Chapter 797: The Jiaolong Enters The Sea

    Chapter 797: The Jiaolong Enters The Sea

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    Mo Wuji's spiritual will turned to the seals at the edge of the pier; he wanted to see whether he could break through those seals in an instant, then escape into the Oblique Space Sea.

    He had to escape. No matter what he did, he wouldn't be a match for Bao Bu. He could use his Spiritual Will Arrow, but Mo Wuji believed that even if he did that, it would not be enough to defeat Bao Bu. Moreover, if he uses the Spiritual Will Arrow, he would enter a state of extreme weakness. At that time, he would simply be a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

    "Wait." Just as Mo Wuji decided to sacrifice a Grade 9 defensive treasure to bear a blow from Bao Bu and use that opportunity to tear through the seals of the pier, Red Eyes Turtle called out.

    As he said this, Red Eyes Turtle had already landed in front of Bao Bu.

    Bao Bu's overbearing pressure was swept away by Red Eyes Turtle. At this time, Mo Wuji continued to retreat by several meters. He was still prepared to tear open the seals and escape at any given moment. He had scanned the array with his spirit storage channel and he knew that this defensive array was not a Grade 9 array. He had confidence that he would be able to escape in a short time.

    Red Eyes Turtle looked more honest than Bao Bu. However, Mo Wuji never believed in such things; he only believed in personal power.

    As long as one is powerful enough, then would one have the rights to speak.

    "Brother Red Eyes, you want to interfere with a brother's matter?" Bao Bu had an ugly expression on his face, but he didn't continue to attack.

    Red Eyes Turtle was no weaker than him and this was Red Eyes Turtle's territory. Additionally, according to the history of Oblique Space Sea Island, his age was not even half of this Red Eyes Turtle in front of him.

    Red Eyes Turtle chuckled, "Little Brother Bao Bu, you can't say that. We're both from the Eight Great Grand Emperors; I will naturally help you. It's just that my territory emphasizes reason and logic. Previously, I believed that this person had stolen your treasures, which was why I didn't act. However, this person just said that you killed his friend, Beaver Chu, and even robbed five Emperor Dao Fruits. This puts me in a predicament. I don't know who is speaking the truth, and who is telling lies."

    Mo Wuji sighed in relief. His previous words have taken effect. When he said that he could concoct Tier 9 immortal pills, both Red Eyes Turtle and Bao Bu would desperately try to get him. Thereafter, he showed that he was capable of resisting Bao Bu. Thus, Red Eyes Turtle had a greater impression of him and decided to help him. If he didn't say that he was a Tier 9 Pill Emperor, he was sure that an old fox like Red Eyes Turtle wouldn't bother to even come forward.

    Bao Bu's expression went overcast, "Does that mean that Brother Red Eyes wants to help the man that stole my things? If that's the case, then don't blame me if I invite some brothers to come seek justice for me."

    Red Eyes Turtle maintained the wide smile on his face as he said, "Could it be that Brother Bao doesn't understand me, Red Eyes? Why would I do such a thing? Of course, it's because I heard what this brother said. If this brother is willing to have a sit at my residences, I will naturally be more than willing to extend an invitation. I, Red Eyes, have always been a good host. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many friends entering the Oblique Space Sea from my territory. If this brother isn't willing to visit my residences now, I'm also willing to welcome him at another time."

    "May I ask how I can address this brother?" Red Eyes Turtle acted as though he didn't notice Bao Bu's gloomy expression as he turned to clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji also clasped his fists, "Mo Wuji. I really have to thank Brother Red Eyes for speaking up for me."

    "There's no need for that. I, Red Eyes, have always done things on the side of reason. Where is Brother Mo heading to now? If you're interested in being a guest at my residences, I, Red Eyes, will definitely welcome you warmly," Red Eyes Turtle said with a warm smile.

    He was sure that Mo Wuji would definitely request to follow him. After all, there was nowhere else that Mo Wuji could go. Besides his residences, anywhere else that Mo Wuji went would be in danger of Bao Bu's pursuit.

