Chapter 799: Seven World Finger

    Chapter 799: Seven World Finger

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    "There's definitely something good behind that." Golden Iron Crane's eyes sparkled; his voice was slightly emotional. This was something that was previously blocked by 61 extreme grade immortal veins; it would be weird if it was something simple.

    As he was speaking, Golden Iron Crane already grabbed towards that square brick. It was just that even with Golden Iron Crane's pinnacle Grade 9 immortal demon power, it was not enough to cause that brick to budge even a single inch.

    "Everyone, let's attack together." Ape Mo said as he retrieved his Wolf Fang Mace.

    Fox Chunchun also retrieved a sheathless red sword while Golden Iron Crane brought out a broadsword. Since the three of them prepared to attack, Mo Wuji naturally retrieved his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    Mo Wuji had also scanned this golden brick with his spiritual will. This brick did not seem to be held in place by an array; it could only be removed forcibly.

    Four different magic treasure light struck heavily on the surface. Immortal elemental energy violently reverberated through the air, and even the space around them seemed to tremble. However, that square brick did not move a single inch; there wasn't even a single scratch on it.

    "I'm afraid that even if we continue striking for years, we still wouldn't be able to break through this," Ape Mo said gloomily.

    Just now, the four of them had attacked with their full power. However, the square brick didn't even move. Ostensibly, it wouldn't matter even if they struck it multiple times.

    When the four of them attacked that square brick, Mo Wuji felt an indescribable sense of familiarity. Previously when they first entered, the reason why he chose that grey stone was because that stone contained an energy similar to the Breath of Hongmeng.

    Not only that, that stone was also similar to his Undying World, it exuded the feeling of the creation of a Heaven and Earth. If not for that, why would he still pick the stone despite knowing that the lotus flower was likely to be the One Buddha Lotus Seat?

    After attacking that square brick, he felt that energy of creation again. He even faintly felt an energy of destruction; a might capable of extinguishing the Heaven and Earth.

    "I feel that this place is rather stranger. Just now when we attacked, there seemed to be an energy of destruction that was strong enough to destroy the Heaven and Earth," Fox Chunchun said as she looked at that square brick fearfully.

    She was worried that the power would suddenly erupt, and none of them would be able to escape alive.

    Golden Iron Crane wielded his broadsword once more and said, "We have to fight for our fate. It's true that there was an energy of destruction, but who's to say that it isn't due to a treasure? Everyone, let's continue attacking."

    "Boom!" Even before the rest could say anything, his broadsword slammed against that square brick.

    Compared to when the four attacked together, this slash of Golden Iron Crane wasn't able to even cause a ripple.

    "Alright, let's continue attacking." Fox Chunchun nodded.

    Mo Wuji felt that this place could not be forcefully opened. However, he didn't have any better idea. Since Fox Chunchun and Golden Iron Crane chose to attack, he could only follow suit with his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    A day passed in a flash. It was unknown exactly how many times the four of them attacked. However, the brick remained exactly the same; it did not move a single bit.

    "I decided that I don't want this magic treasure. Farewell." Ape Mo stopped attacking. He clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and co. and said.

    Thereafter, he turned to Mo Wuji and said, "Brother Mo, thank you. If you have time, feel free to visit my Shattered Mountain."

    Mo Wuji knew why Ape Mo was so anxious to leave. He had already obtained the Transformation Dao Fruit. If nothing goes wrong, Ape Mo would definitely make a huge improvement after a period of seclusion.

    Mo Wuji had a rough understanding of the power levels here in Oblique Space Sea Island. The Eight Great Grand Emperors should be Grade 10 immortal demonic beasts. On the other hand, Ape Mo was only at the pinnacle of Grade 9.

    "Sure. I will definitely visit Shattered Mountain if I am free." Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said.

    With a single step, Ape Mo walked out of this hall. Soon, he had completely disappeared.

    "Eh, I'm leaving too. I am not fated with this treasure," Golden Iron Crane sighed and said. The combined efforts of four of them weren't able to do anything. Now that Ape Mo had left, the three of them were even less capable of achieving any results. He was also anxious to refine that wooden fish. He could feel that the wooden fish was a spatial treasure; he even suspected that there might be treasures within the wooden fish.

    Now that Ape Mo and Golden Iron Crane had left, Fox Chunchun didn't dare to be alone with Mo Wuji. She had personally seen Mo Wuji's power before; he was an existence that could defend himself against Bao Bu. She, on the other hand, could only die if Bao Bu were to confront her.

    "Big Brother Mo, I'm also leaving. Are you leaving too?" Hu Chunchun clasped her fists towards Mo Wuji and said. Even before Mo Wuji could reply, she had already turned and started to leave.

    This time, her rewards were the greatest. It was likely that her treasure was the One Buddha Lotus Seat.

    "Junior Sister Fox, wait..." Mo Wuji suddenly called out.

    When Fox Chunchun heard Mo Wuji call her, she retreated warily. She clasped her fists cautiously, "Big Brother Mo, do you have any further instructions?"

    Mo Wuji hurriedly said, "I don't dare to instruct you. It's just that I didn't manage to obtain any good treasures here; so I want to research on that jade compass of yours. Could you sell me that jade compass? Anyway, there's nothing left of this ruins."

    When Fox Chunchun heard those words, she heaved a sigh of relief, "That jade compass is already useless. I can gift it to Big Brother Mo. This little sister will take her leave now."

    Fox Chunchun threw her jade compass to Mo Wuji. Then, she turned and vanished.

