Chapter 795: Oblique Space Sea Island

    Chapter 795: Oblique Space Sea Island

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    Fox Chunchun led the way with Golden Iron Crane just behind her followed by Mo Wuji and then Ape Mo watching the back. The four of them didn't draw out their flying treasures as they simply moved swiftly on land.

    Whether it was Fox Chunchun or Golden Iron Crane, their speed was extremely incredible as they looked like a ray of light flashing by.

    The reason why Fox Chunchun moved so fast was because she wanted to know if Mo Wuji's speed was as incredible as his strength and aura. After moving for less than half an incense worth of time, Fox Chunchun, Golden Iron Crane and Ape Mo were all equally shocked. Whether they sped up or slowed down, moved through a bend or advanced through water, Mo Wuji appeared like he was strolling carefully as his actions looked effortless.

    Evidently, all three of their speed would not be a match for Mo Wuji unless they used magic flying treasures. At this moment, Fox Chunchun started to suspect that Mo Wuji was not the Human Race but the Demon Race, who was extremely sensitive to speed.

    "Dao Friend Ape, I accidentally broke my storage ring which contained the map of the Shattered Ruins in my previous battle. Do you still have any detailed spatial map of the Shattered Ruins on a jade letter to duplicate one copy for me?" Mo Wuji whispered to Ape Mo, who was moving behind him.

    "Map of the Shattered Ruins?" Ape Mo asked the question again before saying, "I am truly sorry but I've never been to the Shattered Ruins so I don't have that map."

    Mo Wuji almost came to a halt as he heard this. As long as he wasn't an idiot, he would know that Wu Li's escape talisman didn't send him into the depths of the Shattered Ruins. However, what kind of place would have this many experts if it wasn't the Shattered Ruins?

    "Ah, its okay then. I fought my way here and now I no longer know the path back to the Shattered Ruins," Mo Wuji was really interested to find out the exact location of the place he was in.

    Ape Mo questioned curiously, "Dao Friend Mo, how did you arrive here at the Oblique Space Sea Island?"

    This place is the Oblique Space Sea Island? Mo Wuji sensed Ape Mo's doubt so he knew that he couldn't continue to speak blindly because otherwise, Ape Mo would definitely detect it.

    Mo Wuji sighed and said, "I was surrounded by eight Dao Emperors and after I killed one of them, I used an escape talisman to escape. I landed right where Beaver Li stayed at and you should be aware of everything that occurred after that.

    Mo Wuji intentionally increased the number of Dao Emperors who surrounded him by 8 folds so that Ape Mo would feel frightened when he heard this. Ape Mo was rejoicing secretly that he didn't try to snatch the Transformation Dao Fruit forcefully because he probably won't know how he died even after death.

    "Brother Mo, your sacred art is indeed impressive and I, Ape Mo, is full of admiration," Ape Mo said truthfully.

    Ape Mo wouldn't find it surprising if Mo Wuji managed to kill a Dao Emperor in a fight but to say that Mo Wuji killed one Dao Emperor while being surrounded by 8 of them before managing to escape successfully, this was simply too frightening. Even the 8 Grand Emperors in the Oblique Space Sea Island wouldn't be able to do so.

    He didn't suspect that Mo Wuji could be lying because it was true that Mo Wuji killed Beaver Chu. After a few encounters with Beaver Chu personally, Ape Mo knew that Beaver Chu was no weaker than him which meant that Mo Wuji could easily get rid of him too.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand, "Brother Ape, this meant nothing but how do I leave this Oblique Space Sea Island now? This is my first time hearing about this island."

    How was Mo Wuji supposed to leave this place if he had never heard of it before?

    Perhaps it was because Ape Mo really wanted the Transformation Dao Fruit which was why he answered patiently, "Dao Friend Mo, I am afraid that it would be slightly tough for you to exit the Oblique Space Sea Island once you've entered. Do you know about the Heaven's Beyond Corridor?"

    "I know of that and I also know that the Heaven's Beyond Corridor is a decent place with quite a few decent items appearing occasionally," Mo Wuji answered without hesitation.

    Since Ape Mo was finally talking about a place that he knew, he had to speak directly.

    Ape Mo explained, "Honestly, the Oblique Space Sea Island is quite similar to the Heaven's Beyond Corridor. The island we are on is on the Oblique Sea and the Oblique Sea belonged to the space which is why this place is called the Oblique Space Sea Island. We are on the island now but once leave the island, you will be able to see what the Oblique Space Sea looks like."

    "Does Brother Ape have a map?" Mo Wuji asked hurriedly.

    Ape Mo took out and handed Mo Wuji a jade letter, "Brother Mo, this is the map of the Oblique Space Sea Island but giving it to you is equivalent to not giving at all."

    "Why?" Mo Wuji asked inquisitively as he took over the map.

    Ape Mo sighed, "Because there are eight peak grade experts on the Oblique Space Sea Island and they are called the Eight Great Grand Emperors. The Oblique Space Sea Island have countless of mighty demon cultivators but the strongest would be the Eight Great Grand Emperors. These Eight Great Grand Emperors actually sealed up a large portion of the Oblique Space Sea Island using their own defensive array and the island itself was also protected very tightly. Anyone who wished to leave the island would alert the Eight Great Grand Emperors and eventually be killed. No one is allowed to leave this place."

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath of cold air as he was inwardly rejoicing that he didn't choose to leave rashly.