    Bao Bu was feeling very helpless; he knew that Mo Wuji would definitely choose to go with Red Eyes. If Mo Wuji follows Red Eyes, then it would be difficult for him to capture Mo Wuji, this Tier 9 Pill Emperor.

    "Many thanks, Brother Red Eyes. I intend to go to the Oblique Space Sea. I have already paid the seafaring fees. When I return from the Oblique Space Sea, I would definitely pay a visit to Brother Red Eyes to show my gratitude," Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said.

    Red Eyes Turtle was momentarily stunned. Mo Wuji was still going to the Oblique Space Sea? Was this Mo Wuji trying to court death? However, he had already said those words and it was too late for him to regret.

    Bao Bu, on the other hand, was filled with mad glee. He was originally intending to invite some of his brothers to cause trouble for Red Eyes Turtle. After all, a Tier 9 Pill Emperor was an impressive existence. At least on this Oblique Space Sea Island, none of the Grand Emperors could afford to disregard one.

    Mo Wuji did not wait for Red Eyes Turtle to respond as he handed a sealed jade box over to Ape Mo and said, "Brother Ape, I will hand this over to you first. I will come and visit your Shattered Mountain to take my items back."

    As he finished saying that, Mo Wuji then sent a transmission to Ape Mo, Fox Chunchun and the Golden Iron Crane, "I will wait for you guys at the Oblique Sea. I will contact you guys after I throw off Bao Bu."

    Fox Chunchun and co. looked at Mo Wuji in shock as he slowly walked towards the exit to the Oblique Sea. They were in a state of disbelief. Mo Wuji clearly knew that Bao Bu would pursue him but he still dared to enter the Oblique Sea alone. His balls were clearly big enough to cover the skies,

    Indeed, just as Mo Wuji left, Bao Bu clasped his fists towards Red Eyes Turtle and said, "Brother Red Eyes, I was just intending to enjoy the sights around the Oblique Sea. I will bid my farewells for now."

    Bao Bu didn't even bother acting as he directly followed behind Mo Wuji into the Oblique Sea.

    Fox Chunchun and co. weren't in a rush to leave. They were sure that Red Eyes Turtle would definitely question them about Mo Wuji. At this moment, however, Ape Mo was especially agitated. He didn't think that Mo Wuji would be so generous to actually give him the Elemental Dao Fruit beforehand. This caused his impression of Mo Wuji to soar rapidly. He had also checked the jade box, there wasn't any spiritual will imprint of any kind.

    Unfortunately, he didn't understand Mo Wuji. If Mo Wuji wanted to make a spiritual will imprint, even Bao Bu wouldn't be able to notice it, much less him.


    The moment Mo Wuji entered the Oblique Sea, his Wind Escape Technique was stimulated to its maximum ability. Instants later, he thoroughly disappeared into the depths of the Oblique Sea like a gentle breeze.

    Mo Wuji had never considered that he wouldn't be able to escape from Bao Bu's pursuit. As long as he could enter the Oblique Sea, he wouldn't need to place Bao Bu on his heart. Once he enters the Oblique Sea, he would be like a Jiaolong. [1] If not for his insufficient abilities, he would have even stopped to install some killing arrays and prepare an ambush for Bao Bu.

    After experiencing that fist of Bao Bu's, Mo Wuji was deeply stunned by Bao Bu's overbearing power. Bao Bu was even stronger than that Gods Race Dao Emperor that he killed previously. Facing such an expert, he could only barely eliminate the other party at the very most, and that would be at the cost of heavy injuries. Additionally, incurring heavy injuries in a place like this was akin to death. Mo Wuji did not wish to pit his life against a Demon Emperor like this.

    Bao Bu seemed to have followed right behind Mo Wuji. However, the moment he entered the Oblique Sea, he was dumbfounded. Where was Mo Wuji? There didn't even seem to be any ripples in the space around the area.

    According to his previous intentions, even if Mo Wuji's escape art was any stronger, he would be able to trace Mo Wuji through spatial ripples. Only now did he realise that his intentions were simply a huge joke.

