Chapter 796: Battling One Of The Eight Great Grand Emperors

    Chapter 796: Battling One Of The Eight Great Grand Emperors

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    The few of them passed their things over to Fox Chunchun. With Fox Chunchun leading the way, they soon arrived at a huge and spacious plaza.

    Even though it looks like a plaza, Mo Wuji knew that it was actually a pier. Three sides of the plaza were surrounded by seawater, and the entire space was protected by arrays. Clearly, this plaza was the pier to enter the Oblique Space Sea.

    There were many people in the plaza, and they were of various kinds of shapes and forms. Demonic beasts that were in their true forms occupied a good half of the plaza. There were even some plant-like beings that came to the plaza. Mo Wuji did not seem to find another true human race cultivator.

    Mo Wuji and co. followed behind Fox Chunchun. When they reached the edge of the pier, Fox Chunchun handed over three high-grade immortal veins and a True Emperor Pill.

    "Eh, there's a True Emperor Pill?" A sound of exclamation came from the seafaring fee collection window.

    "Who brought a True Emperor Pill?" A deep voice sounded. Thereafter, a muscular and sturdy man walked over.

    This man exuded a power which seemed capable of tearing through anything, and his stature was not much smaller than Ape Mo. Additionally, there were multiple white tattoos on this man's head, and his arms were extremely long. Even though he was so tall, his long arms extended beyond his knees; they even seemed capable of touching his heels.

    "Fox Chunchun greets Territory Lord Bao." When she saw this man, Fox Chunchun's face changed slightly and she hurriedly bowed in respect.

    It wasn't just Fox Chunchun, even Ape Mo and the Golden Iron Crane bowed respectfully. Mo Wuji did not recognise this man, but after hearing Fox Chunchun address him as "Territory Lord" and feeling his immense power, Mo Wuji could guess that he was one of the Eight Great Grand Emperors feared by Fox Chunchun and co. - Bao Bu.

    Mo Wuji didn't want to offend this person, so he followed Fox Chunchun and co., and clasped his fists.

    "Little fox, it's clearly closer for you to enter the sea from my territory. Why did you go the distance to come to Red Eyes's territory?Do you look down on me, Bao Bu?" The muscular man stared at Fox Chunchun through squinted eyes and snorted coldly.

    Fox Chunchun went still; she was momentarily unable to speak. After all, she couldn't say that they didn't dare to leave from Bao Bu's territory because they were afraid of him, right?

    "Haha! Little Brother Bao Bu, since you've come to my territory, why didn't you come and pay a visit? You made me think that you were here to snatch my territory." A loud chortle broke the silence. Following which, a middle-aged man which a relatively normal stature walked over. This middle-aged man had copper skin, and there were occasional flashes of red in his eyes.

    Even though his size was much smaller than Bao Bu, the moment this man walked over, that overbearing pressure of Bao Bu's was instantly negated.

    Bao Bu was one of the Eight Great Grand Emperors. Seeing that this relatively short man easily dismiss Bao Bu's immense aura, Mo Wuji could easily guess that this man should also be one of the Eight Great Grand Emperors - Red Eyes Turtle.

    "I was pursuing someone. I was intending to pay a visit to Brother Red Eyes, but I didn't think that I would encounter the people I was pursuing," Bao Bu replied similarly with a chuckle.

    "Oh, I wonder who Little Brother Bao is pursuing?" Red Eyes Turtle asked in astonishment.

    Mo Wuji could already see that Bao Bu had some reservations towards Red Eyes Turtle. At least in terms of address, Bao Bu didn't dare to place himself on a higher seniority than Red Eyes Turtle.

    "My things have been stolen. I chased them following their aura and I finally found some loose threads here," Bao Bu said indifferently.

    Mo Wuji saw that when Bao Bu was speaking, Bao Bu's gaze towards them. He silently lamented in his heart.

    "What kind of things?" Red Eyes Turtle asked in doubt.

    Bao Bu's tone became more casual, "Just some things of little value. There are some True Emperor Pills among them..."

    "True Emperor Pills?" Red Eyes Turtle was incomparably shocked. He had come relatively late and he didn't know that one of those True Emperor Pills had already fallen into his possession.

    On this Oblique Space Sea island, there was no dearth of immortal herbs. In fact, the amount of peak grade immortal herbs here was enough to even form a hill. However, various kinds of pills were very rare, much less a Tier 9 pill like the True Emperor Pill.

    This sort of pill was already very rare among the alchemy-adept human race. This was even more pronounced on this island.

    Bao Bu pointed towards Mo Wuji and co. and he said with a cold chill in his voice, "Just now, that True Emperor Pill was from the four of you, right? Follow me back to Thousand Mountains Channel to explain yourselves."

    Red Eyes Turtle did not know the exact situation, but he could feel that there was something amiss in Bao Bu's words. However, he also didn't want to offend Bao Bu for no reason.

    At this point, Mo Wuji noticed that Fox Chunchun seemed like she wanted to speak, and he knew that things weren't going to go well. The group of them were merely strangers that met by chance; they were only a team that was formed temporarily to search the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor's treasures. If Fox Chunchun were to speak, she would definitely throw the three of them under the bus so that she would be absolved of the blame.

    "Let me speak." Mo Wuji took a step forward, standing in front of Fox Chunchun.

    When Fox Chunchun saw Mo Wuji stand forward, she also didn't dare to say anything further. At this point, Mo Wuji transmitted a message to Ape Mo and asked, "Brother Shuai, the territory that I'm living in belongs to which Grand Emperor?"

