's historical remnant because he himself was stuck at the Immortal Reverent Realm. He really wanted to know how the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor further progress past the Grand Emperor Stage.

    "Alright, I agree to go look for it with the few of you," Mo Wuji no longer hesitated as he agreed to the invitation of these three demonic beasts.

    By being acquainted with these few fellas, he would at least have some familiar friends by the time he left this place.

    "Big Brother Mo is indeed a forthright man," Golden Iron Crane praised excitedly.

    "Immortal Friend Mo, I wonder if you could exchange one fruit which you obtained from Beaver Chu with me?" Hearing that Mo Wuji was willing to look for the historical remnants of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor with them, Ape Mo suddenly transmitted a message to Mo Wuji.

    An item like the Transformation Dao Fruit was not particularly valuable to Mo Wuji but Mo Wuji was aware of how important and precious this fruit was to Ape Mo. He replied without any hesitation, "Of course! Once we've completed the search, I will trade the fruit with you."

    "Alright, great! Many thanks Brother Mo, many thanks Brother Mo..." Ape Mo sounded slightly excited because he didn't expect Mo Wuji to be this straightforward and easy going. If he knew that Mo Wuji was this easy going, he would have came over to trade with Mo Wuji earlier.

    Previously, he took out a few items to trade with Beaver Chu for one Transformation Dao Fruit but that Beaver Chu was reluctant to trade and eventually resulting in losses on both side.

    "Dao Friend Hu, could I invite you to lead the way? We could leave from wherever is the nearest," Mo Wuji said while laughing because he wanted to also ask about the route to leave this place.

    Fox Chunchun said hurriedly, "This is not possible because the two fellas, Diao Hen and Bao Bu occupied the two large areas which lock up the exits here. If we were spotted by these two fellas on our way out, they would definitely not let us go peacefully. We will leave from Big Brother Ape Mo and Big Brother Jin's territory and despite the longer route, it wouldn't delay anything important."

    Mo Wuji was astonished and glad that he didn't choose to leave this place in a hurry. Listening to how Fox Chunchun and Golden Iron Crane mentioned about Diao Hen and Bao Bu twice, nothing good would probably come from being trapped by those two fellas.
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