    "Won't we be spotted since we are leaving now?" Mo Wuji hurried to ask.

    Ape Mo chuckled, "You don't have to worry about this because with Fox Chunchun leading the way, it would be safe and moreover, we wouldn't be leaving the Oblique Space Sea Island as we would simply be looking for some opportunities at the periphery of the island. Many people are there in search of opportunities and at that point in time, all we needed to do would be to offer them some benefits."

    "Brother Ape, are Diao Hen and Bao Bu two of the Eight Great Grand Emperors?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Ape Mo replied, "Yes, out of the Eight Great Grand Emperors, these two are the hardest to work with because they are selfish and greedy. This time, we will be heading towards the Red Eyes Turtle's territory because he was considered to easiest to negotiate terms with."

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will scanned through Ape Mo's jade letter and the instance he saw what he saw on the jade letter, he was left speechless.

    Mo Wuji had seen way too many seas in the world but this was the first time Mo Wuji saw something like the Oblique Space Sea. Even the energy exuded from the map on the jade letter felt vast and magnificent. A boundless sea suspended in the middle of space and from the position seen from the jade letter, this vast sea seemed to be inclined on a slope within the vast space.

    Within the slanted sea, there was a lot of islands and one of them was marked out with a bright spot. Mo Wuji knew that this bright spot should be where they were located at and besides that, some territories owned by the Eight Great Grand Emperors were also marked out.

    Mo Wuji kept the jade letter as he was prepared to take a deeper look at this map when he had spare time. He must find at least one safe route before preparing himself to the fullest before leaving this island.

    Enroute to their destination, Mo Wuji saw a few low tier immortal herbs and even spotted Tier 7 immortal herbs. Evidently, this island was pretty rich in resources.

    Fox Chunchun didn't appear like it was her first time navigating through this path as she turned left and right swifty.

    After moving for almost half a day, Fox Chunchun finally came to a halt before looking at Mo Wuji and the two others, "Three Big Brothers, right ahead of us would be Big Brother Red Eyes' territory. There is a path from Big Brother Red Eyes' territory which we can walk through but to do so, we needed to each take out something in exchange. I am going to offer a top grade immortal vein."

    "I am also taking out a top grade immortal vein," Golden Iron Crane hurried to add in.

    Ape Mo looked at Mo Wuji as he asked, "What is Immortal Friend Mo intending to take out?"

    Mo Wuji replied, "Can I use green crystals?"

    From his own senses, the energy from the green crystals was much denser and of a higher grade than immortal veins but immortal veins were of much broader use to immortals than green crystals.

    Fox Chunchun paused for a moment before answering, "Big Brother Mo, it would be better if you used immortal vein. Big Brother Red Eyes is a negotiable person so it would be better if we don't shortchange him. Who knows if we ever need Big Brother Red Eyes' help in the future to go to the Oblique Space Sea?"

    Mo Wuji questioned, "Could green crystals not be as good as immortal vein?"

    Golden Iron Crane chuckled as he said, "This is what the people at the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos believed because in the Oblique Space Sea Island, nobody would think that green crystals are better than immortal veins. Cultivating with green crystals is indeed fast and the energy within is also of a higher grade than immortal energy. However, don't forget that green crystals are only fragments of another crystal and is not a complete crystal of its own."

    An item like this lacked the Heaven and Earth's dao spirituality and also lacked the dao spirituality of enlightenment. The only advantage of cultivating with the green crystals would be the rate of cultivation. On the other hand, there were far too many disadvantages and one example for cultivators who used large amount of green crystals to cultivate would be being stuck at the same stage without being able to progress further. Another example would be that the capability of gaining insights of sacred art would be weaker and it wouldn't be beneficial for further advancements."

    Fox Chunchun added, "Fragments like the green crystals contained energy which belonged to a much higher grade crystal. If we are not at that level and we choose to use green crystals to cultivate, we would merely be absorbing the elemental energy within it. Once we've cultivated to the level that we're at, we are all aware at that cultivation requires both elemental energy and insights of the Heaven and Earth dao spirituality."

    Mo Wuji was feeling slightly agonized because he had treated the millions of green crystals on him as treasures while he put away the three immortal veins in his Undying World. It seemed like experts of the Gods Race didn't hold high regard for immortal veins because out of the five storage rings which he took, he only obtained three peak grade immortal veins. His guess was that the intermediate and top grade immortal veins were used to install their own energy gathering array.

    Mo Wuji started to wonder if the reason why he couldn't step into the Immortal Emperor Stage was related to his use of green crystals to cultivate.

    "Could I use a True Emperor Pill then?" Mo Wuji really didn't want to take out his peak grade immortal vein because he intended to head back to use his immortal vein to cultivate instead of green crystals.

    "You have a True Emperor Pill?" Fox Chunchun exclaimed and before she could wait for Mo Wuji to respond, she took the initiative, "It is definitely possible with the True Emperor Pill because this is extremely valuable in the Oblique Space Sea Island."

    Mo Wuji took out a jade vase to Fox Chunchun as he said, "I won't need this now so let's give it away then."

    Fox Chunchun didn't mind because as she thought of it, Mo Wiji had already stepped into the Immortal Emperor Stage a long time ago. A mightily strong Immortal Emperor naturally didn't need the True Emperor Pill. What gained her admiration was that Mo Wuji was actually willing to take out a True Emperor Pill and one must know that the True Emperor Pill was extremely valuable here in the Oblique Space Sea Island.
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