    As Mo Wuji reached the depths of Oblique Sea, he noticed the sloping sea and his heart was filled with incomparable shock. Compared to the description on the jade letter, this sloping sea surface of the Oblique Sea was simply majestic.

    Back on Earth, the sea surface looked like a curve. This was because the Earth was spherical; so the sea surface would be curved like a sphere as well.

    The sea surface here, however, was like a flat slope which extended as far as the eye could see. The sea surface was gleaming in the sunlight, leaving one feeling its vastness and boundlessness.

    Knowing that Bao Bu wouldn't be able to find him, Mo Wuji wasn't in a rush to leave. Now that he had entered the Oblique Sea, he would have to advance to the Immortal Emperor Stage before he could return to the Oblique Sea Island.

    After a little more than two hours, Mo Wuji felt Ape Mo's position. He did not hesitate to speed over.

    Above this vast and boundless Oblique Sea, Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique allowed him to be like a fish in water. He did not leave a single trace as he sped across the surface of the water.

    "Should we send Brother Mo a message?" After the three entered the depths of the Oblique Sea, Ape Mo could no longer hold this thought in.

    Fox Chunchun's tone was indifferent, "Big Brother Ape, Big Brother Mo is currently being pursued by Bao Bu. It wouldn't be appropriate for us to send him a message, right?"

    There was one more sentence that Fox Chunchun didn't say. That was if Mo Wuji had already fallen into Bao Bu's hands, sending a message would lead Bao Bu to them. With Bao Bu's overwhelming strength, the three of them wouldn't be a match even if they joined hands.

    "But that ruins requires four people to open." Ape Mo's character was straightforward. Since he had received Mo Wuji's Elemental Dao Fruit Transformation Dao Fruit, he felt that they should wait for Mo Wuji.

    Fox Chunchun was just about to say something when their communication beads suddenly lit up simultaneously.

    "Brother Mo is sending us a message. He's asking us where we are." Golden Iron Crane uttered in astonishment. He thought that since Mo Wuji was being pursued by Bao Bu, it was likely that Mo Wuji had already perished. He didn't expect that Mo Wuji would send a message after such a short time.

    "That fella Bao Bu is vicious and devious. Could he have caught Brother Mo, then..."

    Fox Chunchun didn't manage to finish her sentence when Mo Wuji's voice sounded from behind them, "Fortunately you guys haven't gone far. I was able to catch up."

    "Brother Mo, how did you know that we were here?" Golden Iron Crane's voice was filled with shock. The Oblique Sea was vast and boundless. To find them in such a short amount of time was definitely not an easy act.

    Mo Wuji was already approaching them. He smiled and said, "I can only say that I'm lucky. I simply sent a message to the three of you, and I felt a spatial ripple in this direction. I decided to come over to take a look, and it was indeed the three of you."

    Fox Chunchun chuckled, seemingly believing that it was truly based on luck. She was carefree as she said, "Big Brother Mo, you've truly come at the right time. You came just when we were thinking of how we could find you. Now that the four of us have gathered, we can finally begin. This time, I will continue leading the way. The three big brothers only need to follow behind me."

    As they were speaking, Fox Chunchun already activated her flying treasure. Mo Wuji also retrieved his flying treasure and followed behind Fox Chunchun.

    "Brother Mo..." Ape Mo controlled his flying treasure to move next to Mo Wuji. He seemed to want to say something.

    Mo Wuji smiled and waved his hand, "Brother Ape, we hit it off right from the start. Next time I visit your Shattered Mountain, let me take a look at your immortal herbs."

    "Brother Mo is really a Tier 9 Pill Emperor?" Ape Mo asked in alarm. He thought that Mo Wuji was merely boasting previously to get out of the situation.

    "That's right, I'm indeed a Tier 9 Pill Emperor." Mo Wuji did not act humble. Ape Mo and co. were vastly weaker than Bao Bu. He was completely able to deal with them; so there was no need to continue behaving modestly.

    [1] The Jiaolong is a legendary dragon that has the power to control the rain and floods.
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