    She knew why Mo Wuji wanted her jade compass. Mo Wuji was going to stay here to research on the square brick. Naturally, he couldn't allow her to take the jade compass away. What if she passed that jade compass to Bao Bu?

    When he received the jade compass, Mo Wuji also sighed in relief. He was indeed worried that Fox Chunchun would hand the jade compass to Bao Bu. If Bao Bu came over as he was studying the square brick, he could only wait and die. More importantly, he didn't dare to leave. His cultivation was only at the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage. Before he stepped into the Immortal Emperor Stage, he could only die if he returned to Oblique Sea Island.

    Mo Wuji kept the jade compass. He didn't continue attacking the brick; he was sure that attacking the brick wasn't the solution. Instead, he placed his hand on the brick and tried to forcefully refine it.

    Time passed. The area that Mo Wuji and co. entered the ruins from had long regained its calm. Even Bao Bu could only return back to Oblique Sea Island helplessly after wasting an entire month running around the Oblique Sea.

    By this time, Mo Wuji had tried refining the brick for ten over days. Similarly, he could not help but give up on his idea to continue refining.

    After studying this brick for a month, he could faintly feel that the hole in the centre of the brick was the key to activating it. Unfortunately, his immortal elemental energy and his sacred art were all unable to do anything to this hole.

    When Mo Wuji thought of giving up, he suddenly recalled the Seven Buddha Scripture.

    Since his immortal elemental energy and sacred art didn't work, would immortal elemental energy of the Buddhist Dao work? After all, this was the ruins of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor.

    Others might not be able to cultivate the immortal elemental energy of the Buddhist Dao, but he could. This was because he had the Seven Buddha Scripture. This was one of the three treasures of the Buddhist school of thought, and it was even one of the treasures left behind by the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor.

    Anyway, he didn't dare to return before he improved his powers. He decided to take a look at the Seven Buddha Scripture.

    The initial pages of the Seven Buddha Scripture was actually a sacred art, "Seven Buddha Sacred Art: All Dharmas are empty. In Emptiness, there is no form, feelings, thought, will consciousness..." [1]

    The more he read, the more shocked Mo Wuji felt. The Seven Buddha Scripture wasn't an inscrutable sacred art. Instead, it was far too awesome. He understood the meaning behind the first sentence: once one successfully cultivates the Seven Buddha Sacred Art, all laws are illusory and all space is imaginary. In front of this sacred art, everything, including spiritual will, divine sense, attacks, etc, were simply too inferior.

    This was a great sacred art which disregards the Laws of Space. If he knew that the Seven Buddha Scripture was such a sacred art, he would have read it a long time ago.

    However, as Mo Wuji continued flipping through the pages, his face turned ugly. Besides the front which contained the description of this sacred art, the rest of the scripture was filled with the circulation techniques for the cultivation of spirit channels.

    He really looked down on such a cultivation technique. In fact, with his Immortal Mortal Technique, other cultivation techniques really couldn't catch his eye. If not for the sacred art at the front, perhaps he would have to try cultivating the Seven Buddha Scripture to obtain the Buddhist Dao elemental energy. But now that there was this sacred art, Mo Wuji completely dismissed the rest of the Seven Buddha Scripture.

    Mo Wuji turned back to the Seven Buddha Sacred Art; this was a sacred art that could ignore the Laws of Space.

    At the beginning, Mo Wuji decided to set this sacred art as a punch. However, as he gradually modified it, he discovered that it was far more terrifying if a finger was condensed from this sacred art.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Ever since Mo Wuji started cultivating this sacred art from the Seven Buddha Scripture, the hall was constantly reverberating with loud rumbles.

    Time passed gradually. Mo Wuji was totally absorbed in the modification of this finger. He had a premonition that if he successfully condensed this finger, it would not be weaker than his Wheel of Life and Death.

    Unfortunately, Mo Wuji always felt as though that this finger was lacking something.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji pointed his finger towards a square stage, reducing it to rubble. However, he still seemed disappointed as he lowered his hand despondently.

    At this time, he finally understood why Monk Da Ning was so magnanimous to give the Seven Buddha Scripture to him. Even though this Seven Buddha Scripture wasn't fake, it wasn't enough to cultivate an impressive attack.

    Even though it had been several months since he started cultivating this finger, he still felt that he was lacking a spark. Compared to continuing to waste this time here, it might be better if he used those immortal veins and charge to the Immortal Emperor Stage.

    Mo Wuji turned back to look at that square brick which he had left untouched for half a year. In his unwillingness to give up, he stabbed this finger towards the brick.

    After months of cultivation, this finger might not be some grand sacred art, but it was still a powerful attack.

    This finger coincidentally landed in that hole in the centre of the brick.



    An enigmatic energy seemed to connect with Mo Wuji's finger. Before Mo Wuji could react, that square brick, that they were all helpless against, had actually shattered.

    A book, which was exuding faint golden light, lay silently behind that brick.

    Mo Wuji started briefly before wild elation kicked in. At this time, how could he not know that the Seven Buddha Scripture was the key to opening this square brick?

    Mo Wuji did not even think twice as he grabbed that book in his hands. In his heart, he guessed that this should be the complete version of the Seven Buddha Scripture.

    This book gave a peculiar sensation to his hand; Mo Wuji was unable to tell whether this book was heavy or light. However, the words at the front of the book allowed Mo Wuji to understand that this was not the Seven Buddha Scripture.

    Even though the "Seven" word was still there, the other two words were different. Mo Wuji knew how to read the words: Seven World Finger.

    [1] These are exact words from the Heart Sutra. It has been difficult to translate.
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