    Ape Mo did not find this shocking; he knew that Mo Wuji had accidentally barged into the Oblique Space Sea Island and didn't know much about the powers here. He immediately answered Mo Wuji's message in a transmission, "You killed Beaver Chu, so that pool is your personal territory. In the Oblique Space Sea Island, every expert has their own territory and these territories don't belong to any Grand Emperor. However, the Eight Great Grand Emperors' territories border the sea. Anyone that wishes to set out to sea must go through them. This is how they amass large fortunes for themselves."

    So it was like that. After Mo Wuji understood that point, he immediately clasped his fists and said, "Brother Red Eyes, Bao Bu is uttering nonsense. He probably knows that I can concoct pills, which is why he wants to capture me and have me concoct pills for me. That True Emperor Pill was concocted by me, but he actually used it as an excuse to capture me. He is simply shameless."

    "You can concoct the True Emperor Pill?"

    "You are a Tier 9 Pill Emperor?"

    Red Eyes Turtle and Bao Bu uttered in exclamation at almost the same time. Even Fox Chunchun and co. stared at Mo Wuji in shock.

    Who didn't know about the value of a Tier 9 Pill Emperor? In Oblique Space Sea Island, a Tier 9 Pill Emperor, or a person that controls a Tier 9 Pill Emperor, would definitely become a first-rate power in this island.

    "Haha!" Bao Bu was the first to react. He chortled loudly and said, "Who are you to speak of such extravagant claims! Today, you stole my items, so you must follow me. Brother Red Eyes, I, Bao Bu, am dragging away a thief on your territory. Bao Bu would definitely compensate you for this act."

    From Bao Bu's exclamation, Red Eyes Turtle could already tell that Bao Bu should be lying. However, he was one of the Eight Great Grand Emperors. Before verifying whether Mo Wuji was truly a Tier 9 Pill Emperor, it really wasn't his place to interfere. After all, Bao Bu occupied the logical standpoint here.

    Feeling the immense pressure that Bao Bu was releasing, Fox Chunchun and co. subconsciously retreated. Mo Wuji wielded his Half Moon Weighted Halberd, furiously released his whirlpool and said coldly, "Bao Bu, you killed my friend Beaver Chu, stole Beaver Chu's storage ring and his five Emperor Dao Fruit. Even if you don't come to me, I would never let you go."

    Bao Bu jolted. Since when did he kill Beaver Chu? He stole Beaver Chu's Emperor Dao Fruit? At the very next instant, he reacted. Just like how he was maligning Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji was framing him.

    By this time, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd had already slashed forward: Sacred Art - Remnant Chasm.

    A lofty and boundless halberd light was rapidly being compressed by Mo Wuji till it was only 30,000 meters long. This 30,000m halberd light directly sealed the space around, At this instant, even Fox Chunchun and co., who were outside the domain of this halberd light, could feel the chilling killing intent released by this halberd light.

    "Boom!" Before this halberd light could descend, Mo Wujis and Bao Bu's domain clashed.

    What left Bao Bu shocked was that even when facing his savage domain, Mo Wuji's domain only dissipated slightly and recovered quickly. That whirlpool power within Mo Wuji's domain left him momentarily unable to release his control the surrounding space.

    Before Bao Bu could study Mo Wuji's domain, that sky-splitting halberd light had already descended. Anything in its way was directly ripped apart.

    Bao Bu extended an arm and blocked Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd. Waves of explosion reverberated through the air; both Mo Wuji's and Bao Bu's domains started to shatter.

    Mo Wuji was inwardly shocked. His Half Moon Weight Halberd was a peak Grade 9 immortal equipment. Even if Bao Bu's physique was impressive, and even if Bao Bu inherited insane qualities from his demonic beast legacy, Bao Bu still couldn't use his mere arms to defend against his Grade 9 Half Moon Weighted Halberd, right?

    Previously, he also used his fist to deal with immortal equipments. However, that was his Domain Crushing Fist; it was a sort of sacred art. Bao Bu clearly wasn't using some sacred art; he was simply using his arm to defend against the Half Moon Halberd Halberd.

    "Boom!" The sound of a violent clash resounded through the air. Immortal elemental energy exploded and domains shattered.

    A strong rebound from the Half Moon Weighted Halberd landed back on Mo Wuji, sending him flying back for tens of meters. He barely managed to maintain standing. His sea of consciousness was roiling continuously and the immortal elemental energy within his meridians was in chaos.

    Mo Wuji forcefully swallowed the blood that was forced into his mouth. His heart turned cold; compared to Bao Bu, he was truly too weak. If he didn't think of something, then this might be his final resting place.

    As Mo Wuji's heart pounded, Bao Bu's heart was also incomparably shocked. The way he saw it, that punch of his should have maimed Mo Wuji. However, Mo Wuji only retreated for a few tens of meters; Mo Wuji didn't even cough out any blood. Clearly, this self-proclaimed Tier 9 Pill Emperor was very impressive.

    Don't underestimate his move as a casual punch; Bao Bu knew clearly that his arms were his magic treasures. His arms were no weaker than Grade 9 immortal equipments; they might even be stronger.

    Compared to magic treasures, his arms were part of his body. Thus, they could move freely at will without any sort of sluggishness or delay. Moreover, he felt that Mo Wuji did not seem to have entered the Immortal Emperor Stage yet. If this guess was true, then this fella was truly too terrifying. He definitely had to get rid of Mo Wuji before he matures any further. Otherwise, if this fella advances to the Immortal Emperor Stage, then he, Bao Bu, could only wait and die.

    As he thought of this, Bao Bu erupted with his domain once more. His aura seemed to surge to its peak. With a single step, he appeared in front of Mo Wuji and he prepared for his next attack.
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